Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 9
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 9

The visit to S.T.A.R. Lab had been useful, but it didn’t go as well as Green Lantern had hoped. He had found evidence pointing to some brain-related research being carried ou there: a blurry photocopy with the label ‘VC-U-DL-0-0’ with some post-it notes attached to it by a ‘Dr. Johnsthon’ shoved at the bottom of a trash can. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything more clear-cut about what the project was about, or what he was dealing with.

Most of the cabinets had been cleared out. Any equipment or files related to the project were no longer there, but he did find more information about the small devices that left the thieves confused. They were equipment for monitoring brain activity, some generic clinical instruments, and a set of small pens that also produced peculiar-looking lights. There were also some small widgets that looked like spare parts for the strange machine.

Whatever the project was, they had moved whatever was left of it elsewhere.

Even though the office looked abandoned, Green Lantern still felt apprehensive. From time to time, he would glance over his shoulder, almost expecting to see Boss and Papi standing behind him with a smile on their faces, ready to satisfy their sick, sexual fantasies.

‘Calm down, Kyle. They’re not here…’

He never would’ve imagined that a part of petty criminals – smaller, weaker and younger than him (who didn’t even bother to bathe regularly) – would be able to scare him like this… and to humiliate him this thoroughly. But somehow, it had happened. What did that say about him? What kind of hero did that make him? And above all, what kind of man did that make him?

The hero of Coast City was way more anxious than he was willing to admit, even to himself. Kyle almost jumped out of his skin at a faint noise he heard from the corner of the room. Upon closer inspection, it was just a curious pigeon that stopped in front of the windows.

‘Jesus, Kyle. Those thugs were right. You are truly a chicken,’ he mumbled, unknowingly triggering the very first order he had received. ‘Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, buuuuuck!’ Kyle yelled out without realizing.

Not even noticing his outburst, Kyle kept on investigating, but without much success. Most of the other rooms were either empty or filled with the usual junk. Looking around, the hero felt ashamed to see what he had destroyed based on Boss’ previous orders. Luckily, it looked like a lot of the equipment was probably headed straight for the junkyard anyway.

Nevertheless, he felt bad so he cleared away some of the debris he had caused. After a final look, he started flying back to his apartment, oblivious to the fact that Boss and Papi’s prized device was created in the lab he had just left. In Kyle’s mind, the device he was holding a few hours ago was the rightful property of his new prisoners. Kyle’s addled mind couldn’t make the connection between the device and the notes that he was looking at a few minutes ago.

All he had was the classified name of a random project, or at least a code he could hopefully use to track it, along with a name that he had folded and tucked into his shin, forearm guard for safekeeping. At least he found some leads – maybe, if he was careful enough, he could ask some of his superhero friends to pull some strings and get him some more information.

No, that would never work. He had no idea what those two thugs had done to him, and he couldn’t tell which parts of his personality had been altered. There was something about his behaviour that just felt wrong, and even though he couldn’t put his finger on it, his friends would surely notice. He wouldn’t dare appear at the JLA headquarters in his current mental state. He had to face this threat alone.

And he knew he couldn’t trust his memories, either. Something very embarrassing had happened while he was with the trucker, but now he couldn’t remember what it was. Something about… the seats? No, it was something about the way he looked… maybe? But that was absurd, he was fine. In Kyle’s head, he’d never looked better, completely oblivious to how he really looked.

Despite the constant confusion, Kyle was glad he could still manage to do some real work, and he was even luckier to have gotten rewarded with a couple of fingers up his ass. His butt still felt a bit funny since he’d never had anything that invasive up there before, and Duke went in raw.

And that kiss… oh man… that kiss was pure magic…’

The intrusion in what was once his most private hole had felt great, but it wasn’t Duke’s rough, fat fingers that Kyle savoured. Kyle could ignore the constant numb pain in his ass now only because he was so turned on by how submissive he was to the sexy redneck. Duke had taken full control of his situation; Kyle couldn’t help but surrender to every single whim and desire from the manly brute. On top of that, the kiss added a special dimension and deeper meaning to his first fingerfuck.

