The Last Kryptonian Chapter 10
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

Thanks to Wrstlr for this great story. Hope to see more from his works in the future.

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 10: Unification and the meeting of the Kryptonian’s. What could possibly go wrong?

New Fortress of Solitude:

Clark Kent began to stir and move around on the floor where he lie only to see absolute blackness when he opened his eyes. He could feel himself raise his hands and move it towards his face but could not even see it until it made contact. In a matter of minutes, the darkness started to fade and he could see the form of his hand and slowly make it out as he moved it some distance away.

Hoping maybe he could pierce the darkness Clark Kent tried to activate his X-Ray vision but nothing happened. He leapt up in the air to fly but only achieved about 2 inches clearance before landing and losing his balance falling on the floor onto something lumpy. Picking himself back up Clark could make out the form of another being which slowly began to recognizable to Clark. What he saw moving on the floor was himself in his Superman costume that he always wore when being the hero and savior of earth.

Standing up and scanning the room he started to see a total of 5 forms all similar to himself but each a little different in attire, appearance, age, and stature. First was mild mannered timid reporter Clark Kent in his cheap $100-dollar suit and square lens bottle pop thick lens glasses, the embodiment of good will and happiness in all situations.

The Second form was his alter ego Superman that was wearing the old familiar Blue suit with red boot, red briefs, and flowing cape, emblazoned with the familiar S symbol which was his families crest, the mighty hero of earth and its defender in his mind.

The Third form looked like a much younger version of Clark but suited in more of a punk attire of a Black T-shirt with a kryptonian family symbol painted on with sharp edges and wearing a pair of torn denim shorts and easily to notice that he wore nothing else underneath to support his manhood, this was the embodiment of the risk taker that Superman had inside him.

The fourth figure was a much older version of Kal-El which looked to be in his 50’s with grey hair on his head and for his beard with a kind of faded costume similar to the one the current version wore but the emblem was different than the typical S and stood for the word protect and deliver, this is the embodiment of the general/leadership side of Kal-El.

The Fifth form which was appeared was more of a rugged, brutish outdoor mountain man type who wore an outfit to match the straggly haired body and face in full length denim jeans, a collared button-down flannel type shirt in the traditional blue and red colors and a kryptonian symbol which stood for strength, the more primal personality of Kal-El.

The sixth and final figure was virtually nude except for the tight pair of red briefs that he wore to cover his enormous girth of cock and ballsack with a kryptonian symbol standing for God on them, The body on this figure was soft and oiled so much that any light shimmered off his body, this was the narcissus personality of Kal-El.

Minutes seem to pass like hours as all these figures take in their surroundings, each other, and the stranger to them who was Clark Kent. Finally, they all try to speak to this foreigner to them in their native tongue of Kryptonese which Clark could no longer understand and when he spoke to them in English they did not understand what he was saying either and tempers began to flare from the various hero figures. That is when Clark start to see them advance on him to show their superiority and dissatisfaction with his presence, except for the defender personality that was closest to him which the was quickly occupied with the youthful persona.

The two of them started to battle one another while the others approached Clark and started to push him around, knocking him off his feet, kicking him severely, and forcing him to repeatedly find a way to retreat from their advancing powered forms.

Clark could not understand a thing they were saying or why they did not recognize who he was since to him they were the same person as he was. The figures keep up their relentless taunting, abuse, and aggression towards Clark.

One of them set his coat on fire which Clark could easily feel and had to remove, and the defender could never come to his rescue because of the younger risk taker blocking his approaches.

A second figure reaches out and grabs Clarks glasses crushing them and their lenses like they were props which actually caused Clark’s sight to go blurry and strained to try and make out which figure was which.

The third figure kept punching and tearing at the remaining clothes on Clark ripping them off in shreds each time he pulled his hand back from delivering a punch to Clark’s form. The onslaught continued to the now fully nude, powerless, and meek Clark until he was backed up to a wall and fell down to his knees, eyes full of tears not understanding a single thing of what was happening and how he was so defenseless against their onslaught.

Tears start to stream down Clark’s face one while he is kneeling when the primal persona lifts Clark up by his neck and lets the other two start rapidly punching and ravaging his body physically until they set him down on his own feet and all three land solid punches into Clarks stomach with such force that he is sent flying across the room and a good five feet into the solid crystal walls of the chamber.

Feeling that they have finished this interloper the other 3 figures turn towards each other and talk to each other about who they are and what they have all experienced while walking towards the other two ready to work out their own issues between each other. In the opening Clarks body made in the crystal wall confused Clark Kent started to flex his body to make sure that he could still move and his tears started to dry up more because of pain in his body more than anything else. He actually felt safe for the time being in the hole which allowed him to think about what exactly was happening.

Clark was aware that at some point in his life each and every one of these other personalities surfaced in his life in some manner or another. Now they all seemed to be existing at the same time, but how could that be Clark wondered. In about ten minutes of reflection the answer came to him, this alter ego was the vessel kept them all together even though they never simultaneously existed. The time had come for Clark Kent to draw off each of their personalities and merge them into one unified body which meant that no matter how much hurt, pain, or possible death may occur he had to confront them on their own merits and best them in that manner.

