Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 10
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 10


The mighty Green Lantern was enjoying the warm puddle of piss on the grimy floor of the gang’s hideout when he heard the familiar commotion of police cars driving up to the place. It had only been a couple of minutes since he neutralized that threat, but not before they had used him as a public pissoir.

The hero looked up at the sound.

‘Good, the cops are here,’ the once-proud superhero thought with a big, goofy smile. His glance trailed down to the rockhard pole between his legs, and for some reason, he felt the need to compliment it, too.

‘We did it! Good job, bro!’

The words ‘Dick Bro’ instantly came up in his mind. That was a good name for his member, he told himself. He flexed the muscles in his crotch a couple of times to make his hard member bobble in response.

‘Dick Bro. That’s it. Hi there, Dick Bro! Fuck yeah, DIck Bro! Good job, Dick Bro!’ he said dopily, savouring every word. He guffawed like a dimwit after that litany of phrases, caressing his member as if he were polishing it off. Yeah, he knew he sounded stupid, but that was exactly the way a perverted dumbass like him was meant to talk.

Although Chuy and Tyrone hadn’t meant to dumb him down, the first thing they inadvertently did during the initial deep trance had been to call him a moron. After that, they kept mocking him for his “tiny brain”, or indirectly implied his stupidity by insulting his intelligence.

His deplorable performance during the last few minutes had been the last straw, and in his addled mind, the poor hero had consolidated the idea that he was indeed a moron. Although his IQ remained as high as ever, he know believed he was a horny idiot – and so his mind started behaving accordingly.

‘Fucking great, Dick Bro! The cops are here…’

Just like the other changes to his mindset, his brain would need time to adjust to the new realization and balance itself out. Because of the delay, the mindfucked superhero’s brain snapped back to normal for a brief moment. As he struggled to regain his bearings, he became fully conscious of what he was doing: he was sitting in a puddle of piss, pulling at his exposed pole in public, talking and acting like an imbecile… WHILE HE WAS SURROUNDED BY COPS, EMERGENCY SERVICES, AND NEWS REPORTERS… NOT TO MENTION THE GOONS HE WAS TRYING TO ARREST IN THE FIRST PLACE HOLY SHIT!!!

‘Oh God! Oh my God! WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!!’ Kyle exclaimed. There was an audible splash as he jumped out of the puddle, his massive boner bouncing lewdly at the sudden movement. Luckily, he did that right before an army of cops stormed the demolished warehouse. They barely took notice of him though. They focused on quickly arresting half of the gang that wasn’t unconscious, while emergency services tended to any of the injured or wounded.

Once the excitement had died down, a police officer noticed Green Lantern and started approaching him with a smile.

Kyle started panicking internally.

‘I can’t be seen like this! Please, God! I can’t!’

In a quick attempt to distance himself from the officer, the superhero rose into the air. He tried to get as far away as possible so that the policeman wouldn’t notice his stench or the assless chaps that was currently a staple on his uniform.

To Kyle’s surprise, the officer didn’t seem to notice anything amiss – not even his raging boner that he subconsciously kept in full display. Instead, all the policeman did was extend a polite greeting and offer his gratitude at Green Lantern’s help catching the criminals.

When the cop tried to ask the hero for a couple of follow up questions, Kyle responded that he needed to go somewhere else. Kyle murmured a quick explanation on how he had stopped the would-be thieves (omitting the embarrassing parts, of course). However, before he could fly away, the officer asked him where the money was.

‘It’s, uh… under… that,’ Kyle said, pointing to a mountain of rubble and rusted machinery. The entire van had been completely buried.

‘Oh, God,’ the cop shook his head, and sheepishly looked back up to the hero. ‘Would it be possible for you to give us a hand with that, GL? I know you’re busy, but I don’t know how long it would take us to clear all of that up ourselves. Can you do something?’

Kyle knew that the officer was right. It would be best if he retrieved the money himself. Almost on autopilot, Kyle conjured the first thing that came to mind – a backhoe loader that construction crews used to do work like this. Without thinking, Kyle let his imagination run wild when creating this construct. Unfortunately for him, instead of his usual trove of fantasy, comic books and anime, his imagination drew from one of his newer interests: men.

As his ring lit up the room in a green glow, Kyle groaned in dismay.

‘Goddamit, have you really lost your mind?’ Kyle thought to himself as he looked in horror at what he had done. He had created a generic backhoe loader, which he was happy about, but he could see that he had added something extra inside the cabin. His subconscious had somehow created a construction worker operating the machine, in full view of everyone, but it wasn’t just any construction worker.

Inside was a burly, hairy bear of a man, with a tiny vest covering his shirtless torso. He had tight, denim pants with a ridiculously indecent waist that led down to a very suggestive bulge.

Nobody had drawn attention to his lewd creation, but Kyle’s cheeks turned scarlet at the realization of what he had done. He discreetly tried to fix his mistake.

‘Come on, can’t you do anything right anymore?’ Kyle berated himself internally. However, trying to fix this situation proved to be his third dumb decision in a row.

At this point, his subconscious mind was in full control, and Kyle helplessly laid out his new fantasies out for all to see. The construction worker transformed into an even bigger version of itself, with his pecs growing into that of a professional bodybuilder. His once modest chest had now become giant, rounded man-tits with big, round nipples sticking straight out. His soft belly had turned into a muscular roid gut. His facial expression adopted a lustful, slow-witted gaze. What once was a regular vest turned into a full-on tight leather harness that could barely contain his oversized steroid boobs, with a series of criss-crossed belts appearing on his giant, veiny, muscled arms. A collection of sex toys joined the tools on his utility belt with his pants shrinking even more, drawing more attention to a newly enlarged bulge that bordered on the obscene.

Kyle felt hopeless. Were these perverted thoughts the only things his once creative brain could come up with? As he debated whether to erase the thing from existence, he noticed that again, none of the cops in front of him seemed to notice anything wrong. They barely even noticed its existence, it seemed; they were too focused on rescuing any injured people or thinking of other ways to get the money out. Thank God, despite his altered mental state, everyone seemed to be going about their usual business.