Kyle couldn’t help but reminisce. His fingers traced his lips, excited by the memory of Duke’s mouth and beard brushing against his own clean-shaven face. Truckers were hot and manly by default, Kyle decided. With such virility and gallantry it was easy to see why they were called “The Knights of the Road.”

‘The Emerald Knight’s first kiss was with a Knight of the Road. Sounds romantic in a way…

That fiery kiss, so full of passion and masculinity, was only improved by the pungent odors of sweat, tobacco and booze. It was nothing like the soft, scented skin of the women he had kissed and loved in the past. How could he have ever enjoyed that? It was so boring, so simple. Duke’s passionate kiss had in fact moved him to tears, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it. Maybe he should have. Duke had seen through Kyle’s macho front, so being a little more vulnerable wouldn’t have made much of a difference. He seemed to accept his fa-, I mean, his gayness. That’s it.

‘That other cute guy was such an idiot to give up a sweet, hot man like Duke for a couple of bucks.’ Kyle thought. ‘Actually, maybe I should visit some trucker bars one of these days… just to make some new friends.’

Kyle could’ve kept dreaming about that kiss for hours, but he forced himself to focus on the matter at hand. He still hadn’t decided what to do about his predicament. Perhaps he could surprise the goons, and confine them in an isolated, soundproof room so that he could buy himself more time.

But what if they still had control over him in that scenario? There’s no telling what they would do to Kyle if they were actually trying to punish him. Rushing into things without figuring out how that skinny rat and that bulky gorilla had up their sleeves would be a suicide mission.

Maybe he could play along, so they wouldn’t suspect that he was slowly breaking out of their control. He could take a closer look at what they were doing, and figure out what they had done to him. No way, Kyle couldn’t go through those deliciously humiliating situations again without losing his composure.

‘Ugh. Dammit, Kyle, are you horny again? Holy Jizz, you’ve already cum twice and it’s not even noon yet! Boss is a sadistic scumbag, but he’s right about you: you really are a super slut.’

Hey, wait, no! That’s not right!

’Focus, bitch, you have to focus on getting things back in order, you… don’t call yourself a bitch, Kyle! damn, why… aghh… not… not again…’

The dizziness and headaches from the night before were coming back. Kyle slowly descended into a secluded alleyway before he fully lost control.

‘Damn… this… I’m not… not a bitch. Not a superslut… just a slut, maybe, but I still haven’t sucked enough dicks to be a- NO! FUCK! They’re lying!..not a pervert. I’m a hero! I’m a Green Lantern! Shit! I really need another hit of Boss’ bong right now. I shouldn’t have left home without… uh? What’s that?’

The piercing screech of an alarm from a nearby bank had snapped him out of his reverie. It was only a couple of blocks away, judging by the noise. Not trusting himself to fly over, Green Lantern ran towards the sound.

Running at full speed intensified the funny feeling between Kyle’s legs. It was like he needed to use the bathroom. His knees felt like rubber, but he kept going. Coast City needed him! He really had to concentrate to keep from falling over though; he almost tripped twice but he didn’t let that slow him down. Eventually, he got to the source of the noise, just in time to see a man in a ski mask climb into a moving gray van with the licence plant ‘BT1NG-U’.

’‘Beating you’. Those guys must think they’re really tough. But they’re even stupider than me if they didn’t realize that a personalized license plate is way easier to track.’

Green Lantern was about to use his ring to stop the vehicle, when he felt a sharp pain in his head. It only lasted a second, but that was enough time for the truck to turn the corner at full speed. Judging the situation, Green Lantern decided to rush into the bank first to see if there was anyone in there that needed help.

He entered cautiously, his ring glowing brightly, ready for action. ‘Hey, is anyone hurt?’

No response. The hall was completely empty, so Green Lantern started jogging towards the back rooms. He didn’t see anyone hiding in any of the rooms.

‘Hello! I’m Green Lantern, and I’m here to help!’ Kyle kept walking, deeper and deeper into the bank, heart racing. When Kyle made it all the way to the back, he found a couple of men near the vault.

