Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 7
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 7


Kyle opened the door to his former apartment, and was greeted by the scent of reheated pizza. His two prisoners, Boss and Papi, had taken it upon themselves to heat up their lukewarm pizza. It hadn’t gone fully cold yet, but they were both too distracted to eat it a moment ago.

‘Really, Chuy? Fuck, baby, I can’t believe it! You really did that? Ha, ha! You’re the best!’ T-Bone exclaimed, not noticing Kyle walk back in as he eyed the pizza in the microwave.

As soon as the cycle finished, and T-Bone pulled out the pizza, Kyle’s appetite suddenly returned with a vengeance. His stomach rumbled loudly, prompting both T-Bone and Chuy to turn around and face him.

‘Hey, slut, you’re back. You were such a pro back there. Congrats! I bet it feels good getting paid to do some real superhero work for once,’ T-Bone said with a grin.

‘Thank you, Boss. You’re right, it was… ‘ Kyle couldn’t find the right words. ‘It was, like nice and… you know, nice and stuff.’ He finally got out with a chuckle. Although now that he was sobering up a bit, he wasn’t as convinced of T-Bone’s assessment. In fact, he was feeling guilty and embarrassed. He felt himself blush as he recalled how happy he had felt as he slobbered on a complete stranger’s penis.

He wasn’t gay. And, more importantly, he wasn’t a prostitute! He found that even though everything that had happened had felt wrong, he couldn’t bring himself to question Papi’s reasoning. He made excellent points about the true nature of being a hero.

‘And Chuy… I mean, Papi here, told me that you were still a virgin. I’m glad you finally got that out of the way and sucked your first cock. And what a cock that fucker had. I’m very happy for you, Gayner!’

‘Uh, thanks, Boss,’ the hunk said with a blush. Boss was obviously paying him a compliment, but the realization that Kyle was still a virgin after all these years was humiliating and uncomfortable. He had cocksucking out of the way, but he still had never been kissed by a real man – and he was still a virgin where it really counted. As Papi had said, nobody had “deflowered his rosebud” yet.

Looking back down at the floor, Kyle couldn’t help but feel like they were right: he was a loser. Eager to change the subject, Kyle broke the silence as the two started eating their pizza.

‘Okay, guys, it’s like, getting late. I’m gonna grab a bite to eat and then go to bed. It’s been a long day and I’m exhausted…’

He instantly lost his train of thought as he realized what he just said. What bed? He didn’t own a bed. There was only one bed here, and that was reserved for his prisoners, Boss and Papi. Kyle’s head started to hurt. He remembered buying that bed with his own money, but that was before he met Boss. Why did he pay for his bed? It wasn’t like he knew Boss and Papi were going to be using it.

Kyle kept going down this rabbit hole of logical inconsistencies in his head, and suddenly he started feeling a real headache coming on. His mindfucked brain was desperately trying to reconcile this new reality, and it could barely handle the strain. As Kyle put his hands up to massage his temples, he vaguely had the sense that something bad was happening in his head. It reminded him of all the times he’s fought telepaths before… but that couldn’t be it. Maybe it was from hitting his head on the ceiling before, when he tried to fly while he was high as a kite.

Maybe that’s all he needed – a quick hit of Boss’ bong to clear his head. He loved weed, and weed could help him sort out his complicated thoughts.

This internal struggle didn’t seem to faze T-Bone or Chuy.

‘Oh, yeah, you’re right. We wouldn’t want our little supermaid to wear himself out. But before you do that, we’ve got another task for you.’ T-Bone walked over to the coffee table, which held the device that changed the course of Green Lantern’s life forever.

T-Bone picked up the stack of papers next to it, and tossed it at the Emerald Knight.

‘Here, catch.’

Despite his inebriated state, and the sorry state of his body, Kyle’s lightning fast reflexes ensured that he caught the papers in mid-air. Chuy let out a whistle of surprise, which T-Bone ignored.

‘Why don’t you read through the instructions for our magic camera? I’m sure a smartass like you can translate all that science crap into something we can understand. I’d do it myself, but, you know, I’ll be busy with more important things – like the rest of the Lakers game’

Kyle’s stomach growled in protest, and he sighed in resignation.

