Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 6
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 6


Every delivery boy from Cheezy Dan’s Cheese Pit had a story to tell. It was inevitable. With the hours that they worked, and the neighborhoods that they frequented, weird things were bound to happen. There were stories about bloody crime scenes, suspected cults, an alien abduction or two, and even some supernatural stuff.

And there were stories about sex, too, of course. Some guys claimed to have walked up to a big mansion or a fancy house, to find a scantily clad customer ready for action. Some claim to have been propositioned by lonely men and women. There were even some stories about beautiful couples wanting to spice up their sex life with an impromptu threesome. And let’s not forget the orgies. There were, apparently, a lot of those.

Yeah, most of Cheezy Dan’s staff had a story or two to tell, but none more so than Tommy. He had an endless supply of insane stories. His favorite one was being invited to an orgy filled with people disguised as cereal box characters, in a mansion right outside of town. ‘Everyone was there, I swear! There was a Trix Bunny and a Captain Crunch.’ Tommy would say with a weird mix of excitement and pride.He even kept the receipt for that night in his wallet, just so he could punctuate his story with proof of the ‘Cereal Box Orgy.’

Melvin Quirckle would roll his eyes every time someone brought up Tommy and his escapades. To him, all of these stories, especially the ones with gratuitous sex in them, were made up. It just didn’t make any sense, no matter how many times Tommy waved his receipt around. First of all, ‘supermodels’ wouldn’t be caught dead eating a slice of pizza – and definitely not one from Cheezy Dan’s. All those cheap toppings and the greasy cheese brought the price down quite a fair amount, but that’s why only college students or families on a budget bought them.

And, most importantly, Melvin has yet to experience anything weird in the three years he’s worked at Cheezy Dan’s – supernatural or sexual (both equally improbable, he would say). His drop-offs were all normal people ordering food for family reunions, office workers too tired to cook something for themselves, groups of students throwing parties, or big nerds like Melvin himself. He and his friends loved a good pizza while they played their second campaign of Magic: The Gathering on a Saturday.

He’s not saying these things are impossible though. Of course, statistically, it was possible for any of this stuff to happen, but it couldn’t happen as often as his coworkers claimed. He was sure these stories had come from Reddit, or a 4chan post, or just from Tommy’s fucked up imagination.

Not to mention, none of his coworkers were exactly pornstar material. Except for Joe. Maybe. He was kinda handsome, in an acne-ridden, overweight teenager sort of way. It’s been a couple of years since he’d trained consistently, so he was definitely on his way to a dadbod, but underneath all that fat, he still had a strong linebacker build.

Melvin could totally imagine him showing up at his door, with the signature yellow uniform, matching cap slightly ajar. He would be balancing the pizza on one hand, the other resting provocatively near his bulged crotch with his thumb hooked on the belt loop on his tight jeans, his big muscled arms straining against his shirt – with that lovable smile that only a dumb adorkable jock like him could pull off. He’d walk up chuckling and saying:

‘Hey, yo, dude, your pizza’s here. Do you want some extra sauce and pepperoni on your…?’

With a deep sigh, Melvin adjusted his huge, thick glasses over his equally huge, thick nose. He was fully aware that fantasizing about stuff like that was a waste of time, but he couldn’t help it.

’He’s not THAT handsome anyway,’ Melvin thought resentfully. Like always, he’d try to focus on the worst qualities of his wet dream for the day. It’s not that he was a mean-spirited guy. He just needed a way to convince himself that he wasn’t infatuated with any of his coworkers. And he was failing at it. Again.

Anyway, here he was, nearing the end of another normal shift with normal, boring people and no cool stories in sight. Judging by the noises coming from the other side of the door, this would just be a group of friends watching the Lakers game on TV.

Just like the sexy dudes at the frat house he delivered to before this. The guy who answered the door was shirtless, but they didn’t invite him in for an orgy. He kept his cool, surprisingly, but that didn’t stop him from sporting some wood. And thanks to his teenage hormones, it wasn’t subsiding any time soon. Damn, he was horny. He just needed to get through this last order and he could rub one out at home.

He knocked on the door.

‘Who is it, ‘ answered a voice from inside.

‘I-i-it’s Cheezy Dan’s. I have an order for Mr. Rayner,’ Melvin screeched in his nasally voice. ‘I’ve got a couple of pizzas for you.’

Another voice pipes up, ‘Hey, Kyle! KYLE!! Stop being an idiot and get the door!’

Melvin heard some footsteps rush over. As soon as the door opened, Melvin’s eyes went wide. He found himself staring at what seemed like the trashiest male prostitute in the city. And, luckily, a very good-looking one. Melvin’s heart started racing. And all he could think was, ‘WOW. I’ve finally got a story to tell next time Tommy starts talking shit again.’

This must be Kyle. He looked him up and down, and he was pleasantly surprised at how handsome and muscular the dude was. He was incredibly hot, with piercing green eyes, a shadow of beard over a strong jaw, and jet black hair. Melvin would’ve thought he was an athlete, a model or even a movie star – but surely not dressed like that.

