Trapped in the Abyss Chapters 4-7
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Trapped in Abyss

Author: Nox (

This istory is from Nox, (if you don’t know him, he is the owner of the blog Shattered Honor where he post some of his stories. He also has a Patreon).

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Fall X042

Chapter 4


Asterion let out a weak moan as the tentacle finally left his asshole. Some remaining liquid leaked from his now-gaping hole and across his giant round glutes.

How many times did the monster wash him out? Ten times? Fifteen times?

The Mystic had lost count as he tried to control his raging erection at the front of his suit. He could hardly believe that he could be hard in a situation like this. This monster had captured him in such a vulnerable state. With the power-suppressing tentacle on his nape, his diminishing healing aura barely kept him conscious.

“I have waited so long for another virile young man like you.”

“You monster!” Asterion cursed angrily, “Wait till I get out of this. I will kick your ass!”

“You will not get out of this. I need strong, powerful men for my younglings. The more powerful, the better.”

“Go to hell! I will not help you. You hear me!?” The defiant superhero roared out despite his exhaustion. “Don’t think this is over!”

“I won’t let you go or kill you, young hero. I need you too.”

Two new tentacles emerged from the monster and moved towards Asterion’s sculpted chest. They wrapped their slick black body around the hero’s firm yet bouncy pectorals, squeezing his godly muscles out, causing Asterion to moan.

Soon, two globes of pec muscles were prominent under the hero’s white suit, circled by the black tentacles and jutted out from his chest.

Asterion muttered. As his powers flickered, the cave’s darkness began to set in. But the hero could see the tips of those tentacles open like a strange flower, with millions of tiny feelers on the underside of each “petal”.

Realizing what they were, Asterion struggled in his bonds once more. But it was futile. When one of the tentacle flowers attached to Asterion’s right nipple over his suit, the Mystic let out a moan of pleasure. The countless feelers latched onto his large muscular pec like a juicy piece of meat as they tickled his areola.

The other tentacle responded and latched onto his other nipple, doing the same.

Both tentacles began working his nipples like nothing the sexually inexperienced hero had felt. A thin piece of the tentacle poked onto the tip of his nubs and tugged at them teasingly.

A strange tingling feeling spread across his giant chest and made Asterion dizzy. His auric powers began to flicker rapidly around his body, almost strobing as they seemed to diminish.


Why is it wet?

As Asterion gazed down, he noticed a stream of white substance leaking from under the tentacle flowers as they sucked on his nipples intensively. He could feel that the source of the white liquid was from his own chest!


What is this? Are my nipples giving off… m-milk?

Despite his confusion and horror, the hunky stud felt how his dick was responding to the pleasurable feelings of his nipples getting sucked and milked.

“Delicious! Such thick viscosity. Such powerful aura.”

“What is this? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?” Asterion yelled with fear in his eyes, unsure why he was lactating. As his milk left his body, the sensations on his perky nipples flooded his mind with waves of pleasure.

“You should have felt that my tentacle suppressed your powers. At the same time, your powers were being condensed into extractable liquids for my consumption.”

Asterion’s eyes bulged in shock.

Another pulse of the nipple-sucking tentacle forced the hero to release more of his powers through the milk from his chest, causing him to moan.

“How does it feel to have your powers be sucked from your nipples? Like having an ejaculation?”

Barely holding his consciousness from the overwhelming pleasure, Asterion stuttered, “S-stop! Ugh! Don’t… Don’t suck it out.”

I can’t believe it feels this good!

I can’t believe having my power drained feels this good!!

Asterion’s eyes turned slightly glassy as the pleasure of having his power sucked out from his chest flooded his mind with ecstasy. He could feel the milky liquid coming out of the tips of his nipples as the user of the Blessing of the Black Bull was literally milked of his powers.

“M-my power is draining out!” the hero blabbered weakly, unable to use any of his strength as his power continued to exit his body. 

“D-don’t suck any more of my aura… my… Blessings.”

The giant monster shifted sinisterly. “What delicious, concentrated powers. I can feel your powers coursing in my body. My offspring are going to be so powerful.”

“Give me more, hero. More!”

At that moment, the intensity of the nipple-sucking tentacles surged, draining even more volumes of the hero’s condensed power, forcing more milk to squirt out of Hoshi’s glorious pecs. His nipples seemed to grow with each “ejaculation” as they gave off his precious milk.

“AUGH! Wait! Y-you can’t force it out!” Asterion screamed as his mind blanked out. The once bright red symbol on his chest turned dark, indicating that his powers were almost completely gone.

FUCK! My nipples seem to be ejaculating! It’s like having two dicks on my chest! Fuck! My mind. My mind is going blank!

Tears flowed from the young hero’s eyes as he could hardly control himself. “Please! Stop!! Having my nipples sucked like this! I-I can’t!”

