The Last Kryptonian Chapter 7
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 7: Metallo kicks Superman’s ass and likes it.

Jax’s Ship:

Having returned with the Toyman and giving the revenge squad members time to rest, Jax started to work on the materials that would be needed for the next part of his overall plan.

He made some restraints that Metallo would use to hang the hero Superman with upon his defeat in the fight match. He also created a couple of new circuits to install that would allow Metallo to shoot focused kryptonite beams with laser accuracy from his hands. The final implement for Metallo was an inhibition chip that Jax planned to install which would allow Metallo release all his rage and anger at the hero with no permanent damage done to the hero because he believed that without it Metallo could actually do permanent injury or damage to his prey.

Jax wanted Superman to surrender in many ways but not be killed, not until it was done by his own hands. With Metallo sleeping Jax went and installed the new chip and circuits into his android body without waking him. He then went over what he expected to see happen in their next encounter.

The plan was arranged for Metallo to abduct Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olson and lock them up as hostages. Metallo would then send a message to Clark Kent at the Daily Planet informing him that Superman must come to the abandoned shipyard for a final one on one no holds barred fight match between him and Metallo. All programming would be overridden so that all televisions would show the fight and aftermath.

Jax then wakes Metallo and gives him the restraints, rope and wrist and ankle cuffs to suspend all coated with a fine dusting of kryptonite, to adjust Superman into any position that Metallo would provide best access for physical destruction of the hero. Jax then flew to the shipyard where they cleaned up a half mile square area to act as the ring. A square reinforced fence was built able to without stand the potential forces that it might endure and a laser grid set 100 feet up on the top of the cage to keep the combatants inside.

Outside the cage was a set of cranes and ground hooks that would come in once a victor was declared to bind and torture the loser, which of course would be Superman. Jax was certain that pheromones were not needed this time because in the past whenever Superman was put into a no-win situation his primal rage persona would come out refusing to lose.

This whole event was set up to have the public see this persona and witness just how dangerous the hero could be to the public.

Clark Kent’s Apartment:

After his encounter with the Toyman and ingestion of the Kryptonite Cum from the Rafael sex dolls Superman actually decided that just absorbing the yellow rays would not be enough and flew directly onto the Sun to immerse himself directly in its radiation all throughout his body in hopes to expel any traces of the kryptonite in his body.

As he flew away from the Sun he felt not only completely restored but even more powerful. He noticed that his eyes now flashed with an electrical current and his body now seemed to have a larger electrical current that it gave off. While he flew home he tested his theory that he could shoot electrical bolts from his vision now and was correct. This is hopefully something he could work to his advantage.

Superman arrived at his apartment fully refreshed and charged up for the day ahead, unfortunately it was only 11pm at night and there was nothing that he could do. Clark Kent just sat in his living room in his nakedness and conflicted thoughts trying to figure out exactly who he was.

His various personas were causing conflict with each other and he needed to decide exactly which one he was going to be. Mild Mannered Boy scout Clark Kent, primal aggressor, the extremely vain narcissist where everyone was below him and should worship him, the loyal general in command of everyone and everything, or the defender of Justice that he claimed to be for all the human race.

He even was beginning to question his thoughts on sex. He always felt that he was straight and that only Lois was the individual he would share his love with. More and more Superman was beginning to find that in a sexual and intimate way that men turned him on and excited him physically. The thought of being bisexual was causing some doubts that meant he would have to address it with those that he cared about.

Just before 6am the next morning Superman radioed the Justice League to inform them that he would be happy to take the earth morning patrol for whoever was scheduled. They responded back and said that would be great. That would allow the entire team to take care of another matter happening in another part of the galaxy.

They would contact him when they returned to get his reports of activities on earth when they returned. Superman flew out his bedroom doors to begin his patrol still feeling the extra charge that he received from the sun directly. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean he came upon a freighter ship that was slowly sinking and the crew onboard was panicking trying to get the lifeboats out and into the water to save them.