Upon closer inspection, he looked less like a stud and more like a burnout. His eyes were bloodshot, and his hair was disheveled and looked vaguely crusty. His subtle swaying and his goofy smile made it look like he was a little tipsy. Not to mention his outfit – he was dressed like a shameless slut. His slightly hairy, ripped body was on full display in a tiny white tank top, microscopic denim shorts and shiny knee high boots. And this was all topped off with a big dollar sign that lay on top of his obscenely marked bulge.

Unbeknown to Melvin, the man standing in front of him was once the proud savior of Coast City, Green Lantern. Melvin had always admired the superhero, and he’d never expect the trashy hooker in front of him was the mighty Emerald Knight. Either way, Melvin couldn’t take his eyes off of Kyle.

And, surprisingly, Kyle couldn’t take his eyes off of Melvin, either. The once-straight superhero had been mindfucked to such an extent that his previous sexual preferences were completely wiped from his psyche. Instead of lusting after the most feminine of qualities in a beautiful woman, he had been thoroughly brainwashed to lust after men. But not just any men – only the ones that were… rougher around the edges, with decidedly male features that weren’t the most traditionally attractive.

In fact, his new masters made him horny for the complete opposite of a respectable man, a perversion of society’s admiration for straight-laced superhero types. But the assault over Green Lantern’s brain hadn’t stopped there. They had said: “You love everything about men. And the ruder and rougher, the better.”

Then they added: “You don’t like muscled, well-educated pussy dudes like your pansy-ass clean-cut superhero muscled friends. In fact, you’re disgusted by sissies like that”, implying that he liked the reverse instead. That mix of imprecise instructions had ended up making Kyle hopelessly attracted to any men with features opposite to the classic superhero images and behavior.

He would always prefer the ill-mannered rude thuggish type, but also be attracted to any men lacking the features typically associated to his friends on the JLA, like good looks or model-like bodies. Any man devoid of intelligence, discipline, morals, manners, hygiene, style or strength, would drive Green Lantern crazy of desire.

So now, Kyle Rayner was helplessly attracted to the young man in front of him. He was the definition of a scrawny nerd – a kid who’d never seen the inside of a gym, freckle-faced and acne-ridden, with unusually large ears, and an unruly greasy ginger jewfro.

He was still all worked up from meeting T-Bone’s hot friend an hour ago. That stunning Adonis had the sexiest buck teeth Kyle had ever seen (at least, according to Kyle’s new fucked up definition of sexy). But those were nothing compared to the crooked teeth and braces combo of the stud in front of him. How Kyle wished this kid would flash him a smile with those big, deformed teeth!

Kyle was 5’11”, so this kid towered over him at 6’9”. He had barely any muscle, or fat, so the stained yellow and red uniform hung off him like he was a coat rack. His feet were enormous compared to the rest of his body; they were grotesquely oversized even for someone that tall. He would look freakish to anyone else, but to the hypnozonked Green Lantern, he was a totally irresistible stud. The once-straight ladykiller couldn’t help but drool, and wonder if the rumors were true about shoe sizes.

Still stoned from the weed he smoked not more than five minutes ago, and a little tipsy from all the beers he had, Kyle was a bit more carefree than usual. His lust was plainly visible on his face, and he made no move to hide the throbbing erection in his daisy dukes.

This awkward exchange did not go unnoticed by Chuy and T-Bone. These two were getting a kick out of having the once-powerful Green Lantern making a fool of himself for their own personal amusement. They savored the comical, and partially debasing moment, for a while longer. Then, doing his best not to laugh, Chuy called out to Kyle.

This broke Melvin out of his trance, and he found himself nervous and embarrassed at what he was doing. Even though the guy in front of him was clearly a prostitute, it was rude to stare at him like that. The same could not be said about Kyle. Under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and his own raging hormones, he was still fully eyefucking the pizza delivery guy in front of him.

‘Hey, Kyle… KYLE!’ T-bone repeated, slightly louder.

Still, Kyle ignored him. The boy’s looks had him fantasizing in his head like crazy. ‘Woooooow, look at that unibrow! Superman would look way more super if he had one of those, instead of his boring, clean-cut look. And that body! Oh, God. Can’t get any sexier than that? he thought.

Melvin looked at the two guys sitting in the corner, and then back at the guy in front of him. ‘Uh, S-s-sir?’ Melvin asked, barely above a whisper. Why was the guy staring at him like that? Was there something on his face? And then the dude in front of him lingered down at his crotch, and licked his lips. Melvin couldn’t ignore that.

‘KYLE, PAY ATTENTION WHEN I TALK TO YOU, DAMN IT!!’ T-Bone yelled, throwing an empty beer can at the dreamboat in front of him. It hit Kyle straight on the back of his head, which finally woke him up from his stupor.

‘Uh! Sorry, Boss! Were you saying something?’

‘Pay attention, Putote! Damn, you’re even dumber when you’re baked!’

‘Yes, Boss. I’m sorry for being a Putote, Boss.’

Kyle spoke Spanish, and often used it when he hung out with his friends, or when he prayed, so he was fully aware of what Boss just called him. He was mortified that he was being called “Putote”, or “Big Faggot” at all, but his face went even more red since he was being disrespected so thoroughly in front of a stranger. A very hot stranger. But he had to be disrespected like this. For some reason, he knew that it was a part of his duty. It wasn’t easy being a part of the Green Lantern Corp, but someone has to do it!

