Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 12
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Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Author: Plymouth58

Chapter 12

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are mine.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Green Lantern soared through the sky full of pride and joy for the honor he was going to receive. The mayor was going to hand him the Coast City Key in a public ceremony, to thank him for his years of service as a savior and protector of the city, and for being an exemplary role model to the community.

As the Emerald Knight furrowed the pristine blue sky with his usual gallantry and panache, he couldn’t help but think of how different Coast was compared to Los Angeles, where he had started his run as a hero, or to New York City, where he had moved shortly after it. He was well-respected and admired in those cities, but they had never organized something like this in his honor. Here on Coast City, people have a special relationship with the Green Lantern figure, mostly because of the work of the highly regarded Hal Jordan, the first human Green Lantern, as well as that of his successors Guy Gardner and John Stewart, who received their power rings afterwards respectively.

Saying people here loved the Green Lanterns was an understatement; people adored them, so being rewarded here among any other place had a deep special meaning, and was a kind of validation like no other could be. It wasn’t the first time that the Coast citizens had shown Kyle their affection, but it was the first time that something of this nature had been done in his honor. It was nice to get public recognition, especially thinking back on his tumultuous early days with the power ring…

A great threat had wiped out the Green Lantern Corps and their creators, the Guardians of the Universe. Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian, had managed to escape and reach Earth to find someone worthy of wielding The Last Power Ring to become a new Green Lantern and save the universe from destruction. He had run into Kyle Rayner by chance in a miserable back alley (with a homeless drunk man included), when he wandered out the back of a bar to get some air after doing far too much drinking with a group of friends. With no time to make a proper search, Ganthet handed Kyle the ring trusting on his instincts more than on his reason, feeling inside the young man an unusual willpower, the skill to understand emotions, and the strength to feel and overcome fear.

And that had been all. Ganthet had vanished without telling him anything else, not even how to use the ring. He didn’t have a clue about anything, literally. Not who came before him, why he got the ring, or what meant to have it.

Simple as that, one moment Kyle Rayner was a freelance artist, and suddenly he was a superhero in possession of the most powerful weapon in the universe. It took him a time to learn to be a hero, about the tradition he had to live up to, and the kind of torch he was carrying.

Thinking back on it, his introduction to the world of superheroes sounded kind of silly, ridiculous to be honest; something that the worst enemy of the Lanterns, an alien jerk called Sinestro, hadn’t missed. As soon as he found out about it, he baptized the last Green Lantern as “Alley Rat”, an obnoxious nickname that he still used today. Things went even worse between them when Kyle began to date Soranik Natu, Sinestro’s beautiful daughter.

But that bitter envious asshole and the rest of the criminal scum across the galaxy weren’t who gave him the most hatred in the beginning. It came instead from the place he least expected: the common people and the superhero community.

The rejection had little to do with his performance as a superhero. Rather it was simply because he wasn’t the beloved Hal Jordan. Guy and John had always been perceived as Hal’s colleagues, peer allies who worked together as a team, or as reliefs when Hal, the indisputable leader of the group back then, had too many things to deal with.

But Kyle had not been seen with any member of the group before his arrival. The trio of beloved superheroes vanished one by one in a short period, so when a complete stranger appeared calling himself THE Green Lantern, people didn’t perceive him as an ally or a colleague but as an usurper.

A week after his arrival, the website appeared online with the theory that the newcomer had murdered “The Real Lanterns”, had thrown their corpses into deep space and had merged their rings in one for him for some evil purpose that the author hadn’t bothered to mention.

Although there were few people who actually believed the “Killer Lantern Theory”, it served to popularize the nefarious website, which soon became an active community with theories, memes, and a forum to talk shit about the new crime fighter. The criticisms against him ranged from reasonable to ridiculous, especially among die-hard Jordan’s fans. He could understand people getting angry with him for his inexperience to deal with certain situations, but criticisms like he wasn’t even a real Green Lantern because his uniform was “not green enough”, or the complaints for the new emblem he designed for himself, were simply unhinged.

People simply loved Hal too much to easily accept that his hero had gone for good and a total stranger had come to replace him. If they had known the truth, that the oh-so-perfect Hal Jordan had suffered a mental breakdown that had driven him to insanity to practically become “The Killer Lantern” from the website, perhaps they would not have seen the newcomer with such bad eyes.

But people of course had no way to know it. Nobody was as cold blooded as to destroy the illusions of hundreds of people or to trash Hal’s good name and legacy. And so, without having done anything to deserve it, Kyle Rayner found himself in front of a large group of haters, among whom were a good number of media personalities who had grew up idolizing Jordan, and had decided to do their best to kick out the newcomer, or at least let him clear he was not welcomed.

The arrest of a gang of arms dealers had ended up with part of the New York City’s Hall damaged and its parking lot destroyed when one of the criminals went crazy and began to shoot Green Lantern with a bazooka. Considering how many rockets the bloody idiot had fired, it had been fortunate that Kyle could prevent someone from getting hurt, but his haters used the incident to throw more shit on him. The media said he had arrested the criminals and saved lives, sure, but they preferred to emphasize the $ 14 million it would cost the city to repair the damages, hinting multiple times that the hero was responsible for them. The same thing happened over the next several weeks, whenever Green Lantern was involved with any damage to public or private property, further encouraging the rejection towards Kyle.

Things were not much better with the superhero community at that time either. With a few exceptions, superheroes treated him coldly or plainly ignored him whenever he approached them, and that in the best cases; others were openly hostile toward him. It was partly because of his inexperience, but, again, mostly because he wasn’t Jordan.

The worst incident occurred when he and the old Green Arrow had almost came to blows, after the archer called him a “pantywaisted incompetent rookie”. The elder Arrow and Hal had been best friends, so Kyle could understand the old man’s rejection of him and did his best to be sympathetic. Yet he had to make a Herculean effort not to hit the old man’s face and knock his teeth out when he later made fun his uniform, adding with contempt that “the latest on gay biker actually suited him”. If Arrow’s son Connor Hawke hadn’t been there to stop them, it would have ended seriously badly for both heroes.

Although he could understand the reasons for the rejection and made an effort to face it with the best attitude, there were days when he really felt hurt and sad, but above all, alone. Fortunately, the hardest period didn’t last long, and things seemed to improve after the incident at the town hall was finally forgotten. Little by little, people realized he was, in fact, doing a good job as a hero and was giving the best of him. Over time, the amount of hatred visibly decreased and was replaced by affection, admiration and respect. But although the hate never completely disappeared and still existed today, he didn’t care about it anymore. Kyle understood that there would always be someone who would hate him for no reason and no matter what he did, and learned to ignore it.

It took him years of hard training and painful lessons to grow up, but he had managed to prove his worth, his ability and his courage to make a name for himself. He had grown to the level of legends who had preceded him, and had even surpassed them in some aspects to become a true superhero, earning the respect of his colleagues and people in general. Above all, he was glad to get out of Hal Jordan’s shadow, and knowing himself out of it gave him a confidence in himself that he had never experienced before.

’And this day is the proof of it’, he thought proudly. His happiness however gave way to surprise, once he had the memorial park in sight.

‘Jesus Christ! They said it was going to be something small!’

It was as if the mayor had proposed to do the opposite of “small.” The town hall team had set up an absurdly large metallic structure stage in the middle of the park, and the crowd gathered around it far exceeded Kyle’s wildest expectations: the place was packed to bursting with people wanting to see him. It didn’t look like a ceremony, but a Rolling Stones’ concert instead.

The crowd erupted in applause and cheers when they saw the Emerald Knight’s unmistakable green glow approaching the park. Kyle, a bit overwhelmed, greeted them waving his hand as he passed above them to descend behind the enormous stage, where the Mayor, his team and a dozen guards were waiting for him.

‘Green Lantern, you made it!’, said the mayor with a big smile, extending one hand to the hero, while patting his shoulder hard with the other. He was an imposing well-built African-American man slightly taller than Kyle, with a neatly trimmed goatee. The man was an obvious fashionista: : he was wearing an impeccable Hugo Boss midnight blue suit and a Hermes silk red tie, the same red as fresh blood, fastened with a sparkling diamond headed pin that flashed fiercely under the sunlight. Kyle saw the sparkle of more diamonds on the cufflinks on the mayor’s expensive Egyptian cotton shirt that, without being too ostentatious, gave him a much more imposing appearance than usual in Coast City politicians. His flawless look was complemented by Louis Vuitton shoes, so polished that they seemed to be made of obsidian.

‘Sure thing, Sir! I wouldn’t have missed this for the world! It’s an honor to be here, mayor…’

Kyle blinked confused. The mayor’s surname had vanished from his head. His whole name, apparently. He was puzzled, but did his best to hide his confusion.

’Mayor… Mayor what? Oh, Jesus, what’s his surname?’ Green Lantern thought slightly anguished, but fortunately his fans came to his rescue: they began to chant his name.

‘My, my! Just listen to them! Everybody is going crazy to see you!’, the huge man said, widening his white dashing smile. ‘Don’t make them wait, boy. Come on’, he said, putting one of his huge hands on Green Lantern’s shoulder, guiding him to a staircase at the right of the stage.

‘Let’s go there, Sir!’, Green Lantern said.

“Sir” seemed to be an appropriate word to use with him; after all, the Mayor was the man in charge here, “The Big Boss in The House”, so to speak. Also, by calling him Sir he would not have to be worried to call him by his surname.

‘But his name… what’s his name???? you’re going to need to say it at some point, Kyle. You have it on the tip of your tongue… Come on, what’s his name? It is… Don, Dom…? No, no, it’s more like, uhm… Bob? Chris? Bill? Nah, don’t be silly, you’re just throwing random names… no, maybe… Trevor? No, Tyler, yeah…no, but almost… Tyrell… Tyson? yeah, Tyson, that’s it….. nahhh, it’s something like that, but it’s more like a… Tyrus… Tyr -OOF!!’

So absorbed was he in trying to remember the mayor’s name, that Kyle didn’t see a mass of thick electrical cables in front of him. His feet caught in the wiring, and the mighty hero fell flat on his face.

‘Oh, God, are you ok, GL? I’m so sorry! I thought you-‘

’I-I’m fine, I’m fine, thanks, Sir! I wasn’t- uh, I’m fine! ’ said the hero, getting on his feet quickly, so embarrassed that his face and ears had turned a deep crimson red. Green Lantern looked around, hoping few people would have seen his embarrassing fall. Much to his chagrin, it had not only been witnessed by the mayor and his security team, but a good number of the workers behind the event logistics. There were easily two dozen of them around them, and everyone was looking at him. And while most of them seemed concerned for his safety, he could swear a good amount of them seem to have amused, mocking grins.

‘The Jordan fans came to share their happiness for the recognition of my work’, he thought with a hint of bitterness.

At any other time or place Kyle would have made a joke to ease the tension, but it was not an ordinary day: it was the biggest day of his career as a hero and he was making a fool of himself like a moron. His mind was blank for shame, and he could only hope nobody would have made a video of that, imagining how bad it would be if such a humiliating moment would be made public. His loyal haters would be having a feast, no doubt.