Superman came up to the ship and reassured them that they were safe and flew around the vessel to find that the hull had a seam split which was allowing water to enter and sink the ship. This was a perfect opportunity for him to try out this electric bolt vision that he seemed to have. He fired it up with a touch of heat vision to act like an arc welder to repair the seam. Unfortunately, he did not realize that this new vision could pass through the metal and shocked the crew on the ship.

When Superman flew back to the deck he saw his mistake as the crew lay on the deck of the ship due to the electric shock. They all were alive but the power was enough to knock them off their feet and a tingling feeling in their muscles for a short period time. While they were grateful for his assistance this caused them some alarm at the same time.

Assured they were all ok Superman flew off to continue his rounds. Nothing else required him to use this new power and to him the rest of the world was safe for now. He flew to his office at the Daily Planet after a quick stop to make his report from his patrol. He left out the part of his new electric bolt vision for the time being.

Changing into his Clark clothes he walks out into the usual busy crowd that the building has every morning when he comes to work. None of the familiar faces, Lois, Jimmy, and Perry where anywhere to be seen though. When he reached his desk, he scanned and saw Perry’s office door wide open, Lois’s desk covered with messages which she always addressed when she arrived and cleared off long before Clark ever arrived and no Jimmy Olsen with his camera around his neck.

He sat down at his desk and saw only one plain white sealed mail envelope with his name on it. Deciding that they would show up soon he sat back and waited a few minutes for their arrival. Five minutes later and they still did not arrive and his concern began to rise. He opened the mail envelope and read the letter inside.

“Clark Kent, I Metallo am sending you this letter to deliver to Superman. I have his friends held as my captive in a locked container at the abandoned ship yard and he must come here by himself at 3pm today to face me in a no holds barred submission or knockout fight against me. The rules are simple:

1) The only clothing allowed for each participant to wear is a power of shorts/tights with no pockets or hidden compartments in them and a pair of boots, no shirts or capes allowed.

2) Any style of fighting, wrestling, martial arts are able to be used.

3) Combatants will not wear any gloves or other protective gear during the bout.

4) The hostages are going to be the referees of the match determining who is the winner saying submission was giving or a knockout has occurred.

5) Upon completion of the bout the winner will take whatever rewards they want from the loser, who will be restrained and unable to prevent the winner in any way.

If Superman accepts this fight he will fly to the shipyard at precisely 3pm and fly into the center of the cage that is erected in the yard. At that time Metallo will enter through the cage as well and they will be locked into the cage by a 3rd party known to both combatants and has a mutual animosity towards both parties, the bounty hunter Lobo. Once a victor is declared by the judges Lobo will then open and release the cage and move in the implements for the final condition as well as disarm the device that will kill the judges if Superman tries to interfere or rescue them in any way. If you show up or Superman fails to appear all the judges will be burned in a 4000-degree fire to ashes due to a chemical bomb under their bench that they are restrained to. Get this message to Superman as soon as possible because he must be there by 3pm exactly. Time is wasting.”

Clark set the letter down knowing that he had no choice but to do as instructed but also confident that this time he had the upper hand due to his new electrical vision and electrical field his body was emitting. While working through the day to the time of his fight Clark could hear some co-workers talking about this potential fight, it seemed that Metallo was billing this a battle of titans and was going to have the bout only broadcast on every possible network he could worldwide. This actually appealed to Superman’s vanity some in the knowledge that everyone would be able to witness his glorious victory over an enemy in a fair fight.

Jax’s Ship:

Upon arriving back at his ship Jax checked again on his other compatriots to ensure they were well. They were awake and moving around the chamber inspecting toys and video footage of past events. Jax himself then left and retreated to his own quarters to explore exactly how white kryptonite works by checking the memory crystals that he stole.

He knew it destroyed life forces and transferred it into other items as energy but not the specifics and before he tested it on himself he wanted to make sure he would suffer no effects from its exposure. Upon his departure to his quarters Luthor, Parasite and Toyman pulled up the video of their working on Jax the past few days. They were still focused on what they could do to get his to climax easier and more often so they could weaken and control him.