Trying to push away his embarrassment and his arousal, he turned back to the delivery boy and said, ‘Yes, hmm… I’m sorry, dude. May I help you?’

Melvin started when Kyle started talking. He fully expected an effeminate, lispy voice to come out of someone dressed like that, but instead, Kyle answered in a confident, masculine demeanor. Why was he letting that dude talk to him that way? He pushed through the confusion, and could barely make eye contact with Kyle when he said, in a quiet voice:

Uh… yes. Are you K-Kyle Rayner, Sir?’

‘Yes, I am. What can I do for you?’ Kyle said back, with the winning smile and confident tone he always used when talking to civilians.

‘Uhm… your pizzas. You ordered 4 extra large special pizzas, Sir.’

The scantily clad man frowned, as if he were doing complicated maths.

‘Oh, yes, yes, like, I totally remember that’.



‘So… here you go?’ Melvin tried to hand the pizzas over, but Kyle didn’t make any moves to pick it up. Melvin though this guy was actually stupid, incredibly drunk, or high as a kite. Judging by the look on his face, Melvin guessed he was a little bit of all three.

‘Uh? Oh. Yes, yes! I’m sorry, pal. I’m, like, a bit tired and… you know. Uhm, the pizzas, yes, yes. Could you… could you put them down on the table, please? I’ll go grab… my wallet… I mean, Boss’ and Papi’s wallet.’

Melvin nodded at Kyle, and walked into the apartment with the pizzas in hand. He looked around and got a better look at the apartment, and he wondered who owned it. If he was being honest, none of these people seemed like they could afford a place like these. Two thugs and a rentboy probably wouldn’t be hanging paintings up on their walls.

Are they squatters, trashing the apartment of some innocent victim on vacation? Or were they house sitting for one of their more affluent friends? He could still smell the strong scent of tobacco and beers, and a strong musky smell that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. There was definitely something strange going on here.

The big bulky dark-skinned man had turned his attention back to the TV, but the skinny Latino was watching Melvin with a big, friendly smile.

‘Hey, yo, what’s your name, dude?’

‘M-m-my name’s Melvin, S-s-sir,’ he replied. Even though the man was smiling, Melvin found him intimidating. It’s not every day you have someone with an arm full of tattoos grinning at you – at least, not in his circle of friends.

‘So, you burning the midnight oil tonight, Mel?’

‘No, Sir. You guys are actually my last delivery for the night.’ Usually, Melvin corrected anyone who called him “Mel”. He preferred his full name. But he decided it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do that now. ‘My w-w-w-eekly Yu-Gi-Oh tournament got cancelled tonight, so I’m just going straight home after my sh-sh-sh-shift.’

‘Nice, good for you, Mel. You know, I was a delivery boy for a time. And I hated it. That job sucks.’

‘Oh, well…. I suppose you could say that, Sir. So-so-sometimes it does.’

‘Oh, it definitely sucked 100% of the time. I love pizza, but after doing deliveries, I actually started hating them for a bit. I couldn’t get the smell of cheese or pepperoni out of my clothes for days. And I hated how we couldn’t eat until our shifts were over. By the way, have you had anything to eat, dude?’

‘Not yet, Sir, but I’ll buy s-s-s-something on my way home.’

‘Bullshit. Sit down, put your feet up, have something to eat!’ Before Melvin could say another word, the skinny Latin man yelled out. ‘Hey, Kyle! Get this kid something to eat, and step on it! Make sure you get him a good tip, too.’

This was probably the simultaneously nicest and rudest conversation Melvin has ever had. Normally, Melvin would be slouching out the door by now, but these guys were weird. He had no idea what they were capable of, and he didn’t want to get on their bad side. And besides, he was pretty hungry and the sound of a free meal was very appealing. Melvin was willing to bet that whatever they had here would be way better than his usual late-night “dinner” of Cheetos and a can of pepsi.

Kyle came back carrying his wallet, which his hypno-addled mind was convinced no longer belonged to him.

‘Sorry, I was looking for some loose change,’ Kyle said. After some great difficulty, Kyle finally counted out the payment for the bill, and handed Melvin a $20 as a tip – way more than the usual 12%.

‘Fuck, that’s what you call a good tip, pendejo? Hand over MY wallet, Kyle.’ Kyle handed over his old wallet to Chuy without any hesitation.

‘Now, go to the kitchen and cook something up for Mel. And hurry up this time!’

Kyle looked unsure. ‘We have some food, but…’

’But you’re still here, babbling and drooling. Shut your mouth and do what I tell you, dumbass.’ Turning to Melvin, he added, ‘Here, dude. An extra tip for a job well done.’

Melvin’s eyes almost popped out of his head, way more than he did when he was eyefucking Kyle. ‘$100 dollars? S-s-seriously? Golly gosh, thank you, Sir!’

T-Bone’s eyes were popping out of his skull, too. ‘You sure, baby?’ He was baffled, and started pouring himself another glass of whiskey by reflex.

‘Hey, I just want to be nice, T. And I meant it when I said delivering pizzas was the worst fucking job I’ve ever had. The pay is shit, and you get treated like shit. It sucks. And I’m never going to have to do it again, so I might as well help someone who’s going through what I went through.’