The monster was not about to release his precious prey until it got what it wanted. To Asterion’s despair, its tentacle sucked with all its might to draw out all the hero’s vital powers from his mighty chest muscles.

That only caused the hero to scream in pleasure, “My power is coming out like mother’s milk! My milk won’t stop coming out!”

Hoshi began to panic as his strength depleted to its bare minimum. As his nipples were endlessly milked, he could feel his auric powers sliding away from his body. His clan’s Blessings, an honorable power that could heal thousands, was drained away by a vile monster.

Fears of his demise flooded his mind as Asterion felt his body begin to shut down. Without his powers, he faced the genuine threat of death.

His vision blurred, and his breathing grew shallow. His massive, chiseled body was rendered useless in the face of this monster’s power milking.

As the volume of his milk dwindled to a thin stream from his now-swollen nipples, the hero’s once magnificent chest seemed only to have grown even more prominent. His blank mind began to recover from the shattering experience.

To be treated like livestock by this monster…

Asterion panted heavily while suspended in the air and enduring the violating ordeal. His eyes were half-lidded as he felt his muscular body was a shell of its former pristine form, empty of all strength and power.

“I-I’m Asterion. Hero leader for the Clan of So,” Asterion declared to the monster defiantly. “I-I won’t give in to you so easily. My spirit won’t fall to something like this – AUGH!!”

The Mystic screamed as the tentacles relentlessly sucked out what was left of his powers.

“Even until now, you possess such fortitude. What a worthy man you are for my offspring. Asterion… It’s good to know the name of my offspring’s father. How fortunate.”  

To be raped like a monster like this…

Asterion gritted his jaw as his nipples continued to give up his powers. He could hardly hide the raging hard-on in his white spandex pants — the only place where the last of his strength remained.


Chapter 5

Despite being low on his auric powers, his nipples were stimulated further, causing the young hero to moan incessantly.

With four powerful tentacles around his wrists and ankles, the fifth one around his neck, and two smaller ones on his nipples, Asterion could hardly move from his suspended position.

As he rested in mid-air while his powers were siphoned out from his round muscular chest, Asterion’s eyes trembled as another thick and long tentacle raised between his sinewy legs. This new appendage started exploring his mid-section over his heroic white suit, sucking on his eight packs.

Slowly, it moved to his naval. Asterion had a sense of where the monster was going. The pleasure of the nipple-sucking, however, clouded his mind. He knew he couldn’t stop it, but the hero still protested, “Ugh… Stop this… G-go to hell, you monster. Let me go already.”

“Let such a powerful and nutritious man go? What warm and wonderful milk you possess. How can I let such a perfect vessel leave?”

“Ugh – B-bastard! D-don’t think this is over! When I get you, I-I will rip you apart!”

The black mash of tentacles pulsed as though the monster was laughing.

“That milk of yours might be nourishing, but I need something else from you for my babies. Your seeds had already begun to leak. Seeds to fertilize my eggs.”

“Seeds? Fertilize eggs?” Asterion repeated confusedly. “W-what?”

“To have your offspring reborn as powerful magical creatures. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Asterion gasped in shock, “YOU ARE CRAZY! No way I will help you!”

“Oh, no, young hero. I’ll suck the seeds from you straight. Don’t lose consciousness from the pleasure, hero. It will be a waste to miss out on all these feelings.”

“No! No! No!!” screamed Asterion with a tremble in his voice.

Without another word, the tentacle reached onto Asterion’s tenting bulge and started sucking it through the white spandex. His dick was clearly outlined on his suit with a spot of wet pre-cum at the tip.

It pulled the wristband off, and the hero’s cock bounced right out. His thick foreskin still latched around his leaking mushroom head. The tip of the tentacle broke into countless tinier tentacles as they slithered under his tight foreskin and coiled around the hero’s cock head.

The other tiny tentacles slowly pulled at his foreskin, teasing and exposing the hidden head beneath. Asterion screamed as his virgin cock was extremely sensitive. Even though the young 21-year-old masturbates, he hardly has time to do so, retaining a tight and supple foreskin.

“P-please! Please don’t touch me there!” Asterion uttered as his face turned almost as red as his auric powers. “N-no one ever -“

“No one ever touched you here? What a surprise, Asterion. Is this monster going to your first?”

Asterion tugged at his bounds, but it was useless. He had no strength left to fight against this monster. Any recovered power was quickly condensed and sucked up by the tentacle flowers on his nipples.

As the tentacle teased the hero’s hard cock, it transformed before the worried hero’s eyes into a black slimy tube, encasing Asterion’s dick. The young hero let out a thundering moan as the millions of feelers in the tube massaged every inch of his hot man rod.

It wasn’t long until Hoshi reached his entire seven inches, shooting out his precious pre-cum into the monster’s tube. The Mystic began to moan in ecstasy, desiring more of the tentacle’s warm embrace.