Main Chamber:

Jax sat back watching the viewing hologram of the events in the chamber where he left Kal-El and separated him into his multiple personalities. Jax was pleasantly surprised to see the personality of Clark Kent have a form since that was just a disguise in his mind but slowly he came to realize that Clark was just as much a part of Kal-El as the hero forms.

In Jax’s mind though that would be the first form absorbed or maybe even forgotten as the hero’s worked on unifying with each other. Suddenly Jax see’s the streaking form of the naked Clark Kent who was pounded into the wall rush out and rush the primal personality of Kal-El sending him bolting across the chamber and falling on his face to the floor.

Clark immediately leapt onto the back of the Primal persona and unleashed rights and lefts onto his back which actually seemed to be affecting the figure. Clark then puts a full nelson on the form and bashes his face into the floor continually leading to some bruising on the persona figure until it is knocked out by the assault from Clark Kent and fades away. Jax now realizes that the true Personality of Clark Kent is the true form of Kal-el, the individual who acts with honor and truly fights using any method available to him to achieve Justice. Jax sits back and watches the rest of the events go on in the chamber hoping that Clark is able to overcome all the remaining personalities.

Superman Chamber:

Clark Kent rushed, attacked, and defeated the primal force with such a rage and emotions that he eventually knocked the form out. The figure began to fade and Clark could feel the changes in him both mentally and physically as the two forms unified. Clark’s vision started to become clearer, a covering of light brown hair formed all over his arms, chest, and private regions, and his muscles became larger.

Mentally Clark realized that he had the reserves of brute strength and determination to draw on if such a need arose. Clark noticed that the narcissus personality was beginning to approach and begin an assault on him. Clark realized that in this case brute force would not necessarily defeat the opponent but could be used in a focus attack to bring down this persona.

The narcissist started to unload blows periodically on Clark taking time between each one to flex and show off his god like body and skills. Unfortunately for the persona that is exactly what Clark was hoping for when he suddenly delivered a low blow right to the narcissist’s crotch region making him double over in pain. Clark put the persona in a double chicken wing standing move while he was doubled over, leapt into the air and dropped the two of them in full force onto the hard floor the chamber.

Clark got up and picked up the personas head to see that its nose had been broken and was bleeding causing the persona to cry because he was no longer perfect at the hands of this seemingly inferior being. “Be proud of who you are and what you have, but also be humble to realize that you can easily loose it if you try and flaunt your superiority all the time because there is always someone waiting to take your place.” Clark leaned in and kissed the persona as it faded into his body uniting.

This time Clark realized that even though he needed to have this alter ego there is nothing wrong with Clark Kent being proud of his form in all manners of being, dressing the part as well as having the confidence to be true to his own feelings and desires. The Red tights with the symbol God on them appeared on Clark’s body and his skin showed a bit of that oiled look the narcissist had.

The third persona that Clark decided to face was the younger version risk taker form that was fighting with the defender persona. “Hey you, Yeah You, why don’t you take on a more suitable target for you, Namely me Clark Kent. “Clark yelled out which caused the youth to pause and look in his direction. “You really think that you can do something better than me? You’re on.” The younger version flies away from the defender and lands in front of Clark. “So, what is the challenge?” the younger persona asks kind of mockingly.

“First I need you to lose your shorts and I will remove my briefs as well then we will begin to Jack each other off. The first one to bring the other to cum wins and the other will have to accept defeat. Agreed?” Clark puts out the terms of the contest. “Agreed, but you have no chance with my super speed, grip and you will be shooting before you even can stroke me a couple of times because you are just a mortal man.” the younger persona gloats while stripping not only out his denim briefs but also his shirt just for shits and giggles.

Clark Kent removes his new red briefs and when they stand next to each other both beings are sporting a full thirteen inches or erect uncut cocks in front of their nakedness. Clark takes one hand and starts to Jack on the younger version of himself and in short order the younger does the same. “You have no chance I can make you cum whenever I wish.” the younger persona taunts tugging on Clarks fully hard cock rapidly building speed with each stroke.

Clark can feel his climax quickly approaching and decides it is time to make his move turning directly towards the younger personality and planting a full French kiss on his mouth assaulting not only his cock but his tongue and lips which causes the youth to moan in pleasure and slow down his jacking off of Clark. Finally, while still kissing the youth Clark reaches up and tweaks one of the young persona’s nipples which sends him into a frenzy and spraying his cum between the two personalities chests.

“Foul, I cry Foul.” The younger persona states realizing that he had been beaten. “You were beaten by your own confidence and risk taking, we never said that all we could do was Jack each other off only that we would begin by jacking each other off and you never stopped to think that there could have been something more. Now I want you to get down and suck me off to completion while admitting you were defeated.” Clark orders the whole time watching the defender personality fade from sight and be absorbed by Clark because by challenging and beating this other personality Clark realized that being a defender works no matter what the challenger and sometimes a sacrifice is needed to successfully defend the object that needs it.