He was petrified, not knowing what to say. All he managed to do was stare at his feet.

‘Soooo… shall we go up, GL?’

‘Yes! Yes, sure, Sir…’ Thank God for that! Green Lantern would have stood for who knows how long there, palsied looking at the ground like a child being scolded if it hadn’t been for the timely intervention of the mayor. Kyle tried to put on his best face, but the feeling of burning embarrassment did not diminish. He could feel the eyes of all the men around him, glaring at him with scorn and deride. The group continued on their way, they climbed an aluminum staircase, and stopped in front of a narrow door.

‘Ok, we’ll be just both of us from this point on, Green Lantern; the corridor is too narrow to pass all together, so my boys will stay here. There’s no need for guards if I have Coast City’s guardian by my side, right?’, he said, slapping Kyle’s back hard.

The warrior nodded with a smile, a little overwhelmed by the effusiveness of the gesture, and both men passed through the door, him leading the way, and the mayor right behind him. But as Green Lantern walked through the door, he heard one of the mayor’s bodyguards mutter something to one of his companions. He couldn’t understand what he was saying, but judging by the way they were laughing they were surely making fun of him. God, he looked so foolish and clumsy…

‘As if that couldn’t have happened to any of them. I’m not an idiot, you know, guys?… that’s enough. Control yourself, will you? Everything will be alright… A fall is not a big deal…’

As they walked down the corridor, Coast City’s guardian couldn’t help thinking about how absurd this structure had been mounted. Wouldn’t it have been easier to make just a direct entrance to the stage? The thing was massive, but for some reason the workers had made the corridor too narrow, with a ceiling absurdly low, without any ventilation and illuminated with big bulbs that provided little light and a lot of heat instead.

‘Are you alright, Green Lantern? You look… a little heated.’

‘Perfectly fine, Sir, I’m just, uh… no, I’m fine, Sir’, Kyle muttered, but it wasn’t true. The mayor couldn’t see Kyle’s ruddy face, but he could certainly see the large sweat stain growing on his back. He was sweating like a pig on a spit, still not fully recovered from the embarrassment of his absurd fall just moments ago, and being on this narrow corridor was only making it worse.

Kyle would have sworn the place had to be at least 10 degrees hotter than outside, but that was impossible. When he turned to see the mayor out of the corner of his eye, he saw he was as fresh as a rose. The same could not be said for the Emerald Knight. He was still as red as a cherry and now had massive underarm stains soaking through his uniform. And they kept getting bigger. Kyle made an effort to calm down, but he could feel sweat slowly pooling in his hair, dripping down his neck and face, forming a dark wet stain which extended over his muscular pecs like an enormous bib. Being so aware of his bad looks and knowing he was going to appear looking like that in a stage full of cameras was making his anxiety worse.

He took a deep breath to calm down, and then his nose caught a funny smell. Kyle realized he had forgotten to put on deodorant this morning. How could he forget something that basic on this important day? He had bought a new can of antiperspirant spray the night before and had forgotten to use it. Although seeing the way he was soaking his uniform, he shouldn’t have bought antiperspirant, but a barrel of roof waterproofing liquid. He was as soaked as a wet rat.

“As the Alley Rat you are”, Sinestro would have said. “They love you so much that they built a maze for you to play in, Rat-ner.”

‘OK, cut the shit now, Kyle. Why are you thinking that much on that envious moron today,anyway? This is your big day, a day to celebrate, not to think of that embittered cretin. Just calm down, it’s not that bad. No one would notice your state it if you-’

‘All right, here we are’, the mayor said, stopping at the end of the corridor, a threshold of the door leading to the stage, covered only by a thick black velvet curtain. ’We must wait here. That little light up there will come to life when it’s time to go out,” he said, pointing to a small lightbulb located above their heads. Then, he pulled out a shiny golden case from the inner pocket of his suit, and then a long cigar from it.

‘Do you have fire, GL? It’s a horrible vice, I know, but I’ve wanted to smoke one all day. It doesn’t bother you, does it?’

‘Yes, Sir. I mean, no – I mean… it’s alright, and here you have a lighter, Sir.’, Kyle said, making a zippo with his power ring and handing it to the mayor.

‘Thanks, boy.’

Kyle would have felt uncomfortable with any other man calling him “boy”, but coming from a man like the mayor it didn’t feel bad. It did in fact feel kind of… right. Appropriated, indeed. They were almost the same age, but the differences between them were so vast that comparing them was like comparing a thoroughbred Arabian horse with a pack donkey.

He was a successful and important man with the responsibility of guiding and protecting an entire city, a wealthy successful man with a beautiful wife and three hot dashing adult sons, while he was… Kyle Rayner, a guy who could barely make ends meet with the meager salary he got by scribbling stick figures for a rag, a nobody who spent half his time breaking his ass saving the world for free, a nobody condemned to eternal singleness for his inability to satisfy women in their most basic needs. While the mayor and his family dined at five-star restaurants, the Emerald Knight’s best monthly dinner was microwavable mac and cheese; the mayor wore impeccable designer clothes that he bought in the best stores in the city, while the mighty Green Lantern instead had to settle with hand-me-downs, well-worn shoes, and whatever he could get from the church’s charity box.

Yeah, there was no point comparison possible between them. Not to mention the mayor’s good looks! He hadn’t thought much about it before, but he was SO good looking. His strong masculine chin, his sexy black eyes, so big and well built… he was a hot man, undoubtedly.

“No homo”, Kyle assured himself, he was simply pointing to something obvious that…

‘Interesting design. Do you smoke it often?’

’Uh, excuse me, Sir, how do you… ?”. So absorbed was comparing this fabulous hunk of a man to himself that Kyle didn’t notice the mayor was examining the lighter he had made with his power ring. He immediately went pale. His love for marijuana was supposed to be a secret, but his stupid drug-addicted brain had betrayed him creating a zippo with a profuse pot leaf decoration and the motto “In Weed we Trust” engraved all around it with a chicano lettering style, a design so ghetto that only a die-hard pothead like him would use.

‘I asked you, how often do you smoke marijuana, Green Lantern.’

‘Ohhhh, I…. I – no, it’s not like, I don’t… not as- I… it was… I…I was only for-when…’ The mighty Green Lantern suffered a bout of verbal diarrhea while the blood in his body heated up like a kettle on a stove. There was no way to deny the obvious, yet he still felt the need to at least try to excuse himself somehow, no matter how absurd it was. The problem was that panic did not let him spin even a miserable excuse.

What was the mayor going to think of him? Marijuana was still illegal in this state; could he be charged with possession of illegal drugs by admitting he was a stoner? The mortified hero only managed to look away coyly while babbling nonstop as his knees bent inward, fearing that his weak bladder would soon betray him as every time he was in a compromising situation.

‘Well, uh, I… it’s not that… I’m a ….I’m a… just a supporter of the- because and- I…-while…but in a… it was not a… cigarettes are, uh, more people die each year from alcohol-related accidents than, and …the prejudices are- ah, but…’

‘Heeeeeeeey, calm down, boy’, the mayor whispered in a deep, manly voice loaded with testosterone. Green Lantern was about to wet himself, but the mayor gently grabbed his chin and turned the hero’s head to make him look directly in the eyes.

‘There’s no reason for you to tremble like that. I just want to know. Now, look at me, boy. I’m going to ask you again, and you’re going to answer me the truth, like the good little boy you are. You know what they say, “the truth will set you free”, isn’t it? I guarantee all of your nervousness will disappear once you’ve told me the truth.’

‘Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-yes, Sir…’

‘Now tell me, boy, how often do you smoke marijuana?’

The cowed Green Lantern knew he must be offended by the condescending and demeaning way the mayor was speaking to him and be uncomfortable at how close he was getting, but the affectionate playful way the dishy stud was rubbing his finger on his chin was making him feel the opposite. He wasn’t feeling threatened, but protected and the demeaning words didn’t feel wrong at all. This formidable man was The Big Boss of the City, and his Boss for extension, his natural superior, so he had every right in the world to call him whatever he wanted… and even touch him whatever way he wanted.

‘He’s right, surely. Men like him are always right’, he thought. “The truth will set you free”. He had read that somewhere…

‘I smoke it daily, Sir’, the fearful warrior confessed with a feeble voice that was almost a whimper. ‘I smoke weed all the time, mayor, Sir, just as the Corps Oath commands.’

‘Oh. And how does that mighty oath say? Can you recite it, boy?’

‘Sure I can, Sir.’ Kyle cleared his throat, stood proud, and then said:

”In funniest day, in craziest night, I won’t miss any chance to get high. Let those who love weed get stoned, and light Green Lantern’s pipe!”

The Emerald Doper frowned with the vague feeling that he might have been wrong in some part of the Green Lantern oath, although he didn’t really care too much about it. He could feel how the paralyzing shame was leaving his body, and along with it all his strength as well. The mayor had been right, of course, as real men always did. He didn’t feel nervous anymore, just weak… and a bit helpless too. He was surprised to discover that it was not an entirely unpleasant feeling.

‘Ahhhhhh, don’t you feel much better telling the truth, instead of being a prudish pussy liar, Greeny?’

‘Yeahh, much better, Sir… like, yeahh…’ it was funny, but he was feeling a bit light-headed too. It felt a bit like the buzz from mixing weed and alcohol, but he hadn’t drank anything in the breakfast… or maybe he had? It was hard to say. Thinking was suddenly becoming a difficult task.

‘I had already noticed it. Your habits, I mean. All those silly cartoons and goofy stuff you always do with your toy ring always made me suspect you’re a heavy stoner.’

It was a fair remark. Kyle hadn’t cared much about hiding it lately. In his last battle against Sonar he had been using a shield shaped like a pot leaf without even realizing it, had knocked him out with a big glass pipe, and after defeating the villain, he had handed him over to the police rolled up in a construct suspiciously resembling a giant blunt. It wasn’t that he was bragging about being a stoner, but given how often he had been hitting the bong lately, it was not surprising that such a thing started to happen.

‘It’s like Bob Dylan says, “when you have a lot of knives and forks, you have to cut something”, isn’t it?’

‘So, what do you like the most about smoking green, Lantern?’

The play words didn’t go unnoticed by the hero. It made him giggle and the idea that his beloved weed was getting of his name produced him a tingle on his groin.

‘I like how good it makes me feel, Sir. Like, good and relaxed. And horny. It makes me feel horny, Sir.’

‘Well, I can see that. Just talking about it is making you hard as a bone, Greeny’, he said, affectionately patting the superhero’s protruding boner, who replied giggling again like a silly himbo. The feeling of shame was coming back, although this time it wasn’t exactly unpleasant but more like a thrill, and seeing that the mayor was not repelled by his addiction problem was increasing the tingling in his private parts. Now he was eager to say more and more about how much he loved getting high.

