The sissification of Spider-man Chapter 10
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 10 “Flash to the Rescue?”

Flash had finally finished suiting up, wondering if something was wrong with his arachnid hero friend. “Where is Spidey? Usually if he sent me something like this, he’d be over to check it out in a second,” thought the Scarlet Speedster as he continued to admire himself in the new webby, body-sock suit that Spidey had made for him. The feeling of his sheer feet touching the cool inside of his boots sent a tingling through his entire body. “Man, I’m gonna have to run fast!!!” he thought to himself. “Or else every crook in town will be getting a glimpse of my fat lightning rod.” He shucked on his mask as he glanced at the shiny symbol on his chest and fixed his bulge, noticing that outside of direct light his penis wasn’t that visible.

“It feels so odd though” he thought. “It’s as if the fabric is energized, pulsating on my body. I almost feel like it’s massaging my crotch, playing at my manhole … but no, that can’t be.” Enough with this showing off, the hero realized he needed to get moving. “I’ve got a spider to find”.

Flash finished pulling on his boots and made a final adjustment to his mask. Off he went to seek out Spidey. He wanted to get to the bottom of this new suit, which would allegedly make him run faster. He charged out the door, heading toward downtown Manhattan. He knew if he could get to some of the abandoned warehouses down by the docks that he might have a chance of meeting some criminal lowlife, who could give him info on the Webhead’s whereabouts. He zipped along in the suit, but suddenly felt a drag on his body. “Why is it so hard to spee… d?” he gasped, wondering what the heck was going on. “Out of breath… feeling dizzy…” he stumbled. Suddenly, he stopped completely to the sound of a piercing scream. “What the heck?… Focus, someone’s in trouble!!!”

“Dude, get some pants!!!” yelled one skater from across the street.

“Aaaaaaaaagh, get out of here, you pervert”, screamed a woman hustling off with her young daughter.

“Hey baby, I’d like to take a swing on that lightning rod!” taunted a prostitute on the nearby corner.

Flash tried to collect himself. “What’s going on here?” he asked himself and then looking down as a breeze blew over his practically naked body. He realized that he was more or less “flashing” everyone on Times Square (no pun intended). It was only the horror of this realization that made him try to cover himself like a scared little schoolboy. Under his mask his faced turned red enough to match the color of his hero suit. “Fuck, what is this suit doing to me? Almost can’t move. My atomic acceleration powers seem to be destabilized. And it feels like this suit is … well… it feels like it’s trying to milk or fuck me … it wants my hero load any way it can get it” Flash worried.

Suddenly, sirens filled the air!!! “Shit, someone’s called the cops on me. They think I’m some faggy perv parading around Manhattan showin’ off his family jewels. Need to focus, get strength enough to duck into an alley”.

With that Flash swirled into an almost body-wracking spiral, heaving himself into sprint that led him toward the lower end docks. Unfortunately for the spectators on Times Square the force of his departure left them with an experience they’d never forget. The arousal of the suit-hugging his manhood had caused enough friction to send his lightning rod into overload: sending a spray of Flash jizz all over the busy intersection. A crowd of soaked New Yorkers knew this was one hero, who’d better not show his ass (literally!) in downtown Manhattan anytime soon.


As Flash hurled himself forward, feeling the cum load stringing behind him, the wetness of his red nylon suit was causing a chill in his crotch. He tried not to think about that though. He needed to get away from the cops fast. And the distraction of his unexpected ejaculation wasn’t helping. He fought with all his might against the drag of the suit, propelling himself forward around a corner into an alley. He finally slowed down, hoping he was out of reach of the police. He was breathing rapidly, bent forward, hands on his thighs, as he looked down at his lightning rod glistening and showing through his new web suit. “Damn that Web-head! If only he’d given me at least a jock or a dance belt to keep my cock hidden! The rub of this fabric is too much. Pretty soon I’ll be shootin’ loads all over every crook in town.”