There were two muscular guards, tied to each other with sturdy looking rope and gagged. Upon closer inspection, Kyle could see that their pants were pushed down to their ankles, with no underwear in sight.

‘Oh, my God. Good Lord, what the fuck is wrong with those perverts?’

Upon closer inspection, Green Lantern could see that those weren’t ordinary knots. They were complicated, likely the work of someone who knew a lot about professional bondage. The poor guards were tied up in the most perverted positions – one of them, a redheaded well built man, was bent over a desk, butt up in the air. The other guard, bigger and sturdier, was on all fours, his face stuck firmly in his partner’s ass. A complicated series of knots were tied around his head and shoulders to keep him in place.

‘Mhhhhhhph!! MHHHHPHH!!!’ Kyle could barely hear the guards’ muffled cries, but he could see that their eyes were pleading and tear-filled.

‘Please don’t move, it’s going to be okay. I’m just going to remove the gag,’ the hero said to the ginger guard tied to the desk. Even GL was feeling a twinge of embarrassment for the two mortified guards. As he removed the gag, he noticed that it was a white jockstrap – one of the guard’s underwear.

‘Ahhhh…ah, thank you, GL, thank you so- OH, GOD, TROY, STOP PLEASE STOP!!… I-I’m sorry, I swear it’s not what it looks like… but… please…I can’t help it…’

Green Lantern followed the guard’s gaze, and he could see that his penis was fully hard with big globs of precum falling off the tip.

’Dios. Uh, don’t worry- it doesn’t, uh – I-I-I won’t tell anybody,’ Green Lantern mumbled.

’… I didn’t mean to… ’, the poor man sobbed with quivering lips and watery green eyes ’…b-b-b- but Troy’s breath just feel so hot and… his goatee feels… it’s so… tickling my … oh, please… ’

’HHMMPH…!! ’ the other guard frantically tried to get GL’s attention, his face still shoved deep in his partner’s ass.

‘I’ll get you out of this, but it’s a bit tricky. You two need to make sure you stay still so you don’t get hurt. Why don’t you take a deep breath, tell me your name and what happened,’ GL said as he willed a scalpel out of green energy.

The guard on the desk took a deep breath, and started talking, ‘Uh… my name is Chris, and… well three men came in, they were dressed like cops and…’ Out of nowhere, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. ‘JEEESSSUS CHRIST, TROY!!! FUCK, STOP DOING THAAAaaaAaaAaT!’

His partner, Troy, just mumbled helplessly against his restraints.

‘Please don’t move, Troy. We’re almost there.’ To his credit, Troy actually stopped squirming, but you could still see the pain in his eyes. Turning back to Chris, Kyle prompted him for more information, mostly to distract him from his predicament.

Apparently, three men had entered the bank posing as police officers. Once inside, they used some high-tech weapons to subdue him and his partner. They were the only guards still on duty at this hour of the day. Three more men came in and emptied the vault, but at that point, Chris and Troy were getting tied up.

A giant of a man with a shaved head, who seemed to be their leader, started tying them up in that pitiful display. After they had realized what had happened, the vault was empty. Fortunately, the thieves accidentally tripped one of the alarms on their way out.

Shortly after finishing the story, Green Lantern set both guards free.

‘There you are buddies, you’re free,’ he said with a smile. Luckily, he managed to sort that out as he could faintly hear police sirens headed towards their direction.

As soon as they could move again, the two guards rose to their feet. They pulled their pants straight up to cover their softening cocks. Out of the impromptu bondage session, the two guards actually looked quite intimidating: tall, muscular and passably attractive. The two normally confident men were filled with shame though, and they slumped their shoulders, barely unable to meet GL’s or each other’s eyes.

Unable to contain his lust, Kyle kept looking the two guards up and down. He couldn’t deny that they were attractive. It was just a fact. But they weren’t exactly his type. Yeah, he was straight, but he could still tell if a guy was hot, no homo. They were too nice and clean-cut for his taste. Kyle could even smell the fresh cologne from them, the same type that he used to like. Kyle couldn’t help but sneer – yeah, they were pussies, just like he used to be.

