Superman A Hero’s Humiliation Chapter 2
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Superman A Hero’s Humiliation

Author: Unknown

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The once proud hero lost control in his jail cell, the cum exploding from the mushroom head of his beautiful circumcised cock. The unblinking eye of the camera in the ceiling capturing the debauched man of steel. Replaying in his dirty mind his first orgasm of the evening had sent him over the edge, his man sauce bubbling out of his piss slit like lava out of a volcano. He felt like such a dirty slut, spent by the mind boggling, intense orgasm. It was such an erotic sensation for the formerly man of steel, to be so dirty and depraved. Of course the camera was catching it all, even what happened next.

Before we go there though, we must remember to get were we are going we must know where we have been. After he had finished in the bathroom, Clark walked out getting set to return to the gala event. He was feeling a sense of calm and joy washing over him, a perverted grin spreading across his handsome face. He felt confident, and proud, and had to catch himself, not wanting to let on his secret identity. Of course the return of his confidence would be short lived.

He was greeted by a stern but sexy faced Lois, as he returned to the table, still the cocky perverts smile was clearly visible across his face.

“I am glad you decided to rejoin us.”

“Why Lois what did I miss?”

“Nothing yet. There going to start with the auction in about half an hour. I was about to send Jimmy into the bathroom to get you.”

He quickly let out a relieved sigh he knew he would have a lot of explaining to do if anyone caught him in the bathroom acting in such a depraved manner, especially his good friend Jimmy Olsen. It was a shame that the already mild mannered Clark knew he wouldn’t be able to live down.

Clark remembered that he had agreed to take part in the auction. He would be required to escort the highest bidder out on a dinner. Normally Lois wouldn’t have agreed to such a thing, but she knew that most likely she would be able to outbid anyone interested. After all, Clark was something of a well mannered loser. Of course she knew that her husband had a super secret. Little did she know, someone else was aware of this fact as well, and before the evening was out so would the rest of the party’s guests.

“Well I am back now. Sorry about earlier.”

Lois turned to look at him, with a sympathetic look for the first time that evening. It was moments like this that made Clark happy to be in love with her.

“I was just worried about you is all. You had me scared for a minute sissy.”

Clark felt the familiar tinge in his crotch. He felt a little flustered, but he closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying not to let it show. He knew he had been lucky earlier not to get caught doing such debauched, and perverted things in the bathroom. He knew he wouldn’t get the chance again.

“I am sorry to worry you, Lois.”

“Its okay sissy. I know you didn’t do it on purpose.”

She leaned into kiss him, which Clark was thankful for not wanting her to gaze upon his reddened embarrassed face. The tinge he thought subsided returned, his thick cock stirring in his flimsy boxers. His body was starting to burn with wanton lust again, as he felt tiny drops of pre cum leak onto the front of his boxers.

He tried as politely as possible to break the kiss knowing if it lasted much longer he would not be able to deny his throbbing cock. He would need to use it to pound her pussy. He was thankful when she caught herself.

“Sorry, about that. I didn’t mean to get carried away sissy.”

Clark shrugged the word off with a knowing smile, she couldn`t possibly be saying it to him. Still the perverts penis was growing hard as a rock in his pants, hearing it. It felt better then he knew it should have, especially in public. He felt ashamed and perverted. His whole sexy muscled body burning with lust and desire. He crossed his legs at his seat, trying his best to conceal his rock hard cock. Of course the sensation of his fat cock pressing against the side of his well muscled thigh was making him feel dirty again, like a naughty pervert. His body was a fire with dirty passion, and he needed someone to share the feeling with.

Of course his sexy wife, with her daring cleavage baring dress, that encased her sexy goddess’s body was the obvious choice. She was after all his wife. Feeling a fire with lust Clark leaned in close to Lois, smelling the scent of her perfume, he nuzzled at her neck to take another deep whiff. Of course Lois was quite embarrassed, by this with all the people around. Kissing in public was one thing, having your neck nuzzled like that was something altogether different.

“Sissy, stop it what has gotten into you.”

Shame and embarrassment filled Clark, looking at Lois’s disgusted face, as he pulled himself from her neck. Everyone at the table was staring at Clark puzzled by his erratic behaviour. Seeing these looks, only made his fat cock harder, squeezing itself in between the space between his crossed legs. It almost felt like he was trying to dry hump himself.

