Tony vs Superman
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Author: Unknown

Tony lumbered away from the devastated zoo, his belly full from his jungle feast.  As his mammoth muscles continued to absorb more and more protein his balls began to churn again, his incredible muscle body pumping up with more and more power, the surge in testosterone making his body tingle and his dick harden all over again.  He began to flex his huge muscles, watching each one intently as he pumped it bigger and bigger.  Because of his awesome mass it was hard to do, but he still managed to bring each of his gigantically bulging biceps up to his lips, kissing them and licking the source of his amazing strength.  Tony was so absorbed in watching his body it took a while before he realized he wasn’t alone.  About twenty feet in front of him, hovering five feet off the ground, was Superman.  Tony had heard of Superman, but never really believed there was such a person.  After all, Tony had roamed the planet wreaking havoc and destruction, and never once had any Superman come to save a single city from Tony’s overwhelming power and might.  But there he was, floating in the air not twenty feet away.  And not at all what Tony would have anticipated—he had a silly costume on (to Tony, real men always went naked), but it was stretched tight over an incredible body.  Not nearly as massive as the gargantuan Tony, but still very impressive, Superman was built like Marco Savolanein, but taller at 6′ 5”,  weighing about 450 pounds of solid muscle.  The blue and red costume was nearly shear, displaying a flawlessly smooth body of perfectly proportioned muscle and a huge cock and set of balls oversized for even Superman’s massive body.  And he was handsome beyond description, thick jet black hair, deep blue eyes, jutting square chin and perfect white teeth.  Superman hovered with his arms crossed across his broad chest, looking quizzically at Tony.  He had fought and conquered all types of aliens, monsters, robots and other forms of evil, but he had never seen a man like Tony before in his life—a man, but thicker, denser and more massively muscular than he believed any man could ever be.  Superman had seen plenty of huge pro bodybuilders before.  He never missed a major competition, and especially loved the all-class pose-downs where the massive super-heavyweights would tower over the others,  with the complete air of domination so typical of the monster musclegods. But Tony made them all look small.  For the first time in his life Superman realized he was not the biggest muscleman on the planet, that there was someone bigger—no, significantly bigger—than he was.  A momentary cloud of doubt crossed Superman’s mind, and he felt something deep inside him he had never felt before.  Superman was basically a peaceful man, never having killed a human being,  and he wondered how he would handle the muscle-beast standing before him.  Always the dominator, Superman wondered . . ..

For Tony things could not be better, the excitement was boiling inside him.  He had heard that Superman was the Man of Steel, so this would be the supreme challenge for Tony’s musclebody—could he rip the Man of Steel apart as easily as he did steel buildings and machines?  Tony roared at Superman and did a mighty double bi pose, holding it for over three minutes as his arms ballooned even bigger.

Tony’s stud cock was squirting precum, and it too was growing bigger and harder as Tony continued to bellow.  Tony was not a peaceful man, and he wanted blood—he wanted to rip Superman’s limbs off and feast on the amazingly full muscle hanging off each one.  With one last mighty roar Tony ran full speed at Superman, his massive right arm cocked to deliver a death blow.  Just before impact Superman darted forward, Tony’s huge fist landing square on Superman’s beautiful left pec.  The impact was like a nuclear explosion, the force surprising Superman as he was knocked back, for the first time in his life, several feet. For Tony it was shocking.  He was knocked back forty feet, stopped only when his massive body slammed into the side of a large bulldozer, nearly flattening it and driving it twenty yards on its side, tearing up the concrete street.  His entire right arm was numb, and his shoulder throbbed in shrieking pain.  Most of the breath was knocked from his lungs, and Tony was seeing stars.  But he had no fear, and his excitement only grew—this was really going to be a challenge.  He bellowed again at Superman, picked the bulldozer up on its side and ripped off one of its steel and titanium treads. Circling the tread over his head like a lasso Tony charged Superman and whipped the tread across the front of Superman’s body. Superman jutted out his mammoth pecs, which took most of the impact from the tread.  The tread shattered harmlessly across Superman’s bulging chest, and while he didn’t flinch physically doubt again flashed across Superman’s mind. He knew he had to neutralize Tony quickly.  But he couldn’t take his eyes off of Tony’s magnificent cock, sticking out straight and hard from that incredible muscle body.  It was mesmerizing, calling up feelings Superman had never before experienced.  Could this really be a man, did he have super powers, or was he really just a human muscle beast?  He seemed so, so dominating, so powerful, so massive.

