Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Chapter 1
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Hey this is another story by Lcross, I didn’t remember this story a member of a MeWe’s Group named Fetish of Superman was looking for it.

This story is part of a serie named “The Further Adventures of Superman” the author divided in 3 parts with multiple chapters:

Part 1: Superman Rides “The Lightning!”

Part 2: “Superman’s Night in the Museum”

Part 3: “Allure of Kryptonite”

Please enjoy.


Superman Rides “The Lightning!”

Author: Lcross

Chapter 1


As per a third party arrangement via a foreign charity Superman has agreed to fly to England. As per request Superman stages a grand entrance through a tall open window on the second floor of an expansive 18th century English manor house far north of London. Superman has agreed to visit the sprawling English estate to address a private class consisting of the sons of an English noble in return for a rather substantial donation to the charity of Superman’s choice.

As planned at the appointed hour Superman touches down lightly entering the manor house through a specified window of a private classroom. His polished red boots touch the classroom floor at the appointed hour right to the second. His bright crimson cape settles in behind him hovering inches above the top edges of the tall red bright boots. Superman folds him muscular arms across his chest taking his classic Superman pose and cheerfully greets, “Good Morning class.”

As Superman becomes aware of his surroundings his arms fall to his side and his mouth nearly drops open; the scene is not the Romanized depiction of an English classroom setting he mentally formed in his mind during the quick crossing of the Atlantic! The huge classroom is a converted Victorian drawing room complete with wide plank floors, paneled walls, high ornately decorated ceiling, a large hearth and mammoth marble mantel.  The sparsely equipped classroom consists of only a couple of wooden student desk with wooden chairs, and a teacher’s lectern before an old fashioned freestanding easel style slate blackboard. Otherwise the huge drawing room is empty! It clearly appears the classroom was thrown together quiet hastily as if an afterthought. Any semblance of conventionality ends there! Most distressing, set front and center before the makeshift classroom is a vintage electric chair constructed of hardwood. The punitive device is complete with thick leather restraints, and a cruel looking metal headpiece constructed to fit on top of a man’s head! Oddly the entire classroom’s banks of tall wide windows are barred with thick black wrought iron bars. The only windows unbarred are the set Superman entered the classroom through. Completing the peculiar classroom is a rustic wooden workbench placed between the teacher’s lectern and the electric chair. Assembled on the workbenches’ surface are a long thick iron bar, an iron horseshoe, a set of heavy duty prison handcuffs, a length of chain with a noose and a padlock – all three made using a highly polished steel, and a finally a cruel looking electrified cattle prod! Superman recovers and frantically apologizes hastily, “Excuse me….sir….I must be in the wrong….”

“No lad….you are in the right place. Welcome Superman!” exclaims a bizarre looking man that greets Superman upon his arrival! The strange man is a tall and lanky and of indistinguishable age because of a severe facial disfigurement. His hair is a mop of disheveled seaweed green and his complexion is ivory white. The facial disfigurement locks his ghostly face into a seemingly perpetual smile.  He wears long sleeved floor length formal teaching robes shaded a garish shade of purple, orange shirt with yellow tie, white gloves, and a square academic cap matching the color of his robes. “And you are quite punctual Mr. Superman….I….am the….head master.

Several students snicker at the title. The head master pretends he does not hear. “You may call me master,” says the jovial head master as he extends his gloved hand. “Just kidding….professor will do nicely Superman. Oh, excuse the disfigurement….a farm accident when I was very young.”

Superman nods as he recovers from the strange venue he has blindly entered. He hesitantly shakes hands with the bizarre head master. Before Superman releases his grip water sprays from a yellow plastic flower attached the lapel of the professor’s robe hitting Superman square in one blue eye. The small class laughs rudely out loud as a dumbfounded Superman wipes his face with his big hands. Superman is not amused by the prank and even less enthusiastic about the engagement as he takes stock of the class he is here to address. There are three students in total; all are adolescent males about 14 -15 years of age with mops of long disheveled hair. All are of average weight and height, beady eyed, and their expressions convey a dull-wittedness. All are shirtless wearing only bib overalls held up by over the shoulder suspenders and ratty looking sneakers. Clearly, none of these hooligans are from aristocratic stock….they seem more like juvenile delinquents fresh out of a reform school!

“Please forgive me Superman…just an ice breaker to put everyone at ease!” begs the strange professor with an overplayed feigned sense of remorse. The professor skips lively to the blackboard and prints in large childlike white chalk letters: S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N-! The lanky professor turns and announces happily, “Class, Say hello to Superman who has graciously consented to be with us today!”