‘Ohhhhh, yeah, Sir… I’m… oh, fuck, I’m getting like, so hard about it, Sir!’ he said, licking his lips ‘ Also, I like… oh, ohhh that feels good, Sir, please, keep doing that, please, I beg you… Ohhh, ohhhhh, so gooood! I… I like how dumb I feel while I’m baked, Sir…ohhhh, oooohhhhhhhh…’

‘You like to feel dumb? How is that? Remember, boy, you have to tell all the truth.’

‘Oh, well, it’s like, OHHHHH! ohhh…it’s like, I don’t have to pretend I’m smart and stuff, Sir. And I don’t have to think about anything else! Just get horny and play all day with my weenie and… and, oh…’

‘My, my! So Coast City’s favorite son has a stoner fetish! And what else makes you horny, boy?’ the mayor said, as he began to play softly with Green Lantern’s throbbing manhood. The hero was panting with a goofy expression painted across his face, so turned on that he already had a wet spot of precum staining his uniform.

‘Oooohhh….ohhh… well, I like… I like….’

‘Don’t be shy and tell me the first thing that crosses your little doper head, Greeny’

‘Ohh… ooohhhh…oohhh, my fucking God, SWEAT, Sir! I love sweat, it’s my favorite smell in the–.’

‘Holy shit, no! That’s too much, you fucking idiot!’

Shocked, Kyle tried to look away again. Talking about his love of getting high was one thing, but sharing his dirtiest intimate secrets and paraphilias to a man of such a high position and prestige was way too much. He surely would be disgusted by him now! but much to his surprise, the mayor held his face and did not allow him to turn his head.

’I didn’t give you permission to turn around, boy. Keep your eyes on me and stop being such a pussy.’

‘I-I’m so sorry, Sir…’

‘So, that’s why you came here like this? Did you want to be all smelly during your public homage, Greeny? Does that idea turn you on?’

‘Yes… no, I mean, I hadn’t- I didn’t want to, but- wait, a minute, have… have you already noticed it, Sir??’

‘Ohh, since the very moment you arrived here, GL! How couldn’t I? Your stench is anything but discreet!’, the mayor said with a laugh, while passing his left arm behind Green Lantern’s waist.

‘S-s-sir?! wha-wh-wh-what are you…??!’ He tried to push the mayor back, but the strength seemed to have abandoned his arms or he was simply too horny to put up any effective resistance. The mayor buried his face in the astounded hero’s neck and took a deep breath. By the way he was sniffing the hero, anyone would say the major was reveling in the scent of a bouquet of flowers.

‘Pew!! Looks like someone forgot his Green Lantern uniform on his gym bag for a couple of days! I bet you’ve been too stoned to even give a fuck for doing your dirty laundry, don’t you?’

The hunky crime fighter could only respond with a weak moan. The mayor’s hand had stopped rubbing the city hero’s throbbing erection and now it was the hero instead, who was desperately trying to rub his crotch with the mayor’s right hand. Green Lantern couldn’t help but whine like a frustrated dog at the teasing soft touch that the biggest head of the city was giving him.

‘Please… please, Sir…’

‘Ohhh, God. When was the last time you took a bath, my stinky boy?’, the major said in a playful mocking tone that made Kyle giggle and quiver in delight.

‘Ahhhh, ahhh…holy shit… I’m not sure…. just a… just a day, Siiir’.

‘Ha! Don’t make me laugh, you stinky drugo! Your stench is not from just a day or two without stepping on the shower. And judging by your look, it has been a long time since you bothered to take some care of yourself!’

‘It is… I.. don’t…’ Kyle mumbled.

What did he mean by “judging by your look”? He didn’t look so bad … or did he? At first he thought he had just escaped his morning shower, but then it hit him.

The mayor was right, it had to be longer judging by his pungent B.O. and his scruffy unkempt look. Why hadn’t he been careful to groom himself if even just a little before coming here? He hadn’t even bothered to shave or to even comb his hair, although it would have done little to improve his hobo-like appearance.

He remembered now, it had been long since his last visit to the hairdresser, that’s why his matted oily hair had greasy clumps sticking up in all directions. It had been weeks since Kyle had let himself go like that, not giving a fuck for his look, spending countless days loafing on his couch without bothering to take off his uniform after his increasingly sporadic patrol rounds, and caring only for getting the exercise necessary to maintain his muscular body, smoke weed and spank the monkey over and over and over to the point that the crotch of his Green Lantern cum rag was now stiff as if it was made of cardboard. The stink that covered him was not only the mixture of sweat and marijuana, but also of loads and loads of his own spunk.

‘Do you… aren’t you, uh, God… aren’t you too grossed out… of… of me, mayor, Sir?’ he panted.

‘Of course not. I’m a politician, Greeny, the filthiest kind of human being on Earth. It takes more than a stinky drugo like you to gross me out’, the mayor responded, as he began to play with the dirty hero’s buttocks.

‘My God, look at your face’, the mayor said amused. ‘Did you smoke all the shit you had stored before coming here, didn’t you?’

Green Lantern babbled an unintelligible answer. His mind was totally blunted, not for drugs, but for his hormones. His reasoning was buried under an avalanche of sexual desire and an irrepressible appetite to keep degrading himself in front of another man.

‘A real man’, corrected himself *‘He’s the most powerful man of this city. It used to be me, before I realized I’m nothing but a degenerate cocksucker stoner…’

The man who had saved the city countless times was panting like a dog in heat, struggling to decide whether to beg the mayor to let him suck his cock, or to stick a finger up his pussy. God knew he wanted both, but before he could decide what way to debase himself was hotter, the little light above their heads lit up.

‘Fuck. Well, I’d like to spend more time with you, my little piggy, but it’s time to go on stage. Your fans are waiting for you.’

Those words triggered something within the mindfucked hero. He slowly became aware of where he was and what he was doing, the miserable and nauseating condition he was in, the way he was degrading himself in the arms of the most powerful man in town and most importantly, what awaited him behind the curtain at his back.

‘Waathin’ fo…? wha – d-dho, weid, weid, bleadhe, dhis… oh, my gah… I dudn’d be dike… dhid…’ he tried to protest, but his tongue felt awkward and flabby. It hung limp from his mouth like a dead carp.

‘Whaaa…? Whaddhh habbebbih..?’

‘Shut the fuck up, stinky. It’s time to get what you deserve, boy.’

With a violent shove, Green Lantern came out to the stage, where he was greeted by a burst of camera flashes. The confused warrior tried to back away, but the mayor was behind him, pushing him towards the center of the stage where a podium was located. Kyle waddled helplessly in front of him, looking around in terror. The panic, his throbbing member and another round of flashlights kept him from thinking clearly or even regaining some control of his mouth. So mortified he was, he barely noticed the warm wetness spreading down his legs.

‘BLEADHE! DHID IDH… BAH BIDHAGE!’ He babbled. The more he tried to think and regain control, the more clumsy and thick his tongue felt. He tried to use his ring to create something that would help him escape, but far from producing anything useful, his power ring only managed to emit a loud wet farting sound, and a squirt of a viscous green goo.

’Whada…a fuc idh dhidh….!?’ It was impossible for his ring to run completely out of energy, he had designed it that way back when things were normal, when he was in control of his life…

‘Whining like that won’t do you any good, pig boy. Behave yourself and maybe you and I can have some fun when this is all over.’

‘Whad a…? bu-bu-bu-bu yu sei you wadh…!’

’…a politician, the filthiest kind of human being on Earth’, he whispered to a mortified Kyle who was staring at him with imploring eyes.

‘Did I lie?’ He said with a cynical smile.

‘I’ll give you an advice, boy: Don’t believe for a minute that a politician really gives a shit for you, boy. It’s all about votes, and the voters will be happy to see how I put you in your place. You’re entertaining, and even hot in your perverse twisted way, but my political career comes first. I hope you understand.’

They reached the podium, and as the mayor climbed onto it, the degraded superhero really saw the crowd in front of him: it stretched as far as he could see, and to his bewilderment, the entire crowd were men, rough men who looked like a collection of thugs, blue collar workers, biker gangs, junkies or truckers, with harsh, hostile, patibular faces, or grotesque exaggerated features. Some scrawny, some obese, and many more muscular. He had before him an ocean of pure testosterone.

‘H-how…? Whadh’s goig on? W-w-w-why…? is this…?’ Green Lantern was regaining his speech a little, but that made no difference. The mayor plainly ignored him. He cleared his throat and spoke into the tiny microphone on the podium. His voice growled strong and clear through loudspeakers positioned at the sides of the stage.

‘Gentlemen! Men from Coast City! I’m pleased to announce that the pervert who has been disgracing the name of our beautiful city has been finally arrested’, he said, to a clearly jubilant crowd that responded with a round of applause.

‘This depraved and dirty fraud came to us as an alleged superhero, a supposed protector of the city, pretending to be an exemplary role model to the community to steal the place of our beloved true heroes. It did not take him long however to show his true colors and twisted intentions, finally assuming his true identity.’ The confusion receded enough for the disgraced hero’s mind to finally allow him to see what he looked like. He looked down to see he had become an absolute disaster.


The black fabric of his uniform looked old and faded, while the once pristine white design on his torso had turned a stained yellowish mess. His whole uniform was covered in stains and splatters of all kinds of dirt, but most of them were obviously cum. There were jizz stains all over his body, but they were visibly accumulating around his neck, in the emblem over his heart, and on his crotch where he had accumulated so much that it seemed that he had a codpiece. His green metallic forearm guards and mask were rusty and were practically falling apart. His formerly shimmering green boots were all dirty and deformed by use and both had holes from where his toes were visible.

But not only his hygiene and good looks were gone, but also part of his physical condition. Although his physique was not ruined and it was obvious he still exercised more or less regularly, it was far from the optimal physique that a superhero would require. His strong muscles were still there, but not quite visible as before, since his arms and legs had become slightly plump and flabby. His strong pecs have lost some firmness, but they were still relatively fine. Not so his once sculpted eight pack, that now was entombed under a small furry beer belly. More than the silhouette of a superhero, Kyle now had the dadbod of a man who cared about exercising, but was overly indulgent with his diet, the amount of alcohol he drank and in following an exercise routine. If Kyle had been familiar with gay slang, he would have described himself as a well-built bear in his late 30’s.

The worst was that even in his deplorable condition and disastrous state of mind, his manhood was as hard as an iron beam.

’None of this makes sense, but…no, no, no, no, no, this can’t be real! I was not like this this morning! This is impossible! I’m not … I’m not … NO!!!’

‘But now’, the mayor continued from his podium, ‘I’m glad to announce his long streak of indecency, corruption and moral degradation has come to an end. Gentleman: I give you the Emerald Crapper, the disgrace of the superheroes and the shame of this city: the pervert loser known as Green Latrine! Take a good look at the false hero who brought so much shame to our city!’

‘No… no, please…’

The Emerald Knight had been turned into the Emerald Beggar. He was not a hero anymore, but an image of misery, perversion and decay. In one last blow to his hero persona, the Green Lantern emblem on his chest had been altered, and now it looked like a toilet seat. His time as the mighty Green Lantern had ended, he didn’t know how, but now Kyle “Alley Rat” Rayner had become the perverted superhero Green Latrine.