That is, except for the people behind him. He was so focused on avoiding embarrassment from the officer that had approached him, and his initial team that was working on most of the damage, that he forgot that he had a bigger audience forming. The ruins of the warehouse had drawn quite a large crowd of spectators and new reporters that were hungrily taking pics and videos of his exposed ass. Some even went round the side to get at the massive tent on his groin, too.

It didn’t take him long to clean up the rubble. Once the van with the stolen money was visible, the hero’s construct disappeared into thin air and he took that as his cue to leave. That whole interaction probably took no more than a couple of minutes, but the damage was done. By the time the hero had left the scene, the internet was already ablaze with the photos of him in his new uniform. Minutes later, the hashtags ‘ButtLantern’ and ‘DickLantern’ were trending on Twitter.

T-Bone and Chuy were not morning people. Their usual schedule involved waking up at noon with a quick “breakfuck” (‘The most important fuck of the day’, as T-Bone would say), then smoking a quick blunt on their deformed foam mattress as they started waking up in earnest. They then went to the kitchen for an unhealthy breakfast of leftovers and scrambled eggs, with a flat soda or a stale beer from the night before. And that’s if they even bothered to have breakfast.

They basically just did whatever they wanted for the rest of the day. The only things they consistently did were workouts at one of the many outdoor gyms in Coast City, and their favourite form of cardio – rough spontaneous sex at any time of the day. But they didn’t bother having a routine for either of those things, they just happened whenever the mood would strike. They reasoned that they didn’t have a strict schedule because they didn’t want anyone being able to predict where they would be, but the truth is, they just lacked any sort of discipline to follow a plan for their lives, either in leisure or in “work”.

The aforementioned “work” and the time invested on it varied widely depending on their mood and their need. Some days they would actually be selling weeds on the streets, but they never did that for more than an hour. On those same days, they’ll probably end up spending hours gambling with other lowlives instead. Other days, they would pass time by doing small-scale robberies in big stores, stuff that the owners probably won’t notice. If they were feeling extra ambitious, they might try and steal parts off of poorly guarded vehicles and resul them. Recently, they’ve graduated to stealing and reselling entire cars – that got them enough money to live comfortably for a couple of weeks, depending on how nice the car was or how gullible the buyers were.

Chuy and T-Bone thought hard work was for chumps. The secret to success was to keep life as simple as possible. They had rules that they lived by: never use violence in their “work”, except to defend themselves; never expose themselves to too much risk; never spend too much time doing the same thing; and never tie themselves down to anybody else’s plans.

Those rules had been crafted thanks to experience, often painful ones, acquired over the years. T-Bone still remembered the one time he had decided to take part in a poorly planned (and even more poorly executed) robbery at an electronics store. When everything had gone to shit, his partners had abandoned him and he ended up behind bars thanks to no other than the mighty Green Lantern, hero of Coast City.

To be fair, he had been back on the streets just a couple of months later, but even the six months he spent in jail had taken a massive toll on Tyron’s life. It had been three years since then, and thanks to T-Bone’s life rules, he hadn’t been back. But he’d never forgotten his time in jail, and he never stopped hating the Emerald Knight.

It took awhile for Tyron to fully wake up, and at first, he couldn’t even remember where he was. He was laying on a soft bed with sheets that were both clean and soft – definitely not what he was used to waking up in. It was quiet in the room, save for soft chirps of birds outside his window. He couldn’t hear of the noises he was usually accustomed to: no sirens from patrol cars or ambulances, no loud arguments or cries from help from his neighbours, no gunshots. He looked to his side and saw sunlight filtering through clean white curtains that covered tall windows, rather than the small, bare windows with grimy glass overlooking crumbling red brick walls and rusty pipes.

Turning to his left, he saw a digital clock by the bed that displayed an unusually early hour for him: 10:32 a.m. He could hardly believe it. As he shook his grogginess away, he realized what was happening.

‘Oh, yes. I’m at Green Lantern’s house. I mean… our house. Yes. This is our house now. Now and forever,’ T-Bone thought to himself. He couldn’t help but smile.

Not even in his wildest, vengeful fantasies did Tyron ever expect this. He’d been able to steal Green Lantern’s entire life and strip him of everything he had: his house, his money, his clothes, and even his entire sexual identity and dignity. It took him and Chuy less than a night to rob him of everything he had in life – all thanks to that awesome mind control machine. Not only that, but he had found that messing with the hero’s mind, all the while corrupting and ridiculing him, had even added extra fuel to his already hyperactive sex life with Chuy. And things had only just begun. He was going to take everything from the man who stole him the most precious of his life all those years ago. It was going to be a great day.

T-Bone turned to the side, and there he saw his boyfriend next to him, still sleeping, a peaceful expression on his face that Tyron couldn’t help but love. They’d only been together for eight months, but it was easily the happiest eight months of his life – and what was even better, he was sure Chuy felt the same way.

He rolled over to the little Latino and began kissing him gently. Chuy stirred, and mumbled something unintelligible before returning T-Bone’s sweet kisses. Before Chuy was even fully awake, he instinctively slid his hand under the covers in search of T-Bone’s throbbing member. It didn’t take him long to find it.

‘Good morning, my love,’ Chuy said as he broke the kiss. He gave T-Bone’s huge penis a couple of slow, gentle strokes, playfully sliding his thumb across the tip of the big, rounded head it had. It always reminded Chuy of a giant mushroom.

‘Good morning, my pretty. Did you sleep well, Jesús?’

‘Never better’, he replied with a yawn. Inching closer to his boyfriend, Chuy added, ‘Come closer, T. I want to give you a hand with this.’ Under the covers, T-Bone could feel Chuy give his hard member a little shake.