Clark also realized though that being a defender means you always stand up for what is right and just in your heart and soul and may not always need to be a physical confrontation. The defeated youth kneeled down in front of Clark admitting that he had been bested just as he leaned in and started to suck Clark into his own cum frenzy which only took about times up and down from the youth before ropes of cum started shooting down the throat and to the floor as the youth vanished. Picking up his briefs and putting them back on Clark noticed that a shiny new darker blue costume appeared covering his chest. The S symbol appeared on the front now but with much more of a pronounced angular appearance in place of the old Cursive S that use to appear. On the back of the shirt the symbol for protection was now in place.

This left Clark and the older version of himself which was the persona of leadership in the chamber sizing each other up. “So, it is just us now, do you honestly think that you live without me?” The leader questioned Clark.

“You need me to take charge of your life and tell you what to do. Without me you and those other weak personalities are nothing. “Clark responds.

“You are right. As separate entities we are weak but then so are you. Alone you have no one to instruct, protect, or even learn from. You also have to understand that the best leaders know when it is best to step back and re-examine what type of tactic is the best to use depending on the situation. I have fully demonstrated by merging all the others with me that I am the best suited as the vessel to make those kinds of decisions and your wisdom will only strengthen me and my resolve as a unified being.” The leader persona says.

 “You will be wise beyond your years as long as you live by those words and these simple beliefs of Truth, Protection of all, and the humility to know that even though you have abilities above and beyond those of the humans on this planet you are no different than they are. Do not be afraid to take chances and fail but have the ability to learn from the experience to make wiser choices in the future. I will always be with you for you to draw off with the wisdom of people.” The leader then walks up and hugs Clark Kent being absorbed into his body merging mind body and soul.

A bright light fills the chamber as a new looking Kal-El emerges in a new body and new Superman costume laid out piece by piece on the floor in front of him. Kal-El now stands at a height of still six foot 5 inches but now carrying on a solid frame an approximate weight of 230 pounds of solid sculpted muscle, hair that was about a medium length styled with a cowlick to the right side and a dark shade of brown, his chest had trimmed hair that ran between his pecs down to his rippling abdominals spreading out fully across them and very soft to touch when rubbed, Below Kal-El’s belly button a triangle shaped bush ran down surrounding his soft ten inch cock and a ballsack that hung a bull 4 inches below that, Kal-El’s legs and arms were covered with a fine layer of hair as well and were fully formed that would be the envy of even the best physique models on the earth, and his face now had very vibrant blue eyes and a firmly rounded cheeks and lips that were picturesque.

On the floor in front of Kal-El was the newly created hero costume that his formed after his successful merging to a man. The shirt and leggings were a much darker color of blue and weaved revealing a raised stitch line around the El family crest which was attached to the center of the shirt. The edges of the familiar S retained the sharper edge that his younger personality had while the back still showed the symbol for protection. Each of the arms had a symbol on them as well, the right arm had the symbol for strength and the left arm had the symbol for greatness. Finally, the cape was emblazoned with the symbol for Justice. His familiar red full-length boots completed the outfit and Clark reached down to grab the first piece only to see if just appear on his body as if by thought.

With a thought he could make the costume appear or fade as if it was now a part of his body. He even tested what would happen if it was torn the next time he called it back up it looked brand new. The cape no longer the pouch where he would hide his Clark Kent attire so he would have to see about correcting that when suddenly his attire switched to reveal him in the old Clark Kent suit, which no longer fit his body or attitude anymore. He would work on updating this look with Mrs. Kent since she was the definitive fashion guru of the family. Switching back to his hero costume Kal-El noticed a quick message display via hologram in the room in his native tongue.

“You are now a man and worth of knowing the truth of who your race is and what they did to me. Return to your home for the time being and we will meet in due time.” An opening appeared in one of the walls which Superman flew through and ended up back outside of the Fortress structure.

Superman decided to fly out to space quickly before heading back to Metropolis and prepare for his complete makeover now knowing that he was no longer six people sharing one body but instead was one united body drawing of the wisdom of the previous six. He didn’t need to be any one of them but choose to be the three people Clark Kent from Smallville, Kal-El from Krypton, and finally Superman the hero protector for earth and beyond. In the main chamber of the fortress Jax smiled having watch Superman mature and figure out exactly who he is and what he stands for now.

Confident that he was now a fully mature man instead of a child hero Jax would have his revenge and it would be all the sweeter when the time came that Kal-El learns who Jax was and why he would be the one to ultimately defeat, force him to submit/surrender in all manners, and eventually deliver the death blow whenever he wanted. Jax himself also prepared an egg in his cavity so that he could accept Kal-Els seed so he could repopulate his own species.

Metropolis at Clark Kent’s apartment:

Mr. and Mrs. Kent were really beginning to worry since it had been a full day since they last saw their son leave to go meet Dr. Hamilton. Mr. Kent even called Perry White and others to see if they had heard from Clark when he heard a familiar rush of air coming from Clark’s Bedroom. Rushing to the room they open the door to see Clark entering in his new outfit and radiating like a miniature sun by himself. Right before their eyes Clark switches from his costume to his hundred-dollar suit without moving a muscle which just made them stand there speechless. Clark escorts the two of them into the living room and tells the tale of the events that occurred the past day winding up saying.

