The Last Kryptonian Chapter 4
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 4: Luthor experiments on Superman

Metropolis Lex Luthor’s office and laboratory:

Lex Luthor, genius and absolute hater of anything that he cannot control and manipulate which includes that do gooder hero called Superman, has been laying low in Metropolis after his encounter with Superman where the hero completely destroyed his armored suit warehouse and laser weapons storage.

Lex himself was able to get away without being arrested though since nothing that was destroyed could be directly tied to Luthor Corp.

 Every time Luthor tried to make a plan lately Superman would show up and ruin them for him. He needed a new tactic to deal with Superman. He started to amass a supply kryptonite and intensely studied the compositions and radiations that each color emitted.

Lex knows that the green which is the most prevalent weakens Superman somehow which gives him something to start with but somehow the hero always survives those encounters.

In these past three months Luthor has tracked down 3 other caches of kryptonite in various colors, red, white, and black, each of which had similar radiation to the green but was slightly different. Luthor also found a strange plant which was alien in nature and gave off a radiation that seemed similar to the kryptonite that he had found. He decided to plant it and watch it grow in hopes to study it but had spent too much time focusing more on the rocks. He kept it in a room next to his lab for the time being and continued his research.

Having completed his research into each of these Lex finally felt confident that it was time to learn exactly how each of these types affected Superman in hopes that they could assist him in gaining control of the hero and making Superman his own servant which would give Lex ultimate power.

He appeared from the lab and decided that the best way to get Superman to come to him was to kidnap someone important to him. The easiest prey would be his adopted Family (Mr. & Mrs. Kent). So, for the first time in three months Lex leaves his office for the town of Smallville.

Jax’s Ship:

After about an hour masturbation session with the fleshlight Jax was rock hard at full 14.5 inches long so sensitive he decided he needed a break.

Jax did not want to cum at this moment because he was not ready for release. That would come at a later time. Letting his cock go soft after his play time he decided it was time to check on the other three occupants in the spacecraft.

Feeling comfortable that he had earned the trust of the Toyman, Jax opens up his cell and see’s the sleeping form of the Toyman. He leans over Toyman and starts to give him a little rub down and leans up to his ear stating, “You teach me what I want to know about these sex toys and you will be rewarded by not being confined to this prison. But if you cross me you will die.” Jax then stands up and walks away leaving the Toyman’s bars down as he just promised.

Jax then walks over to Metallo’s cell and notices that he is awake lying down on the cot in the cell. Jax stands outside the bars for the time being and calls to Metallo, “So are you willing to join me yet or would you prefer to stay in this cell? The choice is yours but I meant what I said about not being your enemy.” Metallo thinks about the question and states, ” I still do not trust you and I still will tell you that if I get the chance. I am going to be the one that destroys Superman. For the time being though I cannot fully embrace joining you but will just agree that we have a common enemy that we both want destroyed. So maybe I will join you. If you need me to be a part of you plan, I think we can arrange that for now.”

Jax states, “That is acceptable for now. I hope that we can mutually work towards our common goals and have some excitement and sex out of watching the destruction of our common enemy. “

Jax then turns and walks to the cell the Parasite is in. The parasite himself constantly looks like he is in pain which worsens every time Jax approaches him. When at a distance Jax can see the sleeping form of Parasite hover off the floor until Jax approaches and then the Parasite seems to collapse and writhe in pain.

Jax is unsure exactly what is causing this but puts a medical probe into the cell to monitor Parasite’s life signs. Jax then returns to his chair and pulls up his holographic terminal.

He no longer needs the universal translator due to his mind absorption of Parasite and understands more about how Superman is perceived on earth and decides it is time to finalize his designs to Humiliate, Destroy, and Kill Kal-El of the house of El.

First objective he has is to unify his most hated enemies into one force. Three of those four are already on his ship. The Last one is the genius Lex Luthor. That will complete his Superman Revenge Squad.

Jax orders the ships computer to start searching for all data on the human Lex Luthor and send probes to follow him.

Metropolis: Clark Kents apartment

The alarm in Clark’s bedroom goes off at its usual 6am time which startles Clark to wake from his peaceful slumber.

He actually clumsily falls out of bed, which has never happened before when it goes off because usually, he is floating over the bed when it goes off.