Tony’s next roar brought Superman back into focus.  He knew Tony couldn’t fly, and that he was very strong, but he wanted to know just how strong.  He didn’t have to wait long to find out.  Tony grabbed Superman and began to crush him in a giant bearhug, pinning superman’s arms to his sides. Although he felt no pain, Superman was amazed at Tony’s power.  As Tony pulled his massive body into Tony’s even more massive body, Superman again felt the strange sensation tingling in his groin.  Superman then realized that Tony had forced his iron hard stud cock between his legs, and that his feet were now off the ground as he rode the mighty cock like a horse.  Superman arched his back and let out a low moan, which Tony took to be a sign of pain.  Tony then launched a series of vicious head butts to Superman’s face, screaming “I’m gonna fuck you `til I split your ass in two,mother fucker,” THUD, “then I’m gonna kill you nice and slow,” THUD, “then I’m gonna have you for dinner.”THUD THUD.  Tony’s power was overwhelming, but no match for Superman’s super strength.  Although it took him a few minutes to initiate it, Superman used his super strength to slowly lift his arms, pushing the amazed Tony’s arms farther and farther apart.  Tony’s muscles bulged and surged with strength, but he could not stop Superman.  Superman smiled, knowing that Tony had never been beaten like this before, and expecting him to fall down and worship him.  Fat chance.

Although exhausted, Tony roared again—”fuck you asshole”—and hammered away at Superman’s pecs with a piece of the steel tread, trying to drive it into Superman’s skin.

Superman was stunned at the ferocity and animal power of Tony, fearless and undaunted. The power of Tony’s blows had actually driven Superman’s feet nearly a foot into the hard road surface, surprising Superman even more—who is this man, and how strong is he?  For the first time in his life Superman thought, “can he beat me?”  His mind clouded again, and he realized he was now driven nearly two feet into the ground.  Superman shook his head, and stepped up out of the hole into which he had been pounded, pushing Tony back. He put his hands on Tony’s enormously massive pecs and, using his super strength, pushed him backwards several feet.  Tony was hurtled to the ground, the earth shaking when he hit.  But Tony jumped right up and came charging straight at Superman, so surprising him that Tony was able to lift superman up and drive him into the ground.  Tony picked the stunned Superman up and held him over his head, driving him head first into the concrete road.  The force of Tony’s piledriver move drove Superman’s head and shoulders clear into the concrete, burying him in the roadbed up to his elbows.  The Man of Steel had been planted in the concrete like an ordinary broomstick, his massive body sticking helplessly into the air.  But instead of getting angry Superman was wondering “how can this be happening—can I be conquered?”  

He felt Tony trying to split his legs apart like a wishbone and was again jolted back to his senses.  Using his super strength he yanked his mammoth arms towards his head, creating a crater in the road and freeing himself.  He closed his mighty thighs around Tony’s thick neck and began squeezing with his super strength.  Tony grabbed Superman’s fat cock and pulled on it with all his might, but in moments he could no longer breath and was turning blue.  His amazing muscle body finally went limp, and he passed out.  But Superman could not finish him off, he could not kill this magnificent muscleman now matter how much a threat he was.

Superman was captivated by Tony, almost entranced by his enormously muscular body and his beautiful cock.  He felt himself being pulled in by Tony’s animal magnetism, and knew he needed time to figure out what to do.  Superman remembered there was still a lot of construction going on at the new stadium site, and he scooped the unconscious Tony up into his arms and flew him to the stadium.  He held Tony’s gargantuan body close to his own, and on several occasions he fondled Tony’s cock and balls, enthralled with their size and maleness.  At the stadium he found yards of heavy chain, and wrapped it around Tony until he looked like a mummy, taking care to push Tony’s still hard boner up against his abs.  For some subconscious reason Superman wanted to be sure the massive stud cock was not harmed. 