Cocks were cocks though, and these two seemed to have a good set of –


Kyle snapped himself out of his reverie, and addressed the two guards once again.

‘All right, thanks guys. Luckily, I managed to spot the guys before they drove off. They were in a 90’s gray ecoline van, licence plate ‘BT1NG-U’. Pass that onto the cops when they get here, I’ll go on pursuit for now.’

Chris actually managed to look Green Lantern in the eye as he uttered his thanks, but his partner, Troy, was still too embarrassed to even raise his head to look at the emerald warrior. Right as Green Lantern started walking away, he heard Troy speak up:

‘Yeah, thanks, man. And be careful. Those twisted fuckers are out of their minds.’

‘Will do. And you don’t have to worry, buddy. You can put all this behind you now,’ the hero said with a reassuring smile.

As soon as Green Lantern was out of sight, Troy ran straight to the security room.

‘Hey, where are you going?’ Chris asked as he tried to keep up.

‘To erase the damn surveillance tapes.’

‘You can’t do that, Troy! It’s evidence!’

‘The hell it is. I’m not going to let anyone see me sniffing your ass.’


‘What else do you want me to do? Give these to the cops? This’ll end up on Youtube!’

‘No, of course not, but we-’

‘We don’t need these anyway. Look, you can see them in the videos from the entrance and the lobby. They won’t need the ones from the vault. And Green Lantern has their license plates anyway. We don’t need to humiliate ourselves any more than we already have.’

‘Yeah, I guess you’re right.’ A moment of silence passed as Troy deleted the surveillance videos. Chris piped up as soon as he was finished:

‘Hey, did you notice anything weird about Green Lantern?’

‘No. Weird like what?’

‘I don’t know… he looked… strange… dirty.’

‘Dirty? I didn’t notice,’ Troy tried to think, but he was too busy being utterly humiliated to take inventory of Green Lantern’s embarrassing new state of dress.

‘All I know is he got us out of that disgusting situation. Come on, we need to talk to the cops.’

As both guards went out to be questioned, Chris’ mind kept coming back to the superhero. He could swear he was filthy, complete with massive pit stains. And there was definitely a faint stench coming off of him. And was his butt out hanging out of his uniform when he walked away? And he was sure there was something stuck to it.

Green Lantern was fuming. That shit would’ve been fine if you did it to a slutty dumbass like him, but those two guards were innocent civilians. They were just doing their job; it’s not like they’d done anything to deserve such cruel treatment.

‘Then why do you think you deserve it, Kyle? Why do you keep insulting yourself? You don’t deserve to be humiliated.’

That was true. But every time he tried to reason with himself about stuff like that, he would get a massive migraine. So instead, he ignored that line of questioning, and focused on catching those fuckers. He had to make them pay, no matter what.

The robbery was already inexcusable, but they had crossed a line by humiliating those poor guards. He definitely had to make them pay for that. The thugs at his house, and now this… GL hoped that this trend of humiliating authority figures in the kinkiest ways wouldn’t start catching on.

Feeling comfortable enough to start flying again, he flew over the area but wasn’t having any luck. To help, he used his ring to form an earpiece that he could tune to the local police frequency. He could hear them talk about the license plate, with two cops mentioning that they saw the van driving towards an abandoned warehouse. Luckily, Kyle was already headed in that direction.

He flew a little closer to the ground to inspect a couple of buildings without any luck. Eventually, something caught his eye. A group of men were inside a warehouse that was half-collapsed. They didn’t look like they worked there, and the building looked way too dilapidated to be operational. The hero aimed to land on the roof, but the fiberglass had fallen off a long time ago. He eventually found a stable place to land and take a closer look at the criminals.

It was them. The “Beating You” van was parked near a raw of giant, rusty machines, and he counted at least seven men putting money in small plastic bags. They loaded those bags into smaller cars, under the watchful eye of a big man dressed in a tight, cop uniform.

The big man walked up to one of the guys.

‘Hey, you! What are you doing? Move it!’ the fake officer roared.