Green Latrine raised his fist high and jumped to soar into the sky and escape, but to his shock, he fell back to the ground and his ring only emitted some wet bubbling noises and another squirt of the same sickly green goo it had spit before. He tried again, but the power ring kept responding in kind, as the crowd around him erupted in laughter. Green Latrine repeated the gesture and began to jump in desperation, but could not get more than a few feet in the air, while he felt the tears welling up in his eyes.

‘As you can see, he is not very good at his mental faculties. It’s pretty obvious. Now, this depraved homeless skunk was hoping to be caught to be imprisoned in one of our jails, so he could have a roof over his head, and past the rest of his days serving the criminal scum 24/7, living comfortably off the taxes of the honest inhabitants of this city like the lazy parasite he is. That’s what a filthy bum like Green Latrine wants. But we are not going to give him that satisfaction. I have brought him before you today, to give him a public lesson and give him the chance to leave our city forever. So, here you have it, gentlemen. Give him all that he deserves.’

The mayor then stepped down from the podium, approached the pathetic superzero from behind and with a push, he threw him into the crowd in front of the stage.

Green Latrine yelped and plummeted off the stage to land in a large puddle of thick mud. The crowd started booing him and throwing all kinds of garbage over him, while calling him degenerate, pig, faggot and all kinds of insults. He thought he would die, either out of shame or because his penis was driving him crazy. His cock was so hard and it throbbed so fiercely that he believed it would explode and that would be the end of him, Kyle Rayner would die in front of the entire city like the degenerate his masters had told him he was…

His masters.

They had screwed him up again. Those two handsome sons of bitches…

‘NO!!I don’t know what they have done to me this time, but… but I can’t accept this!!’

‘I’ve got to escape!’ Green Latrine cried out. Wobbly and dizzy, The Emerald Dumpster got to his feet and started running as fast as he could. His way of escaping, however, did little to help him to stay away from the laughter and teasing that excited him so much and prevented him from thinking right to use his ring. The pathetic hero was running with exaggerated girlish movements, his muscular chest out with his arms flying all around him limp-wristed. Kyle tried to correct the way he was running but his body acted on its own, and combined with his hard cock pressing against his ragged tights sending waves of pleasure through his body. His running became even more ridiculous as the crowd of sexy men kept taunting him and threw all sorts of rubbish at him. Orange peels, disposable cups filled with beer or some vile substances, rotting fruits, takeaway cartons and other unspeakable debris kept falling all over him like a tidal wave, but he didn’t stop. He just kept running as hard (and the girlier) he could until he made it out of the crowd. The teasing continued as he ran on the city streets, with people gasping and pointing at the pitiable sight of him, but at least the worst had been left far behind.

Alley Rat paid no attention to the people around him. But he was no longer running to escape; he was running to his apartment to confront the thugs who had ruined his life. His career as superhero was over, the situation had gotten completely out of his hand, but he finally had a plan to solve all this mess for good now. He would go home to try to recharge his ring with his power battery, and if he managed to make it work again he would go to find them. He would not have to go too far away, they surely were in their apartment, watching the ceremony on TV and laughing at his misfortune.

*‘Your apartment! It’s yours, not theirs, damn it!’

But this time he wouldn’t waste a second: as soon as he had them in sight, he would enclose them in an isolated and soundproofed construct, to protect himself from whatever they were doing to him. Then he would take them to Fifth Sline Seven, the farthest known inhabited planet in the universe and he would ask one of his contacts there to keep them locked up in a maximum security prison for some time, in secret. Since the abstract geometric entities that populated that world were so different from any other life forms, the thugs wouldn’t be able to use their mind control powers on them.

The aliens on that world lacked senses such as sight or smell, and their language bore no resemblance to any other known language in the universe. If it was difficult for Kyle to communicate with them even with the help of the universal translator on his power ring, it would be impossible for lesser criminals like Daddy to Boss to even understand anything about them. What’s more, they surely would be terrified to find themselves surrounded by such bizarre entities.

It was perfect. If he was able to convince his contacts there how dangerous these criminals were (and they undoubtedly were, at least for Kyle), there wouldn’t be any problem.

He would keep them captive in secret until he managed to find out what the hell they had done to his head, and once he was back to normal, he would use the same method on them to make them forget what they had done and everything about Kyle Rayner. It was a good plan. He would write an open letter to Coast City with a public apology, stating that he had not been truly him when he committed all the depravity and stupid behavior. Things would never be as before, but was sure the townsfolk would forgive him. At the time, everything would go back to normal: he would get his life back and keep doing his superhero work, saving people and sucking criminals’ cocks as he was meant to do.

Or maybe not.

After this mess perhaps it was impossible to regain the respect of the people. God knew right now he didn’t even have an ounce of self-respect.

Now, taking criminals out of their native worlds and jailing them on another planet was not only a violation to the statutes of the Green Lantern Corps, but unlawful in all the solar systems and sectors that would have to go through to reach Fifth Sline Seven. If someone found out what Kyle was planning, he surely would be facing a trial for unethical behavior, abuse of power, the violation of countless intergalactic laws and overall exceptional misconduct. He would be a criminal himself, but it was a risk he was willing to take.

And if someone found it out, to hell with the consequences. It would be preferable to face any punishment for his crime, than having to endure a life of servitude and humiliations under the boots of these two psychos.

The most remotely illegal Kyle Rayner had ever done was an stupid attempt to impress a girl when he was 16 that ended up with him spending a night in jail, which was not even remotely comparable to what he was planning to do, but it was the only solution he could think of. In the past he might have asked other heroes for help once his resources had been exhausted, but he had been totally wrong about his supposed “friends”.

‘Friends. You have no friends, you moron. How stupid you can be, Kyle? Neither of them ever liked you, those arrogant bastards…’

They all had abandoned him. He had suffered a public humiliation of catastrophic proportions in front of the whole city, and none of those fags from the Justice League had shown up to help him, or even bothered to ask about him. Those arrogant jerks had treated him badly from the beginning, but he had stupidly come to believe that they had taken a liking to him, that they had been his friends.

He had been wrong as usual. They had never liked him, and surely they were all laughing at his misfortune too. Why not? Now they had one less muscle Mary to compete with, they surely had been happy to count him out of the map. And the same could be said of his sissy companions on the corps, they all had abandoned him to his luck. Kyle finally realized he was alone, and he had always been.

’If any of this had happened to Hal Jordan, they all would have come to rescue him. Sure they would even have given that bastard a prize. But they left me alone. Well, fuck all of them, I don’t need none of those fags, I can solve it by myself. And once I’ve fixed this mess, the best would be to request my transfer to another sector, without further explanation to the Guardian and none of those hypocritical assholes.’

‘Well, fuck all of them. There are thousands of worlds where its inhabitants have never heard anything about Earth nor human beings, I can start over in another place and nobody will ever know a word about this mess. Shit, they sure won’t even notice that I’m gone! My only regret is losing Terry. He was the only one who called, the only one who cared about me. Fuck, not even my dad bothered to call. I wonder what has become of him in all this time. Will he be mad at me? Disappointed? Disgusted, even?’

‘You’re rushing too much, Kyle. Maybe you don’t even have super powers anymore, because apparently you’re not even a Green Lantern now. You don’t even have the GL uniform…’

On second thought, maybe Boss and Daddy had used him to end up fucking all the Green Lantern Corps. Why not? Their power seemed limitless, and Boss had said they could easily do it. Maybe Kyle had ended up screwing all of his teammates by guiding Boss and Papi directly to them, and the other lanterns had all been turned into dirty sluts like him, and the Central Power Battery, the power source of the Green Lanterns, had been turned into a huge green toilet. How ironic would it be if the man who was supposed to save the Green Lanterns, “The Torchbearer” would end up causing their most embarrassing defeat. It would be his ultimate and greatest failure…

It didn’t take him long to get to the building where he lived. Green Latrine hurried up the stairs and burst panting into what once had been his apartment, with the pumping of his heart drumming on his ears and on his boner.

‘What the hell are those two doing to my house?’, he wondered as he closed the door behind him. He had expected to find Boss and Papi fucking on his couch, using the broadcast of his latest public humiliation as an aphrodisiac and waiting for him to return to keep fucking him further, but there was no sign of them. His apartment was quiet and clean.

What was strange however was that all the objects in his house were rearranged in strange ways. The table was upside down with all his books stacked on top in columns. The chairs were stacked one atop the other, reaching all the way up to the ceiling making a pyramid. All the paintings, pictures and awards on the walls were placed upside down or backwards. His set of smashed couches, black bags of garbage, CD’s and DVD’s were arranged in a circle, with his video game consoles and his silverware in the center like a deranged replica of Stonehenge. There were neatly folded and ironed clothes in the oven, comic books stacked in the pantry, castles made of food cans and silverware. All his action figures were arranged forming a parade on the floor along with half smoked joints, pipes and bongs.

He recognized the space, but it looked strange. Had the walls been moved? Had the terrace always been that size? How long had it been since the last time he had been conscious? Weeks? Months? Years, maybe? Would it be that they had gone to live elsewhere and had left his apartment abandoned in this nonsensical arrangement? But if so, why was his apartment clean, and not covered with a thick layer of dust?

A strong sense of unreality washed over him. Suddenly the lyrics of a song came to his mind, a song Terry used to play when they worked together for the Feast magazine in New York City, so many years ago.

Welcome to this world of fools, of pink champagne and swimming pools. Well, all you have to lose is your virginity…

’Jesus Christ, this is beyond fucked up! It’s enough to drive anyone insane! I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out of this or fix my life. What a hero you ended up being, Kyle: Green Latrine, The Emerald Crapper…UHH!, SHIT!!’

Saying those words out loud made his erect member spasm painfully. It felt like it would explode like a grenade if he didn’t do something to relieve himself. Kyle took the crotch of his uniform and ripped it open to free his hard cock, which rose to its full splendor.

“Ohhh,… oooOOooooOOOOOoooohhhh, My God, that’s better… much better… hi, bro, did… did you miss me?’, he said, as he began to lovingly caress the tip of his glans. He sucked on his index finger until it glistened with drool, and began to rub it gently up and down from his frenulum to his piss slit. He knew that giving in to carnal pleasure would put him in a vulnerable position again, but the ferocity with which his cock throbbed made the danger of a massive penis hemorrhage seem very real.

‘Uuuuuhhh, that’s better. Muuuuch better. Hey, bro, we are going to finish off those motherfuckers, right? You and me, together. Yes, we’ll do… but you have to give me a hand, please. Or rather, I should give a hand to you, right? Otherwise you won’t let me fight them. Oh come on, hurry up, bro. We must stop them … then I’ll give you all the love you want… You like when people make fun of your Rat Bro, isn’t it? Oh, you’re a greedy dirty bad boy…’

…perhaps we’ll have some fun tonight, so stick around and take a bite of life We don’t need feebleness in this proximity….

He was willing to empty his balls and feed himself with its contents before going hunting for his captors, but then a noise caught his attention: a repetitive tapping in the back of his apartment, in his former bedroom. He paid attention and managed to distinguish soft moans, low growls, a distant litany of obscenities.

