Drake vs. Superman Part 1
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Drake Vs. Superman

Author: Unknown

Part 1

Drake pulled out with a ‘pop’ from the Elderdemon. The hulking red demon, much larger than Drake, thudded to the floor beneath him, a small ”Unnggh” escaping his lips. The room smelled of sex, sweat, exertion; likely to soak the walls for centuries. Primal screams of ecstasy had just echoed off the stone of the Elderdemon’s chambers.

The heaving mass of muscle lay in a heap before a proudly standing, tall 9 ft sigil covered demon. Half-demon? Truth was, even he didn’t know. Huge as he was, he was gorgeous to behold, though terrifying at the same time. His huge frame held hanging muscular arms, built into wide framed shoulders. His jutting rounded shoulders swept into broad pecs, hanging over his mounded, ridged abdominals chiseled deep into his flat stomach. Jutting high and up, his thick cock stood still hard, still pulsating with power and vigor, in steep contrast to the tired and limp mass before him.

“Thought you could match me at full strength? Big mistake. I could go on and on, but it seems as if you’re no fun anymore. I need a plaything that can respond,” derided Drake, as he took a flag off the wall, emblem of the Elderdemon, and wiped his cock before tossing it in the face of the powerful behemoth. “A gift.” As Drake was leaving he saw an open door. In fact, the stone around the large wooden door looked like it had been cracked during major seismic activity, making the door open. Most likely from Drake’s force fucking the Elderdemon into oblivion. He peered inside to see if there was anything of interest: hero’s armor, helmets, swords, vials, souls in containers, so on and so fourth; the usual demon obtained fair, except… “What is that?” Drake whispered to himself. It looked like a crystalline open hand, with crystal pearlescent fingers arching forward as if in a game of mercy with another invisible opponent, sitting atop a small pillar. Drake saw the multichromatic colors swirl, calling to him. The colors reflecting in his widening eyes. “Nice!” He declared as he grabbed it, and some armor, then left.

Back within his cavern, Drake was about to make a sensational discovery about his newly acquired toy. He looked at himself in the mirror, his armor was oddly cut, but showed off his rounded shoulders. It felt tight to on him, and his defined body was still clearly evident. “Baaah” he grunted, ripping the armor off. He liked the way he looked in his wraps and tattoos. He grinned at his image, looking back at him with wildly spiked hair and a grin from pointy ear to pointy ear was the demon elf who had just fucked an Elderdemon without mercy. The pride of the event was already fading, and Drake new he would need a new conquest soon to slake his thirst.

A slight shine made Drake blink, catching the corner of his eye. He turned toward the weird clawlike crystal he had picked up from the Elderdemon’s palace. “Oh yeah!” he muttered, with childlike forgetfulness one might expect from his Elven side. He picked it up, examining it. “Hmmmm,” murmuring as he turned it in the torch light of his cave. He traced the cool stone with his fingers, the outside lifted to smooth ridges, the crystal veinlike in other areas…the artifact did seem handlike, like it was grasping another hand. Drake put his fingers against the palm of the crystal and slowly slid in his hand, until his fingers slowly spread around the smooth rock fingers, he grasped it.

“HUH?!” Drake’s mind suddenly saw a scene, surrounded by a purplish galactic cloud, blending the edges of a town of small people, all childishly cartoony and blue. His mind wanted to find the alpha male of the group. The scene zoomed in on many of the blue figures, but not a one did Drake find fuckable. He didn’t care to see it any more, as it nearly disgusted him, and the scene was gone. In it’s place there was another scene, the edges still blurred by the purplish cloud, but the inside…who was that on the inside?

The scene was of a human male, the kind Drake had seen on the outerworld, but this wasn’t his outerworld, or even his underworld. This world was… different. The male was being filmed as he pushed weights up and down, his chest bulging into large mounds. Drake growled lustily as the male looked down proudly at his thick chest and the work he was doing. It was clear to Drake that he could see him, but the muscled human couldn’t see him. His short cropped hair and perfectly proportioned body started to rev up Drake’s libido. In a distant voice he could hear “Alright Ryan, that’s all we need.” “Ok, gonna finish a few more sets and I’ll be done.”

Ryan, eh? Drake licked his lips as the model waited for the other man to leave, before getting up and looking at himself in the mirror, flushed with pride about his almost perfect physique. Well, Drake was flushed too, but in a different way. Too bad he couldn’t be there to show good ‘ol Ryan what he had in mind…

The clouded edges of the scene started to drift away as Drake suddenly found himself in the same room as Ryan, who consequently was too busy staring at his bulging bicep as he bent and unbent his elbow. Drake snarled.


A few hours later…

Ryan had made a delicious snack in Drake’s appetite for hot guys in need of domination. Drake could tell immediately that Ryan was no challenge physically, and could hardly take the tip of Drake’s enormous cock. Luckily his cries for help, pain and eventually lustful worship of Drake were enough to get Drake off, but it was only an appetizer. When Drake found himself bored and wanting for home, he was. In a blink he was back in his cave, surrounded by the comforts of home (which was mostly dirt and torches).