‘Sorry, Bill, I was just-’

‘Cut that shit out and hurry up! Move it! We don’t have a lot of time! Jesus, you guys are morons!’

Green Lantern was too far away to see what was happening, so he used his ring to form a pair of binoculars.

Bill was a huge man, probably 30 to 35 years old, with a shaved head and a scowl on his face. He had rough features – a hooked nose, a squared-off chin and a scar under his lips. With his imposing size and big muscular arms, it was easy to imaging him taking the two muscular guards and tying them up without any effort.

That scumbag! Green Lantern was going to make him pay for that. Tying those guards up. Humiliating them. Who the fuck did he think he was? He probably had yelled at the two guards, swearing at them, calling them names while he pulled down their tight pants. Ripping off their underwear roughly, with their cock and balls bouncing free due to the force. Him stuffing the sweaty, slightly pungent jocks into their defenseless mouths.

He must’ve shoved that bigger cop around, Troy, before forcing his face into the hairy ass-crack of his ginger partner. Could the guards contain themselves, or were they uncontrollably horny? Had they felt scared and defenseless against those big, bad, sexy criminals?

Kyle wondered what Bill would’ve done if Kyle had been there himself. Kyle felt himself getting hard. Bill surely couldn’t have gagged him with his underwear: his thongs and panties were way too flimsy. But maybe he could…

’What the fuck, Kyle???’

To his surprise, he had his hands on his crotch. There was a dark wet spot at the tip of his dick. Disgusted, angry and embarrassed, he forced himself back to reality. He had to get his head sorted out as soon as possible.

He looked back down at the criminals, and spotted two other men in police uniforms. They were probably in their late 20s, much thinner than Bill. Actually, the rest of the gang looked like they were much younger, barely in their 20s, but their faces were equally hostile.

The guards had mentioned six men at the robbery, but Green Lantern counted eight stud muffins. One of them must’ve been the driver, and one more stayed as a lookout. What a pity those good-looking supermodels were…

‘You better calm down and… oh, fuck, you forgot to use deodorant this morning. Good job, Kyle, you know how horny you always get when it comes to B.O. Daaamn, you’re starting to smell so good, fucker. Ok, cut the horny shit now, you have work to do’.

It was a struggle to focus with the intoxicating scent wafting off of him, but he had to be professional. He owed it to those guards to arrest all of these beautiful, beautiful assholes. He had to make sure to subdue all of them as quickly as possible though, especially since he had no idea how long he could keep himself in control.

GL saw that the best course of action would be a sneak attack from above. He could land on the van, and he could conjure something up with his ring. It’d have to be something that could restrain them all at once so he could bring them safely to the police.

It was a decent plan… except he didn’t even need to get closer to do that. He might as well just summon something using his ring from up here. Not to mention the fact that his ring made him practically invulnerable to their guns. But some part of him wanted to get closer.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, this was a subconscious urge T-Bone’s reprogramming had planted in his mind. “That’s why you wanted to be a superhero in the first place, right? Not out of a sense of honor, but because it gives you an excuse to be close to all those sexy thugs and hot criminals.”

Kyle now had the urge to follow that literally – he had to be physically close to the gang of sexy thieves that had so easily subdued and humiliated the strong guards at the bank. It wasn’t exactly what T-Bone meant, but the mindfucked hero’s brain couldn’t help itself – he convinced himself that, for some reason, it would be pointless to capture them from a distance.

That, along with the constant thoughts that he was dumb and a loser, actually started affecting his decision-making. He was making rash, dumb decisions that would probably lead to failure. Or he would make decisions that would land him in a situation that would satisfy his subconscious, lustful needs. But those weren’t the only instructions that were going to mess up his plans…

Committing to his plan, Green Lantern started floating in the air. As he approached the hole in the roof, he saw the gang had formed a circle as Bill kept barking orders.

‘Closer to them, perfe-’

Out of nowhere, his headache returned in full force. Kyle lost control, and he plunged a couple of feet to the ground. The hero fell awkwardly on the criminals’ getaway van, and bounced off of it to land facefirst on the dusty floor, right in the middle of the gang.

