The Mask of Spider-man Chapter 1
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Hi, this is a new serie about my favorite hero Spider-man. I loved this story since the first time I read it many years ago. The author of this story is Todd Fleming, I am very grateful with him letting me put this story on the blog, If you love the story and want to read more of his works you can find his books on Amazon they are very good and have very good covers some of them have work of IcemanBlue. Hope you enjoy the reading 😈. 


The Mask of Spider-man


By Todd Fleming 

Chapter 1


The crowd roared as they sat in the arena of the wrestling ring. The champion known as The Mask raised his hands in thanks as he flexed and strutted around. He was undefeated and many poor souls desperate for money tried to last against him for three minutes to win the grand prize. As his newest opponent entered the arena, The Mask started to laugh.

Even though he was wearing a mask, there was no disguising that this twink of a young man would not stand a chance against him. The Mask was a hugely muscled man who towered over most men in height and girth. This kid looked like he was still in high school even with his mask on.

The crowd started to boo his challenger climbed the ropes. The Mask loomed over the stupid kid and smirked down on him as he laughed. “Do you have a death wish, little boy?”

He could not read his opponent’s facial expressions because of the mask, but there was no fear in the kid’s body language. “You might be surprised,” The kid said with a chuckle.

As the bell rang, The Mask screamed as he reached to pulverize the smart ass. He could not believe his eyes when the kid backflipped away from his reach. What the fuck was this? He thought as he glared at his opponent.

Bellowing in rage, he charged only to see the kid jump in the air and kick him square in the face. Pain shot through his head as he stumbled back and almost fell on his ass. How could he be knocked back by a twerp like this?

The kid leapt forward and landed three punches to The Mask’s muscled abdominals. Determined not to let this punk show him up, he threw his giant fist towards the masked face of this mysterious kid.

His fast was met with empty air as the kid leapt in the air and slammed his foot into the wrestler’s face once more. Somersaulting in the air, the kid actually landed on the wall like some sort of bug.

The Mask fell to the mat dazed by the two attacks as the kid leapt from the wall and landed on him. The wrestler barely was aware when his leg was lifted up and the ref counted to three. The crowd erupted in cheers as they turned on their defeated champion.

The ref declared the kid the winner as he lay on the mat part in shock as his title was taken from him. Humiliation burned through him as he forced himself on his feet and practically ran from the arena. How could that punk beat him so easily?

The manager of the arena met him as he left the main hall. “What the hell was that?” He said shouting. “You let some kid beat you in the ring?”

“I don’t know what happened,” He admitted. “No one has that kind of strength and agility.”

“I don’t care what you think!” The manager snapped. “I pay you to make sure you are undefeated. You’re fired! I want you out of here before I send someone to throw you out.”

As the manager stalked away, The Mask stood in shock. Fired? How could that fucker fire him after all his years of working here? Shock turned into anger as he punched through the wall. This is that damn kid’s fault!

Instead of grabbing his things, The Mask looked for any sign of the kid so he could beat his fucking head in. He would pay for costing him his job and damaging his pride!

An hour later, he was thrown out of the arena by the bouncers and there was no clue where to find the kid who destroyed his life.

Six months had passed since his humiliating defeat that got him fired and his attempts to track down the kid who destroyed his life came up empty. Word of his defeat spread quickly and it was impossible to get another job as a wrestler. The Mask had to survive doing odd jobs for the mysterious Kingpin to make ends meet.

Sitting in his living room, The Mask watched television and flipped the channel until he stopped on one of the new stations. This new hero on the scene calling himself Spider-Man was what anyone was talking about. The former wrestler’s eyes narrowed as he watch exclusive footage of the masked hero’s fight against a dozen gangsters.

As he watched Spider-Man make short work on the armed thugs, The Mask suddenly gasped when he saw the hero somersault in the air and delivering a kick to one of the gangster’s chin. IT WAS HIM! He thought as rage filled his soul. That kid from the arena half a year ago and Spider-Man was the same person. No wonder he did not stand a chance against him.

The Mask leapt to his feet and paced as thoughts flew through his mind. Spider-Man would pay for making a fool out of him. That kid might have superpowers, but he would find a way to get his revenge. He walked over to the kitchen table and started to write down ideas. Sheer force would not work, but since he had the element of surprise, The Mask could devise a way to make the hero pay for messing with him and destroying his life. Hours passed as all other thoughts were banished. The only thing on the former wrestler’s mind was to get the ultimate revenge on the spider freak.

Spider-Man leapt into action as The Lizard snarled and bashed through the wall of a building. The hero was dressed in his blue and red costume and ropes of synthetic webbing shot from the cartridges around his wrists.

The Lizard ripped through the webbing like it was paper and charged the hero ready to rip him from limb from limb. Spider-Man easily evaded the enraged monster by backflipping away and landing on the ceiling.

“Is that all you got?” He taunted his foe. “At least make me sweat a little. I get more of a workout sleeping.”

“I will kill you!” The Lizard bellowed as he smashed through another wall.

Spider-Man dove from his perch on the ceiling and smashed both of this fists into The Lizard’s scaly head as he evaded the deadly strength of the villain and landed on his feet. The hero leapt in the air with a spinning kick that sent the monster flying through the only intact wall left and into the street outside.

As The Lizard scrambled to his feet, he was met with webbing on his arms and legs pinning him to the ground. Shot after shot of webbing bombarded the villain making it harder for him to break free.

When the bombardment finally stopped, the place where The Lizard was at was just a mound of webbing with almost no movement. The police ran to the scene as Spider-Man used his webbing to swing away before they could try to arrest him.

The hero landed on the nearest roof to catch his breath. Fighting The Lizard was also tough and took a lot of energy out of him. Now all he wanted was to get back home and pass out in his bed. Leaping into the air once more, Spider-Man used his webbing to swing to his normal hiding spot where he could change into his civilian clothes and take the subway home.

The Mask slowly crept to see Peter Parker entering his house. He had been on the watch for Spider-Man all week and made sure that he was not seen when the hero battled The Lizard. He had almost lost the hero when he swung away from the scene, but he was able to track him again before Spider-Man took off again.

He was surprised when the clueless hero hid near a subway station and changed out of his costume. Like he guessed in the wrestling ring six months ago, he was just a young man. That would explain his cocky attitude. The Mask planned to teach Spider-Man the error of his ways.

The Mask jotted down the address before taking off back to his apartment. Once there, he logged into his computer and search the address. So Spider-Man was really Peter Parker, he mused as he investigated all the information available for his hated foe.

This information alone would be a gold mine for people like Harry Osborn or Kingpin, but The Mask wanted Spider-Man’s destruction to be at his hands alone. The first part of his plan was complete and soon the kid will learn not to mess with him ever again.


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