T-Bone was taken aback by how passionate Chuy was about this. ‘Ok, take it easy, baby, You took me by surprise. That’s all.’ He looked at Melvin one more time. This super nerdy scarecrow looked nothing like his Chuy. But maybe it was an emotional thing – he may have once felt as hopeless as this wimpy kid seemed to be. He knew Chuy had gone through some deep shit, so he could at least respect what the Latino man was trying to do.

Then, following Chuy’s lead, he turned and passed the glass that he had just poured out. ‘Here, you can have some of this if you want.’

‘T-t-t-thanks, Sir!’ Melvin said, taking a big sip. The drink tasted a bit funny to him, but he didn’t say a word. He finally sat down on the last clean-looking spot among a set of worn-out couches. Starting to relax a bit, he started chatting a bit with Chuy. T-Bone just kept watching the game.

After a couple of minutes, Kyle came back with a modest, but healthy meal of roast beef on a bed of fresh salad, with some mashed potatoes on the side. That was actually meant to be his dinner – he felt a little odd giving his own food to a stranger, and a pizza delivery boy at that, but somehow, he knew that he needed to follow Chuy’s orders. He was their prisoner so he couldn’t disobey any of their direct orders.

Trying to ignore his own hunger and thirst (both exacerbated by the alcohol and the weed in his system), he laid the food down in front of his new “guests”. He couldn’t help but blush and avert his gaze when he handed Melvin the food. He was total hottie, and part of Kyle was thrilled at getting to serve such a hunk of a man.

‘Jeepers, thanks!’ Melvin exclaimed. He started chowing down eagerly. Everybody else turned their eyes back to the game. Everyone, that is, except for Kyle. He was still undressing Melvin with his eyes.

It didn’t take Melvin long to finish his dinner. Dowing the last of his drinks, he felt satisfied, but he also found himself feeling a bit queasy.

‘I’m a… I’m feeling a bit f-f-funny, guys. Hic!

‘What the hell did you do to him, Rayner? Rayner? RAYNER!! Dammit, Kyle, fucking pay attention!’

‘Wha? Sorry, sorry Papi! I wasn’t… like, but, I made that meal like I always do. I’ve never gotten sick from it! Papi, I swear, I didn’t do anything wrong!’

T-Bone sheepishly joined the conversation. ‘Uh, I think it’s my fault, Chuy. There was a bit of whiskey in that drink I gave him.’

‘What? Why would you do that, T?’

‘Hey, I wasn’t trying to get him drunk, baby! I just handed over the drink I poured for myself. I guess not everyone can handle their liquor like me.’

‘Yeah, you’re not really what I would call a casual drinker, T!’ And he’s way skinnier than T-Bone, too. Chuy turned back to Mel, amused. ‘Hey, bro, you didn’t notice the taste of whiskey in your drink?’

‘Nooope, I did not.Hic!. I haven’t Hic! ever Hic!’ Mel struggled to hold his hiccups in, and then finally said, ‘I’m zero alcohol, guys. I don’t even know Hic! what whisky tastes like’.

‘Ahh, that figures. Don’t worry, buddy, the buzz should even out soon. And we’ll get you an Uber home. You didn’t drink too much, either, so the hangover shouldn’t be too bad.’

Mel sighed at the mention of a hangover, but he just nodded in agreement, not trusting himself to keep his hiccups under control. What would his mother say if she saw him coming home intoxicated? Golly Gosh! Well, with a bit of luck, she would be asleep when he returned and he could sneak into his room without being noticed…

‘Here, hand- uh, I mean, here, pal, drink this,’ Kyle said as he handed Mel a glass of water. The rest of the guys forgot he was even there. Even though the hero had been thoroughly mindfucked, his kindhearted and thoughtful nature still had him taking care of the weak.

He put his hand on the boy’s bony shoulder, and with the reassuring voice he used often on his patrols, he said, ‘That always helps me when I go overboard with beers and… you know… other stuff. Just stay there and… you know.’ Still a bit dazed, Kyle wasn’t as eloquent as he was when he was in his full Green Lantern garb – but the kid thanked him profusely, so he must’ve gotten what he was trying to say. Kyle could barely hide his blush whenever the kid acknowledged him.

As Melvin took a big swig from the glass, he began to examine Kyle carefully. Melvin had never seen a sexy brute like this up close, so formidable and handsome… and yet so dissolute at the same time. He smelled of squalor and looked like he’d let himself go; Melvin’s prudish education would say that he was repellent, even repulsive. On the other hand, that dirty sex appeal excited someone like him, who was always shy and reserved. Just the act of thinking on a dissipated man like this was forbidden and immoral. But feeling a little emboldened by whiskey, Melvin finally dared to ask something he was wondering about from the beginning.

Melvin tried to catch Kyle’s attention, but the mindfucked hero was still as dazed as he had been earlier. T-Bone and Chuy were interested in what was about to happen, so T-Bone tried to move the conversation along the only way he knew how.

‘Fuck, Kyle, wake up! The kid is talking to you!’

Kyle slowly turned to Melvin once again. ‘Uh, wha? Oh, yeah… were you saying somethin’?’

‘Yes, I… I-I-I’ve been wondering… Hic!… I wonder how… Hic! … how much do you charge?’