Before T-Bone could answer, Chuy had rolled on top of the bulky and began to rub against his body slowly. Chuy leaned close to T-Bone’s ear, and he whispered gently:

‘I thought I had dreamed everything that happened yesterday. What a crazy day.’

T-Bone cracked another smile.

‘The same thing happened to me, loco. Uuuuu, don’t stop, don’t stop. Do that again… uhhh, yesss…. Oh, but it wasn’t a dream, baby. We really made it.’

After some more snuggling, Chuy had an idea.

‘What do you say we bring Kyle in here to watch us fucking in his old bed? It was so hot seeing him helplessly turned on when we were fucking on his couch. He’ll go crazy if he saw me riding your dick again.’

‘Uhh, that’s a great idea, baby. Wake him up. Maybe I can get him to record us on his phone, too.’

Chuy smiled wide and sauntered out of the room. Tyron followed the sway of his ass with lust in his eyes.

‘My God, you look so fucking sexy, Chuy.’ At T-Bone’s suggestion, Chuy had put on a garter belt, a pair of open-crotch panties and fishnet stockings from Kyle’s ex-girlfriends’ box of discarded clothes (now his only clothes). He had worn them during their last fuck of the night. The rings on Chuy’s nipples completed the look – and they shone bright in the early morning light. Chuy blew his lover a kiss before he stepped out into the living room.

T-Bone couldn’t stop smiling. Maybe he should force Kyle to wear T-Bone’s and Chuy’s used underwear. That son of a bitch didn’t deserve to even wear clean clothes anymore. The prospect of spending the rest of his day humiliating his most hated enemy excited him like no other – and even better, he got to do that with the man he loved. He was so excited that he didn’t even crave his usual morning toke. Tyron was trying to decide on the best angle to film their fuckfest using Kyle’s iPhone, when Chuy ran back into the room with a worried expression.

‘Tyron, baby, Kyle’s gone.’

T-Bone’s eyes went wide.

‘Kyle’s gone? What do you mean, “Kyle’s gone”?’

‘I mean he’s gone, T. I can’t find him anywhere. What else could “Kyle’s gone” mean?’

‘Did you check the bathroom? Maybe he’s just taking a dump?’

‘I did. It looked like he took a shower at some point, but it was at least a couple of hours ago.’

‘Shit.’ Tyron mumbled, jumping out of bed. He was wearing nothing save for Kyle’s silk briefs, already wet with his precum. As he headed to the living room, he turned to Chuy once again.

‘How can you be sure he took a shower, baby? Did you hear him earlier?’

‘No, I only realized after looking in the bathroom. The floor’s dry but the soap bar was still a bit damp. He probably woke up at dawn.’

Despite his worry, he was vaguely impressed at his boyfriend’s detective work.

‘Clever boy.’

Beaming slightly at the praise, Chuy mentioned that he checked the studio, too.

They headed into the living room together. Even though he knew the mess in here would disgust Kyle, Chuy and T-Bone found nothing wrong with the scene. For them, the only thing that stuck out was that the superhero had vanished.

‘I woke up at around three or four in the morning for a glass of water. He was still on the couch, curled up in a ball. He was shivering.’ Then Chuy added, ashamed, ‘I felt pretty bad for him, so I brought him a blanket.’

He looked at T-Bone. ‘Please don’t be mad, Ty. I know how you feel about him, but I couldn’t leave him like that.’

‘No, of course, not, baby. I hate the bitch, yes, but I’m not that cruel.’ Then, in an attempt to not look soft, he added, ‘After all, it’s fine to take care of our little pet. Did you notice anything weird about him?’

‘He was mumbling something in his sleep, but I couldn’t understand a word. Apart from the fact that he was shivering, he seemed fine.’

T-Bone tried to process all that information, before noticing Kyle’s ratty tank top and shorts hanging from the chair on the terrace.

Chuy followed his gaze. ‘Did he wash his clothes?’

The thugs went out to check. The tank top had completely dried, but the daisy dukes still felt a bit wet.

‘It looks like he did. That actually sounds like something he would do. He seems like a neat freak.’

‘But if he was in the mood to do his laundry, then why is the living room still full of garbage? Do you think he stumbled out on the streets naked? Like, maybe we really did drive him crazy?’

‘Nah, don’t be silly,’ Tyron replied to reassure Chuy, but he was worried about the exact same thing. He’d gotten more and more nervous as Kyle started explaining the workings of the hypnotic machine and its possible risks. T-Bone ignored everything about the subject’s mental health and had no idea what “nervous breakdowns” and “mental collapse” were, but to him those were smartass words that meant “fucking crazy”. By the end of Kyle’s little lecture, all he could think of were Kyle dressed all in white, restrained by a thick straightjacket, begging desperately for cocks in a padded room, locked forever in the basement of a creepy hospital. He hated Kyle with all his heart, but not to the extent of driving him nuts and sending him to a loony bin.

‘Are you sure, T? I’m worried, baby. What if he went psycho like the instructions said, and now he’s killing people on the highway?’

At any other moment, he would’ve treated this train of thought as paranoia, but right now, it sounded like a possibility. Kyle had mentioned something about “psychopathic crisis” or some shit like that, another smartass phrase for “went bananas”. Tyron didn’t want to worry his boyfriend any further, so he did his best to hide his own doubts.

Then, a very reasonable and logical idea wormed its way into his head. He began to feel genuinely relieved.

‘Hey, calm down, Chuy. I doubt we have a Texas Chainsaw Massacre situation on our hands. We never mentioned anything about killing people, or even anything remotely violent while we were reprogramming him. Kyle did say that, no matter how deep the reconditioning, the chumps were still themselves to the core. That the fuckers who made that thing were never fully able to change somebody?’

‘Yes, he did say that. But I’m pretty sure those scientists did everything by the book. They never brainwashed anyone the way we did. We did everything wrong.’