’They’re here, bro. Fucking like animals in my bed. I was right, those sons of bitches got turned on by what happened in the park and went to fuck wild on my bed. So you’ve turned me into Green Latrine, right? So funny, mother fuckers. So fucking funny…’

Still playing with his hard member, Alley Rat made his way to his former room as quietly as he could, his confidence increasing with each step he took among the strange constructions that were around him.

‘Well, get ready to get all the shit all over you, you sons of bitches. Let’s see if you think it’s funny when I kick your fucking teeth out…’

He was overjoyed to find that his power ring came to life again, although its emerald green color now had a slightly yellowish, putrid shade. He wondered what it could mean. Would his new superhero identity be like that? The ring worked with his mind, so it made sense that just as it had happened to him, his powers were now all dirty and corrupted…

‘Whatever. As long as I’m able to make some constructs to fight those bastards, my ring is as good as always. I don’t mind being called Green Latrine, “The Emerald Crapper”, if I can still be a hero. I’ll fix it later, along with everything else…’

‘And now I’m gonna fuck you two, you motherfuckers…’, he muttered through clenched teeth, creating a high-caliber machine gun and a short-range barrel with his ring. They looked pretty good and powerful, despite looking decidedly phallic. After a second thought, a second set of automatic machine guns strapped to his back with a harness.

‘Just make sure they have no weapons and drop them in a soundproof box quickly. Then everything will be fine and once you manage to fix your head, you will make them a visit in jail to break their fucking teeth with bare fist…. Come on Rat, be brave Alley rat, you can do it…’

Kyle grabbed his weapons, took a deep breath, and kicked the door open.

‘ALRIGHT, MOTHERFUCKERS, FREEZE! GET OUT OF THE BED AND LEAN AGAINST THE WALL,! NOW !!!’ , Green Latrine roared as he stormed through the door wielding his weapons. The bedroom was a pigsty and was filled with a potent stench of sex and decay, but Kyle paid it no heed, focusing only on the couple fucking wildly in his former bed.

But he realized right away that these men were not Boss and Daddy. The couple practicing the missionary on his former bed were tall, muscular white men with jet black hair. Their ripped sweaty bodies gleamed under the dusk light coming through the window, and judging by their grunts and moans, both men were reaching the orgasm. The man topping flopped onto the bed with a strangled grunt, while the one bottoming turned slowly to Kyle with glassy eyes and a dirty libidinous grin.

‘He… hello, Kyle…. How… how was your public homage, Princess?’, he said panting, and to Green Latrine’s horror, he saw that it was one of his greatest enemies, the evil duplicate of Kyle Rayner that called itself Oblivion.

The murder of Kyle’s girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt, had left him full of fear and doubts but above all, guilt for being unable to save her. He tried to give a closing to that chapter, to overcome the sadness and continue with his life doing his best to become a superhero, but his adverse feelings kept piling up inside him. Little did he know that his subconscious mind had begun to expel those dark feelings through the power ring, creating an evil entity made of anger, remorse, and self-loathing. The thing had called itself Oblivion, and at first it took the form of one of Kyle’s childhood nightmares, to later mimic the looks of the man who made it down to the smallest detail, becoming his malevolent reflection.

Being made of rage and self-contempt, Oblivion soon became convinced that the universe would be a better place without Kyle Rayner and it was its duty to destroy him, even at the cost of destroying itself. They both were linked, and one couldn’t exist without the other.

Twice it brought destruction. Twice Kyle had stopped it, returning it to its place of origin and locking it inside his mind.

And now the damn thing was back, to make things even worse than they already were. It was no surprise that the damn thing had come loose again, with his battered mind falling apart. But Kyle was not disposed to let that happen.

‘Jesus, no… no, no, no, not you! Not now! I’m already going through a lot of shit and I don’t have time nor patience to deal with your bullshit, Oblivion.’

Kyle’s words fell on deaf ears, tho. His twin simply laughed at him.

‘Don’t throw tantrums, K. I’m a lover, not a fighter’, it said in a soft voice, as if he had been stripped of any trace of masculine. ‘You’re among friends, so just put your funny toy guns down and come to get some love, darling. I know you need it.’

‘Don’t play the fool with me, you asshole! You better go back where you came from right now or I swear God I’ll blow you apart, even if that sends us both to hell…’

‘Geee, you better calm your tits, Kylie. Do you hear me when I talk?’, the creature said after catching his breath. It gave a French kiss to his partner, rolled onto its lover’s body and sat on the edge of the bed with a big smile.

The way it sat betrayed a certain effeminate affectation that was disconcerting. Oblivion had never behaved like this and never sounded that delicate. It was naked except for a pair of long green boots that reached up halfway up his thighs, parodying the ones he wore on his Green Lantern uniform. It had a sexualized parody of the Green Lanterns signature weapon too: instead of being in his hand, an absurdly big crystalline green ring rested on the base of his hard cock.

Kyle stared at the creature while still aiming at it. Could it be that by fucking Kyle’s mind, they had mindfucked Oblivion by extension too, oversexualizing it, turning his deadly enemy into an effeminate spoof of itself? He would have thought that would be impossible. The thing was inherently evil, and any attempt to alter its nature would have eliminated it completely.

But there it was an identical copy of Kyle Rayner. Or better said a copy of Kyle when he was in his prime: handsome face with sparkling green eyes, clean-cut appearance , powerful well developed muscles and seductive healthy appearance. Seeing that clean, statuesque body while he was dirty as a bum with 60 pounds or so over his weight was little more than hurtful.

‘Dios mio, they did a good number on you, didn’t they?’ his twin said, while giving a critical look from head to toe. ‘It doesn’t matter. Just come here, big boy. We have such sights to show you…’

So baffled was Kyle, that his copy caught him off guard. The ring on his penis lit up and with a quick movement it formed a green luminous lasso, flung it towards him, and caught Kyle by his erect member. Not only was his appearance that of Kyle at his best, apparently so were its reflexes and powers.

‘Hey, hey!!!’ the hero shouted. ‘Please, no! Wait!!’ The lasso it had fashioned gleamed in a gorgeous emerald glow like the constructs Kyle used to do in his heyday as a Green Lantern, something Oblivion had never been able to do before. Apparently, his twin had copied his powers and was a real Green Lantern now.

‘Ohhh, Kyle…so eager to play. So reluctant to admit it!’, said the thing on the bed with a sly smile and its eyes fixed on his victim’s hard cock, as it gently tugged on the lasso attached to the appetizing member . ‘Come here. Come here to taste my pleasures, K boy…’

Being holded and pulled by his penis, Kyle didn’t dare put up a resistance and made his guns disappear. He knew that one thought from his doppelganger would be enough to turn the lasso into a guillotine, scissors, a bear trap or something equally kind, and he would end up like a gelded calf. Oblivion was a sadist and had the same wild imagination as Kyle. You wouldn’t be surprised if the creature decided to don one of those sadomasochistic leather uniforms that he had seen at pride parades, and started whipping his balls with a police baton.

‘Wait, Oblivion, please! This is not you! A pair of thugs has turned us into this to mani-… stop! You have to help me to stop them! Together we can-‘

The creature let out a snort of annoyance.

‘As always, you are only focused on one thing and don’t pay any attention to the rest. I told you, Kylie, I’m not that resented little bitch. I’m not Oblivion, is it clear now, gurl?’

With the panicked superhero on its reach, the creature grasped his hard member and began to stroke it with unusual tenderness. Kyle was expecting some mistreatment, maybe a ruthless pinch or a blow on his balls, but his twin instead caressed his cock tenderly and squeezed it gently even more carefully than how he himself used to do when he masturbated at nights. Without letting it go, the thing made Kyle sit up on the bed, as it got down to the floor. It kneeled and leaned in for a long, tender kiss on the fleshy pink glans in his hand to then give it a series of coy little licks, followed by soft blows of cool air from his lips, a trick that his former girlfriend Donna Troy liked to use to drive him crazy.

‘How does this thing know….? ohhh… It makes sense. It is not Oblivion, but they had to be related somehow. This thing knows me very well, just like… maybe…. ‘Please I don’t have—Ho-o-o-o-o-ly shiiiiiiiit… mffh… wait, please….fuck…..oh, OH! God….. no… stop… please…pleaseee…’

‘Ohhh, big, boy….you look so good to eat… hmmmm…’ the creature looked him up and down with adoring eyes. ‘Shit, you’re much more butch and manlier than me….just the way like it! Fuuuck, I could just lick and suck your precious dong all day… ‘ it whispered, and began to lick the plump dick head with long, slow movements.

‘No, please, it’s… nooooo.. no, s-stop….please don’t… don’t do that… stop sucking my … nooo…’

He wanted to push the thing back, but he dared not take a bite in his private parts. Also, much to his regret the thing was giving him an excellent blowjob, the best he could remember. It was as if it knew exactly where and how Kyle liked to be sucked and touched. His twin was even making the noisy wet sloppy sounds he liked to hear when he was getting head. A good blowjob could be silent, yes, but it was hotter and more morbid when the mouth sucking him made some noisy slurping sounds. That let him know the bitches were hungry and happy at eating his cock. Those gurgling noises always made him want to hold those cocksucking bitches by their heads and fuck their damn brains out…

*‘What the fuck I’m thinking? That “cocksucking bitch” is me!!

‘It’s ok, K, you’ll be fine. Let us take care of you, my love….’ the kneeling Kyle looked up at him with imploring eyes. ‘Give me more cock’, those pleading eyes said, ‘I need cock and balls and cum…’

‘Us?? What do you…’ The shock of face again one of his worst enemies had made Kyle forget about the other man in the room, the one who was fucking his effeminate copy.

Now however it became another source of concern.

‘Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding…’

‘Hey, brah! whasa’ whasa’ , brah?’, a third Kyle Rayner slurred in drunken stupor as he rose from the bed and sat awkwardly next to him.

Whatever or whoever was making copies of him had reached its limits with this one. While Oblivion and his effeminate twin had been carbon copies, this third Kyle was a faulty product. It still looked like him, but some minor alterations here and there had robbed him entirely of his usual bearing.

Kyle’s normal gaze expressed insight, intelligence and determination, but this “Bro” had drooping eyelids that made it look slow minded or heavily drugged. The heavy brow ridge above his sleepy eyes made little to improve his appearance, and neither did it his bushy eyebrows, that were almost a unibrow and were slightly curved up at the center, giving him a hopeless stupid look.

While Kyle’s perfect smile had drawn sighs from many women and men, the idiotic toothy grin full of slightly crooked teeth that this thing had would never inspire anything but laughs and mockery, or maybe pity among the most sympathetic people. It was notably hairier and stockier than the real Kyle, although its proportions were more reminiscent of a chimp. Like the other copy, it had a “power cock ring” attached to it’s hairy manhood, and a pair of green boots, although these were short and heavy beaten biker boots with harnesses.