The class responds with an unenthusiastic mumbled greeting as they remain slouched in their chairs, hands stuck in their overall’s pockets, staring at the empty tabletops of the student tables that are devoid of any school books, writing pads, or writing implements! “The pleasure is all mine,” replies Superman cynically wiping the last of the water burst from his handsome face.

“Regrettably I must inform you that Lord Melbourne and his family were called away to attend to unexpected personal affairs on the continent; he sends his regrets. He did leave you a generous check for appearing today Superman as scheduled,” explains the professor as he pulls a crisp white envelop from a pocket inside his purple robe. The tassel attached to the professor’s square academic dangles lively as the professor presents the charity envelop to the Man of Steel. “His lordship asked if you would address a few of the local boys from the village in lieu of his sons who could not be here today. Are you game Superman?”

The three boys, slouched in their chairs, leer at Superman without expression through beady eyes as if he were a sexual morsel listed on a menu! But, indeed, who could blame the youngsters for being awed? Superman is a striking figure attracting the lustful gaze of both men and women! At 28 years of age he is in his prime. He is 6 foot 4 inches tall, has deep blue eyes, dark hair with a distinctive split curl hanging across his forehead, a muscular build of spectacular proportions and is drop-dead handsome!  His young, powerful and ripped body is encased in bright tight blue spandex that contours snugly to his muscular legs, powerful arms and well developed torso like a second skin. The world famous red and yellow “S” symbol is emblazoned boldly across his powerful chest accenting the shape and depth of his hard pecs …. like a badge of office. Tall bright red boots, low rise scarlet briefs, a yellow belt and a crimson cape falling to his calf muscles embellish the royal blue spandex jumpsuit.

“Certainly….my pleasure,” replies Superman in a slightly annoyed tone as he slides the crisp white envelope between his red briefs and yellow belt.

“Brilliant,” shouts head master as he returns to the blackboard. “Introductions, right to left we have Bertie, Harry and John,” chirps the professor before he turns to face the blackboard.  The tassel on the professor’s academic hat dances as he prints D-I-L-I-T-H-I-U-M and then T-H-E-O-R-Y on the old slate board below SUPERMAN. He faces the class and begins, “Superman is here today to aid in illustrating the Dilithium Theory lads. In a nutshell the theory states that common objects from one’s natural environment become harmful, perhaps lethal, when introduced into an environment one is not indigenous to! Such as someone like Superman who is not indigenous to the Planet Earth. In our environment Superman has great strength and other powerful abilities. This theory states that any object from…say from Superman’s planet of origin would be…oh…unbeneficial to Superman here on Planet Earth.” 

Superman is suddenly uneasy; this not really the lesson criteria he envisioned when he agreed to appear at this class. But the professor presses on, “A demonstration of Superman’s strength before exposure is in order. If you please Superman…”

Exposure to what thinks Superman.  He puts the thought aside and asks, “What did you have in mind…,”

One rude student cuts loudly across. “Just show us your strength mate….get on with it….bend that bloody iron bar.” Another student whispers to another, “All brawn and no brains…that bloke….showing up here….”

“Harry….manners please! And in the future please remember to raise your hand Bertie….but an excellent idea…please, demonstration of your legendary strength to the class,” declares the professor.

Superman sighs and moves behind the workbench, his cape billowing behind, set before the two student tables. He looks down his chiseled chest encased in bright tight spandex past the bright red and yellow “S” symbol emblazoned on his powerful chest.  Superman grasps the long heavy wrought iron bar in both of his big hands holding it before his chest judging its composition.  Superman distracted the professor moves unnoticed to the unbarred windows.  The students are momentarily startled when Superman heats the iron bar with a bright burst of blazing heat vision. Superman otherwise occupied, the professor silently closes the bar doors barring the window through which Superman entered the classroom! Meanwhile Superman effortlessly begins twisting the glowing iron bar fashioning it into a shape using only his bare hands. Superman’s big twin biceps bulge impressively within the tight bright blue spandex as Superman shapes the thick iron bar into a pretzel shape. Finished, Superman tosses the twisted glowing bar back to the workbench with a loud bang and a few flying red sparks. 

As the newly shaped iron pretzel bar smolders on the wooden workbench the professor rejoins Superman and comments almost comically, “Most impressive Superman…now, straighten out one of those horseshoes if you don’t mind lad?”  Superman quickly takes up the horseshoe. It creaks loudly as the Man of Steel effortlessly straightens it into a straight bar! He tosses the miss-formed horseshoe back to bench’s surface with a dull thud.