The only they could conclusively agree on is that this behemoth got more of a charge when they used toys on him instead of the weakening effect they were hoping for. Toyman also surmised that since it seemed he shared some traits like Superman that maybe Red Kryptonite would affect Jax in a similar method and reduce his resistance to cum by their advances. So, they isolated a small piece of the kryptonite into a small lead box and hid it under his chair. Feeling they were prepared for their try this time they took the last two hours to relax for the fight and sexual play for the day.

Metropolis Abandoned Shipyard:

Ten minutes before Superman was scheduled to arrive, the familiar roar of Lobo’s space cycle landed at the shipyard. He had already received his instructions of what container the hostages were in and how to open it as well as the locking device for the cage which was already erect and to power up the lasers sealing the combatants in the cage.

While bringing the hostages out and attaching them to their bench, they were blindfolded and gagged so that they could not see or speak to Lobo, he imaged himself in the cage fighting Superman but knew that this was not his time or place. He would have enough fun with the Justice League members this evening capturing them and taking them to the slave market.

Patiently Lobo waited waiting for the arrival of Superman and Metallo while informing the captives of what was about the transpire and that he would remove their blindfolds and gags as soon as both parties arrived and were locked in the cage. He made sure to tell them about the chemical firebomb under their bench which would go off if they refused to do their duty as judge or tried to escape. They all nodded in acknowledgement of these instructions.

At exactly 3pm in the afternoon the magnificent Superman arrived clothed only in his traditional red briefs with family logo on the rear and red long boots on showing his bare 6’5” smooth frame with little sparks of electricity shooting off his body as he landed in the center of the ring.

At exactly the same time Metallo emerged from a large Cadillac with smoke pouring out the doors as he emerged. Metallo is wearing Sunglasses and a pair of traditional boxing shorts as he approaches. He removes his glasses just before entering the ring to take a opposite position in a corner some distance from Superman. “Combatants remember this is a submission or knockout fight whichever comes first. Loser must then suffer whatever demands are made by the winner after a victor is determined. There are no low blows, no restrictions other than no weapons usage.

The fight will start once the judges have had their blinds and gags removed and the bell is rung to begin. “Lobo states while putting the lock on the cage and enabling the overhead laser grid over the cage. Lobo walks to each judge and removes their gags and blindfolds to let them adjust their sight and see that both combatants have arrived and presses a third button which activates the remote orbital cameras which are going to broadcast the battle. This all takes three minutes and no words are said at all during this time as the combatants gauge each other waiting for the starting bell.

Lobo then pulls out a traditional boxing bell and hits it with a hammer signaling the bout start. Lobo strides his space cycle to watch this match of titans in anticipation that at least one of his hated foes was going to suffer so much pain today that he could not help but enjoy the spectacle. The judge’s tables had 3 holographic monitors activate so that the judges could witness every angle and perspective to declare either a knockout or submission and the battle begins.

Inside the cage at the bell ringing Superman takes immediately to the air trying to learn exactly how high and far he is truly caged. At exactly 100 feet Superman contacts the laser grid and immediately feels pain and weakness which causes him to fall ground.

The lasers have enough power and green kryptonite in them when touched to short out his flight for less than a second. As long as he does not touch them he can fly. A quick superspeed flight into the cage he realizes that they are reinforced and do not budge with the force of his impact into them.

Superman now realizes that his only option is the fight and defeat Metallo so he lands and approaches the center of the makeshift ring while Metallo does so from the other side. Superman stretches out a hand to shake with Metallo but quickly realizes that was a mistake as Metallo grabs the arm and hurtles Superman towards the opposite end of the ring.

A stunned Superman says, “So that is how it is going to be.” As he catches himself before impacting the and hovers about 30 feet off the ground. “That’s right Supes. There are no rules and no low blows in this bout and I have every intent to destroy you. “Metallo states standing firm in the center of the ring. Superman unleashes a blast of heat vision towards Metallo but is quickly intercepted by his own Kryptonite vision and they are stalemated for the moment. Suddenly Superman notices his heat vision advance and strike where Metallo was standing just a moment ago.