Thus, there were three Kyle Rayners in the room: the original Kyle who somehow had been turned into a dirty beggar chubby daddy; a second Kyle who was a handsome, muscled and effeminate himbo and was happily slobbering the cock of its original self; and a third “Kyle Bro”: big, ripped, hairy and utterly stupid. The situation had passed to fucked up, to bizarrely pretty fucked up. The disgraced superhero wondered again about his sanity and his chances to fix his situation.

‘Ahhh, ahhh… please, stop sucking me, god dammit!! Let me go now!’ Kyle was terrified. He wanted to stand up and blow the shit out of those cruel parodies of him, but he didn’t dare move, not while one of them had his penis in his mouth and had a lasso made of green light all around it.

‘Hmm…ohh, good… ohhhhhh very good… Kye Bro, dear, give me a hand here. Help me take him out from these filthy rags he’s wearing, and give him a bath like I taught you. But leave him in his boots, please. He looks so hot wearing only his boots…’

‘Sure thin’, Perv Brah!’, the idiotic clone chuckled. Then, turning to Kyle he said: ‘It’s ok, brah, relax! We’re, like, the good guys! Savin’ day an’ doin’ lantern stuff an’ all that goody good shit! Ya’re safe with us, brah!’ The green cock ring on his member gleamed, a pair of child-safe scissors appeared in its hand and it began to cut out the remains of Green Latrine’s uniform.

‘Perv Bro? Kyle Bro? What the fuck are those things??’

Kyle wanted to protest but didn’t dare to say a word. One of his twins had his penis tightly held between his lips, while the other had scissors in his hand. Any attempt at resistance could end with him neutered and stabbed, so he made no attempt to stop the “bro” to reduce his uniform to shreds, and strip him of his rusty armguards and mask. As soon as Kyle was left only on his well-worn green boots, his brutish copy made him raise his arm, and hungrily buried his face in the deepest of his smelly armpit to give him a long lick.

‘What a fuck, dude?? No, stop! What the fuck are you doing???’ he protested. The stench of stale sweat emanating from his body might have sickened even the most depraved fetishists, but his twin seemed ecstatic for it. The gentle goofball throws itself into the thick rug of rough, curly hairs in front of it with the debauchery with which a dog cleans its food bowl.

‘It’s bathin’ time, brah! Fuck, ya’re a skinky fucker, dude! An’ ya taste so salty an’ good!!!’

‘No, stop, please, that’s gross! I’m covered in dirt and… people threw me … you’re going to get sick, stop! I’m telling you for your own good, it’s not … oh fuuuck…’ But Kyle Bro ignored him and kept licking his armpit like its life depended on it.

‘So stinky! Fuckin’ hot, Pig Brah! Ya must try this shit! Ya’re gonna love it!’ it said, and without waiting for an answer, he took the former Emerald Knight by his head to give him a wet sloppy kiss in his mouth.

‘HMMMM!! MGH!! MHHH!!!!!’

The kiss was too wet, too violent and too sloppy – too much tongue, too much drool, the awkward kiss of a newcomer; and above all a strong salty taste that reached hard up to his nose. Kyle tried to push away, revolted and sure he was going to throw up, but the kind imbecile held him strongly, and after the initial repugnance receded, he began to relax. He let his twin’s tongue roam inside his mouth, stopped worrying about the drool running down his chin and before he knew what he was doing, he started kissing back and to move his hips in time to the blowjob he was getting.

‘It’s not that bad… not as bad as I thought… the blowjob… the sweat… the kiss… they’re me, after all… this had to be like… like…. masturbation, right? Yeah, it’s pretty much the same… just me giving myself what I want… what I want… ohhh, what I want… what I NEED…’

He broke the kiss and leaned against “Bro” breathing hard, delighted with the pungent scent that it had too. The loving brute chuckled and continued with the “bath” licking the neck of the man in his arms.

Kyle dopily smiled and began to move his hips harder to please the meek cocksucker groveling on the floor, the thing that Bro had called “Perv”. It was acting like a real perv, and if the pathetic greedy bitch wanted cock, he was going to make sure to stuff him with all the cock he could take.

‘It is not … HE… HE is not pathetic… he’s you…But he surely likes to be insulted, isn’t it?’

Yes, just like him. He looked down and smirked at his copy, who looked up with watery eyes and smiled back … or at least he tried. His mouth was too stuffed for his gesture to really be a smile.

Kyle kept feeding his perverted copy with cock and looked around. Unlike the rest of his apartment, his bedroom was a pigpen. The closet and drawers were empty. There were small piles of unidentifiable garbage in the corners, some empty bottles, and a large bowl of dog food. He wondered how many times he had eaten there, and although he wanted the idea to displease him, it only increased his arousal.

The most striking thing, however, were the walls. The once white walls were covered with drawings made in pencils, painting and crayons. They were all obscene pornography, but some were excellent anatomically correct drawings of men, other were drawn in different cartoon styles, while others were the crude doodles of penises, vulgar legends and other scrawls one might find graffitied on the walls of public baths. He was a deranged version of what his art studio used to be, with his talents serving his depraved impulses.

There was a big mirror in front of his bed, the same in which he had been posing in his pink lingerie set in what now seemed like an eternity ago, and even though it was covered in stains of what could only be cum, he was still able to get a full view of what he was doing: a threesome with himself that leaved him deeply confused.

For one side, the sight of himself kneeling, meekly sucking a hard cock was painful. Not because he considered sucking cocks some kind of defeat, he had never seen homosexuality as something to be ashamed of, or in any way a display of weakness. His discomfort did not come from the act itself. It was the behavior of his copy what hurt him: his docile and submissive attitude, the way he wiggled and tilted his ass up like saying “come to take me, guys! Do whatever you want to me!” Kyle Rayner, who had faced the criminal scum of the galaxy and had triumphed over the most unconquerable enemies, now happily offered his ass as a dumpster to any man who wanted it; his asshole and his mouth were holes where they could discharge not only their man-juices, but their lowest instincts and passions, and Kyle would be happy to please them. It could be any man, but it would be so much better if they were the criminals he was supposed to stop. That was the reason why he had chosen to be a superhero…

‘Come on, keep it up … come on, suck my balls, you fucking fag…’

The abandonment and the fervor that he put into slobbering on the fat cock in front of him, his eagerness for submit was turning Kyle so much. It was the attitude of someone who thinks of putting others before himself.

Wasn’t that exactly what he did as a superhero? Pass on his needs to give something to others? Looking at it right, wasn’t his entire superhero career a great act of submission? How many times had he not been forced to give up his life for others? Wasn’t that what a submissive man did? Maybe he had never realized how much of a submissive bottom he had always been…

But there was also him, turned into a chubby bum. What had he been doing to have turned into that? Not a great job as a superhero, that was for sure. His spoiled body told him that he had become a careless and negligent man, more given to pleasures than to discipline and responsibility. Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, loafing, you name it… Did he like to be like that? Yes, obviously. He had been exposed in front of the entire city as a lazy pervert junkie, a good-for-nothing fraud, and had been close to cum in front of the booing crowd.

And what about that idiot Kyle who happily licked his body? Why was he so excited to see himself reduced to a simple-minded, big-muscled horny idiot? A creature like that didn’t give a damn for being a hero or for doing anything but physical pleasures. He was like the Cocksucker Kyle, but he looked even stupider than him and happier too. Kyle hadn’t been happy in a long time, even before those sadistic thugs appeared in his life. Wouldn’t it be better to just give up and abandon everything? Just indulge in physical pleasure and laziness?


No, of course no! Everything he sacrificed, all the things he has learned, all the triumphs he has achieved, he wasn’t going to give up so easily to all of that. ‘Hey, both of you stop… stop, please….’ He feebly said.

‘Are you getting nervous again? I thought we were already understanding each other, Kylie. You’re safe here, just relax… just think of this as one of your night handjob sessions…’

‘It’s like a party, brah!’

‘A chance to know yourself a little better…’

‘An’ it’s free!’

‘It’s time for you to have some fun…’

‘Real fun, brah!’

‘No. No, no, no, no, they will be here at any moment…please…’

‘Stop talking like a fucking pussy and act like you have some balls down there’, he thought. And then, feeling an inner strength that he thought he had lost, Kyle Rayner stood up and spoke with all the strength and presence he had in his prime as Green Lantern.


Both copies stopped in their tracks. Bro took a step back and sat up on the bed like a huge dog that had been scolded. Pervert Kyle for his part looked at him for a moment, but he soon went from hurt surprise to anger.

‘So, is that so? You’re not going to give us even a little fuck? After all we’ve done for you?’ The desperate love in his eyes had disappeared and had been replaced with the anger of a wounded lover. He realized that this copy was not truly as weak or submissive as it appeared, but he chose to put himself in that position.

‘For…? For me, you say??? What have you guys done for me???’

Everything. We’ve kept you sane throughout all this mess. We’ve rescued you when you needed it. We’ve protected your house the best we’ve could. We have done it all for you, and this is how you pay us? It’s exhausting to live up to your needs, I tell you, Mr. Rayner. Maybe you were right and you’re nothing more than an ungrateful little bitch.’

‘Rescued me?? Grateful??? HOW THE HELL!!?? I’m worse than ever in… I just had the worst day of my life and….I don’t get what you meant but I don’t have much time. Look, they’ll be back here at any moment and if you two are good guys, like Bro said, you have to help me stop Papi and Boss. I must take them out from Earth to fix all this mess. And if none of you are going to help me, at least step aside and go back to where you came from.’

Perv Kyle just laughed at him.

‘Go back? And where do you expect us to go back exactly? We’re already here. And so are you.’


…so imagine that your brain is like a house… , he heard his voice said as distant echoes.

‘Uh’ What? What was that?’

‘For God sake, Rat, you still don’t realize? My God, no wonder they called us “Special K” back in grade school!’

Kyle suppressed the urge to tell his copy to fuck off. He’d already received enough mistreatment and nicknames to on top being reminded of his childhood bullying, but he had no time to waste in sterile arguments, and tried to focus on important matters.

‘Please, help me to stop them’, he insisted. ‘Look, I’m sorry, I don’t want to be rude with you, but please, I’m desperate and I need all the help possible.’

‘You can’t stop them, K. It’s too late for us.’

The words fell on Kyle like a bucket of cold water.

‘Don’t fuck with me. I’ve never given up on any treat before and I’m not giving in on a couple of smelly perverted slackers. You don’t want to help me? Fine, I’ll do it myself.’

How? In your current state? Just look at you! You’ve lost all sense of who you really are! Look what you’ve been turned into! That’s what you really want to become!’

‘That’s bullshit! I never wanted to be like this!’

‘Of course you do. Find out at once, Kyle: everything here is a reflection of your mind. This is an attempt to give some sense to everything that is happening. And in case you haven’t finished finding out, we are some parts of you, just like Oblivion is your anger and sorrow, but you haven’t expelled us out, like you did to him. So just be honest with yourself and stop playing saint, dammit.’

‘No… no! That’s not true! That’s…’

‘A reflection of my mind???’

He then finally connected the dots.

‘The ceremony took place a month ago, Kyle! and none of those fucked up things actually happened!!!! All those things were your fantasies? Things Boss planted in your head? Wishes of yours? What the hell have they done to me?’