This downright indecent perverted behaviour, coupled with the judging faces of his colleagues, and peers was driving him wild inside. He couldn’t bare to endure there judging faces anymore, and got up, finishing his drink in one quick swallow. Thankfully to save him any more embarrassment his cock had tucked itself along his leg, no longer tenting the crotch of his tuxedo pants.

“Excuse me everyone, I don’t feel like myself tonight.”

Truer words were never spoken, as the muscled stud started over towards the bathroom. In fact he felt like a depraved and dirty fiend. His cock seemed to be in control of him, his lust getting the better of him. Of course even as he had these thoughts he could feel shame washing over him due to the pre cum that leaked from his swollen shaft, as his dick once again stiffened.

He disappeared down the hall that lead out of the great room, and ducked into the bathroom. He walked over to one of the half dozen urinals, and unleashed his prodigious cock, paying no mind to the bathroom attendant, he had not remembered seeing before.

He finished pissing as quick as possible, feeling relief that his cock was beginning to deflate. He put his still impressive dick away and headed over to row of sinks, and washed his hands, the bathroom attendant, eyeing him warily.

His shame had subsided enough that he wasn’t worried about doing anything depraved in that bathroom as he had earlier. He was after all underneath his Clark Kent disguise, the great and powerful Man of Steel. That was what he told himself anyway.

“Have you been here all night?”

“Pardon me?”

Clark looked at him quite wearily, studying his mocha skin, the ridiculous afro, felt impressed by the muscled body that was being hidden under his black pants, white suit shirt, and green vest. Clark quickly turned his head not making it seem like he was gawking.

“I just asked if you had been here all night.”

“Yes I have, well actually not all night. If you can keep a secret, I snuck out to smoke a joint.”

It made sense to him now. That was the reason, he didn’t see him when he was in the bathroom earlier. His dirty perverted secret remained safe.

“I won’t tell anyone. So has it been busy?”

“No sir, actually I think you might be the only person to use the bathroom.”

“Twice actually.”

He smiled at the Man of Steel, as he washed his hands realizing what he already knew. Clark finished off his hand washing, and was given a towel by the bathroom attendant. He took it and started to vigorously dry his hands much in the same way he had earlier wiped up the puddles of his hot sticky seed.

“I knew that was you.”

Clark seemed puzzled by the comment, and felt unease. He wanted to tip him and get out of there, reaching into the pocket of his pants, but feeling nothing. He stared in horror as the man, pulled a wallet strikingly similar to his own out of the pocket of his black suit pants.

He realized at that moment that the wallet had fallen out of his pants, and in his haste to clean the dirty cum pool up from his mind melting orgasm he didn’t notice. He could see something dry and white on the side of his wallet. Seeing his dried cum on his wallet made him sick to his stomach, but he was even to paralyzed with fear to do anything but stand frozen at the sink, the water still running.

“Oh my god. Oh please.”

“Were you looking for this?”

“Oh god were did you find that?”

Clark knew of course but watched in horrified awe as he curled a finger pointing at the first stall. A disgusted look spread across the otherwise sexy face of the chiselled bodied bathroom attendant. Clark felt his legs betray, him and he fell to his knees. The bathroom attendant walked determined over to where Clark had collapsed to his knees. He should have fought, if only he had his super suit on he could have. Superman never would have stood for this. Of course his suit wasn’t underneath the tuxedo, and from his knees he wouldn’t be putting up much of a fight. Clark watched in horror as he opened the wallet, and pulled out Clark’s driver’s license.

“So this is the bumbling reporter sissy Kent.”

He read the name on the drivers license, and at the defilement of his name Clark’s cock became stiff slowly inching up to the waist of his pants, begging to be released, in the cool air of the bathroom.

Clark looked up at him meekly, from his knees his whole body trembling. His eyes were welling with tears, and the compassionless look in the bathroom attendant’s eyes struck a fear into him that shook him to his core.

“What were you doing in the bathroom stall that caused you to drop your wallet. Mr. Kent, or should I call you sissy.”

The worlds hardest cock, grew another inch, and Clark could feel the waist of his pants pulling away from his sexy muscled stomach, just inches from the top of his pants was the mushroom head of his throbbing cock.

“Please I can pay you. I have two hundred dollars in my wallet, please just take it.”

He looked genuinely interested in the idea, at least to the fearful Clark Kent. Of course he had already been paid a thousand dollars by the host of the event. He enjoyed the feel of having Clark powerless before him. He knew he could show him mercy, and set him free from this horror, and that control and power was exciting. Of course he knew that he wouldn’t show mercy, being Clark’s tormentor was to exhilarating.