Thinking that the hundreds of pounds of steel chain would hold Tony secure when he regained consciousness, Superman wandered away to figure out what to do.

He was totally confused.  The evil monsters, aliens and machines he had fought had been easy to destroy, never giving it a second thought. And the evil men he had dealt with had nowhere near his strength and powers, and were easily controlled, usually by having them put in prison.  But this man was vastly different—a mortal man, but amazingly strong and powerful, completely captivating Superman. Tony was fearless, and knew exactly what he wanted:  food, fucking and destruction.  With his incredible muscle body Tony was never in shortage of any of those things, and usually combined them several times a day.  He was free to do whatever he wanted, and didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought.  Was that the attraction, the ability to exist free of anyone else’s expectations or boundaries?  Or was it more base—the carnal desire to just enjoy the same things, fucking and destruction?  Or was it even more base—the burning desire to be fucked, dominated and destroyed by someone more powerful than even the mighty Man of Steel?  Superman was flooded with confusion, his mind racing and filling with doubt.  He could think of nothing but Tony, his magnificent body, his huge fuckpole, his overwhelming strength. .

His thoughts were interrupted by a series of deafening roars: Tony was awake.  He bellowed and grunted, ranted and roared, then grew silent.  But then he started a low animal growl that slowly grew in volume until it reached the pitch of a jet engine at full throttle. Suddenly there was the sound of tearing and snapping metal, then silence.  Superman flew back to where he had left Tony bound in chains, and found only pieces of chain, the links having obviously been ripped apart.  He was hovering about five feet off the ground when Tony dropped from the steel superstructure above, landing on Superman with such force that he was driven into the concrete concourse of the stadium.  No one had ever knocked Superman out of the air before, and he was so shocked and confused he forgot about his ability to fly, rendering him earthbound.  Tony had his huge hands in a death grip around Superman’s neck, and was pounding his head repeatedly into the concrete, turning it into gravel.  Superman recovered momentarily, pulling Tony’s hands from his neck and flinging him over his shoulder hard onto the concrete, creating a huge crack in the concourse.  Tony jumped up immediately and faced Superman, sneering at him:  “You are one weak mother fucker, Duper, all those so-called super powers and you’re too chicken shit to use them to kill me.  And that’s what you’ll have to do, muscle pansy, because if you don’t I’ll kill you and rip your pussy body apart.  Your powers are for shit, and my muscles will dominate your puny, pathetic little body till you scream for mercy.  You’re loosing your powers, and soon I will shove my dong up your ass and fill your guts with so much of my cum it will run out your nose.  Prepare to suffer and DIE ASSHOLE.” And with that last roar Tony picked up a steel beam lying on the ground and charged Superman, holding the girder like a knight would hold a lance.  Superman was standing right in front of one of the four main support pillars for the new stadium, and took the full impact of the girder right in his massive chest.  The force of the blow knocked Superman back into the pillar, the entire structure shuddering on impact.  Superman was unhurt, but the girder was bent and Tony had been knocked flat on his ass, stunned by the ferocious collision. Superman lifted Tony to his feet and bent the steel beam completely around Tony’s massive muscle body, pinning his mammoth arms to his side.  Using his x-ray visioin Superman welded the two ends together, trapping Tony in a band of steel.  Superman then picked Tony up and began hammering him into the concrete, driving his feet and legs into the concourse just above his knees.  Superman stepped back and his eyes widened when he saw that Tony’s giant muscle cock was hard and pointing straight at him  Tony just grinned and said “You want it don’t you boy, you want Tony’s great big piece of man meat plowing your ass, Tony’s great big balls smacking against your cute bubble butt, Tony using you as nothin’ but a fuck hole.”  With another deafening roar Tony pumped up his gargantuan body, straining at the steel bracelet around his chest, pushing his great pecs and lats out further and further until, with a huge SNAP, the weld ripped apart and the steel bent back. Superman was awestruck, and felt his own giant manhood stir.  He looked down at his crotch, and Tony pounced.  He grabbed Superman by the ankles and swept him into the air, swinging him like a club.