‘But he’s a superhero. He’s not like a common fucker, so there’s no reason for him to do a complete turnaround and become violent. He’s probably just confused. Now that I think about it, he’s not necessarily going around naked, baby. Maybe Kyle just took something else from his box of fun before he went out. We told him those are his only belongings in the entire world.’

‘If that’s the case, then why isn’t he back yet? He left hours ago. And why did he go out in the first place?’ Chuy clearly wasn’t going to let this go so easily.

‘He has his uniform stored in his ring, remember? Maybe he got, like, an emergency call from the mayor or something like that? He’s probably out doing superhero shit.’

‘A call from the Mayor. Really?’ Chuy said incredulously, raising an eyebrow.

‘Well, maybe! Who knows? I have no idea how that fucker works, Chuy. We have to ask him. But think about it. We shouldn’t be worried about him.’

‘I hope you’re right, Ty. I really do,’ the skinny thug said, still dubious.

‘I know I’m right, baby. Just relax, there’s nothing to be worried about. Now, let’s finish what we started in Kyle’s bed.’ T-Bone turned to Chuy with his biggest smile. He was probably right about the brainwashed superhero. If anything, Kyle was just making a fool of himself on the streets, and nothing more. There was nothing to be worried about. Before Chuy could protest, T-Bone put his big hand on his lover’s shoulder, guiding him back to their new bedroom.

As they walked, however, Tyron was suddenly assaulted by a mental image, vivid and clear: Kyle walking down the highway, fully naked, his boner pointing to the sky and mind broken beyond repair. In his mind’s eye, Kyle was gasping like a fish out of water, muttering filthy obscenities to himself. His feet were scratched up and covered in mud and dried grass. There were bits of broken glass in his foot, and he was bleeding profusely, but Kyle didn’t even notice because of how completely fucked up he was, because of what Chuy and T-Bone had done.

They would be responsible for that. They had turned a perfectly normal man into a living, drooling mannequin, and somewhere deep inside his broken head, he was looking for them, looking so desperate for them, and…

Tyron snapped himself out of that train of thought, and berated himself internally.

‘Enough, Tyron, just cut it out. Jesus, where the fuck did that creepy shit come from? Also, why give a shit about him anyway? That asshole owes you, so to hell with him.’

Tyron wished it were that easy. Even with all his flaws, sadistic tendencies, and the deep hatred he felt for Kyle Rayner, Tyron wasn’t completely insensitive. He felt guilty at the prospect of having mindfucked a man to the point of driving him fully insane. After all, Granny hadn’t raised him to be a monster…

Worried about the look on T-Bone’s face, Chuy piped up. ‘Is everything alright, T?’

‘Yeah. Everything is perfect, baby’.

Coast City’s symbol of pride and hope was flying back to his former home.

Green Lantern used to fly in classic superhero fashion: fist raised high, soaring through the sky in a athletic way, filled with pride and panache.

But today, the formerly indomitable hero had become the image of defeat.

He was still helplessly subject to the pernicious command to display his new uniform proudly, but a part of his mind was experiencing guilt and shame that were so overwhelming that he simply was unable to ignore his pitiful state anymore. He could feel himself blushing all the way up to his ears, face beet red and hot from shame. His body couldn’t help but tremble anxiously, with his palms feeling slippery and sweaty.

Today, he felt nothing like his old self. He had never refused to talk with the police, or any of the citizens. He enjoyed that part of his job. He had always been friendly and funny, even a bit cocky at times, but today, the hero had left the scene of his last heroic act like a scared mouse. All his pride had been replaced with shame and self-loathing.

The once-heroic Green Lantern was now flying with a defeated posture – his shoulders slumped, arms hanging down. Part of it was because the parts of his body with dried was itchy and uncomfortable, but most of it was because of a mixture of fatigue, disappointment and revulsion. But the revulsion didn’t come solely from the stinky piss he was soaked in. It went deeper than that. He was revolted at himself, and how easily he gave into the disgusting urge to be used as a pissoir by a gang of lowly goons.

The moral defeat was so overwhelming that he couldn’t get himself to adopt his usual superheroic pose. The glowing green aura that once served as an emblem of his heroism had changed to a yellowish, swampy green – exactly the shade of yellow he used when he drew rotten, stinking food in his comics as a kid. The only thing missing were the stink lines. The ring reacted to his inner feelings, and that’s exactly how he felt so that’s how he looked.

He wasn’t even able to fly with his usual force and speed. After escaping the scene from his heroic victory, he felt less like a superhero and more like a loser. A chickenshit like him didn’t have the strength to fly like that. All he could do was float through the sky like a poorly inflated balloon.

Along with the slumped posture, he also flew bowlegged. As was implanted in his mind, he was getting turned on by his stench and by the ensuing humiliation. He could barely straighten his legs because any sudden movements stimulated his oversensitive genitalia. His boner was almost as painful as the morning wood he had earlier. With the little strength he had left, Kyle was doing his best to not fall into another frenzied masturbation session out in the open like this.

And, in bewilderment, Kyle realized that he had somehow managed to get into an even more disgusting state than how he had woken up. He didn’t even look like he showered this morning…

‘That’s not true. You did take a shower. A scented, warm and comforting golden shower. You even got a cocktail. A cocktail. You get it? Yeah, they pulled out their cocks, and you, your eager tail…’

He sighed and… Fuck, his breath still smelled like piss.

‘You drank piss, you really drank piss. You fucking pig,’ he mumbled, shivering, more sad and embarrassed than angry. ‘You drank fresh piss that came straight out of eight different men. How could you do something so disgusting, Kyle? How could you do that? You’re not into that pervert shit and you don’t like humiliation, dammit!’

He could barely believe himself when he said it. It wasn’t even 12 pm, and he had already humiliated himself so thoroughly. He had acted ridiculously in every place he had been, in front of every person he had seen.

The worst part was that he had actually enjoyed it. He had enjoyed every single smell, taste, sound and sight – every second of every fucking moment.