‘Sure, Boss, I’ll get on that right away. I’ll just grab a quick snack to take with me while I…’

‘Nahhh, you’ll be fine. Go straight to your room and read it as quickly as you can. Make sure you finish by the end of the game. We want a full report about our new toy. Then maybe we’ll let you eat something. Okay, hero boy?’ T-Bone patted Kyle’s head like he was a dog. Kyle felt completely humiliated getting spoken to like that, and he tried to keep himself from blushing as he rushed to obey his new prisoners’ orders.

‘Come on, Chuy. I can’t wait to see King James kick some ass tonight.’ T-Bone started walking back to the couch, when Kyle piped up again.

Kyle turned to Chuy this time: ‘Please, Papi, can I at least get something to drink. I’m so thirs-’

Chuy interrupted Kyle again, ‘Sorry, Kyle, you heard Boss over there. Go read that and then maybe I’ll give you another beer, princess.’

Kyle didn’t even want beer, he just wanted a glass of water, but he knew it wasn’t his place to ask a third time. Feeling crestfallen, Kyle started meekly marching to what once had been his bedroom. His new found submissive nature started kicking in, and he now couldn’t even fathom doing anything within his inmates’ permission – not even getting a glass of water.

He tried hard to ignore the sounds his stomach was making, but he pushed through it. He needed to follow his inmates’ commands to the letter for their rehabilitation to fully take effect. He was a Green Lantern for crying out loud. He couldn’t let himself get bogged down by something as trivial as dinner. It’s not like he’s never gone on a mission on an empty stomach.

At first, Kyle struggled to understand what he was reading. His usually sharp intellect was blunted considerably by the weed and booze in his system. He found that he had to read the first page twice – using his pointer finger to help him concentrate as he read each line out loud to himself. He felt like a little kid who’d just learned how to read, and that only served to reinforce his mental conditioning.

Despite all that, he couldn’t give up. He had to make Boss and Papi happy. Eventually, the weed and booze started to wear off, and he was able to focus on the schematics more easily. As his mental clarity started to return, he started wondering why common criminals like Boss and Papi even had such a sophisticated machine. And why did they need him to explain it to them?

Something felt off to Kyle, but he knew in his heart that he couldn’t ask about that. Pushing the thought aside, he made himself focus on the mission objective: rehabilitating these criminals by following these commands are the utmost priority. He can’t get distracted by thinking about dumb things like that.

He eventually finished scouring through the documents, with plenty of time to spare before the end of the game. However, remembering Boss’ instructions, he patiently waited by the door of his room. He didn’t want to walk out until the game was over, so he listened to the commentators for another half an hour.

As soon as the final score was announced, the mindfucked warrior started walking back into the living room, where he saw Boss in a good mood.

‘What a game! I told you, Chuy, never doubt Daddy Lebron. Now those fuckers in the hood owe us three grand! Ha, ha! Shit, this is our lucky day!’

T-Bone pulled Chuy into a lengthy kiss as Kyle walked up to the couch. Kyle couldn’t help with marvel at the sight: he was entranced by how sexy the pair of handsome thugs looked with their lips locked. Nothing gay about appreciating male beauty, right? As a straight man, he was able to appreciate two good looking, extremely gorgeous, sexy hot studs without it being gay, right? He tried to ignore the throbbing tent poking out straight out of his daisy dukes as T-Bone finally noticed him standing there.

‘Ahh, my girly boy! Are you done with that, Kylie?’

‘Oh, yes, Papi, I tried my best. Some parts made my head hurt, but I think I got the gist of it. To be on the safe side though, I could ask my friend Bat-’

‘Nah, I don’t give a fuck about any of your smart-ass friends, Kylie. Just give us the basics, and make sure you explain it as simply as you can, ok, Greeny? Come over here and take a seat next to us.’ Kyle started looking for a clean spot to sit on the couch, but that was proving difficult. It looked like there was cum on every square inch of his newly bought furniture.

