The Skin of his Teeth Part 3
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The Skin of his Teeth

Author: Charles Verrastro

Part 3

Denton leaned over and slapped Clark hard twice across the face.  To his muddled astonishment it actually seemed to sting enough to arouse him into semi-consciousness.  The face that leaned over his was not that of the smiling genial professional but a hardened mask of cold fury.

  “You played the game well, Newsman.  Tricked yourself out like a jock to make me think you were one of the athletes I handle.  Didn’t take much, though.  Just enough clothes to show off your guns and just tight enough to show all the beefy muscle packed into that overstretched shirt and strained jeans.

  I have to hand it to you, you really do put to shame all the studs that have paraded through here, and they are the best this world has to offer in handsome faces and rock-hard bods.

  I see you found out about that lawsuit with that meddling woman.  Still, even an investigative reporter couldn’t have seen a sealed file like that.

  I bet you had it all worked out, didn’t you?  Come on like a fellow ladies’ man and get me bragging about my salad days boffing my gynecologic patients?

  Would you like to know all the juicy details?  Why not? I’ve been dying to tell the story to someone.”

  Denton’s eyes glowed in icy glee.  “She was a looker, alright.  Why shouldn’t she be?  After all, she was the hottest female singer on the planet, and married to the Most Eligible Bachelor in the World.  That’s right, Push, or Mrs. Bendham to you.  I was excited to have such a high profile couple picking me.  And more excited to finally lay eyes on that delectible hunk.  Yeah, you must have been picking up the vibes.  After all, I was putting out some pretty obvious flirting just to take you off your game.

  I joked around with Mr. Soccer Stud too, at first to cover my nervousness.  But to my surprise he responded even more obviously than you did.

  He fell right into my lap, literally.  One day he came in with a toothache.  He knew I’d been a dentist and asked if I could take a look.  He hated going to someone he didn’t know as it was a good bet someone in the office would tip off the papparazzi I was coming for an appointment.  He trusted my discretion as I never breathed a word I was treating his wife. 

  He had perfect teeth, of course.  You are both pretty much perfect all-around in that regard.  You’re just more so.  Bigger, beefier, and without that “I know I’m God’s Gift to the World” attitude.  I examined him and saw he’d simply lodged the broken tip of a toothpick in his gums and it had festered.  All he needed was me to remove it and clean the wound and a shot of antibiotic.

  Like so many of these ‘tough’ jocks, though, he was afraid of probes and needles.  So he opted for the gas.  That’s when I saw my chance.  I had taken a strong interest in anesthesia during my surgical training.  Enough so I briefly considered making that my specialty rather than returning to dentistry.  I learned there were all sorts of mixtures and banned dosages that were considered dangerous or too potent even for the most excruciating pain.  I gave him a powerful dose, enough to throw him for a loop.  I knew it had the added benefit of leaving the patient without any memory of what happebed while he was under.  The medical equivalent, in fact, of an infallible date rape drug.”

  Clark’s droopy eyes opened wide at this last statement.  Even in his woozy state he was realizing just where this was going.

  “Surprised?  I told you how demanding my father was, how I had to play the Perfect Son.  Become a dentist like him.  Marry my high school sweetheart and make a ton of money to lavish on my kids.

  Only that’s never what I wanted.  What I always wanted, what I desired most in all the world, was lying right before me sprawled in that chair.  Oblivious to everything in the world.  Ready to be taken and used in every way I could ever imagine.

  I quickly began stripping off those expensively tailored clothes.  Right down to his those famous designer shorts he flogged on a million billboards and commercials.  He giggled like a schoolgirl and dreamily said it tickled.  So I did, making the World Sexiest Man squirm like a snake as I tickled and licked every inch of his taut, rippling physique.  I even sucked those calloused soccer feet of his, his only physical flaw.  The Golden Idol had feet of lumpy clay from kicking a million goals. He purred

 like a kitten when I did that.  And when I began rimming that beautiful rosebud between his muscular thighs he let out a sigh of pure contentment.  I knew he wanted it as much as I.  Knew behind that impossibly handsome facde of masculinity was a born bottom begging to be taken for the first time.

  I strapped his ankles to the stirrups of this same chair you find yourself in.  I adjusted them so his feet were parted and raised up above his ears.  Then I undressed and climbed on top, naked flesh to flesh, lip to lip.  I made unbridled love to him a full hour or more, watching with satisfaction his body respond.

  When we were both on the edge I seized the moment.  Working him to a frenzy with my finger up his ass I tentatively pressed the tip of precum dripping penis against his cherry asshole.  He tensed for just a moment but then relaxed and dreamily seemed to wink his assent through bedroom eyes.