“The universe needs Kal-El, the earth needs its hero and protector, and I need at times to be Clark Kent who is confident in his purpose and proud to stand up as his own man instead of the mild butt of everyone’s jokes. I am going to return to work tomorrow ready to do my daily duties as all three yet knowing that I am no longer the man that I was or that everyone expects.“ Mr. and Mrs. Kent fully agreed and were smiling from ear to ear realizing that they had raised their son right and finally he was in full control of all aspects of his life while it seemed it was in total chaos just a few days ago.

Starting today the world was going to get a whole new perspective of exactly who Clark Kent and Superman really were. To begin his transformation Clark walked into his bedroom and retrieved his diary crystal, “I no longer will be needing to use this in this form and Clark began to squeeze it with immense pressure until it flattened into a flat sheet. He then heated up the crystal with his heat vision polishing it clear and shaping it to resemble a set of lenses for glasses.

Instead of his normal large round lenses that Clark used to wear he formed them into a more professional looking teardrop shape form fitted to the recesses of his eyes. The frames he formed out of simple steel beam that he folded with his super strength so that the crystal could be supported firmly. They were of such a weight that normal human would be shocked if they tried to lift them off. Being the lenses were made from Kryptonian crystal Clark experimented and found out that when he willed his costume change the glasses would disappear as well.

“We are going shopping and to a nice dinner” Clark exclaimed coming back out to the living room, new glasses in place.

“I need new attire as well as more fitting computer, cellular phone, as well as some other things that a confident and secure human would have.” The three of them spent the rest of the day buying Clark new suits which definitely were more than a hundred dollars for the total ensemble, a tuxedo he could use for formal dinners or events, some casual wear like jeans and t-shirts for those days when he wanted to just relax and take it easy around town, he kept his affinity for boots with most of his clothes but bought a pair of Nike basketball shoes for those days Clark wanted to play or work out, and most surprising he purchased some bikini style swimming shorts for usage at the pool in the complex or at the nearby coastline beach.

Many people stopped and stared at the Kent clan as they walked from shop to shop pausing to admire the view of Clark. Dinner was still a nice steakhouse instead of a fancy meal but what else would you expect from a Kansas farm boy. Clark upgraded from is old time pager to a new cell phone that had a camera, email capabilities, and a record function with 360-degree microphone for him to use when doing interviews. He purchased a new computer for his home usage so that he could write his stories for the Planet from home and send them directly to Perry now instead of always having to take them to his office. The final purchase the Kent’s made was a video camera that they planned to use to record an interview between Clark Kent and Superman and send it to Perry White. 7pm arrived and the Kent’s returned to Clarks apartment to begin recording the interview between Clark and Superman. In the interview Superman is asked to answer questions regarding where he is from, why was he on earth, being an alien was he the only one of his kind, and some personal questions that Clark knew the public wanted to have answered.

The whole family reviewed and edited the video to ensure that to the public eye everyone would see Clark and Superman on the screen even though in reality they were one and the same. Clark emailed a text copy of the story and video to Perry as his exclusive headline story for tomorrow’s Daily Planet. The Kent’s retire to their beds for the night calm and for the first time in days relaxed about the future.

Jax’s Ship:


The Revenge squad is currently squandered in Space not exactly how far away from earth they truly are or even what direction they needed to go in. Luthor had been able to power down the ship and release all the members from their cells a few hours earlier and was beginning to restart the computer but all his previous progress had been lost by the powering down of the ship and restart.

At the moment all the members could do was drift helplessly in space waiting for Luthor to get them moving again and build not only a hatred of Superman but for Jax as well since he used them and was the reason they were drifting in space. The one good thing was that Luthor had been able to get the parasite cure where he could absorb any type of radiation and turn it into lifeforce for himself instead of having to constantly feed on other humans, which he still needed to do in order to take their forms and memories.

Finally, they all agreed to change their name to the Kryptonian Revenge Squad if they ever were able to return to earth but that was their first objective and the rest would come later.

JLA Satellite:

The next morning Superman tried to radio in to the Justice League that he was going to take his normal daily earth rounds and for them all to meet him at the Satellite afterwards. When he received no response to any of his hails on the communicator he flew directly to the satellite to see that is was completely powered down and empty.

Superman powered the station back up and reviewed the tapes showing Lobo kidnapping the League and leaving with them in tow behind his space bike. Superman realized that he could not take care of all his duties without a Justice League and asked the computer to start scanning for new members to report in a temporary capacity. The computer began the process of searching and forming a new team while Superman flew back to earth ready to start his new life.


Superman completed his world rounds with no major incident except for breaking a tsunami wave about 150 miles away from the shore of Japan. Landing just outside the Planet Building he stepped into a darkened alley and switched from his new Superman outfit and into his new 3-piece Armani suit with tie and cufflinks. Stepping out onto the street and up to the Planet Buildings doors he could not help but chuckle under his breath at all they eye and stares of amazement when people recognized who they were looking at.