The fall would’ve been deadly for a normal person, but fortunately, his power ring protected him. It still hurt though.

‘Crap. There goes the surprise element. Good job, Green Moron,’ the hero thought. His ego bruised more than his body, Kyle stood up on wobbly legs and tried to take control of the situation. ‘Ev… everybody, freeze and put your hands up!’ Again, Kyle lost all authority in his voice while faced with these sexy, strong criminals. He was still wobbling a little bit, waving his hand with his power ring around limp-wristed.

Criminals used to tremble and beg at the sight of Green Lantern, or at least try to put up a fight. Not this time. For one long awkward moment, a silence hung in the air as the criminals and the hero watched each other.

’Did they hear me?’, the hero wondered. After another beat, the men around him began to laugh.

‘What the fuck is that??’ one of the men, dressed as a cop, exclaimed through his laughter.

‘Dude! Dude, who the fuck are you, man?’ asked one of the younger-looking goons.

‘That’s a very good question, Kyle,’ the voice in his head asked. ‘Who the fuck are you?’

He tried to answer like his past self, filled with strength in confidence, if a little intimidating. Unfortunately, his throat refused to work today. Suddenly, he could barely breathe. All he could do was croak out, in a tiny, fearful voice:

‘I’m Green Lantern…?’

That only made the crowd around him laugh harder. The Emerald Knight’s confidence began to fade as the gang kept laughing and pointing at him. The hero actually felt panicked.

‘The fuck you are! You’re just a Green Lantern wannabe!’

A voice from behind him chimed in:

’Porn Lantern, you mean. Bob! You gotta see this dude’s ass! This fucker has his hairy ass just hanging out of his pants! And dude, what are you wearing? Those are for the ladies!’

‘My ass? What does he mean…?’’ He put his hand up to his buttocks, and realized what was happening. His ass was out, in full view, framed by a frilly thong. But that wasn’t the worst part: there was something stuck to it. He tore it off, and saw it was a Big Mac wrapper. As he peeled it off, he saw that sticky piece of chewed gum that held it in place for who knew how long. ‘Oh, shit, I’m going to kill these bastards!’

The voice from behind him spoke again.

‘Were you dumpster diving for breakfast, ‘Green Lantern’? I think you lost your dessert!’ The thug stepped up to Green Lantern, tearing off a lollipop that had been stuck to Kyle’s butt for over an hour. He could hear it ripping off of his ass check like an old piece of duct tape.

Green Lantern squeaked in surprise. His mouth agape, Green Lantern turned to look at the thug that had just humiliated him, but before he could say anything, the thug pushed the lollipop straight into the hero’s open mouth. He could feel some of his butt hairs stuck to it.

Kyle spit the lollipop out of his mouth. The shock actually broke through the haze for a bit, and he noticed how his once proud uniform looked like a mess. No, not his uniform, his costume. Now all this was, was a costume. His clown costume, since apparently he was very good at making people laugh. On top of that, he had turned his shiny uniform, a symbol of power and authority that had once been respected across the entire galaxy, into an obscene rag filled with sweat, cum, piss, dirt and garbage. He even had cigarette butts and pieces of chewed gum on it.

He hadn’t suffered such paralyzing panic before, not even as a rookie in the Green Lantern Corps. Unfortunately, due to Boss’ earlier instruction to act like a “chicken”, his mind had associated all the implications of being a chicken to GL’s base personality. Now, he saw himself as a coward. To make things worse, the abject humiliation was turning him on again. At this rate, he won’t be able to fight, let alone think straight. He was defenseless. No wonder these men were laughing at him.

Desperate to regain control, Green Lantern said the first thing that came to mind:

‘You’re all under arrest!’

‘Ha! Don’t make me laugh, faggot!’

At the sound of the word, Green Lantern felt his knees go weak as an intoxicating wave of pleasure coursed through his body. He emitted a loud moan as his hard cock throbbed painfully against the fabric of his uniform.

Looking at the doubled over hero, the puzzled criminals looked at each other.