The Scarlet Speedster noticed a dumpster nearby so he moved further down the alley behind it and out of sight. In case any cops or thugs might show up unexpectedly. He sat down to rest, covering his cock and balls with his hands, trying to protect his manhood from the chilly breeze that was blowing through the street. “Aagggh” he moaned at the contact of his webby lycra gloves with his genitals. It was as if he was now somehow possessed by the suit. Without even realizing it, he had started to rub the ass of his red tights against his manhole. The feeling was pure arousal, given that he had just shaved himself the night before. He had been expecting Spidey to drop by for a play session. But the Webhead never showed up. Flash had been left to play with his Spidey substitute, a copy of the hero’s dick he had made for the nights Pete Parker had to stay home and service MJ. Suddenly he realized he had the ass of his new suit pressed up inside his butthole. He was finger-fucking his man cunt with the stretchy, nylon fabric. Sitting there almost hypnotized finger-stretching his hole and wanting Spidey all to himself. He knew Spidey had special feelings for him, because he Flash, was the only hero that would let the Web-head top him. The first time he had ever tried anything with Spidey, Flash was completely surprised because the arachnid hero had scaled the wall after a good rimming from the Speedster, spreading his legs and offering up the tightest rosebud that Flash had ever seen. But Flash had sensed a sad reluctance on the part of the Web-head and said, “Hey, dude. Why don’t you do me? I just shaved and douched my man-pussy so I’m more than ready to take your ‘web-slinger’!” He could sense Spidey smile under his mask, as he pressed it up inside Flash’s butt crack and spit-lubed the smoothest manhole Spidey had ever seen. Flash must have been hard fuckin’ his man pussy now cuz he could sense a tension building inside his balls. Thinkin’ back how Spider-man had taken his virginity with a throbbing cock, that while not the largest, made the Speedster feel as if he were being impaled.

That thought coupled with the sensation of the new suit had Flash moaning so loud that he must have been audible from the street. One final recollection of Spidey shooting a line inside him had Flash making a line of his own. He was screaming as he thrust his lycra gloves deeper inside himself finally making a mess in the crotch of his new suit. But it was what came next that he didn’t expect, suddenly the suit started to tingle and sizzle, pulsing inside his ass and all over his body. He was spamming on the ground as the suit seemed to electrify his body. His body continued to buck as he tried to pull away the fabric with one hand. Then he noticed that he couldn’t remove his other hand from his butthole. It was as if the electro-atom shock had glued it there. He couldn’t imagine how this looked: a nylon-hosed hero perv rolling on the ground in an alley finger-fucking his own butthole. “What if someone came across him and saw??? What the hell could he do???” he thought to himself.


Suddenly he felt his vision blur. The unrelenting charge of the scarlet weblon suit that Spidey had sent him was dulling his senses and sapping his strength. The charge had also interrupted his molecular structure almost paralyzing him. He tried to roll closer to the wall behind the dumpster hoping no one would use this alley for the next hour or so. But that hope was in vain. He began to notice some movement around him and a certain darkness. The voice was deep but not menacing. He felt a hand grab his glove and slowly help him remove it from his butthole. The suit was still charged and tingling all over his body, but he felt his sphincter relax as the wet ass of his suit pressed on his butt cheeks. He had no idea who was there or why this person was helping him. But given the relief that came from freeing his hand from his butthole, he didn’t really care. Slowly he began to make out the shape of the figure a skater boy probably close to 18 years of age. He thought “Why would this kid help me? I must look like a perv here rubbing my butt and jerking my cock. I don’t get why he doesn’t beat me up or call the cops?” thought Flash.

But as he tried to get his mind around what was actually going on, a certain young skater got his lips around what was inside the hero’s tights. “Ugghh” he moaned as the boy’s thick lips locked on his man rod. “Can’t take… much… more!” he sighed as he realized that another orgasm was imminent. But there was no use fighting, the service he was getting was too damn good. Scared about what was happening to his body in this suit, he realized it might be awhile before he found Spider-man.

To be continued …

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