“Excellent…you see class….on Earth Superman has awesome strength… prior to exposure Superman is par with any of the ancient gods of Olympus! Indeed class we have an immortal in our midst!  A Hercules in the flesh!” lectures the Professor as he grabs one of Superman’s beefy biceps with his gloved hand to feel the raw sinew of the well developed muscle encased in thin spandex.

Superman looks down clearly uncomfortable at the comparison and the professor’s unwanted touch. And what is he referring to when he says “exposure?” He shifts his weight form one big red boot to other as the professor continues to massage his big bicep and then the stroke his broad powerful shoulders draped within his magnificent crimson cape. “It took you how long to cross the Atlantic today dear lad?” asked the professor as Superman breaks away and distances himself several step from the professor. The class chuckles as Harry whispers, “The Joker is jumping the gun mates…..”

“Five minutes,” answers Superman in an annoyed tone having overheard the remark.

“Five minutes…. I’d wager you could be anywhere on the globe in a matter of minutes…hey?” asks the professor rhetorically. His purple robes flow as the head master moves to the workbench to obtain a set of hand cuffs. “These prison style handcuffs are made a new super alloy: Titanium! The strongest metal alloy made on Earth; some say unbreakable; may I slip these bracelets on you Superman? Are you game?”

Superman sighs and brings both wrists together before his bright red and yellow “S” symbol emblazoned across his powerful chest.  “Ah, behind your back please Superman.”

The class snickers when Superman hesitates. Harry barks, “Blimey….Superman is afraid he might not be able to break the super metal….I bet he can only bend heated pig iron mates!”

“Harry!” warns the professor.

“It’s OKAY,” replies Superman and his obliges the strange professor and puts his muscled arms behind his broad back to be shackled together in the cuffs made of the new super metal. The odd professor bolts behind Superman and expertly locks both his strong wrist tightly together behind his back in the Titanium cuffs! “There!” The professor goes to great lengths adjusting Superman’s crimson cape so that his shackled arms are concealed by the garment. He takes several moments to smooth the crimson fabric taking the opportunity to caress the young man’s powerful shoulders and broad back!

Superman scowls as the trio of students’ slouch lower in their chairs; they snicker and whisper amongst themselves while the Superman stands front and center before the bizarre class on display – wrists shackled together behind his back in cuffs constructed of the strongest metal alloy on Earth! The professor takes the stubby cruel looking electrified cattle prod from the workbench and begins using it as pointer. The head master points the prod at Superman’s “S” symbol and then taps the “S.” He unexpectedly barks, “Stand up straight lad…eyes forward…chest out…boots together….pose for the class…hip, hip lad…”

Superman thinks of all the good the funds for the charity will do. He clenches his concealed fists in anger but clears his throat and brings the heels of his big red boots together, as he straighten his back and sticks out his chest. Superman comes to attention as he looks directly forward.

“Brilliant. Now class, observe Superman whom I have posed for your observation,” brags the head master. Superman lips tighten when the class snickers.  “No doubt, a fine male specimen; his height is impressive….his spandex costume clearly defines his well developed pectoral muscles and well defined abdominals,” instructs the head master. He lightly traces the outline of the powerful muscles encased in bright tight spandex with the point of the cattle prod several times or more.

Harry remarks in a low whisper, “That bloke can stow his boots and cape under my bunk any night!” The other two students whisper similar desires.

Superman fumes at the lude remarks but ignores the hooligans. The professor rambles on, “And the well developed buttocks, upper thighs and powerful calf muscles,” remarks the professor as he drapes Superman’s crimson cape over one of his broad shoulders giving the class an unobstructed view of the bound model’s backside. He drives the prod into each of the Superman’s muscle groups with the end of the cattle prod while Superman stands bound before the odd collection of characters.

“Superman has demonstrated his great strength,” beams the professor. “You see class these really are mere parlor tricks,” warns the professor as he jesters to the twisted iron pieces Superman bent with his bare hands. Superman’s strength is nearly limitless… as well as his speed.  However after exposure you will see a vastly different Superman than you see standing here before you full of strength and vigor! Next period this …superman will be unable to bend steel in his bare hands, break Titanium cuffs, or resist the cruel sting of this electrical prod! Next class I will demonstrate the harsh realities of the Dilithium Theory as they pertain to Superman!”

Superman is baffled by the remarks but chalks it up to the professor being a certifiable kook! At this point Superman decides to investigate what is going on here after he leaves! He shifts his weight from one big boot to big boot with powerful arms locked behind his back as the professor rambles on and on and on. 