‘You begged to be fingered. You begged to be mocked. You even begged to get pissed on, you sick, twisted faggot. And you loved all that shit.’

This newfound awareness of his new place in the world, and the loss of his dignity, only pushed him further into debauchery. “Fuck dignity”, he thought in a moment of abandon. The more embarrassed and humiliated he felt, the hornier he became. The shame of being so sexually aroused at the slew of perverted and debasing thoughts only made him more excited. Kyle was caught in a loop from which he was unable to escape.

And with every humiliating moment, it was becoming increasingly hard to convince himself that he wasn’t enjoying those thoughts.

‘Say it, say it out loud. You have never been that satisfied in your entire life. Boss knows you better than you know yourself. He was right to call you the Green Latrine. That’s what you are. Green Latrine, the walking public bathroom of Coast City.’

*‘No! No, no, no. That’s what they want. They want you to make you believe those things about yourself! Those fucking psychos made you this way. For God’s sake, don’t lose sight of that. It was them, not you. Not you. This isn’t who you are. And stop cursing, dammit! You’re a superhero, not a drunk sailor!’

What had his life become? Was he stuck like this for the rest of his life? He had been turned into a sick joke. Even his constructs were becoming obscene spoofs of what they used to be.

‘None of that was you. None of it. It was them. Those fucking gorgeous thugs. You must thank those bastards for that. Thanks to them, you’re having the best orgasms of your life, Kylie-boy. You owe them so much for improving your sex life that you’re gonna serve them on your knees for the rest of your life and -FUCK! THAT’S NOT RIGHT! JESUS CHRIST, FOCUS!’

The strong stench of ammonia around him seems to be getting worse by the minute, clouding his mind again. Luckily, he wasn’t too far away from Boss and Papi’s house. He could at least rest there.

‘No, it’s not their house. It’s your house, dammit. You’ve got to get your life back. But fuck, you can’t fight them like this. Not now. You have no idea what they’re doing to you. You’ll have to play along the best you can. After getting another hit off Boss’ bong, you’ll be fine. You can do it, Kyle. Just… let yourself go a little. Even if you don’t like it… or do you? No, no way. You… you must fight them, and serve them. Serve them at any cost. Fight them and serve them, and don’t forget it. You can do it. You’re Kyle Rayner. You’re Green Lantern.’

As he usually did, he began to recite the Green Lantern Oath to help center himself:

“In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power. Green Lantern’s light”

It was a comforting thought. He could feel himself getting more confident, more hopeful, even a bit stronger. Just by a small amount, yes, but reciting the Green Lantern Oath was like a balm to his spirit. Not everything was lost yet. He still had a chance to fix everything, if only he could figure what that paper in the lab had said. Those sexy hooligans may be in control, but not for long. He was going to discover what ‘VC-U-DL-0-0’ was, and how to use it to his advantage. He had to find whoever ‘Doctor Johnsthon’ was. But all in good time. For now, he had to go back home and try to figure out what they had done to him.

He needed to focus though. He couldn’t slip up again. He had to think like the true Kyle Rayner, the Emerald Knight, the hero who had overcome fear. He was going to fight them, and he was going to defeat them. Not right now though. He had to wait until he had a better idea of what was going in. But he knew he could do it.

*‘Come on, Kyle, say it out loud: *

“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight…”

‘Wow, look at this, Chuy. This fucker has genuine leather jeans. I’ve always wanted pants like this’.

‘Try them on, T. You’ll look good in them.’

They had finished their breakfuck in the shower, the first bath they had taken in days. T-Bone was naked, inspecting Kyle’s closet with delight, while Chuy was lying on the bed in baggy shorts and a t-shirt that was too big for him.

Although Chuy enjoyed watching his man try on new clothes, he still felt uneasy.

He was aware of Tyron’s feelings about Green Lantern. T had never told him exactly why he loathed Kyle so much, and Chuy had respected his privacy by not asking questions. He didn’t have anything against the superhero himself, but the one thing the couple shared was contempt and abhorrence for any authority figure.

The law had always failed them. It was a farce, just an excuse that the authorities used as a facade so they could lie, hit, extort or rob. He knew he and T weren’t any better; they were thieves, too. The only difference was that they were decent enough not to hide behind a mask. The so-called “authorities” were nothing but a bunch of liars, crooks and abusers that had reached a high position by luck, trickery or violence. They were all fakers that used their power to abuse others, mostly people who never had opportunities, people who were simply doing their best to get the best life. The “authorities” were the real bad guys. And so, it was only fair for them to take advantage of an authority figure like Kyle. Kyle was essentially a first-class super cop, so it was only logical that he was a first-class super asshole.

How else would he have gotten a hold of that powerful magic ring? With his virtues? What a joke! Chuy had snickered scornfully when Kyle had babbled about being chosen to be a Green Lantern “by the strength of his willpower and heart”. Bullshit. Nobody gives you shit just because of what’s in your heart, Chuy reasoned. He surely had stolen the ring from another chump, maybe even killing him in the process, and had concocted that corny tale to pretend that he was a good man. It was T-Bone and Chuy’s right to turn the tables on everyone who had it easy. They needed to put those bozos where they belonged.

But even so, turning Kyle crazy was just too much. Chuy had limits. He wasn’t like all those other people. He was not a bad man.

Although, generally speaking, Chuy was smarter than his boyfriend, he didn’t know a lot about mental disorders and were making decidedly far-fetched conclusions compared to Tyron. Chuy had become convinced that Kyle had suffered a “mental collapse” and now was a maniac like The Joker. That, or he was chasing teenagers in the forest armed with a hockey mask and a machete.

The idea that they were responsible for creating a wacko armed with a weapon as powerful as a magic ring, made Chuy feel increasingly nervous and guilty. And scared. A sane Kyle had been pretty intimidating when he got angry at being called a moron. Chuy didn’t want to know what a crazy version of Kyle could do to them if he came back looking for revenge for all the shit they had done to him. Chuy honestly expected Tyron to be more scared.