‘On second thought, why don’t you kneel in front of us instead? It makes perfect sense to give us both foot rubs as you give us your little book report. It’s the only way to show us your authority, don’t you agree?’ Boss knew what he was saying made absolutely no sense, but he wanted to see how readily Kyle would accept such a submissive stance as a logical outcome of authority.

Without waiting for an answer, Boss put his feet straight on Kyle’s lap. The defeated champion of Coast City instantly started unlacing Boss’ heavy lumberjack boots. His dirty old socks felt damp as he started pulling them off, and Kyle couldn’t help but grimace as he exposed T-Bone’s bare feet and put them on his lap. They were big, rough and had a vaguely square-looking shape, and fat toes.

There was a luscious layer of thick black hair at the top of Boss’ feet that Kyle desperately tried to ignore. If he focused too much on Boss’ apelike feet, he might just come in his tiny shorts, so he averted his gaze and went straight to Chuy’s feet to do the exact same thing.

‘Baby, seriously, I can basically see your big toe poking out of your kicks. You need a new pair.’

‘I know, I know. But they don’t make them like this anymore. You know I love them big and tall…’ Chuy was caressing his shoes, but he gave T-Bone a suggestive look.

With a grin, T-Bone replied, ‘You don’t have to worry about that anymore, baby. You can have any pair of shoes you want now. It’ll be original Jordans are all the way, none of those backalley fakes for my sweet cheeks.’

‘Aww, T,’ Chuy couldn’t help but gush.

The two romeos in front of him started sharing slow sloppy kisses while they flirted with each other. Staring up at them from the floor, Kyle could barely contain himself. His penis felt as hard as an iron beam; Kyle could swear it was about to burst out of its denim confinement. The only thing that kept Kyle from masturbating furiously like last time was his unshakeable sense of duty. He needed to give his masters his little book report, as they commanded.

After taking Chuy’s sneakers off, Kyle doubled back to T-Bone to start the massage.

‘Uhh, man, that’s good. Soooo goood.’ T-Bone threw his head back, resting it gently on the couch and moaned as Kyle started kneading a particularly sore spot. ‘Now tell us more about that thing, Green Latrine. What does it do?’

Kyle perked up at the chance to serve his masters. ‘It’s a device designed to impri-,’ Kyle stopped himself. Simple words only. ‘To… to teach things to people, Boss.’

‘To teach things, huh?’

‘Yes, the scientists who made this were looking for ways to help people learn more efficiently, and they discovered that certain luminous frequencies… I mean, special lights can open up the brain to learn stuff quicker.’

‘Okay, fascinating. Uh-huh, don’t stop. Pleaseee, a little to the left… Okay, good, good.’ Kyle could tell he needed to pause and give Boss some time to enjoy his foot massage.

‘Okay, okay…whew, you’re good at that! Go on, hero.’

‘Okay, so imagine that your brain is like a house. A big house with a lot of entrances but they’re all closed. All the windows and doors are locked. Now, the homeowner controls what goes in and out of his house since only they have the keys to the windows and doors. Except, the things that try to enter the house aren’t burglars, they’re knowledge, and…’

‘Let me guess. The camera flash is a skeleton key, right? It lets you open any locks in the house.’

‘Sort of, Papi. Except the light doesn’t just open a single window or a single door. The light from the device opens all the windows and doors in the house, all at once, so anything can get in. And it puts the owner of the house to sleep, so they can’t even re-close any of the windows or doors. That leaves the house completely open and unguarded.’

T-Bone and Chuy look at each other sheepishly. ‘Seriously? Wow, that thing must be pretty powerful then.’

‘It is. The light from the device essentially shuts down most of the conscious parts of the brain to activate something called The Mnemotic… Um, let’s just call it a “Deep Hypnotic Trance”. While someone is in a “Deep Hypnotic Trance”, they can give the subject a trigger so they can be put into a weaker version of that trance. Let’s call that a “Soft Trance”.

‘The “Soft Trance” is the optimal learning state. Even after the individual wakes up from a “Deep Hypnotic Trance”, the scientists can use the trigger to put the subject back into a ‘Soft Trance’ Once they’re back in that trance, the scientist can give more instructions. Sometimes they’ll use extra auditory, visual, olfactory or gustatory stimuli to reinforce cues. So sound, sight, smell or taste. The instructions have to be straightforward though.’