‘So this is… none of this real… it’s all in my head….’

‘UH, DUH!! I really didn’t think I had to tell you, Special K.’

‘Shut up!!’

Kyle took a moment to breathe and put his mind in order. So everything seemed to change from one moment to the next. That’s why everything was so inconclusive, that’s why they weren’t here…

‘Ok, then… so this is… fuck. Ok, I think I can accept it. None of this is real, fine. But then, what the hell are you two? And why do you know better than I what is happening?’

‘I’m Kyle Brah, brah!’, said the kind brute, who had been gaping at the argument between his twins, while picking up his nose.

‘It’s okay, honey, we know that. Get to draw a bit and we’ll be with you in a moment’, Perv Kyle replied with a smile.

The creature smiled dopily and obeyed without protest. As he began scribbling on the wall, both men continued their conversation.

‘I’m not entirely sure about him. Perhaps he’s some kind of childhood trauma, or our primitive brain, our basic instincts, I don’t know. I tried to ask him, but he’s not very good at expressing himself, so any guess from you is as good as mine. All I know he’s very kind, sweet, protective, and he’s always willing to fuck. Oh, and wait to feel his cock, I swear he fuck you as hard as a fucking bull in heat…’

‘I don’t want him to fuck me, dammit! Ok, that’s him, but what the fuck are you?’

‘Again, I’m not 100% sure, but… I think I am exactly that. The fuck. I think I’m your libido, Kyle.’


‘Your lust, your sex drive, your want to fuck, your fucking morning wood, whatever you want to call it. And lately I’m the most awake part of you, Princess.’

‘No, I mean, I know what libido means, I’m not stupid. I get what you said, but…. but you can’t be my libido. I wasn’t… I never was…. I AM not gay and you’re… no, no way! If you were my lust you would… you wouldn’t be….’

‘…a limp-wristed sissy? A fag hungry for cocks?’

‘YES! NO! Don’t say that! You see? That’s exactly why I doubt you’re even a part of me. I hate the word “fag” and I would have never expressed myself in that way before any of this. But if you really are…. if you really are what you said, what a hell happened to you, man? You should be lusting for women and not men! And all that shit about being turned on when somebody humiliates me?? What the fuck, man??’

For the first time, Perv Kyle lost a bit of his air of confidence and cynicism, and he seemed a bit off-kilter.

’Honestly… I don’t know what’s happening to me. You know, it’s… a blur. I-I mean, it’s really confusing. I-I-I – I remember how much fun I had fucking Alex, Donna, Carol and the others, and how good the sex with women used to be…’

Perv Kyle began to smile, and the more he spoke his voice took on a more manly tone, almost like how he used to speak.

‘Yes! Yes, you remember! You remember I’m straight!’

‘I never said I had forgotten it. I remember very well. But…something… weird is happening. Like, for example, I remember that busty waitress Christie that we met when we toured the country with Connor Hawke looking for Dad.’

‘Right, right!’

‘I remember how she saw us from the moment we entered the restaurant where she worked, “The Lemonhead Dinner”, that was its name…’

Kyle was looking at him expectantly. He was glad to see that his libido remembered the details of that day. If he kept those memories, he might have been able to get back to normal.

‘But if he is your libido, then what are you? Your reason? Your conscience, maybe?’

‘The thing is, I remember I noticed how she saw me and she noticed how I saw her. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and she came in seconds behind me. I remember we fucked like rabbits in the bathroom of the restaurant. Just a quickie before she even could took our order, but fuck, she was SO GOOD! And I’m pretty sure his father noticed because minutes later he appeared furious at our table, and he was the local sheriff, and wanted to kick us out of the restaurant. Poor Connor never knew why they wanted to attack us, and I didn’t tell him. And then this pitched battle began…’

At that point his twin had a big amused smile. It was a memory that he was obviously proud of.

‘Yes! Yes, so you know how we really are!’

Perv Kyle noticed that although his original self was happy about those pleasant memories of past sexual conquests, they were not arousing him at all and his erection was slowly going down. He smiled to himself and then a delicious and utterly wicked idea began to form in his head. He had a goal, a purpose to exist, and now that he was free and unbound with a whole new world of new sensations to experience, he wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

‘You think you are very smart, right, Special K? You may be the voice of reason, darling, but we are in the world of fools of pink champagne and swimming pools…’

‘Yeah, it was good… Do you mind if we sit down again? Thanks, sweetheart. Well, the thing is… now… I don’t know what is happening to me now. Like I said, it’s becoming… a blur. Like… you see, there’s a white light covering everything, a white milky light…. and then I look back and I don’t find Christie that attractive, you know?’

’But she was hot! I remember very well. We…’

‘I’m explaining it….please, let me finish. This is confusing for me too and I’m struggling to understand. It’s… oh, I’m confused and scared! Just let me finish, and don’t interrupt me again, will you?’

‘Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to upset you.’

’Hey, I remember that day! Good job fuckin’ that bitch, brah!’ Kyle Bro dopily said. ‘Hey, dude, can, like, I sit there to listen too, brah?’

’Sure you can, big boy. Come here honey, ’ Perv said, clutching to the side to make room for his twin.

Perv Kyle took a deep breath, a little too theatrically perhaps, and continued with his tale.

‘Well, the thing is, yeah, it was fun and all, but she’s not that hot now… ok, her cheap strawberry perfume was exciting and those pretty pink nipples, uhhh, so good… but then… then I think of his father and his deputy. Do you remember them?’

‘A bit. I don’t remember them too well. ’ Kyle lied.

‘Oh, sure you do. The sheriff was big and fat, so fat he barely fitted inside his dark brown trousers, with thick black eyebrows and a few gray hairs poking out from his hat. And his deputy was a well-built middle-aged man with an unfriendly face…’

‘Ohhh, right, right. I remember now…’

‘Do you remember the dismissive way the sheriff called us “boy“, right?’

‘Uhh… yes…’

‘Well, the thing is, I remember how I was fucking Christie in one of the stalls, leaning her over the toilet, and how I covered her mouth with my hand when someone came in and peed in the toilet next door, and how I keep fucking her slowly, just moving slowly inside her. And then I imagine I am the one who is there, leaning on the toilet and it is the sheriff who is fucking me and calls me boy and other names …’

‘Dude…. fuckin’ hot, brah… so fuckin’ hoooot….’

Perv Kyle glanced sideways. His original self kept watching him intently, not realizing that his cock was hard again and that his hand was slowly moving toward it. Kyle Bro, on the other hand, was already attending to his needs with gusto.

’…and then I imagine he drags me out to fuck me in front of the other man, and then his assistant come in holding Conner, poor shy, repressed and virginal Connor, and the then they fuck us together, side by side in that small bathroom like a couple of cheap streetwalkers. They realize who we really are and they make us dress in our uniforms. They put us side by side and then Conner and I kiss each other while the two officers break our asses with their cocks… You like that, don’t you, Kyle?

‘What? NO!!’ Kyle exclaimed in horror. But it was true. He looked down to see he was masturbating furiously without realizing it. The thought of him and Green Arrow getting fucked side by side in a bathroom had him engrossed. He managed to stop his self-pleasuring session, but before he managed to recover, Per Kyle used his power cock ring again and formed a series of leather straps and handcuffs made of green energy that held him firmly to the bed.

‘You deranged motherfucker, let me go now!’

‘Hey, brah, NO! Take it easy, man! Don’t hurt lil’ Pig Brah, please!!’, Kyle Bro said to Perv panicked.

‘Don’t worry, big boy. He’s fine. I just want to help him, whether he likes it or not. Just stay there and help me, ok?’

‘Ok, fine then, brah. Whatev ya say, brah. Ya’re, like, the smart one, ya’re in charge, dude, but don’t hurt him, please, brah… He’s a good boy!’

‘Do not worry about that, sweetcakes. He’s just too dumb and stubborn for his own good.’

‘Stop now and let me go!’ Kyle tried to use his ring to free himself, but again he got a gush of thick green liquid. ‘Fuck, not again!’

‘I’m not doing it. It’s you. You see, that’s the point. You can’t stop Papi and Boss because you don’t want to stop them!’

’That’s not true!’, Kyle roared.

‘Oh, yes. Yes it is. Just look at you. A simple fantasy and you’re getting worse in your self-debasing vision of yourself.’

Kyle looked at the mirror and saw it was true. He had gained at least 20 more pounds in the last minutes, and his hair had grown a little longer, giving him an unkempt trashy mullet.

‘Why the hell am I looking like this?’

‘It is the vision you have of yourself. Here you could see yourself anyway you want, and you’re chosen not to see yourself as the strong superhero you used to be, but as a filthy slut and the opposite of a hero, that deep inside is what you want to be. You obviously can’t see yourself as a hero anymore…’

‘None of that is true! Just let me go, you sick bastard!’

‘…but luckily for you, I’m strong and good looking as ever. I’m in my best moment. And I’m having so much fun to help you, Kylie.’

‘Why are you doing this to me?’

‘Because I love you. I love you so much, Kyle, I only exist for your pleasure, and make you happy is my only reason to exist. We’ve helped you to keep your sanity by making us truly enjoy what was happening to us. But I realize this is too much fun for me, for us, now that I don’t have our sanctimonious mind stopping me. We were so miserable before, but Boss and Papi have opened us the door for so much happiness and joy…’

‘By turning us into a mindless slut? Is that the life you want for us???’

‘I just want to make you happy. Just think about it: a life of pure carnal pleasures, pure hedonism 24/7. There is a new world out there waiting for us, so many men waiting for us to yield to their appetites. So much flesh, so many different pleasures. You’re so tired of being the goodie good hero. But I need something else. The ring you have. It’s a symbol of our will. Give it to me, let me take more control of our actions.’

‘FUCK OFF!! I’ll never do that!!’

‘I can’t take it from you, Kyle. Just give the ring, and I’ll take good care of us.’


‘Like, ya should listen Perv Brah’s advice, brah. He’s like, very smart and stuff!’, exclaimed the grinning brute next to him.

‘He always makes me feel good, brah. Like, why don’t ya give him yar ring and we all have a good time together, brah? We can give ya one of these pretty cock rings, dude! Before we did not have them, but suddenly they appeared and now we can do many funny things with them! Just relax and let’s smoke some weed, brah…’

‘No, don’t listen to him! Please, help me, Bro! You’ve gotta help me, please!’

‘He won’t do that. Bro is mine. Why do you resist, Princess? You like this as much as we do. After all, we are the same, all fused together. Remember, this is just one of your fantasies…’, he said as he sat astride the tied man on the bed and settled on top of him. Kyle realized Perv was about to sat on him, and made him fuck himself cowboy style.

’You are not me! You’re things created by those thugs to fuck my mind further!’

‘We ARE you. What else do you think we are? Little Kyles handling your body like a robot? Or like the emotions of ‘Inside Out’? Wake up Kyle, we are one and the same. This is your interpretation, but in reality we are the same thing in your head, all fused together. Now, give me the ring. It’s a symbolic thing, to let me have more control over you. Come on Kyle…’


‘Please. I ask for so little. Just give me the ring, Kyle. Just obey me, love me. Do as I say, and I will be your slave…’

‘Which in the practice means surrender to your lust. Be a slave to your passions and any man you see. You can’t do that, resist it!’