Metallo himself has actually turned off his vision rushed towards Superman and jumped in the air delivering a blow to Superman’s chest catching him off guard and hurtling towards the cage wall. With Metallo’s new bionics there is no height in this cage that he cannot jump to and impact Superman.

Superman rebounds off the cage and flies directly into Metallo with double fists delivered squarely to Metallo’s chest. Metallo is lifted off his feet for about 50 feet before hitting the ground again. Superman follows and lands directly above Metallo unleashing a round of about 5 blows to the midsection of Metallo only to feel immense pain in his groin due to Metallo raising his knee right into Superman’s nuts.

This blow startles Superman for a second and he staggers back in recovery and Metallo is able to stand again. Superman throws a punch towards Metallo’s head but it is intercepted by Metallo’s own hand. Metallo then grabs Superman’s second hand and sets up a test of strength between the two of them. They seem pretty even but Superman knows that even without opening the chest hatch Metallo is weaking him because of his kryptonite heart which leaks minor radiation at this proximity.

Superman buckles after 30 seconds to one knee and knows Metallo currently has the upper hand and it is time to reveal his new trick. Looking up Superman sees Metallo’s face and unleashes his new electric bolt vision in hopes it will overload his opponents’ cyber brain and an advantage to use. The tactic works as Metallo releases Superman’s hand and staggers back disorientated.

Metallo himself has lost his ability to see because the electricity has shorted out his optics temporarily. While they are repairing Metallo staggers around the cage unsure of where his opponent is since Superman has taken to the air to flex, posture and tease Metallo by punching him from various angles.

“Why don’t you just submit? My new power can shut you down part by part.” Superman taunts flying around confident that he has this bout one.

“Never.” States Metallo while receiving another blow from the flying Superman in his back and an electrical bolt hitting him in the chest plate quickly disrupting Metallo’s bionic processors in the area. Superman decided that he had the match well in hand and aware that this whole bout was being viewed everywhere decided to take the time to pose, gloat, and ridicule Metallo.

“You can never defeat me Metallo.” Superman states while throwing up double bicep poses and puffing out his chest and pectoral muscles hoping the camera catches his radiance.

Superman was even being a bit more narcistic in that the verbally demeaning Metallo, “So you’re the mighty android designed to beat me. You actually think any human could build something to take me down. You are so beneath me both literally and figuratively. No matter what you try I will always prevail in the end. You are pathetic you android/human half-wit.”

Soon Metallo’s optics recovered from the electrical blast and he was able to see and locate Superman again. Metallo made it look like he was still a bit disorientated though so Superman would try another of his sneak attacks but Metallo was ready for him this time and as Superman approached from behind Metallo swung and connected to Superman’s jaw with a right cross sending Superman sideways. Metallo followed the caught off-guard man of steel with a 1 2 combination that sent Superman to the ground.

Targeting Superman’s groin section Metallo leveled kick and kick in hope to make contact with Superman’s cock or balls and on the 5 kick landed a solid blow that made Superman yelp in pain. While Superman thrashed on the ground Metallo delivered to solid kicks to the side of Superman’s head and some punches to his kidneys. “I see you have some new tricks Superman. No matter though they will not be enough for you to win this bout.” Metallo stands up and grabs Superman by the red briefs off the ground and swings him into the wall as the briefs tear away.

Superman now enraged by this latest development charges directly into Metallo landing punch after punch all over Metallo’s body and head. His blood lust is so strong that when Metallo hits the ground Superman starts to wildly grab and tear at any body part, panel, or clothing that he can. In one of his swings he tears away Metallo’s shorts from his body and notices that Metallo has a full hard 13” erection just from the fight. It is oozing kryptonite precum which makes Superman back off for about a second before slugging more and more on Metallo’s android frame.

Finally, Superman releases his electric shock vision directly into Metallo’s chest cavity moving it up and down between there and his head in hopes that this will finally singe all Metallo’s circuitry and Superman will be victorious. The beam lasts for about 3 minutes before Superman stops it and stands up.