Kyle stared blankly at Melvin. In his drugged up state, he had no idea what Melvin meant.

‘How much do you charge, Kyle? For a blowjob? Or a handjob? How much? Hic!

That shook Kyle out of his daze.

‘I’m, I’m not a prostitute!’ Kyle’s face turning red with shame, more with surprise than with true outrage. He was used to receiving applause, gratitude, and admiration from the citizens of Coast City – especially from nerdy dudes like this. He would never have expected anyone to ask him such a humiliating question! But because of his previous programming, Kyle got helplessly turned on by being insulted. His cock started stirring in his pants.

‘Oh, gee, come on… Hic! Don’t play coy with me.Hic! I’m not a kid, you know? I’m 19. So, how much do you charge your clients for Hic! let’s say, a blowjob?’

Before Kyle could say anything else, T-Bone spoke up. ‘Why are you asking, dude? Do you want to rent little Kylie’s nuts? Or his asshole, maybe?’

Kyle looked outraged. ‘Like I said, I’m not a…’

Melvin ignored Kyle and turned straight to T-Bone.

‘Nooo, not that’, Melvin slurred, ‘I’m… I’m just curious, okay? Hic! And… and I’m still a virgin.’ A blush started creeping up Melvin’s face as he said, ‘He is… well, he is kinda hot, I guess… Hic! … But… but I wouldn’t want my first time to be with him, but… a handjob… or a blowjob?’ Melvin broke eye contact and looked down at the floor. ‘I don’t know.’ he concluded shrugging.

Seeing that Kyle was about to object yet again, Chuy took Kyle by the arm and dragged him into the hall.

‘Kyle, come here. You seem a bit stressed.’ Chuy holds onto Kyle’s chin and makes him until Kyle is making direct eye contact. ‘Take another hit of this.’

Although Kyle was already baked out of his mind, Chuy extended his pipe to the hero. Kyle automatically obeyed. The programming had complete control over his brain, so it didn’t even occur to him to question his new reality of servitude and debasement. Kyle took a big hit of the weed pipe, holding the smoke in for a more manageable amount of time. He didn’t even cough this time.

Once the Emerald Knight’s battered brain was even more clouded by THC, Chuy began to whisper in his ear. ‘I think you should play along, Kyle.’

‘Whaaaaa?? Noooo! Why on Earth would I-?’

‘Shhh!! Be quiet! You want to blow your secret identity?’

Despite his pitiful state, Kyle immediately adopted a serious expression. His sense of duty was still heavily ingrained in his mind, no matter how high he was.

‘What do you mean, Papi?’

‘You’re a Green Lantern, right? And being a Green Lantern, you always have to do the right thing and protect the weak.’

Kyle started nodding with a practiced air of confidence. ‘That’s right, of course. It’s a part of our oath: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those-”’

‘Cut that boyscouts crap. The point is, you do good things and save people.’

‘Yes, you’ve got it. But what does that have to do with him thinking I’m a prostitute, Papi?’

Chuy looked the hero up and down, taking the slutty outfit and the cum stains in his hair. Man, this dude is fucking clueless. With a smile, Chuy started reveling in the power he had over one of Earth’s mightiest defenders.

‘Well, a part of keeping people safe is making them feel good, right?’

Kyle nodded, unsure.

‘I… suppose! I guess. But-’

‘So, like I said, your duty is to uphold justice and keep people safe, because you want to make them feel good.’

‘I don’t… to some extent, I guess, it is important that I make them feel good… maybe. I never really thought of it that way…’

‘But it does make sense, don’t you think?’

‘I… guess… sort of, Papi.’

‘Well, if I’m going to be honest with you, Melvin over there doesn’t feel good. But he wants to feel good, and you could make that happen for him. He needs a hero!’

‘But… that’s not really what I-’

‘Are you a hero or not, princess?’

Kyle’s back instantly straightens, and he eagerly responds, ‘I sure am, Papi!’

Chuy knew he didn’t really need to do all this groundwork about being a hero. If he wanted, he could just snap his finger and have the mighty Green Lantern begging to be the most wanton, raunchiest slut Coast City has ever seen. But he had too much fun and hot messing around with the superhero, watching him convince himself to believe his new twisted reality. And Chuy could tell it was working.

‘I saw how you were looking at him, Kyle. And I see your little winnie is getting hard. I know you like him.’

Chuy was staring openly at Kyle’s obvious erection, and Kyle was basically squirming in ecstasy at this point. ‘That’s not-!’

‘Relax, princess.’ A moan escaped Kyle’s lips at the use of that word. Every time Chuy called him by that humiliating nickname, he felt a jolt of pleasure go straight to his dick.

‘The secret of your faggotry is safe with me and T-Bone. But, don’t you think it’s a tragedy that a hot stud like Mel is still a virgin?’

Kyle looked longingly at the lanky teenager sitting on the couch, and felt his erection get harder. ‘I… guess…’

‘So, you could be his hero,’ Chuy said, slapping Kyle’s ass at the last word.

A loud moan escaped Kyle’s mouth as he lustily replied, ‘Yeah, I could be his hero. Yeeaaahhh.’

With a quick tap of his crotch, Chuy drove the point home. ‘That’s settled. You know what to do, hero.’