‘Look, it suits me,’ said T-Bone, admiring himself in the full-length mirror. He looked fantastic in shiny black leather. ‘It’s a little tight, but it’s the right size. I can get used to this. Fuck, I love the smell of leather. Do you like it, Chuy?’

‘Fuck, yeah, baby, you look hot in that.’

T-Bone approached Chuy and started kissing him. He wanted to rub his leather-clad package on Chuy. His kisses started on Chuy’s lips, but then he moved up to nibble gently on Chuy’s neck, and then ended up on his neck. Then, T-Bone mumbled, ‘Are you still worried, baby?’


‘Yes, you are. I know you. You normally beg for more whenever I kiss your ears,’ the bigger man said. He pulled away from Chuy and sat on the bed.

‘Well, aaa…. Just a little bit, Ty.’

‘Rayner is fine, believe me. Instead of worrying about him, you should be looking for new clothes for yourself. Most of his stuff is way too big for you. Why don’t you take a look on Amazon. Kyle has it on his phone. Look for something you like.’

‘Will do, baby. Thank you.’

‘That’s my boy. Just relax. Rayner has never been better. Come here, baby…’

‘In brightest day, in blackest night, no… n-n-no evil shall escape my… my sight… oh, damn…’

Kyle could feel the funny feeling in his ass returning. The last time he had felt this was in the hands of the trucker, the trucker that had fingered his virgin hole for the first time. Even thinking about it felt weird since he couldn’t compare it to anything else, really. Kyle had never actually thought about his ass in a sexual way, except for the odd time one of his girlfriends would squeeze it, or make some flattering comment about it. And sometimes when he had a graze or a bruise on his ass after a particularly big fight.

But he definitely had never worried about having anything shoved inside it. He was embarrassed at how much he thought about it now. After all, that’s the part of his body that he used to… ugh. Even just thinking about it made him feel dirty.

‘… let those who worship evil’s beware my… my … oh, damn. Fuck… my power. Green Lantern’ s light… goddammit, my ass… it feels like… like… as if I needed to… like… like I need to take a… , yeah, but not really… not exactly… it’s like I’m being tickled… inside me… but fuck… don’t think about it, Kyle. Again, come on, come on, Kylie, say it again: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight…’

Shy and ashamed, the hero slid a hand through the slit between his muscular glutes. His trembling fingers pushed aside the thin elastic of his thong and began to timidly caress his anus.

’In brightest- uuuhh, yeeeeeees… uh, yes, yes, here it is…my… my butthole…my… rosebud, as Papi called it… my cu… my cu… yes, that’s is, my cunt. My little cunt. Fuck, I like my cunt…”

He caressed the entrance to his tiny cramped slit with his fingers, tracing it gently back and forth, and even pushing the tip of his middle finger against it. He didn’t feel ashamed at first, all he felt was curiosity and delight. It felt so tight and small! How did that hairy heartthrob of a trucker manage to slide not one, but two of his big fat fingers inside it? It felt nice touching himself this way. But it was so dry. Too bad he didn’t have anything to moisten his finger to make it easier…oh, wait, but he did!

Coyly, Kyle brought his middle finger to his mouth. He paused for a second. Was he really going to lick the same finger he had been using to play with his cunt? Did he really want to put that dirty finger in his mouth?

Fuck, yeah, of course he did! He needed it so badly! Kyle sucked his entire finger with abandon, making sure to leave it dripping with a good layer of drool. Then the finger went back on his ass, gently pushing the tip in and out of his cunt. It wasn’t bad, not bad at all.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled his finger out, deeply embarrassed. He had sucked that same finger seconds ago. It had been inside the hole that he used to… the hole for where he use to… that…

‘Oh, for God’s sake, Kyle… fuck, you’re revolting.’

He tried to keep his mind clear by focusing on the Green Lantern Oath… but the need inside him was only getting stronger. He really needed another hit of Boss’ bong, or Papi’s pipe, as soon as possible. He just needed to clear his head.

Thanks God those assholes hadn’t messed up his beliefs about marijuana. That would have been really fucked up! He wouldn’t have any way to think through problems like this one without weed. The only good thing that had come out of this was that he finally had the guts to smoke weed, like he almost wanted.

Well, to be fair, that hadn’t been the only good thing. Even though he was still a sissy, and probably always would be, he now at least smelled like a real man… and his sex life was improving. And he was not a kissless loser anymore, so yeah, something good did come out of this.

‘Come on, Kyle. You’re almost home. Damn, you can’t get enough of that bong. Your head feels so muddled without it, girly boy.’

Absently, his middle finger went back into his mouth, this time accompanied with his index. Then both fingers went to his ass.

‘In brig-fuuuuuuuck…oh, ohhhhh!! in… in brightest day, in blackest- uh, yes, night… oh, this is nice…’

Green Lantern’s new masters were fucking on his former bed once again. Chuy had finally begun to see the future in a more positive light. Sort of. His head was still thinking about the poor superhero, but this time from a different point of view.

‘If Kyle isn’t violent, maybe we can fix some of the damage we caused… or at least, leave him functional enough to do some chores at home,’ the little punk though while he caressed Tyron’s leather-clad ass.

‘Maybe we could even get him a job packing bags at the supermarket… but then, how could we afford this place? I guess we could use the camera on his landlord, but…’

T-Bone did that thing on the back of Chuy’s ear that he liked, and he lost his train of thought. ‘Uhh! That’s it, Ty, go on, go on…!’

‘Enough of Kyle’, Chuy finally decided. ‘I should focus more on Tyron’. Ty was here, and Kyle was not. Also, they still have the camera. There was still time to fix the hero. Maybe there wasn’t even anything to fix. Maybe everything was fine. Tyron was right, it’s not like they told him to be more violent. If he had really lost his mind, the worst case scenario would be him sitting naked in a park, eating bugs for snacks…

‘Let me suck you, baby. I wanna suck you!’