 “Excuse me Sir, May I see your credentials please?” the security guard even asks wondering who this stranger even pausing to do a few double takes when Clark hands his old reporter ID card barely noticing that they were one and the same person. When Clark got to the floor where he, Lois, and Jimmy worked via the elevator he saw Jimmy faint from shock at the sight of Clark walking out the elevator.

Deciding that this was a good opportunity to reveal his new Clark identity he walked over and kneeled down asking Jimmy, “Are you OK? It is just me Clark.” Then right there in front of everyone Clark leaned down and planted a kiss on Jimmy with a chorus of OOOO’s echoing through the room.

Clark helps Jimmy up to his feet and embraces him in a nice hug for about 30 seconds when Lois, “Ok lovebirds break it up, and where is the real Clark Kent since you most certainly must be an imposter. Well since you are here why don’t you get me an Orange Juice, Freshly Squeezed.”

“You know what Lois I am tire of you treating me like your lapdog. Get your own orange juice.” Clark states while sitting down at his desk. A stunned Lois sits speechless realizing that from now on Clark Kent was more than second fiddle but an equal to her and a potential threat.

“Kent, in my office now.” Perry bellows while sitting in his office.

Clark gets up and heads towards Perry’s office only to Lois say, “Don’t forget your note pad.”

“I no longer need one.” Clark states pulling out his new phone and recorder the whole time smiling at the stunned look on Lois’s and the other reporters faces.

Arriving at Perry’s office Clark notices another figure in the office who says, “Morning Clark, my name is Josh and Perry showed me the story you submitted to him last night for today’s paper. We both think this is to big that we would like you to show the interview on the news at noon today. If the public takes to you I would also like for you to take the chair next to our new lead anchor. You might even know him since he comes from Smallville as well. His name is TJ and he says he was a long friend of yours.” Josh states.

Clark Kent gets a big grin on his face remembering his time in Smallville with TJ. “Sure, I remember him, if memory recalls right he is your nephew isn’t he Perry?” Clark asks.

“Yes, he is and I am sure they two of you would be a great pair but remember. Your primary job will be here at the Planet if you decide to do the news desk I will allow you to under the condition that I get a headline story every week from you as well as a daily editorial column from you.

“That is acceptable Perry. So, when you want me at the studio Josh?” Clark asks.

“Just be there ten minutes before Air time wearing what you have on will be fine and we will have enough time to check out the lighting on your face before hitting the air.” Josh says walking out of the office.

“Your only assignment from me this week is to write a series of editorial pieces about your interview with Superman.” Perry states.

“I see no problem with that” Clark says while exiting Perry’s office.

The rest of the morning Clark sits at his desk and writes the first of his pieces from the interview for the Paper without Lois ever saying a word. 11:30 comes and Clark has finalized his first piece and sent it to Perry for the paper. Numerous people stopped by dropping him notes complimenting him on his new attitude and attire which made Clark feel really good about his decision.

Getting up to leave Clark walks over to Jimmy and tells him, “We should hang out sexier. I would be honored to call you my pal. If interested just leave me a message at this number.” Clark writes his cell number down on the pad and heads to the television studio upstairs.

Josh was in a frantic state when Clark arrives asking where he needs to be. Josh points at a chair to indicate where Clark will sit at the anchor desk and where the camera will be that he will be looking at during the newscast. TJ White arrives just 2 minutes before broadcast while Josh pops an antacid pill.

“Great you’re here, quickly take you sit we are on in 80 seconds.” Josh says.

“Greeting Sunshine, you’re a sight to see this way.” TJ chuckles just in time to hear Josh count down from 5.

“Greetings Metropolis, I am TJ White.”, “and I am Clark Kent with your WBGS news at noon.” The two introduce themselves on air.

“Our first story for the day, local billionaire and genius Lex Luthor is still missing for three days now and rumors about his potential death continue to surface but are unable to be confirmed at this time.” JT starts out the newscast with him and Clark alternating stories for the first 30 minutes.

“When we come you will watch an interview that I had with “Superman”” Clark says taking them to a two-minute commercial break.

“Welcome back, Last night I was able to sit down with Metropolis’s own local hero, or in some people eyes perverted zero and ask him some candid questions about himself. I will warn you that some of the content is very explicit and of a sexual nature so please ask your children to leave the room while this is airing.” Clark says pausing for about 30 seconds before the taped interview starts to play.

The full interview plays on the full 25 minutes and has everyone so wrapped up that even Josh forgets to count them back on the air but TJ quickly notices the camera light flick on and states, “Thank you Clark. I must say I love the new look for you both and find that the interview was quite revealing. Maybe now he can get back to being the hero we all know and love. Have a good Day Metropolis.” “Cut and Wrap” Josh states gathering his wits again just as the camera turns off.

“It is so nice to see you again Clark. I always wondered what you were doing and now I see that you seem to be doing pretty well. You seeing anybody?” TJ laughs slugging Clark on his shoulder.

“Not yet but hopefully here soon.”, Clark says in reply.

“Well that is good because I really would enjoy to spend more time with you getting to know what you have been up to these past 7 years. Kind of catch up on old and make new times.” JT says while heading towards his dressing room to prep for his evening broadcast.