None of this would make sense to any sane person, but Chuy was really doing a number on our poor superhero. The constant repetition of trigger words, his newfound overwhelming lust for men, and the amount of weed in his system had made Kyle susceptible to Chuy’s fucked up definition of heroic duty. In his heart, Kyle now knew that he had to be the best damn street hooker he could be for the inebriated nerd in Boss and Papi’s living room.

But there was still a problem.

‘But- but Papi, I don’t have any experience being a prostitute. And I definitely have never had a dick in my mouth before. I wouldn’t know where to start!’

Not missing a chance to embarrass Kyle even more, Chuy had an idea ready. ‘He’s never had a blowjob before either, so you’ll be fine. It’ll be like you’re both virgins. And you like him anyway. Blowjobs are all about enthusiasm!’

‘Papi, I’m not a virgin. I’ve had plenty of sex in my time.’

‘But that didn’t really count. Coz, if you’re honest with yourself, you didn’t really want to fuck any of those bitches. Every time you were with a woman, you were actually imagining yourself being fucked by a real man. Men like me.’

‘No, that’s not true… I did enjoy having sex with them. To be honest, my favourite part was eating pussy. It made me feel so good, and I remember…’

‘I’ll tell you what you remember, you dumb slut. You remember thinking about how hot it would’ve been if you were in their place. You would’ve loved having someone shove a cock down your super throat. Now, repeat after me, fuckhead – I’m a virgin.’

‘I’m … a virgin,’ Kyle said, his hormones at all time high after hearing all those nicknames, and the drugs in his system making it harder and harder for him to resist.

‘That’s right, you fuckwit. Now, think, has someone deflowered your cute, pink rosebud, Green Lantern? Have you ever had a hot thug stuff his big fat cock in your tight little turdcutter?’

With a sigh of resignation, and a bit of longing in his voice, Kyle finally had to agree. ‘No, not yet, Papi.’

‘Awww, poor little Green Lantern. Well, we both know you’ve always wanted that to happen, and now’s the chance to have a cock in that pretty little mouth of yours. You can be his hero and have some fun. And besides, you’ve been doing that whole hero thing wrong the whole time anyway. The reason you weren’t getting paid was because you were just pretending to be a hero. But in a few seconds, you’ll be the real deal, and you’ll finally get rewarded. Now, go and suck him off, Greeny. You’ll be fine!’

‘I promise you, man, that bitch is clean, and…’ T-Bone looked up as Kyle and Chuy walked back into the room. ‘Hey, glad you’re back, Kylie! I was just telling my buddy Mel here more about you, and I’ve got to say, he’s getting a little impatient.’

Melvin was looking a bit more confident now. ‘So, how much do you charge, Kyle?’

Ugh, Papi hadn’t said anythign about prices. He had no idea what to say, so he looked over to his inmates for help. They were gesturing with their hands, clearly trying to spell out 50 – $50 for a handjob, twice for a blowjob.

Kyle misinterpreted what they were saying, though. ‘5 bucks for a handjob, half for a blowjob.’

He looked back at his Boss and his Papi, and he could see they were pointing at him, and slapping their knees in laughter. He had no idea if that was a good sign or a bad sign. Well, laughter was good, right? Soon, he nervously started chuckling too.

‘Golly gee, so you’re… Hic!… You’re what is called a classic two dollar slut, huh? Okey-dokey, I’m not complaining,’ Melvin slurred. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a two dollar bill and a bunch of coins. ‘Here, you go, Kyle. Keep the change, baby Hic! Now, show me what you’ve got.’

‘You don’t mind if Chuy and I stay hear and watch, right? Our Kylie boy here is too wasted, so he may need some moral support,’ T-Bone said.

Honestly, Melvin would’ve preferred some privacy, and if he was a bit more drunk, he probably would’ve told them to leave. Luckily, he still had some control over his senses, and he remembered he shouldn’t be messing with such dangerous looking men.

After seeing Melvin nod in agreement to his prisoners’ request, Kyle went down on his knees. He was amazed by how smart Boss was. Firstly, his new nickname (Kylie) seemed to fit what he was doing perfectly. Secondly, Boss was right about his boots – these were best for getting on your knees to suck dick. In fact, his knees felt all kinds of comfortable as he pleasured the exemplary man in front of him.

The great Green Lantern, now on his knees with his mouth open expectantly, was looking up at Melvin. He was waiting for the kid to unbutton his pants, but the nerd did nothing. Kyle continued to stare at him with a goofy expression, until T-Bone slapped the back of his head.

‘Undo his pants, moron! His cock isn’t gonna come out and give you a kiss all by itself!’

‘Sorry, Boss,’ Kyle mumbled as he quickly unfastened Melvin’s Star Trek belt and pulled down his jeans. He was greeted with briefs with a Dragon Ball Z print.

T-Bone rolled his eyes. He thought about how much of a loser this kid was, and how his mom probably still bought his underwear for him. That is, until Kyle actually pulled down his briefs.


T-Bone couldn’t help but yell out as a monster sized penis jumped out of Melvin’s briefs, almost hitting Kyle square in the face – and the kid wasn’t even fully hard yet! Even though the correlation between foot size and penis size was disproved over and over again, Melvin was the exception to the rule. It was enormous – reddish, with a bulbous head. The shaft was covered in thick veins, and forest of curly reddish pubic hair sat at its base. A pair of equally impressive, hairy balls swung underneath.