‘Wait a minute, why are there two trances? Wouldn’t it be easier to just do everything during the ‘Deep Hypnotic Trance’?’

‘That wouldn’t be a good idea. You see, the ‘Deep Hypnotic Trance’ leaves the subject too vulnerable. If you wanted to bring something into the house, say a new TV, you only really need to open the front door to bring it in. Only opening the front door would be a ‘Soft Trance’.

‘If you put the subject into a ‘Deep Hypnotic Trance’, you open the front door and every other door and window. So you could technically bring the TV in, but then you couldn’t control anything else that enters any of the other exposed areas. Things might get in that you don’t necessarily want to get in there. In that state, the brain is very sensitive, and you could accidentally change things in the person’s consciousness without noticing it.’

‘Oh, I see,’ T-Bone said, barely keeping the guilt out of his voice. He was wondering how badly they had mindfucked Kyle. They had thrown a lot of shit at him during his first Deep Trance.

‘You said you have to keep the instructions simple, too, right?’

‘Yeah, we’re talking about mind manipulation. No one really understands how the brain works, so you have to be really careful when moving things around in there. If, for example, you give instructions that aren’t straightforward or clear, the brain will be forced to interpret this freely. In cases like that, things can get lost in translation.

‘Without the proper safeguards, you could have some unexpected results. The lights are so powerful that they’ve found it can involuntarily affect certain body functions when the subjects are in the Deep Trance.’

‘Oh, so that’s where the “Orgasmic Reactions” came from!’

‘Damn it, T! Is that all you remember from those papers? Your brain goes straight to the dirty stuff. You’re such a horndog, loco!’

‘You know me, baby. Your T-Bone has a big bone, and I can’t help it if it gets out of hand.’ T-Bone kicks his foot out of Kyle’s hands, and gestures to his other foot.

‘Time to switch up, Queer Lantern. Uuuhu, that’s it, that’s it. Goood. Now, go on, cocksucker’

‘If the instructions are unclear, the brain will do its best to interpret what it receives. The interpretations will keep growing and changing until the brain stabilises. Sometimes, that can cause side effects from general confusion to a full on nervous breakdown. To lessen the risk, the documents recommend having a 36 hour gap to let the brain stabilize between sessions.’

‘And what happens if it’s used too often?’

‘Since the brain is fully exposed to external stimuli, it’ll start absorbing as much information as it can. Going back to the house analogy, the first time a subject is exposed to the device, all the windows and doors open. If they get exposed a second time, and all the windows and doors are already open, the device will break down more defences – in this case, it’ll remove the walls and ceilings of the house, too.

‘At that point, the whole interior will be exposed. All the furniture will start shifting because of the drastic changes in space, and a lot of things will break inside the house. The interior would be chaos. The brain is so vulnerable that the second flash of light could cause irreversible brain damage.’

‘Oh wow! That’s very fucked up!’

‘Totally. There were cases of nervous breakdowns, complete mental collapse, and psychotic breaks from the first experiments. It’s definitely a roll of the dice if you don’t plan out what you’re trying to do.’

‘Does it tell you how to plan it out then?’ T-Bone, a little uncomfortable after hearing Kyle’s explanation, pulls his feet away.

‘Uh, that’s enough, Kyle. Show your Papi’s feet some love.’

Chuy gladly put his stinky feet close to Kyle’s face for his massage. As soon as Kyle started his massage, Chuy started yelping in pain.

‘I’m sorry, Papi, did I hurt you?’ asked Kyle with real concern. The last thing he wanted was to hurt the sexy dreamboat and have him pull his beautiful feet out of his hands.

‘No, no putito, you’re alright. My feet are just really tired, so it’s bound to hurt.’

‘I told you, Chuy, those sneakers are ready for…’ T-Bone was about to say “ready for the trash can”, but another malevolent thought came to mind.

‘… ready for Kyle! I bet he’ll love to have your hot Jordans. It’s not like he owns any footwear in this house. Those tall, slutty green boots looked good on him, but I’m sure he’ll be happy to wear your old sneakers for a change in pace.’