Realizing that he needs to make his worldly rounds Clark walks over to the closet and grabs a new costume from his hideaway. He turns back towards the bed and notices just outside the door a set of Jimmy Olsen’s clothing, which reminds him that Jimmy was over yesterday but he has no recollection of what happened or why Jimmy’s clothes are there.

He picks up the clothes and lays them on the bed trying to figure out how to return them to Jimmy. Superman doesn’t have time for this now though because he needs to make his morning rounds and check in with the Justice League before going to work.

Clark tries to do his normal quick spin to change clothes but for some reason he seems to be lacking his superspeed. He tests out his X-ray vision which seems to work but it is not as effective as normal, and when he tries to shave with reflecting his heat vision off the kryptonian mirror in his bathroom it is not even hot enough to cut a hair.

Figuring that he needs a quick charge of yellow sun radiation Superman prepares to leap into flight out his bedroom window up into space. Instead, he starts to plummet for about 50 feet before he gets a bit of flight working. He quickly goes to the nearest abandoned building and lands with a thud as his power of flight gives way.

For the time being it seems that Superman is not at full strength and he has no explanation for it. While still in costume Superman calls Green Lantern asking if he could do the world rounds due to a personal emergency.

After a bit of protesting Green Lantern agrees and disconnects the communication with Superman. With his Clark Kent clothes in his cape pouch Superman changes back into his alter ego. Without using powers, he heads in the direction of Dr Hamilton’s office, formerly of Star Labs, for a checkup.

Dr Hamilton does a thorough examination of Clark/Superman, who he knows is one and the same person, and says that while Superman’s powers and things are present, they seem to be subdued and he will need more time to study the cause.

He tells Superman to take it easy and just be his alter ego for a couple days and things should return to normal once his body restores its natural radiation levels.

Clark agrees to this and heads to work determined to let the other heroes take over in his stead to protect the world and metropolis. Upon arrival at work, he hears about Jimmy being extremely weak and comatose. This really disturbs Superman since he was certain he saw Jimmy looking fine yesterday well after they say he slipped into the coma.

Lois Lane, late as usual comes in screaming, “I have our headline and proof, “Belle Reve is performing genetic testing on humans.” And saunters right past Clark without a word to deliver the story to Perry. Clark just continues on to his desk and starts to work on his story that Jimmy delivered for today’s edition.

Lois saunters up with a big grin, “Looks like I get the headline again thanks to that scientist.” states Lois. Without looking up Clark meekly says, “Yeah, you got another one.”

Finally, it dawns on what has happened, the Parasite is loose and can change forms. An even more disturbing prospect for Superman since he has no idea just how much more powerful Rudy is but at this time, he can do nothing about it.

Clark continues on through his work day but taking about 5 minutes each hour to go to the restroom and when alone test out his powers. Slowly it seems as though they are coming back but he is far from full strength.

Around noon time Perry White walks into the reporter’s room and announces, “Jimmy Olson has fully awoken from his coma, His Vitals are steady and he is fully moving around none the worse for wear.” This puts a smile on Clarks face confident that what is affecting him will also pass quickly.

Finally, 5pm arrives and he heads home for the day from his work at the Daily Planet none the worse for wear and feeling much better. “Maybe Dr Hamilton was right in that I needed this day off as Superman.” Clark thinks while walking home.

Jax’s Ship:

Jax decided after checking on his captured subjects that he could take a bit of rest while the computer located and tracks Lex Luthor. He slides his chair back and shuts down all of his screens to close his eyes for a bit. His sleep is filled with the many thoughts he has on destroying the final El family member and his total victory.

Toyman awakens while Jax is sleeping and notices his energy bars are down.

He takes the opportunity to explore as much of the ship as he can, basically the central lab and the 5-prison cell like rooms with cots in them. He tries numerous times to access different panels or controls but is always unable to make them respond so instead decides to turn his attention to Jax, his captor and somewhat ally.

Viewing the behemoth form of Jax and all his nakedness Toyman decides that while seeing Jax nude all the time is outstanding he actually needs some covering. He takes some mental measurements of what size he thinks Jax. He now fully sees Jax as a Dominant personality type, and all he has to work with is his leather and toys in his bag, Toyman decides that Jax needs a leather jockstrap, leather harness, and wrist straps to be made to give Jax the appropriate look.