“Well that is a very interesting offer, Mr. Kent, oh wait I mean sissy. But I have orders from a man I wouldn’t want to disappoint.”

The sexy purple headed mushroom was at the edge of the waist of his pants, Clark could see it, horrified that his manhood was about to be exposed in front of another man. Of course his body was otherwise paralyzed by fear, to prevent this by trying to poke it down, or conceal it in anyway.

“What are you talking about?”

“I think you know what I am talking about sissy. He has some special plans for you. I am just the first step.”

The defilement of his name sent the head of his cock breaking through the waist of his pants. His jaw dropped, as the bathroom attendant spotted the sexy mushroom head of the worlds strongest dick. A sinister smile spread across his face.

“Boss was right, you are getting hornier each time I say that word. I thought he was full of it, but he isn’t is he sissy?”

Clark fell feebly to his ass, looking horny as hell, and more pathetic then ever. He looked up depraved and dejected at the bathroom attendant with fear. His purple head creeping further from the prison of his tuxedo pants. He tried to conceal the head with his fumbling hands, but they were quickly slapped away by the strong masculine hands of the attractive bathroom attendant. He felt very much like a sissy, on his knees before this man, unable to even conceal his cock. Being on his knees was pathetic enough, but his cock head exposed really drove home the feeling of being a sissy. Even thinking the word was making him horny, he knew he wouldn’t leave the room without doing some very depraved things. What felt most wrong, to Clark was that he would enjoy it.

“No he isn’t.”

The shame and humiliation by the admission, drew another smile from his tormentor. The purple mushroom head was now fully exposed.

“Will you show me what you were doing earlier.”

Superman nodded meekly, his head hanging in shame not wanting to make eye contact with his despicable tormentor. He tried to steady himself enough to get to back to his knees. Clark thankful for tender mercies was helped by his tormentor, who while helping him to his feet and using his body for support, pulled out a digital video camera. Clark was thankful for the aid in walking, but he knew the video camera was a terrible sign.

“What are you doing with the video camera?”

He didn’t really need to ask the question because he knew the answer. Still he felt asking it was necessary, any tiny resistance he could offer felt necessary. The bathroom attendant smiled helping Clark, into the bathroom stall.

“Well sissy I think you know.”

The wave of pleasure shook Clark, his name defiled. Instinctively he reached for his belt, and opened the buckle the word turning him on once again which was a surprise to neither man at this point.

“I am supposed to let you film me.”

He was no longer ashamed, but incredibly aroused. He had accepted his perverts fate, undid the button of his trousers, then letting go of the waist band letting them drop to his knees, by doing so exposing his mammoth manhood, to the attendant, and the cold bathroom air for the second time that night. The attendant smiled, and directed the camera at the prodigious prick. Clark saw the light come on and he knew he was being filmed.

“That’s good sissy. Just like before, sissy.”

He gave his chubby cock a few timid strokes, the pre cum moistening his hand working as a fantastic lubricant for the thick meaty member.

“This is how I started.”

Without another word he returned to his knees, every second being captured for posterity, to be replayed for his future humiliation. Of course his humiliation was his own doing. He had allowed himself to become this way, the word sissy all it took to turn him from a mild mannered man into a depraved masturbating pervert.

He gave the cock a few more strokes until it was slapping against his tuxedo shirt. He felt uncomfortable so he naturally as he had earlier by himself kicked his legs out, and pulled his pants down to his shoes, taking them off as well as his socks before the pants were pulled all the way off. He gazed down briefly, his eyes transfixed on his own thick pleasure rod.

“I needed to be more comfortable.”

He meekly offered, the camera looking desperate and perverted at it timidly biting his lower lip like a prick tease prom queen.

“That’s fine sissy, just fine.”

He smiled, reaching down to grab his enormous pleasure staff stroking it furiously, first with one hand then the other looking like a perverted trombone player. He loved the feel of his own engorged cock. He knew he was building up to another mind melting orgasm.

“This is so dirty. I feel so perverted. I can’t believe I let this happen.”

The shameful words he spoke, made him feel even lower knowing he normally didn’t act this way. What would the world think of there superman now, he asked himself, not really caring about the answer. His sex crazed cock was in control, of him, its satisfaction was paramount.

“Come on sissy, you know you are enjoying yourself.”

He looked up at the camera his eyes filled with an animal lust that Lois had never seen before, knowing the words the attendant spoke were the truth. He was licking his sexy lips, curling them into a perverted smile, the thick black hair at his temples starting to mat from the sweat that was forming, on his scalp and hairline.

