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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 5]Hey, this is SuperheroFan here I want to share some comments: I am just starting with this new blog. I want to thank Nox for him to contact me to publish his stories and Rick Henry for also sending me his wonderful revisions of classics stories and also for his feedback. I will also want to thank all the readers, I hope this blog will someday be a reference for all stories and sites related to the world of gay superheroes. Please if you have any comment on how I can improve the blog share your ideas with me. I just make some updates to show the future posts in the sidebar, also the new post will have under the post some stories of the same author, superhero and other chapters of the  same story.  For the older stories I plan to make these updates but It will take sometime to change all the posts. Also I am trying to fix the Archive on the sidebar to look and work similar to the one in Blogspot. It make take time but I hope this change… Read More »Comments 11/20/2021