“Yes. Give it to me. Let me suck it all up until your buff, muscular body withers down to nothing. Give me your seeds!”

“Ohhh! C-can’t. I-I can’t,” Asterion babbled on. His powers constantly sucked from his nipples in the form of sweet milk, and his cock was massaged expertly by the monster’s feelers. All of his immature pleasure centers were firing off and frying his brain.

M-my sperm is going to make this monster – make this monster pregnant?!

I can’t! I cannot let that happen! I can’t taint the name of my clan!

Asterion bit down as he barely uttered, “I-I will endure this, you b-bastard monster!”

“Doesn’t this feel amazing, hero? Your orgasm is inevitable. You will breed my next generation of monsters.”

I can’t! No! I must hold back!

I am Asterion!! I can’t cum here. Gyah!

“Men, all of you young men of STEM. All have that same weakness – Pleasure. Give it to you, and you will give up everything. It doesn’t matter if you are a hero or not… Now, give me your seeds, Asterion.”

With that, the monster pulsed even more violently. Its already colossal body seemed to grow even more significant. Asterion let out a scream as the tentacles on his nipples and cock began to increase the intensity of their treatment on his muscular but vulnerable body.

“AHH! M-my power is being sucked out of me at a tremendous rate,” yelled Asterion as his hero symbol turned pitch black. However, his nipples were squirting out his power-milk in powerful streams. Asterion no longer knew where this condensed power came from as his boyish face completely went into spasm.

“Uuugh! Sh-top! Aghh! Latt meh gao-” Asterion’s eyes rolled up as he babbled inaudibly. The pleasure had completed wrecked his mind.

“Young hero, you’re not speaking clearly! You talk about how you want to avenge your brother. Look at you now. How pathetic!

My cum! My seeds are about to come out.

Tears streamed down the boyish hero’s cheeks as he knew his fate was sealed.

I- I don’t want to bear this monster’s babies! I don’t want!!

He screamed out with pleasure as he reached the point of no return.

I-I have reached my limits. Already… already – CUMMING!

Asterion thrashed about as his mind-numbing ejaculation gave him back some of his strength. His hips jerked, and his cock trembled from under the encasing tentacles as the young hero pumped out powerful shots of thick white cum.

Waves of euphoria overtook him as the fire in his balls drove Asterion to churn out massive load after another into the hungry tentacle. His balls were swollen with his potent cum, and with each ejaculation, a new load was produced.

The monster began sucking the Mystic’s cum, devouring all of it. Asterion’s mouth hung open as he shot his seeds repeatedly into the monster. It was as though he could not stop cumming. The tentacle sucked furiously, trying to drain every drop of the hero’s cum.

Soon, there was not a single drop of his superhero sperm in his balls. But the monster was relentlessly sucking as much as he could from the hero’s body.

Asterion started to spasm. His screams and breathing become shallow. All his powers were gone entirely.

The feeling of extreme ecstasy and exhaustion shocked Asterion to his very core as he screamed in pain when his abused lactating nipples and spewing cock could no longer give the monster what it desired.

The hero was completely dry, but the monster continued to squeeze his dick to ensure all cum had left his balls.

After a couple more minutes of failing to extract anything from the hero, the tentacles released the muscular body, sending the unconscious Mystic down to the dark cavern ground.  


Chapter 6

“You have awakened.”

“Ugh… What happened?” groaned Asterion as his vision cleared. His teammate was before him. The one that warned him not to enter the Abysmal Forest alone.

“You have awakened.

“Yes… I-I am,” Asterion uttered.

Was he rescued? Was the monster destroyed?

The woman slowly faded out, and the darkness took over again.




“You have awakened, young hero.”

Asterion blinked a couple of times. He awoke from his dream to find himself restrained. His body had sunk into a black mass of slime. His head popped out free, and his suited torso was uncovered.

He quickly realized that his elbows were trapped while exposing his gloved hands. His legs were lifted to the sides of his bulging chest but were engulfed in the slime. In his position, only his boots could be seen out of the black mass.

“W-what?” Asterion uttered weakly. Looking down, he was shocked that his cock and asshole were propped up and exposed in all their glory. The tentacles on his nipples and cock continue to pulse weakly, keeping the hero constantly aroused.

He felt sore all over, but his body glowed a dim red. His Blessing’s powers were weak, but he could still use them to heal whatever was left of his broken body.

“Thank you for fertilizing my eggs. You have my gratitude for my next brood.”

His memory of being raped by this Abysmal Forest monster returned to him. Enraged, the young hero screamed, “You fucking bastard! Let me go! I’m going to kill you!”

“Let’s get started, young man.”

“S-started?!” Asterion yelled out as he looked at a giant tentacle rising before him. “What the fuck is that huge thing?”