“I am sure we will see plenty of each other from here on out.” Clark says while exiting the studio with a grin on his face. Arriving at his desk he finds a note for him from Jimmy.

“If you were serious about what you said earlier, I am interested.” Clark puts the message into his pocket and heads out fully content with his new life in all aspects including his relationship with Lois.

Fortress of Solitude:

Over the time frame of the next week Jax watches the various events happening publicly with Clark Kent and Superman. People begin to embrace Clark Kent so much more and even though Superman still has some detractors unhappy with him admitting he is bisexual but more stimulated by men, that Superman is soft because he vows to never kill anyone no matter what they have done, and most importantly that they could not always count on him to be able to rescue them from every situation like he had in the past.

Jax smiles knowing that the time is quickly approaching for his confrontation with Kal-El and the full truth to be revealed. The most intriguing thing to Jax is the blossoming relationship between Jimmy Olson and Clark Kent as well as Lois Lane now preferring Clark in favor of Superman, even though she does not know they are one and the same.

Kal-El has also formed a new Justice League with members, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Firestorm, Cyborg, Barta, Kid Flash, and Firestar all on a temporary basis until the originals return and then they would be just available to replace in times of need. At 11:55 seven days after his maturing event Jax decides he is ready and flies to Metropolis.


Clark is on time at the studio as usual ready for the news at noon putting his notes in order. Two minutes before air time the always late TJ walks in causing Josh to swallow more antacid tablets.

“Take your position quickly” Josh says and then begins the countdown for Camera’s to go live.

Just before the camera lights go on loud noises can be heard on the roof of the building which is directly above the studio. The camera lights turn on and Clark and TJ begin their normal greeting to introduce the news.

Suddenly the camera lights fade and Josh yells “Cut, what is going on? Why are we not broadcasting?” turning towards the engineers.

Waiting a few minutes with no view screens or camera’s on Clark decides to take a look at the roof of the building with his X-Ray vision. To his surprise he sees a nine-foot-tall bipedal humanoid being in a leather chest harness and jockstrap, rip up the broadcast antennae and break it into pieces. Excusing himself Clark Kent says that he will be right back and steps into the back-dressing room quickly changing outfits from his suit to Superman costume.

Flying out a nearby window Superman sees a chunk of the antennae fly toward the public on street. Quickly Superman reacts and catches the piece setting it safely on the ground without a single person being hit. Out of the corner of his eye Kal-El sees Mr. and Mrs. Kent who are just arriving at the building to watch his newscast and go to lunch with their son. They give him a quick applause with the rest of the public as he flies back up to the roof of the building. Landing on the building Superman states,

“Look I don’t know who you are or what your beef is but I am Kal-El and I will not allow you to harm anything on this planet. So why don’t you give up peacefully and let us discuss what your problem is.”

“I know exactly who you are Kal-El, son of Jor-El and Lara from the planet Krypton. I go by the name of Jax and you will pay for all the atrocities that your kind has done to me and my planet.” Jax states landing a solid blow to Superman’s chest knocking him into the nearby building slightly stunned.

“Another alien, another potshot at Superman.” Superman says launching his own attack at the giant behemoth in front of him. The blow sends Jax off his feet and hurtling quickly towards the ground 800 feet below. Superman flies after the alien and grabs him by his harness stopping them in mid-air.

“Your welcome, no please why don’t we just stop this attack and talk it out.” Superman says.

“You are no Life saver but I will be your life Taker.” Says Jax landing a blow directly on Superman’s chin releasing Jax from his grip. Instead of hovering Jax hovers on his own before flying back to the roof. Quickly Jax grabs the lock boxes of kryptonite and bag of sex toys landing going back to the surface road in less than a second stashing the gear in a nearby alley.

Superman was able to watch the behemoth fly so fast as was mesmerized at how fast and strong this alien seemed to be. Superman lands directly across from Jax and tries to scan the alien with his various visions but seems unable to detect anything about this being with his visions. Charging each other the two Kryptonian’s start delivering blow after blow on each other with what seems to be endless energy behind each punch with neither giving ground for a few minutes.

Finally, Jax catches Superman with an uppercut lifting him off his feet and a few feet away. “Ok Jax what atrocities do you think the people of earth or me have done to you?” questions Superman getting back up to his feet.

“I am not talking about earth. Until recently these people did not even know that your kind existed and most certainly did not have the ability to travel to our place in the universe. “Jax screams charging Superman once more. More minute’s pass with the two titans landing blow after blow on each other until this time Superman knocks Jax off his feet sideways with a right cross.

Jax lands on his side rolling over to his back as Superman approaches lifting him up by the harness. Superman actually begins to notice that he is feeling fatigued and weaker fighting this alien.

“Ok so your problem is not with earth. So, what have I done to you to receive this hatred that you have?” Superman questions as his hand released the grip on the harness unexpectedly dropping the behemoth Jax.

“Your kind destroyed my home, my people, my entire life and now I am going to do the same to you Son of El.” Jax states getting back on his feet and starts to unload a barrage of blows in a ripping motion tearing the new suit of Superman in small holes all over his chest cavity and ripping off the lower halves of the sleeves. Superman is slowly getting weaker and weaker with each consecutive blow delivered to his body.