  I plunged into him and began plowing him silly.  I wanted this to last, thinking this was a chance of a lifetime that woul never occur again.  His dick grew even harder and more gorged with blood.  I hammered his prostate and only the restraints held him fast as he wriggled and bucked and rode me in unfettered wild passion and delight.

He blew his wad in a fine fury, howling with pleasure as he shot a fountain of jism over our heads that fell back like a summer rain.

  Now it was my turn, and I was rutting like a beast in heat, grunting and cursing as I savagely pounded his reddened buns.  At my peak I was thrusting so powerfully and mindlessly he begged me to stop.

  But that just drove me to screw him harder.  Made me harder and last longer than I thought possible.  He either finally succumbed to the narcotic gas or simply fainted from exhaustion.  Mercifully so as I continued to take my pleasure with his limp body, biting and mauling him with my groping paws as I  rammed into him like a pneumatic jackhammer.  Finally I burst inside him, flooding his insides with boiling semen that juted and jutted out of me until it overflowed and ran down his thick tanned thighs like silvery streams trickling down a mountainside.

  When I came to my senses I pulled out and hastily began cleaning ouselves up.  Then, after carefully dressing him, I cautiously began reviving him.  When he opened those beautiful eyes I could immediately see he was innocent of anything that had just transpired between us.  The mixture had done its job beautifully.

  It should have ended there, but in my haste to have him I had totally neglected to fix his abcess.  As his tooth was still troubling him I made the excuse I didn’t really have all my tools and equipment ready as I hadn’t practiced dentistry recently since switching to gynecology.  I was surprised that he accepted this with equanamity and offered to come back ‘As many times as it would take to fix it’.

  Well, that minor complaint with some adroit manipulation on my part only got worse.  Enough for the treatments, and subsequent private appointments, to last for several weeks.  Enough so that I eventually got careless.  I knew how much he was enjoying our sessions while we made out. As I carefully weaned him off with smaller and smaller doses of gas he became an active participant in our lovemaking.  So much so that I barely gave him a whiff at our last session.  At first everything went well.  Aside from being a little looped he was fullly conscious as we began what turned out to be an all day and through the night fuck fest.  I have a rented room in the floor just above so I don’t have to commute to my home in the suburbs when I work late.  Just a small kitchen, shower and bath and a large bed for furnishings.  With his arm over my shoulder he tipsily went willingly with me into the elevator just outside my office door. Naked we sprinted for my room before we could be spotted.

  Still leaning on me like a drunk I manouevered him into the shower and propping him up against the wall I filled it with hot steam that enveloped us like a cloud.  I soaped him down and we writhed together like the twin serpents on the medical insignia on my lab coat.  Only where they were coiled about the wooden rod called a caduceus Bendham was wrapped around my iron rod, which he soon found himself pleasurably impaled upon.

  The tiled walls echoed with our grunts and moans as he braced his hands and feet as well as he could against the slippey wet walls as he rode me unmercifully.  When he came and was spent I carried him, still firmly impaled and his legs and arms wrapped tighly about me, out of the bedroom until we both fell heavily onto the covers of the broad, massive bed.  Which we proceeded to tear to shreds as we attacked one another like ravenous beasts. For fourteen long hours I screwed the insatiable Adonis.  No sooner did I pull out of his bottomless ass than he attacked me with his mouth, working my member back to full erection so he could promptly plop down on it and ride me to another shuddering climax.  We became so skilled and knowedgeable of each other’s bodies that we began coming simultaneously, our bodies vibrating in unison like twin tuning forks.  We finally fell into exhausted slumber in each other’s arms, still kissing deeply.

  I awoke sore, exhausted, but feeling better and more whole and complete than anytime in my life.  I looking over at the sleepy beauty still wrapped in my embrace.  I kissed him deeply.  He pulled away, smiling beatifically and sighing contentedly like an angel singing.  Then his eyes opened.

  It was if some spell, some enchanted dream had broken.  The eyes that stared out at me were not the eyes of bemused innocence I had always seen before.   They were the debauched eyes of shamed horror, of lost innocence such as only Adam had known.

  “You raped me.  You raped me and used me like a girl!” he screamed, jumping off the bed and onto his feet.

  “I will destroy you.  I will make you sorry you ever fucked with David Bendham!” he raged, and seizing his clothes which I’d brought with us to my apartment he hurriedly dressed and fled into the elevator.

Even as he descended down to the street I could hear him raging to himself “I’m not a fucking girl, I’m not a Fag!  I’m not your slut!  I’m not a whore.  I…I’m not a…pretty boy cunt!” he shouted.  I knew he was speaking as much to himself as to me.  He was raging as much against his own self-discovery as my own abuse and betrayal of his trust.

  I steeled myself for the worst.

  But I regretted not a second of what had transpired between us those precious weeks.

This story was supossed to be continued but never was updated.

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