The thick tentacle began to probe against his hole and pushed its way into Asterion. The handsome hero winced as he pulled his hips away, but it was in vain. The monster had him in a grip that didn’t allow the hero to move a budge.

“S-stupid bastard monster,” said Asterion as he resisted the monster’s invading tentacle. “There is no way that will fit in!”

“No matter. I will put it in, even if I have to force it through. So many of your kind already had this in them.”

“My kind-? What?!” Asterion stuttered before letting out a scream. The tentacle shoved itself into the hero’s tight hole without mercy, sending a piercing pain through his body. Instantly Asterion’s remaining power instinctively kicked in to sustain the hero.

“Does it feel good? Some really enjoyed this.”

“N-no…! Ugh! H-how can this feel good?” Asterion cursed as sweat poured from his forehead.

“Well, you should enjoy it. These will be the sensations of your last few moments.”

“UGH! You scum!! Get it out of me!”

The monster began to fuck Asterion with the tentacles, brushing against the hero’s prostate. Each time it moved in, a string of pre-cum would be sucked out from Asterion’s cock. His nipples were constantly leaking his power-milk into the monster, while the draining was filling his swollen tits with incredible pleasure.

Asterion could feel his balls churning again as the monster fuck him senselessly. His tight rim stretched to accommodate the thick tentacle, healing each time and reshaping his body to fit the monster.

“P-please- stop this!” Asterion begged, “Get it – Augh!”

All of the tentacles pulsed and sucked on his nipples and cock vigorously. It started draining his Blessing again, extracting his auric powers from his muscular body.

It… It feels good!

Wrong… It’s wrong, but…

It feels so good to have my power sucked out of me.

The giant tentacle in his rectum pulsed. Suddenly, Asterion felt something being inserted into his bowels. It pulsed again, and it was now clear that something was pushed into his body.

“W-what? What are you doing?!” Asterion asked with wide eyes as he wriggled to break free. His strength remained utterly depleted. 

“These are the fruits of your labor, young hero. See it through and be a strong incubator for our offspring.”

“WHAT? UGH!” Asterion screamed as he realized the monster was inserting its eggs into him. “STOP! ST- MMMPGHFF!”

A new tentacle entered the hero’s mouth and down his throat. Asterion gagged and teared up as a pungent substance poured down his mouth. He bit down hard, but the tentacle was firm and rubbery, not giving way to his bite. He wanted to vomit, but he could not.

Clearly, this monster was keeping him alive as a vessel for its demonic goals – an incubator for its younglings of darkness.

And there was nothing he could do about it…



Chapter 7








Asterion shook in his binds. The gag in his mouth prevented him from dying of hunger and committing suicide. After all, he was this monster’s most prized breeder and incubator.

He watched as another tiny black monster stretched out from his abused hole before falling onto the cavern floor. He could feel the baby monsters moving around in his insides as they began to hatch from their shells within his bowels.

Tears streamed down his eyes as he could not do anything to deny this monster from violating his body and taking his powers away.

As his eyes adjusted to the light over time, he finally realized that there were rows and rows of Mystics in their own dark slime prisons, right in the monster’s body. Their eyes were completely void of emotions as their seeds and powers drained off their bodies.

Just how many Mystics did this monster take? Am I going to be one of them?

One of the monsters crawled out from his asshole and landed on a spike in the ground. The sharp end pierced through the baby monster, killing it instantly.

Asterion took a deep breath at the gruesome sight.

Upon reopening his eyes, he saw the monster was covered in a familiar red glow. Within a few seconds, the once-dead baby monster was up and running with the rest of the brood.

F-fuck… No!

“Oh, yes, Asterion.”

Asterion swallowed hard.

“Your brother knew of this, so he outrightly denied me of his powers by killing himself off. But you…”

“Mmph! (No!) Mmph! (No!) Mmph!! (No!)” screamed the young hero as he shifted his trapped muscled body in the monster.

“Thank you for fulfilling what your brother failed to give me. Thank you for making my offspring near invincible.”  

These monsters will no longer die because of his Blessing of the Black Bull.

“They can go further than the Abysmal Forest to get more prey. Thank you, dear hero, Asterion.”

An image of his friends and other Mystics falling victims to the undying brood of powerful monsters flashed across his mind.

Tears streaked down the hero’s wet eyes as Asterion struggled feebly and desperately. A feeling of extreme guilt gripped his heart.

His powers would be the downfall of the Sacred Tree of Eternal Mist.

— End of Trapped in Abyss —


A note from Nox:

Hey there! Thanks for finishing Trapped in Abyss!

I hope you enjoyed this story. It’s one of my short stories that I’m testing out for a new story arc for my gay erotica superhero project – Shattered Honor. If you love to read more of my work, do check out some in Telemachus12 and my website here –

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