“But I have never killed or even attacked any alien world. While I have been to many planets over my young years I have no recollection of you or your kind. Where exactly are you from so that I may understand what you are talking about?” Superman questions trying to throw a couple blows to Jax’s head which are easily intercepted by Jax.

During a strength of test Jax screams, “I come from a world in the Andromeda Galaxy that was powered by the rays of a red sun. My kind existed peacefully under the surface of the planet because of a lack of atmosphere to protect us from the Red Sun’s radiation. We went into a stasis sleep when a solar flare passed to close for us to survive. Upon my awakening your kind had overtaken the surface and destroyed my friends, family, and entire race.” Jax states and then in Kryptonese says, “I speak not of an alien world. I speak of the world that we both were born on before being sent off into space by its destruction. I speak of Krypton itself.” Jax yells in a rage releasing a blast of green kryptonite fire completely engulfing Superman.

Superman drops to the ground in immense pain trashing around trying to put the fires out all over his body and deciding it best to remove his costume in order to preserve it as he understands now that this being also is from Krypton his planet of origin but unlike him his body has absorbed the deadly green kryptonite radiation which is weakening him as the fight continues.

Realizing he must make quick of this fight and either escape this behemoth or make him see how wrong he is and try to rationalize with this being to make him see that killing him would only serve to make the universe weaker in the long run. Crying out in a primal rage Superman unleashes the full force of his electric shock vision on Jax but he is barely even stunned by the blast and retaliates by unleashing even more kryptonite fire as well as intense radiation all over the now naked Superman.

Superman trashes on the ground once more trying to extinguish the flames all the while in immense pain from the kryptonite radiation. When the fires extinguish Kal-El is on the ground face down gasping for breath. Superman starts to convulse as Jax closes in over him and raises his head off the ground.

“Now I will claim my prize and finish off the house of El. But first I will have my own fun and take your seed so that my kind can live.“Jax then flips Superman over onto his back and grabs his nuts and cock into one of his mammoth hands while cupping one of Superman’s pectorals into the other claiming, “These are mine any time I want then and when I am ready I will take them at my own discretion. You are mine and there is nothing that you can do to stop me. In a final desperate attempt Superman reaches out a hand latching onto Jax’s jockstrap pulling down the protective covering only to be unceremoniously slapped in the face by the full length of Jax’s fifteen inches of cock slowly leaking precum which dribbles onto Superman’s face causing him immense pain. During Superman’s screams Jax takes the opportunity to insert the first part of his erect cock into Superman’s mouth and force him to suck on it.

Pulling out for a bit Jax leans down and delivers the biggest, longest, tongue probing kiss Superman has ever experienced and he finds is strangely erotic. Superman’s own cock is starting to grow during the whole time that Jax is giving him the kiss until it reaches its full length of 13 inches. This does not go unnoticed to Jax as he sees Superman start to reach for his own cock. Jax breaks the kiss and restrains Superman’s arm saying, “you will not touch anything unless I give you permission to son of El. You are my submissive now and will do everything I say until I decide it is time for you to die. And just in case you die from the radiation poisoning I have white kryptonite which can revive you at the cost any other living matter, and those who have been exposed to it before forfeiting their lives.”

Jax gets up grabs the bag of toys and boxes of kryptonite opening the one with the green and red just to prove his words that he had the stuff. Jax then also opens the bag of kryptonite toys that he and the revenge squad created to use on Superman setting them all within eye shot of Superman to see. “You know what all these are plus I have a couple of new things for you” as Jax pulls out a kryptonite cock cage adjustable from 14 inches to 11 inches to corral Superman’s manhood at his discretion, then he pulls out a couple of pectoral nipple loops and a piercing gun with the kryptonite tip.

Jax drips more precum on Superman’s face causing him to scream in pain and shoves his cock into the opening half way in. Face fucking Superman Jax begins to relay the tale of how Jor-El and his kind had found Jax’s home killing his kind by testing on them and merging their DNA structures between the two species. As the minutes pass Jax works more and more of his 15 inches down Kal-El’s throat until it is completely down Superman’s throat all the way to the hilt. The whole face fucking goes on for about 20 minutes as Superman hears about Jax, his kind, and that Jor-El is the one responsible for finding Jax.

Suddenly Jax feels his balls tighten up and he jams his cock all the way down Superman’s throat unloading his first load of Kryptonite cum into Superman’s gullet. Superman drinks it all down even though the pain is immense from taking the load. Once the spasming stops the still hard Jax leaves his cock all the way in and lets out a torrent of piss faster than Superman can swallow the stream which starts to spill out the corners of Superman’s mouth. Superman passes out from exhaustion of the face fuck and swallowing Jax’s fluids as well as the radiation attacking his body all over. Jax pulls out his cock, uses his own X-ray vision to confirm Superman is still alive and slaps Superman’s face until he regains consciousness.