Toyman begins to start working on these items but accidentally sets off a ship alarm as he brings out a knife to cut the leather material. This wakes Jax abruptly who asks Toyman, “What are you doing?”. Toyman is a little surprised to hear this from Jax directly unsure what to say.

Finally, Toyman says, “Master, despite your awesome beauty being naked, on earth it is best for you to have some coverings and I was going to make you some. May I do that for you?” Jax gets up and looks at the leather items Toyman had created for himself and agrees that those would be appropriate style. He then incinerates the leather saying that he has a much better material. He exits the room for a couple of minutes and walks back in to the lab control room area with a similar material to the leather that Toyman had. But to prove its toughness Jax blasts it with heat vision, cold breath, and even stretches it with massive force and it never breaks or tears.

“This material is made from an animal in the Andromeda Galaxy and is much more suitable to make the garments.” says Jax. So, they set out making a jockstrap with a kryptonite clasp pouch to harness Jax’s fully hardened cock inside it for quick release. Two leather wrist straps are created with Kryptonite spikes surrounding them, and a leather strap vest with kryptonite studs attached every 3 inches of material is created for Jax to wear.

Once fully garbed Jax, Toyman, and Metallo are absolutely amazed at the new look of this 9-foot 650 lbs. god of a being looking in total command with his garb on. It gives them such a sexual excitement to marvel at that they both start to salivate and want to be ravaged by this being.

Jax picks up on this and lets both the Toyman and Metallo out for some sexual playtime. Even Metallo knows that in this instance Jax is superior and the dominant. Jax sits back into his chair and allows them to worship his body. They massage his mighty muscles, Toyman on his shoulders and neck, Metallo working on his legs and arms. Both Toyman and Metallo keep a constant hardon the whole time while massaging Jax.

Metallo starts to rub on Jax’s pectorals when ordered to do so. Toyman leans in to kiss Jax which is not resisted but suddenly finds Metallo is also trying to force his way in. This leads the two men to fight for Jax’s tongue. Jax has a solution, “you two start out with each other, neither one cums until I tell you to come back to me and I give you permission.” Both Toyman and Metallo comply and slip into a 69 position to suck each other off for Jax’s amusement.

Neither of them has any problems deepthroating each other’s cocks which they do for about 20 minutes before Jax tells them it is time for them to take his cock. Metallo reaches for Jax’s pouch to open it but his hand is smacked away and Jax opens the pouch himself revealing his 14.5 cock. “Suck this, both of you.” Jax orders and they both comply with little hesitation.

Toyman licking the shaft and Metallo swallowing the head. This continues for another 20 minutes until both Metallo and Toyman are ready to explode when they hear “Feed it to me” They stand up and shoot theirs cum loads directly into Jax’s mouth and he holds every drop even licking their cocks of the remaining cum tasting it in his mouth. Both Metallo and Toyman collapse from fatigue just at the vitals sensor sounds off in Parasite’s cell.

When Jax looks he sees that parasite is no longer floating and does not seem in pain as he approaches. Understanding that Parasite needs life force to survive instead of giving his own he stands over Parasite and takes the combined cum of Metallo and Toyman and feeds it to Parasite. The results are that Rudy awakens and his Vitals return to normal. Immediately though Rudy feels the much higher energy presence and tries to drain it but has no luck.

Jax just stands up and walks away saying, “I understand you and I am similar to you so your power can not harm me. I am a friend though as you will come to understand.” Jax then leaves and closes the parasites energy bars.

“Return to your beds and recover.” is all he says to the other two but this time he leaves their bars down. Both Metallo and Toyman return to their beds and rest satisfied with what they just did.


It takes Clark Kent almost 45 minutes to walk home. He gets in the door makes himself a quick dinner and sits down in his living room. He is not use to walking in to his apartment from his front door. Just after finishing his dinner shortly after 6pm Clark feels this great rush of energy throughout his body and his mind actually becomes very clear about the events of yesterday with the parasite posing and Jimmy and effectively seducing and pleasuring him.

Clark gets up and decides to test out his powers and this time they are working at full capacity as if there was nothing ever wrong with him. All powers, all energy, all memories, everything is back to normal. Including a loud screeching whine on an ultrasonic frequency range he had not heard before. In it was a message Inviting Superman to come to his laboratory because Lex had Mr. & Mrs. Kent captive if he did not want his secret revealed and he had until 7pm to appear.