It was an incredible sight.  A fuckin’ incredible fuckin’ sight.  The mammoth musclebeast Tony was using the Olympian steel musclebody of the invincible Superman to smash down the city’s gigantic new football stadium. Swinging Superman’s muscular physique in sweeping circles over his head, Tony was using the Man of Steel to destroy one of the biggest manmade structures in the world, crushing concrete and sheering steel girders in two with every thunderous blow.  At first, before he got his rythym, it was awkward—Tony smashed the massive superbody into concrete and steel supports only to have the enormous impact cause him and Superman to rebound off the steel, and stumble to the ground.       But after a few swings Tony increased the intensity and power behind his blows.  Soon he was smashing Superman’s fabulous body through the supports with such amazing force that the concrete was shattering and the steel was being sliced in half.  As the massive destruction increased, so did Tony’s happiness and drive.  His huge dick hardened and starting seeping precum, and he roared every time Superman’s body snapped more steel.  In just a short while Superman’s costume was shredded, and for the first time in his memory he was naked, his beautiful cock and balls flying through the air, pelted with shattered pieces of concrete.  He was feeling a number of sensations simultaneously.  Excitement at seeing his mighty body cause so much destruction; exhilaration and a sexual awakening at having his genitals exposed and subjected to  stimulation never experienced before;  and growing fear at being dominated by another man like never before.

The sexual arousal and growing fear were both new to Superman.  He had never even thought about his cock and balls before, but now that’s all he could think of, like a teenager getting his first hard-on.  His balls were churning and his body tingled all over.  He wondered how he could only now be aware of his sexuality, and wondered if it was because he had never before experienced anyone like the musclebeast who was now toying with him, this massive monster of pure muscle.  He had never thought of another person in a sexual way, but now he was overcome with lust for the mighty muscleman who was using his super body as a club.  Superman had never seen such a huge man before, one who was bigger than even his own titanic body of muscle, with gigantic muscles pushing through every square inch of skin, pumped to unbelievable size and packed with overwhelming strength and power. And the musclebeast’s cock was also outstanding, jutting out from his goliath body like a steel missile—a steel missile Superman knew had to explode in his ass.  His perfectly formed glutes started flexing in wild anticipation of the inevitable invasion—he was utterly exhilarated.

Yet he was also afraid.  How could a mere man, no matter how magnificently huge and muscular, be controlling him, be dominating him like this—he was Superman, the Man of Steel, invulnerable and invincible?  Who was this muclebeast who was using his body as a battering ram, as a tool for all of this massive destruction? Physically, Superman was not being hurt, not even scratched, as his indestructible super body was much stronger than the steel it was destroying.  But psychologically he was falling further and further into paralysis.  The more he wondered and worried how this could possibly be happening to him, the less he remembered about his own strength and powers, until he simply forgot that he could easily escape and fight back.  Superman forgot that he could fly—that anytime he wanted to he could simply launch himself into the air, easily carrying Tony’s mass with him. Tony was monstrously huge, but Superman could lift ocean liners out of the water—carrying Tony was nothing.  But his mind sank deeper and deeper into the abyss, as he allowed himself to be repeatedly pounded into the steel and concrete.

Tony was bothered by no such gloom, he was now supercharged and in hyper-drive.  His attack on the stadium was random, he was just using Superman’s muscle body to smash whatever he looked at next.  But soon the entire steel and concrete structure was shrieking and groaning as the various portions of the stadium struggled against each other to remain standing.  Finally, with a huge thunderclap, half of the stadium collapsed into a pile of crushed concrete and mangled steel, the ground shaking violently for several minutes.  Tony roared in triumph, and quickly used Superman to knock down several more support structures.  The shrieking of metal became more intense, and Tony slowly backed away from the structure as the second half of the stadium collapsed inward onto the playing field, a mound of twisted and contorted rubble.

Tony slammed Superman’s body to the ground and stood on his massive pecs, stomping on them as he did a double bi pose and roared at the destroyed stadium.  He stomped on Superman’s chest with such force that the concrete underneath Superman’s body cracked open into huge fissures, the massive muscle of the Man of Steel being literally driven into the ground.  Tony then picked Superman up and hurled him up to the third level of the parking garage just being completed next to what used to be the largest stadium in the world.