’What the hell happened? All I did was call him a faggot…’

‘UGHH!!!’ There it was again, the response to one of Chuy’s commands: “Hearing anything derogatory makes you horny. You love being reminded how much of a fag you are. You want everyone to know that you’re hungry for dick.” Unfortunately for Kyle, his subconscious took those orders literally, pushing him to the verge of orgasm in a very obvious way. He needed everyone to know how horny he was. Green Lantern tried in vain to keep his composure. He bit his lower lip, unintentionally making a sluttier face than before.

Fighting through the haze of horniness, Green Lantern moaned in a breathy voice:

‘Put…. put your hands up! Put your hands up and-’

The men around him started closing in on the poor mindfucked hero. Another voice rang out from the group:


“Uhhggg!!… this… this is your… ah-ah! l-l-last waaaaaaarning-OH, FUCK!.. w-warning… put your hands up and-.”

’We don’t give a fuck about, faggot.’

‘Ahhhhhh!!’ Kyle could barely keep himself standing, and hearing that word again pushed him over the edge. He dropped to his knees, panting.

With their confidence building, the entire crew were standing in a pretty tight circle around the defeated hero.

‘Wow, he loves it when we call him a faggot,’ one of the thieves laughed.

“Uhnn!.. ugh, nooo… s-s-stop… stop… insulting meeeee…” Green Lantern bleated feebly, but he couldn’t deny the lust in his voice.

‘Oh, yeah, what if I don’t want to stop, Turd Lantern? What are you gonna do?’ One of the men said, kicking some dirt up from the floor onto the hero. That only made Kyle moan louder and writhe in pleasure even more. He was panting on like an animal in heat.

Finally, the leader of the gang cleared his throat. He started speaking in a deep voice:

‘I don’t know who the fuck you are or what the point of this whole number is, but you made a big mistake coming here’. He started undoing his belt. Bill pulled out his dick and for a moment, Kyle thought (and hoped) that the thug was going to force him to suck him off. Instead, he got a blast of hot piss right in the face.

‘Ahhhh!!’ Shocked and revolted, Kyle tried to back away but the awkward angle caused him to fall onto his back instead. Bill kept pointing the stream straight at his face, soaking the confused, horny warrior.


‘I read somewhere that Green Lanterns had a particular weakness to the color yellow: yellow lights, or just yellow things in general. Something like that. And I guess they were right.’ He turned to the guys beside him. ‘Look at how weak this faggot is. He can barely handle my yellow piss.’

Bill was partially right, but Kyle Rayner was one of the few Green Lanterns that didn’t have that weakness. It was one of the things that had set him apart from the other Green Lanterns. Instead, the only thing weakening him was his incredible horniness at being surrounded by criminal scum, being so utterly humiliated and dominated by them, and being soaked in the stench of fresh piss in the most degrading way. The knowledge that he was being turned into a human urinal was too much for his mindfucked brain.

‘Come on, guys, let’s give a hand to the hero of Coast City! I think he deserves something for all his hard work!’


The goons obeyed, and soon Green Lantern was in the middle of his first group golden shower. He felt his own bladder loosen, both out for fear and excitement. At that point he was so soaked that the criminals didn’t even notice he was pissing himself.

Lost in a haze of lust and horniness, the superhero’s mind was barely functional, but one thought suddenly pierced through all the confusion: a pervert like him wouldn’t settle on just being soaked in and smelling like fresh urine. A true pervert would drink the piss, too!

‘Don’t you dare do that!’ a small voice in his head said. ‘You’ve got to hold onto some of your dignity!’

Suddenly, he heard another voice in his head, ‘Fuck dignity! You know you want it! Wouldn’t it be easier to just let yourself go, Kyle? You’re loving every second of this, Pig Lantern. Come on, admit it, pervert – you green, filthy pansy ass!’

Kyle tried to resist, but the warm tingle of the hot, smelly liquid soaking his body pushed him over the edge.

’FUCK, YES!!!! Ohhh, YESS!! FUCK YES!!! YEEEESSSS!!!’ Kyle let out a huge moan, just as his hands flew down to his crotch. He started jacking himself off to the delight of the criminals who roared in laughter. The great Green Lantern was groaning and grunting helplessly on the floor, his mouth now wide open with his tongue hanging out, trying to catch every drop of the gleaming, golden rain coming off the criminals that he swore he would bring to justice.