As nervous as he was Superman had no choice, he just got his full powers back, and had to confront Luthor because of his captives. Immediately Superman flies to the Lex Corp Towers outside of Luthor’s Penthouse Laboratory. Lex actually left a large glass window open for Superman expecting him to arrive.

“About time Big Blue. I have been broadcasting that message for 3 hours waiting for you. I was not even sure you were going to show, which would have been too bad for the Kents.” Lex taunts.

“Where are they and what do you want you fiend?” Superman questions. “Why you are what I want. All of you and as for the Kents. Here they are and Luthor presses a button with a one-way glass so Superman can see them. They look strange though with spots and redness all over them.

Superman heads towards the glass ready to smash it when suddenly he feels weakness over him. He turns to see Luthor holding a piece of Green Kryptonite at him making Superman nauseous and weakened.

“You fiend, what have you done to them.” Superman asks while staggering away from the chunk of kryptonite Lex has.

“I have done nothing to them but they do seem to be sick. I tell you what, you promise not to run off and do some minor tests for me today and I will let them and you go without prejudice. Do you agree?” Lex states.

“Do I have a choice? I will do what you ask.” Superman agrees so lex puts the chunk of green kryptonite into a led box. At the same time though Lex pulls out a chunk of Red Kryptonite and turns to Superman with it in his hands instead.

Weakened a bit by the Green Kryptonite all of a sudden Superman feels dizziness and mental exhaustion as Lex approaches with the Red Kryptonite. Lex surmises that this type of kryptonite would make Superman muddled mentally and susceptible to his more mental approach and the results seem to be promising.

Lex approaches Superman still holding the chunk of red kryptonite ordering, “Good Superman now go lay down on the table over there.” Initially Superman tries to resist but eventually he follows the orders and lies down on the exam table.

“Undress and reveal you self to me.” Orders Lex and Superman is compelled to do that as well. He quickly removes his cape to which Lex shouts “Slowly. I want to see everything slowly.” So, Superman slows down his actions as he takes off his boots one at a time and sets them to the end of the table.

Next comes off Superman’s shirt. “Give that to me.” Lex orders and again despite his hesitance Superman hands it to Lex. Out of sheer curiosity Lex puts it up to his nose and inhales the essence of Superman from it and is sexually charged by it. Superman then begins to remove his red briefs one leg at a time.

Just as Superman reaches for his tights Lex orders him “Wait, not until I tell you to.” Superman stops. This lets Lex who has now decided that he needs to be recording this all turn on his equipment and monitors to measure the effects on Superman.

Lex then strips off his own suit to reveal at nice 5’10” frame filled out at about 190 lbs. of solid muscle. Lex has a 6 pack of abs and looks like there is not an ounce of fat anywhere on the body. His cock is semi-erect at 8.5 inches right now with a large hood covering the glans. His nuts are the size of golf balls and fully descended in a pouch of about 6 inches.

“Now remove those tights and lay down on the table.” Lex orders and Superman follows with little hesitation. “Lie still for 5 minutes and do not move.” Again, Superman follows instructions while many lights, scanners, and machines go over Superman without ever touching him.

All these instruments are collecting as much data as they can about Superman and he just sits there and lets it happen. Once they are done Lex walks up to Superman and starts to explore his body with his own hands. He pays particular attention Superman’s crotch and balls toying with them for only a few seconds.

Lex then decides before he forgets he needs to finish what he started. “Get up and go to the box over there on that counter. I want you to open it and expose yourself to what’s inside.”

Inside Superman’s mind he tries to resist but due to the red kryptonite is compelled to go to the box and open it. Lex is admiring Superman’s form, Rigid cock, hard nipples and swinging ass while Superman heads towards the box. It is like Superman is erotically charged up by his touching as told by the fully erect 11 inches that Superman has at the moment.

Just as Superman opens the box there is a rush of darkness as all color in the room fades and Lex can see nothing at all. Slowly the light returns though as the box, where lex had hidden the black kryptonite, closes and to Lex’s amazement he sees not one but two Supermen standing in his laboratory. They look like exact clones of each other when immediately seen. “My god.” Lex exclaims seeing these two naked Supermen standing side by side. They turn towards each other and glance each other over.

The Red Kryptonite is no longer glowing in Lex’s hand and he drops it while marveling at these two similar yet different heroes. For almost 5 minutes no words are said by the 3 men in the room.