Quickly realizing that he may have just let Superman escape Tony vaulted up the side of the garage, smashing holes in the brick exterior wall to create grip holds.  He was surprised to see Superman standing there, a glorious naked muscle stud like he’d never seen before, fondling his huge cock, running his hand up and down the magnificent shaft.  “Come here, boy toy” he yelled, but Superman only looked up at him briefly, quickly returning his gaze to his huge sextool, almost like he had never seen it nor touched it before.  

Tony yelled again, but Superman seemed to be in a trance, his eyes vacant and staring.  Tony ran at him, quickly closing the space between them, and launched a tremendous blow to Superman’s massive left pec.  This time Superman offered no resistance, and his body was flung violently into a concrete support piling, imbedded two full feet into the concrete.

Superman was amazed at being hit that hard—did he feel pain somewhere under his muscle armor?—and at his lack of resistance.  He sensed that he was doomed to destruction, but could do nothing to prevent it, could do nothing to prevent the mighty musclebeast from tearing his invincible body limb from limb.  His fear grew, as did a growing sense of submission.  Did he want to be dominated?  Could anyone actually dominate him?  Then he knew.  He wanted Tony to have him, and he knew Tony was powerful enough to do it.  He wanted Tony to fuck his brains out, so he did nothing to remove himself form the piling, instead just grabbing his giant dick and squeezing it long and hard, now moaning at the sensation.  At last he was beginning to feel like a man, not a machine.  Tony lumbered over to the piling and delivered an atomic blow to Superman’s chest, knocking him clean through the 8 foot thick piling and sending his magnificent body tumbling 30 feet across the concrete parking slab.  Superman lay on his back, making no effort to get up, his perfectly formed and massive pecs and his beautiful cock sticking straight up into the air.  Tony moved quickly to Superman’s side, the building shaking with each of his thrusting steps. He didn’t know why or how, but he knew Superman was now his for the taking, his to fuck as long and hard and often as he wanted.

Tony flipped Superman over on his stomach and gazed at his extraordinary ass.  He spread apart the amazing glutes and saw the virgin hole staring back.  Now consumed with wild fuck lust, this was the largest and most incredible man he had ever seen.  His cock and balls ached with anticipation—no foreplay, no finger fucking to loosen him up, Tony just plunged his monstrous fuck pole up Superman’s perfect ass.  For the first time in his life Superman screamed as his body was invaded by Tony’s gigantic stud cock, his insides being mangled as they were roughly pushed aside to accommodate Tony’s massive tool.  Superman instinctively began to struggle, but his mind was too clouded to summon nearly any of his strength.  He was still stronger than ten superheavywight bodybuilders combined, but that was no match for Tony, whose massive body had Superman pinned to the concrete as he pile-drove his ass.

“Ungh. . . yeah, that’s better duperman, love it when you. . Ungh. . . squirm like that, love the way. . . ungh. . .your muscles bulge, hard, real hard. . .ungh, ungh, yeah,  holdin you a little tight there? Fuck this is nothing,  shoulda wasted me when you had the chance, dumb fuck—god,. . .so fucking horny, ungh. . . so horny. . . so fuckin’. .. yeah. . . ungh. .  where’s all that fuckin’ strength of yours now. . .being slammed into the concrete. . .ungh. . .this feels so fuckin’good. . .ungh. . .I’m getting so pumped, my fuckin’ biceps. . Ungh, ungh. . .every fuckin’ muscle blowing up huge. . .aw fuck. . .come on muscle boy. . .ungh. . .fight me, give me a challenge. . .there you go. . .ungh, ungh. . .good boy, fight back, keep squirmin’. . come on. . .harder, more strength. . .yeah duper, that’s it buddy, oh yeah….fuckin’ love it it, fuck. . . oh yeaaaaaaah. . .fuck, I’m humpin’ fuckin’ superman. . humpin him hard. . .god, that feels soooo gooooood. . .ungh, ungh, ungh, humpin’ this great muscle stud, he loves it too. . .ungh, don’t ya duper. . .mmmmm, mmmm, really feelin’ it now, buckin hard on ya duperman, slammin’ ya, nothing can stop me now…oh yeah, nothin’ can even slow me down…mmmmffffoh feels so fuckin’ good, as good as fuckin’ a tank…yeah…fuckin’ a tank. ..fuckin’it and crushin’ it…crushin’ it an fuckin’ it…ungh, between my legs…yeah…hmmmmff…but…ungh…maybe this is better… surgin..fuckin’ surgin’in ungh ungh yeah…my dick’s so hard…so hard…so fuckin’ hard agaist that muscle ass of yours duper…ungh…ungh…grindin’ against those glutes, slammin `em…keep it up…ungh…keep strugglin’ fucker, fight fucker fight”.