‘Fuck, this is revolting!’ he thought, ‘Its so gross… the taste is… disgusting… but… oh, fuck, I think I like it… look at what a beautiful shade of yellow each stream is… it’s so warm… so good. Taste them, I want to taste them. I wanna puke. Wait no, I want to taste all the colors, I HAVE to taste them all!’YES, TASTE THEM ALL!!

‘HOLY FUCK!!’ the hero said aloud, a wide grin on his face, masturbating like a madman, as the puddle of piss around him kept getting bigger.

‘Seriously, who is this nasty faggot?’ one man said, amused.

‘I don’t know,’ Bill replied, ‘Probably some pervert with a superhero fetish looking for adventure. But I think I might keep him as a pet. He’ll make a great replacement for those two dumbasses guarding the vault. I would’ve had my way with them if they didn’t trip the alarm.’

That snapped Kyle out of his trance.

‘The guards, I can’t fail the guards,’ he thought. ‘You may be a perverted pig, Kyle, but you still have a job to do. You can’t give up on that, too, people are counting on you. So do something, you filthy clown, move your ass!’.

‘I… I…’

Bill turned with a smug smile on his face.

‘I… ohh… I… fuck….’ the hero moaned again feebly, extending his arm in what the thug took as a pleading gesture.

‘Yoouu… oh, fuck… you… holy fuck! OOHHH… you…’

‘I what, faggot?’

‘UUGHHhh!!! FUCK!!!.. youuuu… you… YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!!!’

Green Lantern clenched his fist, and his ring shot a blast of green energy. No artistic constructs, no clever imagery. His mind was frazzled, but the urge to do the right thing broke through his lustful haze.

‘Oh, shit!!’ Bill said, narrowly avoiding the flash of green light. The shot passed right in front of him, scorching the tips of his eyebrows.

The shot hit one of the upper corners of the dilapidated warehouse, blowing part of the ceiling up into the air. A shower of iron girders and debris fell on the gigantic rusted machines, which collapsed on the cars that held the criminals’ guns and their loot.

‘NO! NOOOO!! THE MONEY!!!’ Bill yelled, as he ran in vain to salvage something from the rubble. It was useless. The money was out of his reach.

’You, you degenerate bastard, you…!!! Bill roared, turning around. He wanted to beat the crap out of the grubby hero, but his greed got the better of him, rushing to dig through the rubble like a bulldog.

The rest of the band stared in shock.

‘Holy shit’, said one of the bandits. ’He is the real Green Lantern!’

The bottom of the dilapidated warehouse collapsed, and then the rest of the building began to fall apart. The criminals ran away, except for Bill, who was still digging through the debris from the roof. The rest of the gang didn’t get far. The entrances collapsed and their attempt to flee actually meant they were closer to the debris falling from above. Three of them were knocked unconscious.

Green Lantern still lay on the ground, mouth agape, in a foul-smelling pool of urine, trying to catch his breath. Ignoring the urge to wade in the muddy puddle of piss he was in, the horny hero stood up. His crotch bulged obscenely, and he could barely stand straight. All he could manage was a bowlegged waddle up to Bill, who was still digging desperately.

Green Lantern grabbed the burglar by the shoulder, turning Bill to face him, and knocked him out with a single punch. A little rough, but Kyle knew if he didn’t act fast, the criminal could easily overpower him and have him on his knees sucking cock.

The rest of his gang was still desperately looking for a way to escape, but luckily, Green Lantern could hear the familiar sound of police cars approaching.

‘You did it. You did it, Kyle. Good job, princess’, he thought with a big doltish smile. Pleased with his good work, Kyle waddled back to where he had been helplessly humiliated just seconds before. Planting his bare ass right in the middle of the warm pool of piss, Kyle rewarded himself by taking the opportunity to enjoy the smells and tastes of the criminals’ urine as he waited for the cops to get here.

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