‘Holy shit,’ T-Bone repeated, almost in a whisper. He had seen many dicks in his lifetime, but none of them compared to this. Chuy was equally impressed and speechless. Kyle Rayner found himself both excited and terrified at the gargantuan cock in front of him.

Kyle had no idea how or where to start. He tried to approach the cock from two different angles, but it seemed like such a massive member no matter what he tried. It looked gorgeous in theory, but Kyle had no idea how he was going to get all of that in his mouth.

He would’ve given up if it wasn’t for the smell. After a hard day’s work delivering pizzas across the city, Melvin’s crotch emitted a strong stench. Kyle was never one to back away from a challenge, so he dove in. However, this time, it wasn’t as the brave and mighty Emerald Knight coming to save a doomed world. This time, it was to become a meek cocksucker, pleasuring any man for a measly two dollars and change!

Kyle began his first blowjob slowly. First, he planted a shy, tender kiss on Melvin’s piss slit. Then he started using his tongue, giving small licks all around the tip of Melvin’s cock. His ministrations and soft caresses were rewarded with loud moans and an abundant stream of very salty and very thick precum. Taking the long member into his hand, he began to stroke up and down, slowly.

‘Uhhhhhh! Ahhhh!’ The scrawny delivery boy couldn’t help himself. He had never felt like this before.

‘Is this better than watching all those Chinese cartoons, Mel?’

‘Ohm fuck, yessss! Uh, oops. I mean, fudge! Sorry about that, guys!’

‘Ha,ha,ha! That’s okay, bro! Don’t worry, enjoy yourself. And besides, our little putito here loves dirty talk. Isn’t that right, Kyle?’

Kyle nodded and moaned in agreement, his mouth still busy pleasuring Melvin’s cock. ‘I’m a hero. I need to be his cocksucker hero,’ Kyle thought, licking the base of Melvin’s glans. He was rewarded with a string of obscenities and curses.

Not even knowing it was possible, the cock in his hand started getting thicker and longer. Kyle couldn’t help but compare it with his own penis. His was quite big, and much smoother, with an upward curve and a rounded head. All his previous conquests loved it.

“Your dick is sexy, Kyle”, he’d been told more than a few times. One of his girlfriends had even told him that he should make a mold of it, and sell Kyle Rayner dildoes. “It would be a success, seriously. If this comic book thing doesn’t work out, you’d have a real shot at being a porn star.” He responded with a tender kiss, but now he knew that he never really enjoyed doing stuff like that.

He pushed the thought of all those women out of his mind. Now, he had only one goal – he had to pay attention to the big, fleshy baseball bat he was kissing. It had a slight curve to the right, and it had veins all over that gave it a funny texture. Kyle absentmindedly thought about how that would feel up his ass, while he began to go down on the veiny cock in earnest.

He kept kissing and licking down the shaft, as his hand kept stroking it up and down. Eventually, he got to the balls. He tried to put them both in his mouth, but they were too big for him. Instead, he decided to take them in one at a time, thoroughly enjoying the taste and texture.

‘Ohh… gosh… Golly gosh! Golly jee-e-e-e-pers, oh, yes! FUCK, keep going, bitch!’

Backing up a bit, pubes sticking out of his mouth, Kyle took a moment to admire the member in its full glory. Yeah, it was nothing like his own dick. “Pretty” would never be a word used to describe it. It was an obscenity. But Kyle was mesmerized and couldn’t look away.

‘Gee, please, don’t stop, Kyle! Get back on that dick, bitch!’ Melvin mewed.

Chuy joined in from the side. ‘Go on, suck it, superslut!’

Kyle opened his mouth as wide as he could, and engulfed the reddish head of Melvin’s member with his lips. He slowly began sliding it into his mouth, taking care not to hit it with his teeth. He knew it wasn’t as easy as pornstars made it look. He couldn’t just shove it in and out of his mouth. He had to be careful.

After getting a few inches into his mouth, Kyle was struggling to breathe. He gagged when Melvin unexpectedly pushed up with his hips. He was so surprised, that he backed up instinctively, Melvin’s fat cock freed from his mouth with a loud pop. Kyle was sweating hard, with tears around his eyes and a runny nose. The musk from Melvin’s dick, and the taste of precum, was overwhelming.

‘Aww, is that all you got, brave hero?’

‘Come on, faggot! Don’t let Mel down! Relax your throat and try again!’

The pair of thugs couldn’t help but jeer. They were delighted with the show, and Kyle noticed that their dicks were out and they were masturbating yet again. Melvin just kept cursing, moaning lustily as he told Kyle to get back on his dick.

Kyle tried putting the cock back into his mouth, but he kept gagging. But he was a Green Lantern – his willpower was essentially his superpower, so he couldn’t back down. After a while, he finally figured out how to relax his throat. Even though Kyle could barely breathe, and he was using every ounce of willpower to control his gag reflex, he could tell from Melvin’s wild moaning that he was doing a great job.

‘That’s it, that’s it! Faster, Rayner, faster!’