Tony was pile driving Superman’s ass so hard the entire building was shaking with each titanic thrust.  Each time Tony bucked up he would drive Superman’s muscle bod back into the concrete, cracking it and grinding it down until the rows of steel support were visible, creating huge cracks in the entire concrete pad.  Superman’s cock and balls were eventually forced between two pieces of steel, bending them apart more and more as Superman’s entire body was being driven through the concrete and steel.  He was helpless to stop it, or to even slow it down, all he could do was moan while Tony’s iron hard fuck rod ripped into him repeatedly, the huge piece of monster meat filling his entire torso’s inner cavity.  Had Tony been fucking any other living thing it would have long ago been ground to bloody mush, the flesh and bone mashed to a pulp.  Finally Superman’s body was pounded completely through the steel reinforcing bars.  The entire concrete floor collapsed, hurling Superman, Tony and tons of debris down to the second level of the garage, which immediately collapsed onto the ground floor.  Tony whooped and hollered the entire ride down, loving every minute of it.  His cock never left Superman’s ass, and  he landed flat on Superman’s back, several tons of debris covering the two of them.  Staying deep inside Superman’s fuckchute, Tony stood up and shook the debris off his huge back like it was wood chips.  Tony squeezed his glutes together and slowly raised his giant cock.  It was awesome to behold, the Man of Steel fully impaled on the shaft of steel, Superman’s hugely muscled legs and arms hanging helplessly at his side, the mighty quads and biceps just giant slabs of meat.  Tony did an incredible double bi pose, bouncing his trophy up and down on his fuck pole, roaring in triumph.  Superman’s only reaction was to grab his own sextool and one of his protruding nipples and squeeze. On seeing this Tony grabbed Superman’s amazing arms and pulled them back tightly, then drove Superman’s bulging chest hard into the ground and immediately began plowing his ass again. Superman was breathing heavily, but still struggling to get away.

“Yeah..oooohhhhhh, yeah, hey fuck, you’re still…ungh… real strong, whoa…almost got away…love it when you try and escape me…no fuckin’ way…no…ungh…way, ah yeah, there…yeah…good…back between my thighs, mmmmmm…yeah…feels so fuckin’ ood…hmmmmmmmm…squeezin’ my thighs…yeah…hurt ya’ duper?…too fuckin’ bad because this boys lovin’ it…squeezin’ harder now…this boys REALLY lovin’ it…yeah…every fuckin’ muscle every fuckin’ inch of skin…fuck, your hard squeezing muscles sure feels good…how `bout you duper…ungh, fuck fuck fuck FUCK!..knowin’ you lost your super strength…ohhhhh yeah…knowin you’re a fuck pillow…oh yeah, keep fightin’…ungh…ungh, hip…buckin’ hard, dick rammin’ rammin’ oh fuckin YEAH!…feelin’ it all over…gonna explode…yeah…keep it up fucker…I’m getting bigger, oh YEAH…screamin ain’t…ungh…ungh gonna help ya’ ungh…nobody can help you now…my muscles and my dick are getting’ harder…getting’ bigger…ungh, mmmmfff…I’m so fuckin’ huge..keep fightin… Im’ gonna come…UNGH UNGH…oh god…gonna come…gonna come…GONNA COME NOW MOTHER FUCKER…YEAH…YEAH…YEAH!!!”