“I am enjoying myself.”

He spoke those words directly at the camera, and the shock of the words caused him pause, his mouth hanging slack jawed for a second, a small puddle of drool forming in the corner of his mouth. He felt it cool on his lips, before the dazed look vanished replaced once again by the look of smutty perversion. He started working his cock harder, and faster. He even opened his mouth stuck out his tongue, and let spit drip from it striking the mushroom head, and slowly trickling down to pool in his crotch.

“Come on sissy, keep going your doing great.”

He looked up at the camera, his eyes wild with lust, his whole body quaking with pleasure, sweat pooling on all parts of his body now, the crack of his ass, the balls of his feet, his hairy armpits, his muscled stomach.

“I am such a dirty sissy boy.”

Clark could feel the puzzlement in the face of his video-grapher, without even seeing it. He ceased double fisting his cock like the trombone pervert he had been, leaving one had to leisurely fuck himself.

“I started to call myself a sissy when I got close to cumming earlier. It felt so good, to hear it from other people, and when I called myself a sissy, I lost my mind with lust.”

The admission made the video-grapher/tormentor/bathroom attendant smile. He couldn’t believe how depraved and perverted Clark was acting. If he wasn’t enjoying it so much, a hard on sprouting in his own pants he might have felt pity for him.

“Well you just do whatever you need to, to reach that beautiful orgasm. If calling yourself a dirty sissy boy does it, don’t let me stop you.”

The perverts smile returned to his face, as his eyes stared into the camera pulling his hands from his raging sex. Pre-cum had formed a pool at his knees. He admired it, and then removed his suit jacket, which he had not done earlier, but he felt to hot to continue without doing.

“This dirty sissy boy didn’t take his jacket off before.”

He admitted to the camera, feeling an even mixture of shame humiliation, and lust. It was as if this man holding the camera had become his master, a man he didn`t want to disappoint. He was giving up his control to him. As this thought danced through his pleasured mind, his cock felt impossibly stiff.

“That’s okay sissy. I am sure my boss won’t mind.”

Clark smiled, reaching for his bow tie undoing it, and letting it fall to the floor. Next to go were his cuff links, then he started unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it open but leaving it on making him feel dirtier more depraved by what he was doing.

Of course he knew these were not the actions of a pure and virtuous hero, or his alter ego. This admission in his mind, was devastating, he wondered if he could even manage to put on his suit again after what he was doing. He tried not think about it, blocking out the negative thoughts, the shame and humiliation that he was certain would consume him later vanishing, as his hands once again wrapped around his thick meaty shaft.

He returned his body to a seated position, his back up against the toilet.

“I’ve been a bad sissy boy making you wait. I am sorry.”

He was coyly playing with his balls, his teeth grazing his lower lip. Again Clark’s dark eyes were staring directly into the camera for another perverted admission, but instead of shame, he felt wild with lust.

“That’s okay sissy. Just keep going now, be a good little sissy. Show me what that sissy cock can do.”

The encouragement made him even more frenzied, his tongue licking his soft lips like a man possessed, his hands doing there perverted trombonist dance on his sexy cock. Sweat was dripping from his brow, his balls swelled and throbbed. He knew what was coming another mind melting orgasm. He closed his eyes, and spoke to the camera.

“I am a dirty sissy boy who wants to be dragged naked in chains before the whole world. The whole world needs to see what a dirty sissy boy I have become.”

The bathroom attendant watched as the toes of the once mild mannered reporter/slash saviour of the planet curled, the passion tremor working its way up his legs. Clark’s face contorted with lust, his eyes rolling up in his head his hands trembling as he watched the orgasm shake his legs like an earthquake the perverted smile stretching as wide as possible, as the cock started spraying its cum load all over. Clark let go of his cock shaft, and started squeezing his balls, trying to force as much cum as possible out of the them and up into his shaft, looking completely perverted while doing so. The eruption of man juice lasted nearly two minutes, it went all over the bathroom stall. As it subsided Clark felt his mind drift away, it had been melted by an over powering orgasm, which caused him aftershocks, something that he had never experienced with Lois. He didn’t have time to feel humiliated by this realization though. He felt everything wash away, after the second knee buckling, toe curling aftershock, and sunk down onto the stall floor, his ass the back of his legs, and his muscled back coated in a thick gooey layer of his own cum.

The bathroom attendant filmed the whole thing, even the pleasured face of the once incorruptible Clark Kent/Superman, as he lay in a pool of his own dick sauce.

To be continued…

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