Metallo’s body seems to be convulsing the due to the shock and the judges think he is through but ask Superman to check and verify. Much to Superman’s surprise when he leans in to examine Metallo and see if he is still conscious he is blinded by a flash of kryptonite laser shot directly into his face.

Metallo keeps the laser firing at Superman making him stagger backwards away from his opponent. Superman leaps in the air hoping to fly away but the beam has weakened him enough he can no longer fly.

“You are mine now and will submit to me.” Metallo boasts while moving the beam all over Superman’s body from head all the way to his cock and balls making sure to turn up the intensity of the beam in those regions which makes Superman scream in agony as well as have his full 12” cock harden.

Superman collapses onto his back and Metallo straddles his chest slapping his own 13” rock hard cock along the side of Superman’s head. Metallo reaches back for the erect cock sending a concentrated blast of radiation in to it through his hand then moves on to Superman’s balls and sends another blast directly into the sack and balls directly.

Superman is actually in tears due to the pain and unable to put up a resistance to this onslaught. Metallo flips Superman over and starts to punch Superman’s backside even a couple of times intentionally shoving it into Superman’s ass and releasing kryptonite directly into Superman’s ass.

Metallo finally straddles the middle of Superman’s back and puts a hammerlock choke hold on Superman while bending him upwards. Metallo still keeps his hand blast radiation on and Superman finally realizes that he must either submit or pass out due to lack of oxygen.

In a last-ditch effort Superman tries to focus his electrical field into an outward direction towards Metallo but nothing happens and Superman goes unconscious. The Judges are able to verify that Superman is completely knocked out and unable to fight anymore. They declare Metallo the victor of the bout.

Lobo then presses the button removing the lasers overhead, the cage unlocks and the borders fall away a set of cranes with hooks and ropes dangling from them are automatically rolled in and Superman’s wrists are tied to the ropes. The cranes then lift the still unconscious Superman in the air to dangle like a punching bag. Lobo frees the judges from their bench and the chemical bomb but blocks them access from Superman because as per the stipulations the loser must endure whatever punishment the victor wishes to deliver.

Metallo waits for Superman to regain consciousness before so that he will be fully aware of the suffering he is going to receive. While unconscious Superman’s cock goes soft and the rest of his body hangs limp. Metallo just edges his own cock waiting for Superman to wake up.

Jax’s Ship:

During the whole bout all the members of the Revenge Squad watches as the two squared off. Even Jax was intrigued by the various stages it seemed Superman went through in the fight between him and Metallo. All the members actually got sexually stimulated by the spectacle but they did not act on those impulses because they knew that the best part was yet to come. The thing that intrigued them the most was this new electrical ability that Superman now seemed to have which would require further study.

All the members of the Revenge Squad and Jax were a little disappointed to see Superman pass out instead of submitting which is what they had hoped for but were very confident that he was about to do that at the time. They saw Superman tied with the ropes and hanging lifeless when they started their own sexual intercourse with each other knowing what fully was going to happen to the defeated hero. Luthor this time decided that he would start to work on Jax’s cock, Parasite was going to work on Jax’s ass and backside and the Toyman would handle the oral and mouth exploration for them. This time they agreed not to use any novelties on Jax and Parasite opened the small box of red Kryptonite in hopes that it would assist them in achieving their goal.

Immediately upon Parasite taking his position the box was open, Jax let out a loud moan as if he was incredibly relaxed which made them feel as if it was having the desired effect. When Jax felt the radiation from the red kryptonite he did feel a surge of sensation through his body making him more sensitive to their assault on his body but his mind still was clear enough to resist for now.

Metropolis Abandoned Ship Yard:

Superman’s eyes started to open and Metallo lightly slapped his cheek to make sure he was alert. Superman’s body tensed up when he realized he was suspended in the air trying to break the ropes.

“I would not struggle Superman. Those ropes have just enough kryptonite in them to keep you weak enough you cannot escape and you would be breaking the terms of our deal if you did. You do not want the world to witness you backing out of your word do you. I thought not you simple honor bound boy scout.” Metallo says while watching Superman eventually cease the struggling of his bonds and acceptance of the true words that were spoken.