And with that Tony sprayed a flood of milky white cum deep inside Superman, more than he’d ever come in his life.  It bloated Superman until there was no room for any more, the gallons of excess cum shooting back out his ass and down his legs.  Tony was still pumping when he climbed off Superman’s back and roared with delight, covering the debris with cum as he did a series of bodybuilding poses. 

When he turned back to Superman, he was surprised to see him on his feet, his cock sticking straight out and hard as steel.  For the first time in his life Superman came, and came like a firehose.  His thick creamy cum splattered all over Tony, covering him from head to toe with Superman’s seed.  Tony was amazed at how much Superman sprayed, easily 50 percent more than his own prodigious output—and he was outraged! No man had ever come on Tony before, it was like being pissed on by a dog.  He flew at Superman, smashing down on his huge shoulders and driving him to his knees.  With one powerful yank he grabbed superman’s lower jaw and wrenched it hard, dislocating it immediately. He then thrust his huge cock down Superman’s throat and began pumping cum again, filling Superman’s belly until it stretched as far as it could, pushing out on his powerful abs of steel.  The cum started backing up in Superman’s throat and mouth, spilling out of his nostrils and mouth, filling all his air passages with liquid. Amazingly Superman tried to suck all the cum back down his throat and nostrils, but his body was simply full and there was room for no more. Enraged Tony started pounding on the sides of Superman’s head, trying to crack his skull.  Tony finally pulled his dick out of Superman’s throat, and dragged him to his feet, throwing his mighty arms around Superman’s huge chest.  He lifted Superman off the ground and began slowly squeezing the massive torso with all his might.  Instinctively Superman lifted his own mighty arms and locked his hands behind his head, his biceps bulging like basketballs, to show Tony that nothing could hurt his magnificent body.   

The titanic muscles on Tony’s arms and back began to grow, getting bigger and denser as he applied more and more Herculean pressure to Superman’s chest, the veins criss-crossing them popping out like steel cables.    Superman’s pecs and lats also grew as he flexed mightily, resisting with all his muscle power but still forgetting about his super powers of strength. Tony was grunting and growling as his muscle vise continued to contract, occasionally stomping on the ground until it trembled. Superman remained silent, a tight smile across his face.  His massive muscles were not yielding to Tony’s awesome power, still dense and fully pumped.  But slowly Superman’s expression changed, from nonchalance, to surprise, to amazement, to horror, to screaming. . . pain? In a rush of humiliation he realized that his massive pecs and lats were being compressed, forced in on his insides.   With several loud and sickening  CRACKS his ribs began to give way, breaking under the enormous and unrelenting pressure of Tony’s bearhug.  The Man of Steel  was literally being crushed by the mighty Tony, his once invincible musclebody helpless to stop the carnage to his insides. “AAAArrrrrggggghhhhh, . . . .nnnoooooooo,    hhhhhelllllp mmeeee.” 

Superman nearly lost consciousness as his chest collapsed and blood began dribbling from the corner of his mouth.  Tony whooped and began to jump up and down, Superman’s broken body still tightly in his grip. “Fuck Duper, you got the “super” squeezed right out of ya—you’re nothin’ more than one o’ them pretty boy Mr. Olympias, and I eat them for snacks, just like I’m gonna do with you. Lot’sa protein and no fat.”  Tony squeezed even harder, intent on flattening Superman into mush.  Superman’s muscle held, however, and finally even the mighty Tony wore out.  He had broken the bones, but he could not collapse the muscle in on itself.  Panting and heaving Tony gave up his crushing bearhug, and dropped Superman to the ground. 

Superman was helpless, barely even able to move, and Tony moved in for the kill.  Rolling Superman onto his massive pecs Tony stood on the middle of Superman’s broad back.  He grabbed Superman’s right arm and ripped it back, trying to tear it from Superman’s body.  He twisted the arm and pulled it back as far as he could.  But the muscle was too strong, and after several attempts at ripping off each of his limbs Tony gave up.  He began pounding each of Superman’s individual muscles as hard as he could, squeezing the huge biceps and mashing the beautiful pecs in an unsuccessful attempt to break them down. He then tried to grab the pecs where they form the huge shelf over Superman’s abs and rib them from his body, but to no avail.  He also pounded away relentlessly at Superman’s handsome chiseled face, but didn’t even leave a mark. Superman still looked gorgeous, his incredibly muscled body fully pumped, though he was barely conscious, barely breathing–only a gurgling sound was coming up from his chest. 

