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Hi readers.

This page of the blog is for people that are looking for a story that maybe they read many years ago and they no longer have it or even forgot the title, but you remember some of the details of the story.In this page please share the title or a description of that story

Maybe some other reader of the blog know the story and even have a copy in his computer and is willing to share it with us. If I have the story I will try to give priority yo the publication over others stories.

So if you are looking for a story you can write in the comments and maybe I or someone else can help you.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am so happy to have discovered this blog.
    I’m a big fan of stories and images of mixed martial arts fights with women literally destroying huge, over-muscled, arrogant bodybuilder guys who are so sure of their manly superiority.
    I love to read (and see pictures but it’s so rare) how these super guys get beaten up and humiliated by girls much stronger than them.
    I remember a story where, in a wrestling ring, two huge, ultra-muscular bodybuilding champions were crushed by a super wrestle rgirl.
    There were such descriptions of their twisted and broken bodies despite their huge muscles. Details of their facial expressions, twisted with pain. How they were choking and convulsing, their screams of rage and humiliation. The text explained so well also how their muscles were in the positions of defeat and pain. Their abs, their pecs, their broken thighs despite the huge muscular blisters. Lots of anatomical descriptions, veins, striations, injuries.
    And then also it was a very sexual text, because she forced them to cum almost in spite of themselves when she immobilized them and even a scene where she forced one of the guys to fuck the other one who was on the mat. She even managed to lift their entire heavy bodies at arm’s length above her, to suck them off and throw them to the ground super violently so that they broke in their orgasm. There was also a scene where she lifted the guy stuck and compressed between her thighs and his cock stuck in the girl’s sex
    woaaoo that was a great little text. I have no idea where I read it.
    But in any case I would like very much to be able to find such texts even if it is not necessarily this one.
    If anyone knows of authors or stories like that, it would be great.
    Thank you very much and long live this blog


  2. Looking for chapter 2 of this story: SuperSlutSlave: Chapter 1 – Downfall

    I remeber reading it a while ago and it followed the Joker


    1. Clark, can’t find any reference to this story on this current site.
      In my old Supermaneroticstories site notes, I noticed I had once had this story on file… but later, weeding through my stash, deleted the entire story because it was “overly long and nutsy,” according to my comments. Not worth keeping. So guess you didn’t miss much. No idea who the author was, either. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi Rick and Clark.
        I have the story, there are many chapters, I already sent a mail to you Clark with what I have in my files, I will post this story in the future.
        good night

          1. Hi Rick, I wanted to say that I sent the message to Clark because he was the onewho ask for this story, I can sent it to you if you like.

        1. Hello. I love this site and reading all the “old” stories!

          There was a story about a hero called Sunburst, a college boy who had survived a terrible fire when he was young. A group of nerds discover his secret about being a hero and one really decides to torment him.

          I have not been able to find a copy of the story. Hoping you can help!



        2. Does anyone have a story from the World of Hero destroyer yahoo group about aquaman and aqualad against black manta and the dehydrator?

        3. I’m looking for this story of “Robert Moon”, where superman mas tied to a pole and was Water-hosed in Lex Lutgor’s Niece’s birthday.

        4. Im looking for this story by Rober Moon aka “Lunatrick”, where Superman was humiliated in Lex Luthor’s NIECE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY

          1. I don’t remember that story but I love Robert Moon Stories, maybe I have it, are you sure it was from Robert Moon? because his stories of superman i remember are Demise and Knuckled Under

            1. There was a website with superhero photo manipulations that had a story I think was called “Marvelous Destruction”. It was a multipart story where Captain Marvel first was beaten up by a boxer in a boxing ring with the help of Doctor Silvana and then later, I think, fought with both Aquaman and then Superman. I would love to see that story again

            2. Looking for something around the lines of “the ultimate fall of the man of steel” supes gets betrayed by a work colleague and tortured… and also another title like The Fall of Robin the Boy Wonder… he gets gutted in the end while being suffocated.

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