March 2022

The Last Kryptonian: Prelude Parts 1-3
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Superman, the true hero boyscout of the universe. The most powerful man in the universe. Originating from the planet krypton and now residing on earth since his forced exile from his birth planet. He has seen glimpses over the year of what his home planet was like never knowing the true story of his home planet. He will soon learn there is so much more to the planet of his birth and not everything is as he has been told.

The Skin of his Teeth Part 3
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Denton leaned over and slapped Clark hard twice across the face.  To his muddled astonishment it actually seemed to sting enough to arouse him into semi-consciousness.  The face that leaned over his was not that of the smiling genial professional but a hardened mask of cold fury.

The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 16-18
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DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable

Luthor continued speaking: “My scientists have discovered a fascinating thing about our cock sucking hero here.   He hasn’t aged since his early twenties.  He has been kept young by the very substance that we now extract from him. .