Jax’s Ship:

While getting comfortable with his new garments Jax sees a holo-screen pop up showing the location for Lex Luthor and that a probe is on its way to that location. Jax is hoping to catch Lex alone and is surprised when the probe arrives to show 3 men in Luthor’s laboratory.

A set of two that look exactly like Superman and Luthor himself. This absolutely astounds Jax since he was of the mindset that there was only one member of the house of El left not two. He must rethink his plan of revenge if there are two of them. Jax is even more astounded as he starts to see the two heroes’ actions.

One of them is very narcistic in nature just admiring himself and how superior he looks to everyone else in the room. The other seems to be more of a brawler trying to trash and destroy everyone and everything in the room. It’s almost as if these two heroes are total opposites of each other.

Jax decides to observe more before he intervenes and captures Luthor for his plans. All the while Jax is somewhat laughing and the differences of the actions of the two the other 3 passengers in the ship are fixated on the screen watching it happen as well. Metallo and Toyman even approach to get a closer view of the action.


“Who are you?” Luthor asks thinking maybe this new entity might be someone else that broke in during the blackness. “I am Kal-El” both of the heroes say simultaneously. Which makes them both turn towards each other and argue over who is really Kal-El. This is where the two personalities of the heroes take form.

One talks only about all his magnificent deeds and perfectly sculpted body; He is clean shaven all over his 6-foot 5-inch frame with a cut 11″ cock fully hard and ready for action surrounded by a completely hairless and radiant remainder of the body except for his glowing locks of hair on his head.

The other hero stands the same 6-foot 5-inch height with an 11″ cock but he is uncut. The hair on his head is much longer and unkempt. His chest and back are covered in thick fur, his bush is around his cock and balls are very thick and ratty which disguises just how big he really is. He almost seems a bit more primal in appearance then the other. He starts to swings a punch at the smooth hero but nothing happens when he makes contact. He then starts to go rampaging throughout the lab trying to escape the confinement he is in. This makes Luthor start to panic and dart towards the large box where he has the green, white and the former red kryptonite hoping that both these heroes would be weakened by its effects.

In his haste though Luthor grabs the white kryptonite and pulls it out of the lead container. Suddenly the whole town of Metropolis is covered by a white flash of light. All the vegetation in the city withers and dies all over the town. In the laboratory suddenly the red kryptonite starts to shine again like it has been renewed. Immediately both the heroes seemed to stop what they were doing and hesitate with the renewed energy from the red kryptonite.

“Stop!!” Luthor commands in the most authoritative voice possible and they both physically, the hairy one stating, “What the hell? Why can’t I move my body?” The other still moaning even though his hands were not moving anymore. Luthor now realizes they both are Superman just different personalities each with their own strengths but the same weaknesses. Luthor wants to put this to his advantage.

“You two are going to make out and have sex. It is going to be such a thrill to watch you both ravage each other for my pleasure. You will have to wrestle to see who the top is and who the bottom is. So, begin.” Luthor orders and moves to a safe wall away to watch the action.

Both of the heroes take a position across from each other and a stance like they were in a grappling/wrestling match from ancient Greece. They start feeling each other out trying to figure out where to attack first to gain an advantage. The primal one quickly does an arm bar on the other sliding it past him quick enough to slide a headlock onto him. The smooth hero shortly slips away though and does a crotch lift to sling the primal hero’s back onto the floor with a violent shake. The primal hero rolls over onto his belly but is quickly leapt upon by the smooth hero who tries to intertwine the other legs and put a full nelson on the primal. While he gets the nelson in the primal is still able to get up on his knees and do a granby roll out of the full nelson.

Luthor watches all this activity with awe and even starts to play with his own cock getting it hard and erect to a full 10 inches and oozing out precum that a large puddle has started forming on the floor. Knowing that in a fair fight both heroes are evenly matched and there would be no winner Luthor shouts out. “No Rules anything goes and the loser must suck and by fucked by the winner.”

Immediately the primal one reaches out and grabs the smooth hero’s ballsack and gives it a good yank. Followed by blow to the smooth one’s cock accompanied with another rough tug on his balls. This has really got Luthor excited and his machines are catching it all. Due to the immense pain that the smooth hero felt with the crushing nuts and blows to his cock he falls onto his back grabbing his crotch area.