“Good boy, now that you are awake and aware I think it time for you to experience pain like you never have before. I am going to start with a good whipping and spanking. Then you will be my own personal punching bag and at the end you will surrender your mouth, ass, cock, and whatever else I want to abuse on you for my own sexual purposes. Nod your head if you understand what I just said.” Metallo instructs.

In an act that the public could only take as submission after hearing the demands Superman nodded yes. A collective gasp was let out by everyone watching, even Lobo and the Revenge Squad on the ship. For the first time ever, Superman has admitted defeat someone. All his resistance just ceased and he dangled there helplessly ready to receive his punishment. Metallo walks to where he had put his sunglasses and now a whip is next to them. He puts back on the sunglasses. Walks behind Superman and cracks the whip next to him. “You are going to count out each lash you got that you have been.

“Again, Superman just nods agreement as Metallo takes the first swing with the whip and it lands across Superman’s back. Writhing in pain Superman cries out one and his body starts to swing in a circle. Because Superman is spinning the Lash hits a different part of his body each time from back, to chest, to ass, to side, to arm or legs with Superman having to call out each one. His chest and back are littered with welts due to the bite of the whip on his body.

Superman even starts to develop a bit of an erection during this time. Setting the whip aside after twenty lashes Metallo starts to unload a barrage of punches kicks and blows all over the spinning helpless Superman.

 The blows are too much that after 10 minutes Superman passes out again but only for a couple seconds as Metallo throws water and slaps his face to reawaken the Man of Steel. Every time Superman rotated in the right direction Metallo would unload with a blow to Superman’s crotch or nutsack making Superman howl in pain.

Metallo then signals for the cranes to separate spreading both of Superman’s arms out in a V style formation. He walks up and attack has two leather cuffs to each of Superman’s ankles each with a kryptonite stud and hook. Metallo attaches a chain to each hook and anchors each leg to secure shipping hooks in the ground making Superman completely stretched out in a Spread-Eagle Formation.

“Now I am going to tan your ass with my own bare hands. You will not be able to sit for weeks when I am done with you.” Metallo gloats while positioning himself behind Superman backside. In this position Metallo delivers blow after blow reddening Superman’s normally tan butt to is glowing red from the repeated blows. They look so hot that you could cook off them. This goes on for a good twenty minutes with Metallo showing no signs of tiring and absolutely no resistance from Superman. Unable to be heard to anyone but Metallo actually as the Spanking went on Superman was moaning more and more and the viewers kept witnessing his arousal in his cock as well as his chest nipples.

Metallo then turned from Superman’s ass to his now erect pecs and unloaded on them until they were the same rosy red color as his ass and the moans from Superman just kept getting louder and louder to where even the viewing audience was able to hear them. Even when Metallo blasted each pec with his hand kryptonite laser it just seemed to arouse Superman more to every noticeable eye. For the finally Metallo had the cranes shift Superman to keep in a crane position but parallel with ground.

Metallo stepped in front of Superman with his hard fully erect 13” member slapping Superman upside the head and all over the face. Occasionally you could even see Superman slip out his tongue hoping to touch Metallo’s cock. Metallo kept teasing Superman with his cock for a long period of time unloading blows onto the hero’s back occasionally taunting Superman to taste his cock. Finally, at some point Metallo thought he teased enough and rammed the full member all the way to his ballsack into Superman’s mouth.

“Suck it good boy or I will blast you into surrender even more with my kryptonite. “Metallo orders. Superman starts to suck and lick the cock with no gagging or resistance keeping his own member the whole time. Metallo unloads a full complement of his kryptonite sperm in the eager mouth of the hero who swallows and laps up every drop of the juice and follows that up with a full load of urine with fills Superman up so full it starts to spill out the edges of his mouth. When he pulls out Metallo has gone a bit limp but knows that he will get recharged again with his next action. Putting Superman in vertical spread eagle again Metallo sits on the ground.