When Superman awakes in a pleading voice he says, “Look I understand that you and I are from the same planet and you and my father knew each other. But I also know that my father would never have done the atrocities you say. Give me the chance to prove to you that I am honorable and will do everything I can to prove his innocence to you or make up for what happened to you before Krypton exploded rocketing me here and you adrift in space. “

Jax says, “Don’t worry my race will survive thanks to your seed impregnating my egg which is ready to be fertilized. Once that is done with I will have my way with you sexually until I tire of you. First of all, though I am going to take your seed and make you realize that the only way to pay for your fathers’ son is by surrendering your ass to me. Jax starts to finger his own ass using his own spit and Superman’s precum from his hard cock as lube to loosen him up.

Superman is on floor moaning in sexual pleasure and bliss combined with pain but every time he reaches for his cock or nipples Jax quickly swings Superman’s arm above his head pinning them to the ground. Finally, Jax squats over Kal-Els member and inserts the tip into his hole. Jax knows that this is this specimen is worthy of this action and takes the full 13” inches into his ass. Slowly he begins to piston himself up and down on Superman’s cock again talking more about what Jor-El’s scientists subjugated him to while he was in their lab. Even though his body is in intense pain Superman is so erotically charged that he starts to piston his cock into Jax’s willing hole building quickly towards his climax.

With no warning Superman screams out and releases his load directly with Jax completely impaled by his member shooting rope after rope of kryptonian which easily fertilizes the egg in Jax’s body. Once he stops shooting Superman again passes out and Jax gets off his member watching it slowly soften to a point that Jax is able to slide the kryptonite cock cage over his cock and balls locking it into place. There is a small amount of pain in the area which keeps Superman from getting hard but mentally Superman has officially accepted his surrender to this behemoth. He does not even offer any resistance as Jax takes the gun and pierces each of Superman’s nipples inserting the rings into them. Still catching his breath Superman actually whispers, “Fuck me Sir, I am yours for the taking.”

Jax realizes that he now has total control of this new submissive and feel some love for the hero but then his rape comes back to his mind and rage takes over as he pistons Superman’s ass slit with his fingers. Knowing how big his cock is Jax knows that he will have to work Superman loose by using his fist a bit. Superman offers no resistance to the assault of his ass keeping his arms over his head and moaning in immense pleasure from the fist fuck. Pulling his hand out Jax positions himself with fully erect cock to insert into Superman’s ass cunt.

Pressing the tip to the slit Jax awaits to ensure that he has been deemed worthy by this hero Kal-EL. Inserting his tip a very slight resistance starts but then slowly fades away. Inching in bit by bit Jax is able to fully insert his 15 inches and slowly pulls his out to where only the tip is in then slams it all the way back into the hilt. For ten full minutes Jax fucks Superman varying the speed and lengths of his thrusts for full enjoyment. Periodically he pulls on the newly inserted rings in Superman’s nipples which causes him to contract even more about Jax’s cock. Jax is getting close to his climax as well as noticing that Superman is close to cumming a second time. With Superman’s legs in the air and his cock in easy reach Jax simultaneously sucks and fucks Superman. Just as they both begin to release their cum a searing pain is felt by Jax in his right shoulder from a laser.

This causes Jax to completely bury his cock in Superman while unloading his extremely large load in Superman’s ass. Jax also starts to swallow the load from Kal-El until the laser hits him causing him to scream out and have the cum splash all over his face. Falling on Superman’s body Jax takes about 10 seconds to recover before pulling out and trying to track down who or what shot at him during his revenge. Jax is certain he that his new play toy will be there when he returns for more play after being restored with either white kryptonite or a trip to the Sun. He wasn’t ready for the final destruction of the family of El and even questioned if maybe he should keep him alive since his new child would need a father. Flying off in the direction the laser came from. The people that had gathered including the Kent’s, started to close in to check on Superman.

The sight they see is the six-foot five-inch hero lying prone on the ground with no movement at all, His naked body is glowing severely green due to the kryptonite poisoning he has sustained. Every indication made it look like Superman was dead. Seeing this the Kent’s went to the crates that had the kryptonite in them. They had heard Jax say what its effects were and how it worked. “We must do this he is more important than the two of us.”, they both stated getting ready to open the container when Mrs. Kent felt a burning sensation in her pocket.

Stopping just long enough Mrs. Kent pulled out the artifact that she had found before heading to Metropolis this last time. It was glowing and grew brighter the closer it got to Clarks body. She placed it on Clark’s chest just and Mr. Kent opened the container with the white Kryptonite which shot out blinding everyone in the area. When Superman awoke he felt his powers were fully restored and no trace of kryptonite poisoning in his body.

He was aware of who Jax was and what happened to him and that Jax was now his dominate partner if they were to ever meet again. Superman willed his costume back on and noticed a crystal now lying on his chest. Superman grabbed the crystal, stood up and took towards the skies heading to his apartment hoping to meet up with his parents there. Upon his arrival though no one was present and no trace of the Kent’s could be found.

So, who fired the laser at Jax? What happened to the Kent’s? And what about Jax’s fertilized egg and potential child? Is the Revenge Squad lost in space forever? Will the Justice League original members ever return? Follow these developments and more in the three multi chapter stories currently in development.


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