May 2022

Unforseen Victory
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A shot story where an older Man teach Superman a lesson.
It seemed an almost ludicrous matchup. On one side of the chamber, a small but lithe older man assumed a boxer’s crouch. Facing him, or more truthfully rising to his full upright height and towering over him by a good head or two, was the most powerful being in the entire Universe.

Superman, The Downward Spiral Chapter 8 (End)
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They brought him around with a several sharp slaps, and a few cold wet washcloths. Still bound, he looked around in fear, his eyes desperate, trying to assess his situation—suddenly as if sober, and very much in his right mind. The penetrating shock to his system had done that. He must get help. And now! Or sensed he was irrevocably doomed. Must be free of the Kryptonite, the drugs, his captors, what they had done to him! But how?! The searing burn in his breasts was horrific.