Without thinking, T-Bone snapped his fingers to encourage Kyle to go faster. Unfortunately, in Kyle’s head, that meant an order to go back into a receptive trance. Without meaning to, T-Bone began to rewrite the hero’s mind yet again. As soon as Kyle’s brain registered T-Bone’s command to go faster, Kyle robotically started sucking Melvin’s dick without pauses and with no hesitation.

‘You love this, yeah, you love sucking dicks. You love being dirty and perverted. I bet this nerd reminds you of yourself. I’m sure you were just like him when you were young. Come on, come on, go on. Faster, Rayner!’

He snapped his fingers again. The hero went out of his trance, and his brain absorbed T-Bone’s words like a sponge. Kyle Rayner was again condemned to another revision of his identity. His mind began to alter his memories to fall in line with T-Bone’s comments. He couldn’t focus on that though, he had to focus on the massive monster of a cock in front of him.

‘FUCK!!! GOLLY SHIT!! FUCK, I’m gonna- I’m gonna-gonn- FUUUUCK!!!’ Melvin mewed. He instinctively pulled his hard cock out of Kyle’s mouth, just in time for his massive member to spew seven shots of thick semen.

The first shot splatted straight onto Kyle’s nose and upper lip, and the second landed on the left side of his cheek. The third and longest spurt landed across his forehead, and the next landed right between his eyes. The rest of the spurts splattered on his chin, where it mixed with a river of sweat, drool and precum on the once noble superhero’s face.

All that physical and mental effort left Kyle drenched in sweat. His skimpy tank top was almost transparent, his hard nipples in full view. As Kyle paused to take a breath, he got hit with more spurts of jizz, this time from T-Bone and Chuy. They had stood up and aimed their dicks straight at Kyle’s head. Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot of cum left in their balls after all the activity from earlier today.

‘Aww, look at that, Ty! Kylie looks so cute with tears in his eyes and a face full of jizz. I need to take some pics of him! Kyle, don’t clean up and keep all that precious spunk on your pretty face. Fuck, it would’ve been way better seeing you suck cock in your precious uniform…’

‘Baby, quiet…’ whispered T-Bone, gesturing at the spent nerd sitting on the couch.

Fortunately, Melvin was still on a high from the best orgasm of his life. He was seeing stars and his ears seemed to buzz; he had missed everything they had said. In fact, it took Melvin a couple of minutes to get back to normal. He’d finally sobered up, and his nausea subsided – even though he was exhausted.

‘Uhhhhhh… thanks, Kyle,’ and as if forgetting they were there, Melvin started to thank the unlikely couple standing over the hooker he had just drenched in jizz. ‘Thanks guys. Anyway, it’s getting late so…’

‘Sure, sure, Mel. Go on, it’s time to go home.’

‘Kyle, why don’t you get Mel an Uber? Don’t forget to wait with him by the door, pretty girl.’

‘But, Boss, like, what if somebody-’

‘Don’t worry about that. If someone sees you, just smile and act nice, dumbass. Now get out of here. We want some peace and quiet while we eat. When you’re back, we’ll have a little talk. Now, go on, sissy.’ T-Bone then turned to his lover. ‘Come here, Chuy. The second half is about to start.’

Kyle was used to following his masters’ orders without question now, so he rushed to obey. Pushing past the exhaustion, humiliation, and the fact that he hadn’t eaten all day, the hero who had saved the planet a million times meekly obeyed, and escorted his first john out the door.

As they went down the stairs, the disgraced warrior couldn’t help but break the silence. ‘I… I hope you had a good time, Melvin’ Kyle said, with his winning smile.

‘Oh, I sure did,’ Melvin said, blushing a bit at the vestiges of Kyle’s superheroic charm. ‘Thank you, Kyle. It was… nice. Very nice.’

‘It was nice for me, too,’ the hunk said, blushing. He felt like a little schoolgirl. ‘You know, I noticed that you’re not stuttering any more.’

Melvin was surprised. It was true.

‘Maybe your stuttering has something to do with your nerves. You should try and be more confident,’ Kyle said, still wearing the friendly demeanor he had worn so many times as the Emerald Knight.

‘Will… will do. Thanks again, Kyle’

The Uber didn’t take long to show up. The driver eyed Kyle, and had an obvious look of disgust on his face. He didn’t say a word though – he just waited for Melvin to get in his car and then he drove away.

Kyle stood on the street for a moment, swaying in sweet drunkenness, savoring the fact that he lost his virginity to such a heartthrob and the feeling of the breeze drying the spunk on his face. He felt more accomplished than he ever had patrolling Coast City – he felt like he really made a difference, like a true superhero, and Boss was right, he didn’t even need his clown costume to do it.

Kyle was pulled out of his thoughts pretty quickly though. A man in a truck slowed down to insult him. ‘Fucking faggot,’ the rough looking truck driver said, voice dripping with contempt.

The insult only made Kyle more aroused. He probably would’ve ended up doing something, if the fat, greasy-looking trucker had actually pulled to a stop. Kyle couldn’t resist a hot handsome man like that. But, unfortunately, there was no one for Kyle to play with out here.

With a sigh, Kyle just adjusted his bulge and started walking back into his apartment. He was still starving, but that would have to wait. He was eager to hear what has masters wanted to talk to him about.




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