The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 2
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 2 “End of the Dream”

Spidey looked up groggily wondering what had happened to him. His back ached and his muscles felt sore. But at the same time he was aware of the tight sheerness all over his body. The snugness of the weblon body sock was massaging and hugging every inch of his sinewy frame. The only remnant of his suit he could feel was his mask.

“Thank god for that, at least,“ thought Spidey/Peter silently to himself.  “But what the hell is going on with my body? It looks like I’m wearing a pair of MJ’s pantyhose! And why the hell is my cock reacting this way? I can’t get my boner to subside, no matter how hard I try!“

Suddenly, his Spidey-sense tingled, he turned to face the lycra-clad villain in yellow and black that he knew was standing just behind him.

“Something the matter, webhead? It would appear that your happy to see me, judging by the way your dick is in full salute!“ The Wasp laughed menacingly as Spidey tried to move his legs. But to his shock, the instant Spidey moved, the greater his arousal grew. He felt the thin webbing in the body sock rub across his asshole and up his butt crack, stimulating even greater leakage of precum from his hero cock. Another attempt to stand had the shiny black cock-sock on his penis, pressing on his cockhead and balls even more. All he could think about was wishing that someone would jerk him off or that he could finish himself off with a hand job. Anything to dissipate his arousal.

“You’re such a fine specimen spider-wimp. You look just like my wench when I dress her up before fucking her. By the way, one suggestion: if you’re gonna try out to become the world’s biggest super-sissy, you might wanna shell out for some heels and a wig!“   The Wasp laughed in a way that made the hero both angry and desperate at the same time. Spidey’s internal shame was growing, because the sexiness of the nylon caressing his strong, muscular arms and legs was both erotic and shameful at the same time. How could a hero command the respect of the world’s citizens, when in this outfit he just hungered more and more to give his ass up to the villain in front of him?

“I’ve got to get away from here,“ Spidey thought to himself. “If only there were a way to distract him or muster just enough strength to web away.“ It was only then the super arachnid realised that he had been stripped of his most important super power. He looked up stunned, realising that his web shooters were now on the wrists of his arch nemesis. Not only could the Wasp sting him, he could now web him. He felt as if now, thanks to the body sock, he was already in the initial stages of a cocooning that would lead to his eventual demise.

“You look a bit uptight, spider-sissy. Why don’t we help you relax a little?“ Before Spidey realised what the Wasp had in mind, a sharp, steady humming filled the air. The supersonic pitch of the hum pierced Spidey’s eardrums making his body writhe and forcing him to curl his hosed body in half, almost in a fetal position. Suddenly the hero felt another sensation on his turgid cock,the silky sleek feel of the villain’s black glove stroking Spidey’s boner and causing him to experience uncontrollable arousal. His upper head in pain, his lower head in ecstasy. Spidey’s body began to buck while his penis leaked enough precum to completely wet the cock-sock that was hugging it. The hero began to spread his legs, grinding his webloned ass against the cool surface of the concrete, on which he lie.The sensation of the material hugging his ass made his manhole twitch and wish to be opened.  

As if the villain had read his thoughts, Spidey discovered he didn’t have to wish long. As the Wasp continued to jerk the hero’s penis, Spidey suddenly felt the slickness of a lycra-covered finger part open his anus. Despite a slight burst of pain, the hero hypnotised by the constant humming of the Wasp’s wings quickly relaxed to adjust to the penetration.This was a feeling not at all unfamiliar to the hero, who had to his own shame many times in private fingered his own manhole and dildo-fucked it, while dressed in his hero suit.One of Spidey’s most shameful secrets was that he craved cock as much as his girlfriend did. Thoughts flashed through his head of how often he had been jealous of MJ when he fucked her. Wishing that he could be the one to have his hole penetrated and feel the orgasmic spasms that only a good hard fucking can bring.

“Your thoughts seem to be elsewhere super-bug!“ chuckled the Wasp, quickly bringing the hero back to being aware of the situation at hand. Spidey wanted so hard to change the situation he was in, but with the Wasp in charge of the most vulnerable part of the hero’s body, his anus, there was no way he could overpower the villain at this time.The hypnotised hero suddenly released a big moan, forcing his asshole deeper onto the Wasp’s lycra finger and begging him outloud to put more inside him. “Finger me, fuck me, just give me your cock!” yelled Spidey as he allowed himself to enjoy the webby fabric encasing his body. The hero had one wish, and only one, to get Wasp’s boned cock inside him as soon as possible.

To be continued…

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