‘That’s my Chuy. Come on, suck it loudly, baby. I love noisy bitches, go on. I wanna hear you all aloud, you little dirty faggot…’

‘Hhmm, fuck, OH, FUCK, YES!!! Nooo…no evil… shall… escape… my… my… si- UGH! Let… ah-ah… those… tho who wor… wohhibhh… ewwooohhwwwws… shaaahh…mighhhh… bewaeee…geen..lande… oh…oh, FUCK YESSSS! Hmmmmm… OH!.. Boss, yes… fuck me, fuck my cunt, my pussy… harder, yes harder… harder… Boss… Papi, please give me cock… give me cock, I need cock… those who beware the whoreship of my sigh…beware my lantern ass… YES!!!!!’

What had begun as a curious caressing had turned into a rampant fingerfuck. The hero had had so much pleasure touching his slit that he felt an urge to go further, pushing two fingers up his ass, and then, when that wasn’t enough he had pulled them out, slobbered all over them, and shoved both deep inside his rectum to fully massage his inners and stretch his cunt. His cock was hard, but the pleasure in his ass was so intense that he wasn’t even thinking about touching his member. All his attention was focused on his asshole. Every push of his fingers seemed to melt what was left of his mind, turning the superhero into a babbling lustful beast.

‘UUuuuuUUUU!!… bew… bewhee… dhhhe… Ghree… Landuuuuuuddhh… oh!.. OH, FUCK!! In brightest night, in blackest night no evil… escaaaaaaape! my… my shall… oh Jesus fucking Christ… let those worshiping evil might beware my cunt, fuck yes my cunt feels good oh, so fucking good, FUCK!! FUUUUCK ME!!!.. tickling soooo much, I need cock… oh, oh, God, help me, this feels so fucking goooood!!!! Ohhh, uh, oh, fuck, thanks God I’m here…’

Piss squished out of Kyle’s boots as he landed on the terrace of his former house. Even a humiliation that minor made him moan and squirm in delight, but he didn’t have much time to enjoy it. He waddled inside looking for Boss’ bong or Papi’s pipe, with both of his fingers still pumping in and out of his ass at full speed, his rock hard cock making a tent on his crotch. Neither the bong nor the pipe were in sight, but he could see some loose weed on his his Artist of the Year Award. I mean, that ashtray. He was already lamenting that he’d have to settle with the leftovers in the ashtray, but then he spotted the package of weed he had brought from the stud in the alley!

Kyle smacked his lips, and used his ring to form a glowing green crystalline bong, taking care to make it as Boss had said “bigger, the more cartoonish, the better”, and quickly filled it with the precious narcotic, all with his right hand, as his left hand was too busy fingerfucking his ass. He still remembered what Boss had taught him about using a bong. Despite his confused state of mind, he thought distractedly that it was awesome he could at least remember that. It was as though the instruction had permanently been printed in his mind!

Maybe Kyle had gone a bit too far away with the size of the bong, but he was sure to follow Boss’ instructions. Not bothering to look for a lighter, Kyle quickly made a small laser gun to toast the weed.

His inner voice spoke again, this time alarmed.

’Do you realize you’re acting like an addict, Kyle?? This is wrong, you didn’t enjoy this the first time, and you’ve only smoked twice, you shouldn’t be this desperate. And you never liked cannabis! They made you crave this, just like they’re making you gay, this is wrong, thi-

‘Oh, shut up, you prissy dumbfuck’, he said aloud, with his voice full of boredom and self-contempt. ‘You need this bad and you know it. And even if they made us do that, we ended up loving it anyway, so shut the fuck up! Just shut the fuck up, you fucking pantywaist!!’

With the firm conviction that all he needed was a puff of smoke, Green Lantern guided the mouthpiece to his lips and took the deepest breath he could.

Despite Tyron’s passionate kisses and moans, something caught Chuy’s attention. A sound… like a footstep.

‘Ty, wait, wait, stop.’

‘Hey, what’s the matter, baby?’

‘I heard something. I think he’s back.’

Both ruffians jumped up, and headed for the living room. It was then that realized that they were still worried about Kyle. The shared anxiety made the hallway seem longer than it really was. T-Bone was leading, and although Chuy couldn’t see his face, he realized he was nervous. It was obvious. He had lost his typical bully swagger, and kept one arm slightly out in front of Chuy, an unconscious gesture to protect him for whatever would be waiting for them ahead.

‘Hey, Chuy wait here.’ Tyron whispered, and turned to face his boyfriend. ‘It’ll be better if you … what the hell are you doing, loco?

Chuy had taken one of the many art awards that Kyle had on his walls. This one was a particularly big plaque made of aluminium. Chuy was holding it up like a weapon.

‘If that fucker’s came back to kill us, I’m not going to sit around doing nothing, T. I’ll .’

T-Bone smiled. He liked that although Chuy was small and thin, he was not the type of man to cower at any challenge. That’s what T-Bone like the most about him, after his insatiable sexual appetites.

‘Baby, you’re the best. But don’t worry, we still don’t know if he… hey, do you smell that?’

‘Is he… is he toking up??’

‘It seems so, and… phew, I think he’s really mad about it! I’ve never met a violent pothead, Chuy. Let’s go, check. I’m sure nothing’s happened and everything is fine.’

Despite his words, T-Bone still entered the living room cautiously. Neither of them knew what to expect, but it definitely wasn’t Green Lantern toking from a giant bong. On top of that, they were surprised at the state the hero was in. His hair was a mess and his uniform a disaster, all covered in stains and dirt. While fuming like a locomotive steam engine, he seemed to be scratching his ass like a madman while ignoring the big boner he was sporting. After a moment, they realized Kyle Rayner was shamelesly fingering hiself.

‘H-hey, Kyle, whazzap, whazzap, my boy?’ greeted Tyron, trying to sound friendly.