Seizing the opportunity, the primal hero rolls the smooth hero up into a cradle position where the smooth one’s cock is directly above his own mouth. Luthor does a quick three count tapping the wall declaring “Winner.”

“I want you to claim your prize but I am also going to participate in the festivities. Start with making him suck his own cock since he is in that position and it is so close and so hard.” Following orders, the primal hero starts to push the smooth hero’s cock into his own mouth. He gets the head and about a third of the shaft in. The smooth hero has no choice but to suck on it.

Luthor approaches and starts to smack the primal hero with his own hard cock with sheath retracted in the face while he works on the smooth hero by fingering his ass.

This goes on for about 10 minutes till Luthor says, “Ok it’s time to fuck his ass and I am going to fuck his face.” He steps over the smooth hero’s face while still rolled up in the cradle and shoves his own hard cock into the open mouth. Now two cocks are in the hero’s mouth while the other lets the cradle go but braces the smooth hero’s ass and gets ready to plunge his meat into the open exposed ass crack. This display goes on for about another 15 minutes before the primal hero lets out a scream, pulls out and sprays cum over both Luthor and the other hero.

Followed by Luthor unloading in the smooth hero’s mouth. Still hard though Luthor decides it is his turn to fuck the smooth hero while the primal hero drops to the side to recover. Lining up in position Luthor jams the full length into the opening in one thrust.

The smooth hero does not cry out but just moans and is lost in lust at the fucking he is receiving. The smooth hero suddenly moans really loudly and begins to spray his whole face and mouth with his own cum.

Luthor is just about to unload in the smooth hero’s ass when suddenly he is jerked away just as the first shot of cum is released and it sprays all over both the heroes in the lab. Something just pulled Luthor away as he was about to shoot. Luthor then goes to the box with the black kryptonite.

Stumbles and knocks it over releasing its radiation once more. Again, the room is awash with blackness for just a brief second before he closes its lid again. Unfortunately, though Luthor passes out when his head hits the floor. He awakens no longer in his lab and on a spaceship.

Jax’s Ship:

Jax and the other 3 watch the wrestling match between supermen the whole time. In the middle of the match Jax orders, “Suck my cock.” Which both Toyman and Metallo do with glee while watching the match on a screen behind Jax.

When Luthor instructs no rules their entire cocks throb knowing the possibilities that could happen. Watching the low blow of the ball grab, stretch and cock punch actually sends the parasite, jacking off in his cell, over the edge to spray a cum fountain in his cell. Vital alarms start to go off because of the energy loss by the Parasite. Jax says to Toyman and Metallo, “Feed him yours cum and he will live.” Presses the button to lower the energy bars and they go in and fuck parasite until they each cum down his throat with their loads.

Quickly they each pull out and back away. Jax resets the bars. Noticing that Luthor is now fucking the smooth hero Jax decides it is time to take Luthor away and gets ready to fly to earth. Just as he stands up, he sees Luthor thrown back and spraying cum all over both heroes.

Immediately Jax leaves for earth. He can’t miss the opportunity to eat all the super hero juicy cum and capture Luthor. Upon his arrival at Luthor’s lab Jax sees only a solitary hero on the floor covered in cum and Luthor nearby knocked out and covered as well.

Quickly Jax licks up all the sprayed heroes cum and even Luthor’s. Grabs the two lead boxes with the various kryptonites in them and Luthor and flies back to the Ship. Luthor awakens in the ship in an energy prison type cell with a stranger and 3 familiar faces. He passes back out again though from exhaustion with that image.


Superman awakens again to a familiar situation. He is completely surrounded by emptiness, no villain, no kryptonite, no recorder machines, and only him. Strangely though he is aware that somehow tonight he is certain there was two of him existing at the same time. Each one with a different personality yet each a part of him in some manner. He is so mixed up right this minute that he actually forgets his adoptive parents are still in that room and that they were looking very ill.

He quickly finds the opening to the room they are in only to find them both asleep and looking as healthy as ever. Maybe even better than normal. The only thing dead in the room is plant on the stand next to them. He scoops them up and starts to fly them towards their home in Smallville. He notices as he leaves the building that it seems all the trees and other foliage in the town has died. Strange things are happening is all he thinks as he flies his parents’ home and then out to his Fortress of Solitude, followed by a tracker like he has been all this time.

To be continued…

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