T-Bone’s commanding and confident tone activated Kyle’s submissive side again, and all he could do was agree.

‘Sure, Boss, you’re right. Thank you!’

‘Now, tell us about the “Soft Trance”, Greeny!’

‘The Soft Trance is the best state to introduce new instructions. Again, they have to be short and specific. For example, if you say something like, “You’ll remember everything that you read”, the brain could interpret that literally. It could remember every written thing the subject comes in contact with: useless stuff like candy wrapper ingredients and random graffiti in bathroom stalls will mix with important stuff from books. The brain will certainly try to assimilate all that information though, but the mental strain will likely result in a mental collapse. You have to set some clear limits, and drip feed the information. Otherwise, the instructions might spiral out of control.’

‘What’ll happen if you messed up? Can you just tell the subject to forget everything they’ve heard and start over? Will that reverse the damage?’

‘No, I don’t think so. The brain isn’t like a blackboard – you don’t just write stuff on it that you can easily erase. Every modification affects the brain structurally, and it’ll be stored in there somewhere. They’ve done experiments where they’ve tried to completely recreate the identities of violent men, but they realized they couldn’t just overwrite the base personality entirely. At least not without risking to cause massive brain damage.’

’They never got as far as completely rehabilitating someone. Apparently, even after introducing careful instructions to change the subject’s identity, the brain still goes about it in an odd way. It stores the instructions for later, and tries to reconcile the new instructions with the existing structures and memories already in the brain.’

Not for the first time tonight, T-Bone was worried about how thoroughly he must’ve fucked Green Lantern’s mind.

‘One more question: How long do the effects last? Are the triggers permanent? How often did they need to reinforce the Soft Trance? Do they ever need to use a Deep Hypnotic Trance more than once?’

‘They don’t have a single rule for that. Some subjects needed to undergo a Deep Trance every couple of days, but in other cases, they only needed to enter that state once. Usually, they only use it when they need to make really big changes. The Soft Trance could be reused every couple of hours, but some studies say that the safest option would be to wait a day between each attempt.’

‘But, like I said, there aren’t any hard and fast rules. The team actually never reached conclusive results with this project. They stopped the research indefinitely after what they called “a disastrous event of mass mind control” in Gotham City, that apparently involved a device used to “manipulate brainwaves”. It had nothing to do with the device in this apartment, but they were similar enough that it scared a lot of the higher ups.’

‘Another team revived the program a couple of years later, but they ended up abandoning the research two more times in the next couple of years. There was a third attempt that started five years ago, which resulted in the current device that you guys own. They halted research for that a month ago – you two have the most refined version of this device. There are at least five other versions of this machine, but the files don’t say where they are.’

‘Nice work, Kyle, very nice work. Is there anything else you think we should know, sweet cheeks?’

‘Well, there’s probably a lot more information that we’re missing, and I noticed that not all the pages were intact when I was reading through the research. I’ve explained most of the basics though.’

‘Okay, I guess that’s it. Well, Kylie, you did a good job on your book report. Thank you very much for that, little boy. Now, sleep.’


‘Huh? Wha -what happened, Boss? What was I doing?’

‘You offered to give us both foot massages, remember? That’s all you’ve been doing since you walked back into our apartment.’

‘Oh. Oh yeah, that’s right,’ Kyle mumbled to himself. He was sure he did something else… something to do with… reading? That’s odd. I mean, he knew he was a first class chump, but even he wouldn’t just forget reading something.

‘And,’ T-Bone started to add, ‘we were telling you that, as a reward for being an excellent prison warden, law enforcement officer, and one of the premier members of the Green Lantern Corps, you’ve earned the privilege of eating our leftovers. We even have a plate of honor that only you have earned the right to use. You deserve it after all the work you’ve put into our rehabilitation. We know it’s just the first day, but damn, Chuy… I mean, Papi and I, we both feel like new men! So bring out your plate of honor, Green Lantern! You know how this goes.’

Kyle’s heart filled with pride as he nodded in excitement. All his effort was paying off!

‘Thanks, Boss!’ Kyle said with a huge grin. He immediately got on all fours, as his power ring started to glow and form a big dog bowl on the floor. The plate had his name engraved on it in large, block letters.