‘Fuck you, you twisted mother fucker!!’

‘With pleasure’, Perv said smiling, lowering his ass to impaling himself on Kyle’s hard member.

‘Holy shit!!’

‘You like it? Do you like to fuck yourself, Alley Rat? Ooh, I know you do, you prissy dumbfuck! Feel yourself get fucked by your hard cock, Kyle! Come on, faggot, keep moving your hips and fuck yourself harder! Fill my ass with jizz and I’ll put you in a frilly dress, just how you want! Hey, bro, come here and stick your dick in this prudish bitch’s pussy!’

‘Fuck yeahh, brah! Pig Brah’s pussy looks so good ta fuck it!’

‘N-nooo!, no stop! Get off me, you fucking slut!!’ Kyle closed his eyes and tried to focus. It wasn’t possible for him to end up like this, giving in to his lustful urges. If what that thing had said was true, he still had the control and the power to fight.

‘You are not like them! You are not stupid, nor a horny slut!! Remember who you really are! Remember the strength in you; remember who you are, Kyle! Come on, Alley Rat, you can fight them!

Bro was trying to find a good angle to join their little private orgy, but couldn’t find the right place, which gave Kyle a moment to think.

‘The oath! The Green Lantern’s Oath! That’s it, that saved you before! Come on, remember it, remember how it says: “In funniest day, in craziest night, I won’t miss the…” no, fuck, that’s not right! Oh, God no! It’s all wrong!’

‘Uhh, brah, that position … I can’t, likem figure out how…’

‘Make him suck your cock then. This cocksucker bitch loves to suck big fat dicks like yours, bro.’

‘In dumbest… in hottest … in horniest…. fuck, no! What does it say?? You can’t surrender! In… in brightest…in dirtiest… no, wait, brightest, that’s it!! That’s it, Princess! In brightest day, blackest night….. In brightest day, in blackest night…’

‘Oh, you made it!’, Perv Kyle said with amusement. ‘Good job, Kylie! Oh, I could just worship those big muscles all day!’

‘Fuck, brah! I too, brah!’

Kyle opened his eyes and saw that he had recovered his body. He no longer looked obese and disheveled. He had regained his muscular and strong body. Even his boots looked shiny with the gorgeous emerald green they had, just as they should look like. But he still couldn’t get rid of his bonds, or make his power ring, his will, reestablished. He would have to keep fighting.

‘Ohhhhhh, spirited. Oh, good… Oh, very good’, Perv Kyle said with a lustful grin.

‘I will enjoy making you surrender, Kyle. And I will enjoy making you enjoy it…

‘Do you think he’s dreaming with us, T?’ asked Chuy, staring at the defeated Green Lantern, who was lying unconscious on the floor. The once formidable hero had fallen asleep with his index and middle fingers stuck in his mouth, from which a thread of drool and semen was slowly dripping on the floor, with even more semen oozing up from his recently deflowered ass.

‘I don’t know. Why do you think that, baby?’

Tyron’s fingers traced the groove that divided Chuy’s muscles. He often did that, along with playing with his lover’s nipples, after enjoying a heated round of sex. Both thuggish lovebirds were cuddled on the wreckage of Kyle’s new couch. The now battered piece of furniture was now ready for the garbage truck after having been misused as a rough sex setting for the last time, but it was still standing.

‘I don’t know. I dreamed of you after we fucked the first time.’

‘That’s a lie, you corny fucker!’, said T- Bone laughing and kissing Chuy’s soft cheek.

‘No, I swear! We were fucking inside a blue Cadillac or something…’

‘Nooo, that actually happened after we left Ice Box’s party. But you were too wasted, and I think you mistook it for a dream. That, or are you making it up. But I think it’s nice that you’re cheesy enough to make those things up, baby’, he said, and kissed him lovingly again.

They snuggled back and were silent for a few minutes, until Chuy spoke again.



‘This is the first time we’ve ever fucked someone else since we started dating, T….’

‘Yes, it is. And… did you like it?’

‘Yeah. It was good… this little bitch knows how to use his mouth. He’s hot…’

The casual and overly disinterested way Chuy said it lit a yellow light on T-Bone’s head.

‘There’s something wrong, baby?’

‘No’, the skinny Latino said, and fell silent again. Tyron said nothing, already knowing that his lover was about to add something else.

‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1….’

‘Uhmmm… I just…. I just….I hope you…’

‘What’s the matter, baby?’

‘Are you happy with me, T?’

WHAT??? Of course I am, loco! Why the fuck you’re asking that???’

‘Well, I just… I was….

‘Hey, hey, you can tell me, Jesús. Whatever it is just tell me, baby.’

‘I hope you don’t start liking fuck this asshole’s cunt, and stop fucking with me everyday….’

‘Bitch, what the fuck are you talking about?? That could never happen, Chuy! Are you really worried about this idiot?’

‘No,I… but, I mean, he’s muscular and big, and… and I know you like guys like that…’

‘Heeey, easy there. Look at me. I love you, Jesus. This dirty cunt is just a cum dump for both of us. Nothing else. Rayner is just a sex toy. If anything, he’s just something else to make us closer, an accessory and a servant, nothing more than that. And I would never, EVER replace you with this piece of shit. Nor with anyone else. Do you understand that, Chuy?’

‘Really, T?’

‘But of course, carbon! Look, if you’re not comfortable with this fucker, we won’t fuck him again. I will put a big cork up his ass, another in his snout, and I won’t put my dick in him ever again, I promise.’

‘No, no, it’s fine. I just… well, I just got a bit scared for a moment. We never talked about… you know…’

‘Being exclusive?’

‘Yes. And I was wondering if this would make you want to fuck with other fuckers again …’

‘Hey, look at me. I don’t want to fuck with anybody else. You’re the one that I want. The one that I need. I love you, Jesus. More than anything. I mean it.’

They shared a long, loving kiss, and then T-Bone said: ‘Don’t be scared, baby. Being afraid of Rayner is like being afraid of a dildo. You like it when we fuck his brain, right?

‘Fuck yeah …’

‘And do you like it when we humiliate him?’

‘Of course, T…’

‘And do you want to keep doing it?’

‘Sure! With you.’

‘Okay, then. And now, I think it’s time to spoil my little hombre. We’re going shopping with this jerk’s credit card. Dress up honey, put anything on. We’re just going to leave some new instructions for this fag to keep things interesting, and we’ll spend the rest of the day at the Two-Mile Mall.’

‘Sweet. Can I add something to our little pendejo’s brain? I came up with some ideas now that we spoke with him. Oh, and we have to fix our queer detective and his plans to get rid of us.’

’Sure, baby. Come on, we have to buy you some new clothes and kicks. And what if we start fixing this place up? You said you don’t like it…

A few minutes later, T-Bone woke Green Lantern with his usual delicacy and tenderness.

‘WAKE UP, RAYNER!’ He yelled, giving the hero a hard kick in his exposed and sore butt.

’WHA-!? wha–!!?? Kyle yelled aghast, jumping to his feet and filling the room with all sorts of random constructs: a quartet of mannequins in different poses, a giant bottle of Coke, an old old fashioned half-melted telephone, a big map of Africa, a clock, a man sized ostrich egg….

‘Dude, what the fuck!?

‘Rayner, what the fuck are you doing??’

Startled, T-Bone thought that now he really had drive Kyle unhinged. He had to keep in mind that despite all the control he had over Green Lantern and no matter how mindfucked he was, he was still a powerful being and promised himself that he would never wake him up again by scaring him, no matter how much he hated him.

‘WOAH..? UH? WHAT A…? UH? THE FUCK…?’ Green Lantern stammered, still half asleep. He looked down and started patting his torso.

‘I’m not obese! I have my abs and I am in good shape!’, he thought jubilantly, having no idea why he was distressed to have lost his muscular body. ‘My ring!’, he babbled. ‘The Lemonhead Dinner! I’M A… NOT… My crayons! in my … what?’ He blinked twice and found Boss and Papi staring at him wide-eyed, surrounded by all kinds of nonsensical green constructs.

‘O – oh- ahh … sorry, I … uh, I don’t know …’

‘Okay, it’s okay, Kyle, everything is fine! Did you have a nightmare or something, loco?’

‘N-nightmare? uh … no … I don’t know … it was something with … electrical cables on the floor … something with champagne and pools…. uh, my ring didn’t work, and, and I was drawing with crayons on the wall and… the Jordan fans were… I don’t know … I don’t remember what it was. Oh, I don’t know what it was, but….’, he breathed out while sitting on the floor, wincing as he put all his weight on his newly ruined ass. After being mercilessly fucked by Boss and Daddy’s cocks his rump hurted like hell; he could have sworn he had a big papaya stuffed deep inside his rectum…

Then the three men in the room exhaled in relief, as all the constructs Green Lantern had created vanished one by one slowly in the air. His ring worked perfectly, why did he think it didn’t?

‘Uhhhhhhhh, ooookay… Tyron, please don’t wake him up like this ever again…’, said a noticeable paler Chuy.

‘Never again baby… uhhh. Holy shit, are… are you okay, Rayner?’

‘I… I think so, uh… I’m so sorry, guys. That never happened to me before, I don’t know what…uh? Are they going out, Boss?’

’Yes, we were on our way out.’

Tyron was still scared, but everything seemed to be in order and he tried to return to his usual ways.

’Uh, listen, we are going to go shopping, but we have to give you some instructions.’

‘Sure thing, Boss. Tell me, please’, he said, standing up again.

‘First of all, clean up this place. The whole house, I mean. Pack the books, decorations and everything on the walls in boxes. And take out these ruined couches, we don’t want them here anymore. The coffee table too, I don’t like it at all. Just leave the TV and the black leather lazyboy, we like that one actually. Vacate the closet in our bedroom, you’re going to sleep there tonight, is that clear?’

‘Yes, Boss, crystal clear.’

‘We will have dinner outside, you can eat whatever you find here. And call Roy, do you remember him? My friend from last night?’

‘The handsome redhead with the nose piercing, yes, I remember him very well, Boss.’

‘Yeah, that’s Roy. I’ve called him for a new pack, and you’re going to pick it up tonight. Call him after 7. His number is written on the wall. The money is on the bed. You can go out to do your night patrols and your superhero shits tonight, but go get the pack first, I don’t want you to be late with Roy.’

‘But, Boss, I can’t go out to do my superhero work anymore…’

‘What? why the fuck not, bitch?’

’After… after what happened today, I … I can’t go out and pretend nothing has happened… I’m sorry, but my reputation… people…’

’Ohhhhhhh, right, right, I see. Don’t worry about it, Princess. I have the solution for that.’

‘Do… do you have it, Boss? Oh thank you, thank you so much! I thought that my life as Green Lantern had ended and …’

‘Just shut up and sleep, bitch.’


To be continued…

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