Drake looked at the crystal, which was sitting back on his wall where it had been before he had met Ryan.

Had he met Ryan? The scent of sex still surrounding him said yes. Drake grabbed the crystal again, willing himself to see Ryan once again, and lo and behold, laying on his back, breathing heavy in the middle of a weight room, with drained cock askew, was the beautiful Ryan. Damn he was pretty, too bad about that endurance. Drake was about let the crystal go, when he saw the cameraman come back in, “Hey, Ryan where –” he was cut short by the sight of Ryan on the ground. The cameraman, who wasn’t carrying anything now, rubbed his hands together, as if a hot dinner was being served up right to him. Drake grinned.

Drake let the cameraman have his fun, as he still needed to figure out his new toy. He decided to change again, this time to a scene of oddly masculine catlike men, all dressed in weird armor, and one with a growing sword… Next was a fighter, handsome, with funky blonde hair that hung in front, but wearing only a yellow vest over his tight muscled body. Drake swore he could hear “KO” after he finished fucking the stud. Odd world indeed.

Drake continued to find conquest after conquest, all muscular and handsome, if in different ways. One, a solid built marine type, with white gray hair, had decent endurance, able to last a few rounds of sexual grunt work with Drake. Another was smaller than Drake’s usual fair, but so heroic, and what a great sword, not to mention his ears were like Drake’s too. Drake couldn’t help but blast that annoying as hell fairy though, “Listen to this, bitch!” SKRRROOM! The hero really didn’t seem to mind. Drake didn’t know he could do that, but as he traveled he found his powers growing, maybe from exposure to all the different dimensions he entered, or self discovery.
Drake even began collecting things: guantlets, wands, amulets, a black sticky blob in a jar, trying to break out he had picked off from a spider like stud, and a shield with a star he got from a whole group of hunks , each hotter than the other (they were all secretly lusting after one another anyways). That dimension was a goldmine, he’d be back soon.

Yet Drake still hadn’t found what he was seeking. At least for the interim, he was a fickle fuck.


Drake kept looking. The last 3 dimensions had been complete let downs. Just plants, and not the entangling kind he might have fun with. Then, another new world. It had a big building, with a huge giant and globe on it, but clearly a statue of some kind. Another human based world wouldn’t do much for him, unless there was some kind of super-powered FWWWWWWOOOOOOOSH – Drake’s eyes perked and his brows peaked. What the hell was that? A bird? A plane? No, a metoer. Oh, well another doomsday scene to witness wouldn’t be so boring to watch. It was a huge meteor, even with his strength he’d have some trouble stopping — BAAAAAAM. The meteor suddenly slowed, then stopped. What the hell was that??? He asked himself again. This time, the image zoomed in on a figure, closer, and closer, there was too much fire and smoke in the way, but Drake could make out something or someone. The metoer suddenly changed trajectory and WHOOOOOOSHH it was gone, out back to space from which it came. Drake was watching it fly off when he heard distant cheering, focusing back on the figure who threw it.

“HOLY FUCK!” Drake exclaimed as the figure came into focus. A crowd of people looking up and cheering a blue clad, red caped wet dream. Drake immediately began to harden. The figure landed on a ledge of a building above the crowd. “Yes, higher ground. Oh you are special, aren’t you?” Drake licked his lips as he watched.

In the bright light of the sun, his blue muscled body was the embodiment of streamlined abundant musculature. Gorgeous blue eyes, and regal jawline connected to a muscle corded neck, tall traps and wide shoulders. His heavily muscled arms hung loosely from his shoulders,connecting to thick jutting pecs and wide lats, framing his perfectly developed serratus muscles. The large wings of muscle veered down a path of a deeply embedded steel eight pack, tightly flattened, but sculpted as marble, going further down past a yellow belt, looped to his red trunks, where a fully filled red trunk hung heavily framed by muscled quads. His rounded shoulders protruded outside his cape covered back.

As Drake’s eyes followed the curves of the powerful thighs, he mentally demanded a side view at will and his crystal obliged. The studs’ jutting pecs and ripped flattened abdominal wall, paired magnificently with the small of his muscled back, highlighting the taut nature of his waist. The curve of his wide back fell into a deep valley, but curved again into the most perfect bubble Drake had ever lusted after. Round, firm, bubbled. Every breath made the hero’s abdominals ripple, his muscled chest rising and falling, drawing attention to the iconic superhero symbol “S”. The slight wave of the hero’s hand sent muscles rippling through his body and then a gorgeous flash of his pearly whites before flying off.

Drake was tempted to jump in and begin to demolish the hero, then relish in his fucking. He wanted to squeeze that chest and back together and make him scream, then force him on his dick and have him begging for more. “RUUURRRR,” Drake snarled, but he held back, grabbing onto the stone carved arm of his chair, exercising some restraint. He sat back, he had waited this long… he could wait a little longer.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Drake vs. Superman Part 1
4.7 (3)

  1. Wow, this was great! I love the description of Superman’s body. Very erotic. I hope the description of Superman’s defeat is equally erotic and brutal. 🙂

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