Chuy stood up and walked over to the coffee table. He and T-Bone demolished the pizza, but there were some slices of cold, soggy pizza left over along with a couple of discarded pizza crusts. He swept all the contents of the pizza box, crumbs and all, even some cigarettes ashes, onto Kyle’s doggie bowl. Chuy then picked up all the half-drunk beers and soda cans, and emptied the contents into Kyle’s bowl.

Kyle stared hungrily at the gruel in front of him, went to a kneeling position and held up both hands meekly, panting with his tongue out, until Chuy finally gave him permission to chow down.

‘There you have it, Green Lantern. A feast fit for a superhero of your caliber. You’ve earned it!’

Kyle couldn’t help but yap in appreciation. He started wiggling his butt and hopping on all fours in place.

‘Thank you Papi! Thank you Boss!’ The formerly imposing warrior then dove headfirst into his meal, and began eating it like an animal. He knew the correct way to eat his meals: he couldn’t use his hands, he had to make sure he really got his face in there, and he needed to chew with his mouth wide open.

Oh, and he needed to show how much he was enjoying himself by making loud noises like the housepet that he was. Kyle wasn’t use to the taste, but he knew deep in his heart that it was the deepest privilege of any hero to eat like this. Fuck, not even the public ceremony where he had been awarded with the keys to the city had made him feel so honored. He savored every bite of Boss and Papi’s leftovers, grunting, slurping and snorting as noisily as possible, and he kept stealing glances at their feet as he ate his dinner on the floor in front of them.

The loud, wet sloshing noises Kyle made as he sucked and chewed on his food prevented him from hearing the conversation of his prisoners.

‘Damn, Chuy, we did everything the manual said we shouldn’t do when we brainwashed Green Latrine over here, but there isn’t much we can do about it now. I think we should just go break in our new bed.’

‘Do you think it’s fine to leave him here like that? What if he turns into a psycho like he said? I don’t want to wake up with a glowing green ax in my chest in the middle of the night, T.’

‘Don’t be silly. I remember telling him not to hurt us while he was in the Deep Trance state. I’m sure I said that, but I honestly can’t remember any of the other stuff I said. It sounds like we may have really done some damage.’

‘I don’t remember all of it, just the fun stuff – like the kinks and the stupid shit we made him do. If all that stuff’s stuck in his brain though, maybe we can just make him remind us what we said. Then we can make sure nothing gets caught up in translation, or whatever he said.’

‘You’re right, baby,’ T-Bone said as he pulled Chuy closer to him. ‘How do you come up with all these good ideas?’ T-Bone shoved Kyle shoulder with his foot, causing the hero to lose his balance and fall to the side, the food in his mouth falling onto the floor.

Kyle quickly lapped up the food that he dropped, and looked up at his masters from his vantage point on the floor. T-Bone looked at the former superhero, face covered in grease, cheese, beer and soda, looking up at him in admiration.

‘Hey, Kyle! We’re going to bed now. Because of all the great work you’ve done today, we’re going to let you sleep on the couch. Tomorrow, you can set up your real bed in the closet. Have a good night, Bong Lantern!’

‘Thank you, Boss! Thank you, Papi! Goodnight and sleep well!’ Kyle said, diving straight back into his dinner.

‘I can’t wait for us to spitroast that supercunt’s ass and mouth,’ T-Bone said, as he eyed Kyle’s big ass hungrily. ‘But, yeah, it’s probably a good idea to leave him alone for now. We’ve already fucked his tiny brain up, I don’t want my big bone to cause any more damage. That means, my bone’s all yours tonight, my pretty little bitch.’

‘Aww, Tyron. Are you ready to fuck me again, my sexy horndog?’

‘I’m always ready to fuck your tight ass, baby. And I’m dying to fuck you while you’re wearing one of Kyle’s lace lingerie sets. Now come on, pick one, and let’s go to the bed.’

The thugs quickly ran into Kyle’s old bedroom. They could still hear the once proud Green Lantern, brave defender of the Earth, loudly munching away at his food in the living room, completely unaware of what the two lovers had in store for him.




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