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Wonderman and the Boy Wonder VS The Milk Lady: the arthor is The Bambino

A matter of time:  Lex Luthor figuring out Clark is Superman, when the two are in their late 30s. Using records of Clark’s life Luthor travels with pin point precision to key moments in the hero’s  development, and twists each one

From the age of 18 on Clark is abused and assaulted by Luthor and other people in his life (his coaches, teachers, fellow football players, and even a younger lex luthor). This nightmare culminates with a series of kryptonite probes inserted into Clark’s prostate and brain. Luthor gains full control over Clark’s libido and makes the confused young hero insatiably arroused at random times throughout the day. Making him crave submission and cock.

This all causes Clark to change. He does eventually become Superman, but a pathetic former shadow of what he was. In the end Lex let’s Superman have his 15 minutes of fame before using the implants to make Clark beg for his cock, in public, right before the  heroe’s first interview with Lois. The Planet catches the assault on film and Lois publishes as a scoop. It goes viral, destroying Superman in the public eye before he even truly begins.

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