Green Lantern turned to them with a doltish toothy smile, swaying like a drunk, and said in a very strangled, raspy voice:

‘Heeeeeey, Bossss…heeeey, Paaaapiiiii… did * cough * did you * cough, cough * have, like a * cough* , oh, holy shiiiiit… and a … had a goooood niiiiiiiiight?’

‘Uh, yes, yes, thanks for asking, Kyle, and a…hmm… where, where did you go, Greeny? We were, like, worried about you’, said the thug cautiously. He was more relaxed now, but it was better to be on guard, just in case. Behind him, Chuy was still holding the aluminium plaque, ready to use it at any moment. There was no reason for his concern, however.

Even though Kyle’s eyes were red as traffic lights, both narrowed and tearing up from all the smoke he was inhaling, he still looked at both men like they were the peak of male beauty. Something in his head told him that he had to fight them, they had done something to him, but he knew he could never ever do anything to hurt them. Kyle existed to serve them, to adore them! He would find some way to defeat them, but not right now, he had to play along and let himself go. His blunted brain only caught the last part of the sentence, or to be more honest with himself, he preferred to focus on that because of his burgeoning feelings.

‘They care about me! These sexy thugs care about me! they… they are not that bad after all, I guess… they are… my pants, those are my pants…Boss is wearing my… my brand new leather pants… the fucking asshole stole my pants… and for fuck’s sake, he looks so fucking sexy in them! His bulge looks… so big and yummie! I want to rub my face on his big yummie bulge, lick it, suck it. Shit, I want to suck his cock!!’

‘Kyle? Kyle, did you hear me?’

Kyle didn’t. He had seen his Papi shirtless, and was lost in a fantasy of himself getting nipple rings with rhinestones on them, just like his beautiful Papi. Maybe his nipple rings could have some green rhinestones on them… Papi loved rhinestones, he surely would approve that…or he should look for someone able to make a pair of rings with the Green Lantern emblem on them. Or with pot leafs, fuck yeah, that would fit very well on him…


‘Uh? oh, yeah, yeah, Boss, I was, just like… uhhhh, just like, thinking about your big… on… and on Papi’s… uh, wha, whadya ask, Boss?’

‘I asked you where you went? We were…’. Then the smell assaulted him. ‘Oh, what a…? Ugh! What the fuck is that stench?!’

‘Oh, that it’s probably me, Boss. I… I like, went on my morning patrol and, like, well, it wasn’t , it wasn’t, as, you know… it had many… and was full of… it’s a loooong story with… stuff and… stuff…’

‘Your morning patrol, huh?’ asked Chuy, still behind T-Bone.

‘Yes, Papi, I like, always go on patrol to start the day and… doing stuff, ya know? Lantern’s… stuff. And things were… well, ya know… all the stuff.’

‘No, we don’t know, Kyle’ T-Bone started feeling more confident… and more aggressive. ‘You better take a shower, Rayner. Just take off your uniform on the terrace. You don’t want to stink up our apartment with that shit, right? Take a bath, but leave your costume dirty just like that. You can wash it later.’

‘Sure, sure, Boss! You’re like, really smart and full of good ideas.’

‘Go on, Stink Lantern. And stop playing with your ass. Take a shower, and when you finish you’re going to cook us breakfast and give us a full report of what you did. Now move it, don’t waste our time, faggot’.

‘Sure thing, Boss!’

Kyle obeyed. He usually just willed his uniform out of existence, but instead of taking off his uniform like he always did, he followed T-Bone’s orders literally and began undressing himself, dropping every piece of clothing on the floor. Once his uniform was haphazardly discarded on the terrace, he clumsily waddled to the shower. He wanted to keep fingering his cunt, but felt compelled to obey.

Once the disgraced hero closed the door, Chuy and T-Bone sighed in relief.

‘Well, there you go. He just went out on his morning patrol, we were worried over nothing.’

‘We? I thought you said you weren’t worried, T.’

‘Just a bit. I was more worried about you. I don’t like to see you stressed.’

It was an obvious lie, and they both knew it, but Chuy thought it was nice for his boyfriend to say that.

‘And what do you think, Ty? Is he nuts?’

‘Nah, don’t think so, baby. You saw him, he’s just like yesterday. I think he’s fine.’

‘I agree. The old Kyle would have never smoked pot like that. He’s really becoming into a stoner.’

T-Bone went to the terrace and looked down at Kyle’s uniform, bunched up on the floor.

‘We should keep this as a doormat, and get rid of the rest of this shit. Do you think somebody would be interested in buying the metallic things he wears on his arms?’

‘I don’t know. I like seeing him dress like a sissy, but I’m getting horny at the thought of him doing all kinds of dirty things in his uniform. His video getting high is quite hot.’

‘Yeah, that’s right. We need to figure out how we want him around… wait a minute. What is that?’

Something caught T-Bone’s eyes. It was a piece of white paper. It had slipped out of one of Kyle’s forearm guards.

He took the piece of paper and unfolded it, as Chuy came closer.

‘Isn’t this a page from the machine’s manual? Why would he take this on patrol?’

‘Hmmm… I don’t know, Chuy. Maybe the cocksucker is keeping something from us.’ Tyron smiled. Ruining Kyle’s life would be even more enjoyable if the poor jerk was aware of what was going on and was planning something to defend himself. Seeing the embarrasing state in which he had appeared, it was hard to imagine how and to what extent Kyle was aware of what was happening and what he was planning, but it was obvious to T-Bone that the superhero was already hopelessly screwed. His attempts to defend himself would all be useless, and besides, Chuy and him were armed with that incredible mind control machine to give him another flash to mold him according to his likes. Green Lantern had no chance whatsoever to defend himself. Tyron almost could respect Kyle for resisting the abuse and humiliations he was being subjected to.


His smile from him got even bigger.

’Let’s see what our little Bitch Lantern has to tell us…’



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