He has the cranes lower Superman to where his cock is directly in front of Metallo’s mouth. Metallo starts to lick and tease the head of Superman’s member eliciting moan after moan from Superman. Next Metallo starts to move further down the shaft while finger fucking the helpless Superman. As Metallo swallows the whole 12 inches of Superman’s soda can thick member he shoves his whole fist in and turns on his kryptonite beam from his hand and eyes simultaneously.

Superman cannot hold back any more and starts to cum rope after rope all over the ground in front of him while Metallo is sent flying away a good 500 yards from where he was. Superman then also showers himself with piss which sprays all over him before dripping to the ground. The whole cumming sequence of 3 minutes was observed by everyone who could just gasp in awe.

Jax ‘s Ship:

During the whole time Superman was being sexually assaulted and abused the Revenge Squad went to work on Jax’s body in hopes to get him weaken by cumming possibly multiple times. Toyman started off by kissing his ears, neck and Frenching him occasionally. Luthor went to work jacking off Jax humongous cock and balls eventually licking and bathing the glans of the cock darting his tongue in and out of the piss slit. Parasite starts by massaging each ass cheek of Jax warming him up to eventually fuck him. As they progress Luthor starts working further down the shaft but is unable to take any more than half of it at any one time.

Toyman presents his erect cock and allows Jax to suck him off and Parasite starts to finger Jax. The excitement is so much that Jax pulls Luthor off his cock and lets a round of cum spray everywhere. Luthor though quickly returns sucking Jax’s cock in hopes to coax out another climax. Jax never goes soft the whole time and still is in the bliss of sexual stimulation.

Jax’s member is even more sensitive to the motions that Luthor is giving sucking his erect cock. Parasite positions himself in hopes of fucking Jax for the first time. Jax feels the pressure and resists for a bit even though the sensation was wonderful. Even though Jax was in a state of sexual bliss his mind was well aware of the intentions of these three and mentally wanted to resist. In response to these actions Jax’s body sends out a wave of sexual energy exactly when the Parasite pierces his anal opening which forces the other three to release their loads all over Jax and in him while they are flung distances away from him.

Toyman gives Jax a rope of cum in his mouth before he sprays it on his face while falling away. Luthor starts to shoot on Jax’s chest while falling to the floor off Jax’s own member and Parasite unloads almost immediately after trying to thrust in covering Jax’s ass with cum as he falls backwards weak in the knees. The members of the revenge squad are exhausted while Jax continues to jack off his own member until another round of cum is sent shooting from his cock which he aims at all 3 revenge squad members making sure they each have some land on them. Once his cum has subsided Jax eats his own cum off their exhausted bodies, stands back up and sprays them all down with his own kryptonian piss just for the heck of it.

The Revenge Squad finally succeeded in getting multiple loads out of the behemoth so in Luthor’s mind this was a victory for them despite the ejection and humiliation of being pissed on. Jax then quickly flew to earth, retrieved Metallo and released Superman falling to the ground in his cum and urine, meanwhile

Lobo transported the hostages away from the area back to the Daily Planet building. Lobo then left for space to infiltrate the Justice League satellite waiting for their return and his encounter with them. Lobo knew he would have the element of surprise when they came back so he could take his time capturing each and every member.

Metropolis Abandoned Shipyard:

Superman awoke once to the familiar scene of nothing remaining except for him, his nakedness, and this time a pool of cum and urine which he knew was his own that he was lying in.

As he tried to stand it he was very weak and fell a couple times because of how uneasy his body was. Not only had he ingested green kryptonite this time but it was shot well into his ass and his internal organs and muscles were showing the effects of the poison in his system.

His skin tone even started to show a tinge of green coloring due to the radiation inside his body. It took him a solid 5 minutes to be able to stand upright securely and about another 3 or so before was able to fly.

The whole flight to the sun it felt like his insides were on fire. The feeling actually took almost 2 hours of being directly on the sun until his organs felt normal again. Heading back to earth he knew his first stop would have to be at Dr. Hamilton’s. He also now had finally concluded that no matter what sexually he was attracted to men more than women now and that was something he would have to hide from everyone including Lois and the Justice League.

To be continued..

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