Superman slowly pulled his battered body to his knees, his huge muscles barely able to support him, and then struggled to his feet, barley able to stand but still trying to put up a fight. Tony realized he probably couldn’t kill Superman, but wondered if he could cripple him.  He stomped over to where Superman was standing, laughing as Superman flexed his muscles in a sign of defiance.  “Yeaah, you look fuckin’ pretty Duper, but you’re fuckin’ done. You can’t fly, and now your fuckin’ walking days are over.  You’re not even any fun to play with any more, you weakling”.  Tony picked Superman up by the back of his neck, his huge right hand grabbing a handful of Superman’s muscular traps and reached his left arm between Superman’s dangling legs and grabbed his rockhard cock.  Using those two grips he lifted Superman high over his head.  Tony held him over head for several minutes, Superman’s incredibly muscled body suspended in air, his magnificent pecs jutting skyward, his cock and nipples stiff and erect.  Tony slowly turned in a circle, as if he were showing off his conquered foe in a gladiator arena, bellowing the entire time.  Superman flexed his muscles as hard as he could to protect himself, but in one explosive motion Tony dropped to his left knee, slamming Superman’s fully exposed lower back over his mammoth right quad which was now parallel to the ground. There was a loud crack, and another long wail of pain came from Superman’s mouth.  Superman vainly resisted as hard as he could, but finally his lower back and ab muscles could no longer fight the crushing power of Tony’s arms.  Slowly Superman’s beautiful musclebody was bent backwards over Tony’s leg.  There was a horrible grinding sound as Superman’s vertebrae were mashed together, his body nearly bent in half over the musclebeasts huge thigh.  His mighty tree-trunk legs went stiff, then into a pathetic spasm, and finally his entire massive body went limp.  Tony stood up and pulled Superman to his feet, letting him stand on his own.  But he couldn’t–his mighty legs instantly collapsed and his huge body hit the ground with a stunning thud.  Tony now knew he could now bury Superman somewhere where he would be trapped forever in his crippled and defeated state.  

“Man of Steel, faster than a speeding bullet. . . man Duper, you’re nothin’ but a noodle now, all floppy and soft.  How you gonna be fast when ya can’t even walk!  You’re probably not even good as a fuck chute any more, but we’ll try it out”  Tony spread Superman’s massive but useless legs far apart, and shoved his giant rockhard sextool up Superman’s defenseless ass, shooting volley after volley of hot white cum into Superman’s mangled insides.  After he had satisfied himself, Tony gave Superman one last crushing kick to the ribs, and started taking him to his grave. Dragging Superman by the hair, his horribly abused body bouncing over the ground like a ragdoll, Tony headed for the docks.  He approached one of the huge locomotives used in loading the great ocean freighters,  ripped off one of the steel side panels and literally stuffed Superman’s mighty muscle bod into the inner workings of the diesel, crushing the metal parts easily to accommodate the mass of his body. He bent the side panel back in place, wrapped it in huge anchor chains, and began pushing the locomotive down the track.  His huge thighs and back muscles straining, Tony got the locomotive rolling. Soon he was trotting, driving the huge train towards the water at an increasingly faster pace.  Then he was running, driving the train through the steel engine stoppers, off the dock and into the harbor, sending the helpless Superman deep under the frigid waters.  The ice cold water began to fill Superman’s battered insides, through his nostrils and down his throat, until he was totally immersed inside and out. 

Gratefully, he finally lost consciousness.  The inspiration for the world’s most massive bodybuilders the mighty Superman,  Man of Steel, Master of the Universe—once invincible, once unbeaten, once unconquered—was nearly dead.

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  3. SUPZ D U P E D to the max, stored up inside the metal, IMPRISONED for future fuckfests, waiting to be handled even more by TONY, who had fucked him and fed him with his own kum until supz was unconscious and comatose.

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