Before he can react the professor relinquishes his prod and takes up the long steel chain, it too constructed of Titanium, from the workbench. Without asking he slips the Titanium chain noose around Superman’s and draws it tight around his neck to form a collar! The class continues with Superman on the head master’s leash! “Professor…”protests Superman.

Again Harry teases Superman, “I’d take that bloke for walk mate any day!” The professor ignores harry and quashes Superman’s protest, “Stop fidgeting big fella.” He tosses the crimson cape off his broad shoulder. The cape settles in behind Superman as the head master busily wraps the long piece of Titanium chain around and around Superman’s powerful torso. The head master draws the chain up tight compressing Superman’s arms tightly against his back. Seconds later the head master uses the Titanium padlock to lock the Titanium chain tightly in place around Superman.

The professor silently takes up the prod and draws a circle in the air indicating that Superman should turn around in place for the class! ”Keep you head up lad…start spinning”,” barks the professor. Superman swallows his pride and spins 360 degrees so the class can view “Hercules in Chains” from all sides. Superman, collared, handcuffed, and wrapped in chains that obscure his red and yellow “S”, turns slowly in place several times to oblige the head master who shouts, “Behold! Superman in chains! The strength of 100 men could not break those Titanium bonds,” announces the head master as he gestures to the bound Man of Steel with his cattle prod!

The head master orders “Stop! Face the class…chest out….spread your legs apart. Now…I will demonstrate Superman’s invulnerability.” Superman begrudging obliges and puts his chest out and adjusts his stance as he slides his big boots apart. Without warning the professor energizes the cattle prod and drives the cattle prod deep into Superman’s six pack abs and then of each of his ample pictorial muscle in quick succession and then each upper thigh and butt cheek for good measure! There is a loud crackling sound and multiple arcs of electricity as concentrated discharges of powerful current discharge into Superman’s body. The bound Man of Steel is unscathed but somewhat surprised at the liberties the head master has suddenly begun taking.

 “You see…no effect on Superman…this prod has been modified to deliver a lethal blow of electricity! That same charge would have killed 50 men!” explains the professor excitedly.

“That will be quite enough,” protests Superman as he effortless snaps the Titanium chain restraining his wrists together behind his back. Seconds later he extends his arms outwards causing several Titanium chain links to shatter like a piece of rock candy. He produces his muscular arms from behind his crimson cape and in turn effortlessly snaps each Titanium ring surrounding his wrists like uncooked spaghetti! As the pieces of broken chain fall nosily to the floor Superman tosses the remains of the Titanium cuffs down onto the workbench next to the twisted iron bar and misshapen horseshoe. Superman scowls as he removes the degrading makeshift chain collar from his neck and then sends it clattering nosily down to workbench! The trio of students sigh sullenly aloud – clearly disappointment at Superman’s ability to break the super metal!

Free of his bonds Superman states dryly, “Class is over head-master.”

“Brilliant! You’re right Superman. We need a “BEFORE” picture before we can proceed any further!” announces the tall lanky professor in the purple robes.

What…,” asks a clearly befuddled Superman?

“Your great strength and invulnerability has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the panel,” exclaims the head master as he gestures to three adolescents seated before. We can now proceed with the next lesson. But first Superman….would you be so kind as to stand before the…ah, the chair over there. Students gather round Superman,” shouts the professor excitedly.

Superman sighs in frustration as he moves to stand in front of the vintage electric chair. He dwarfs the trio of odd shirtless students that stand slouched expressionless before him with their hands stuffed into their bib overall pockets. The professor tosses the prod back to workbench and quickly produces a tripod topped with an old fashioned camera from a nearby closet. He quickly sets the device facing Superman and the students standing before him.  “Ah…professor what is the purpose of this…chair,” asks Superman. He cranes his head backwards to get a closer look at the malevolent looking chair equipped with thick leather ankle, chest and wrist restraints that serves as the impending photo’s backdrop.  Harry mutters softly, “You find soon enough mate.”  Bertie returns a harsh whisper, “Blimey Harry…shut it…don’t let on!”

“Oh, it’s for the next lesson lad.” explains the professor casually as he intently focuses the old camera atop the tripod. “There! Say Cheese!”

The lanky professor darts to pose next to Superman placing his long boney arm around Superman’s strong neck. Seconds later the camera shutter counts down and makes a soft mechanical snap capturing the bizarre image of Superman, the odd professor, and the three raggedy students. Oddly, Superman could swear the odd professor reached behind his cape and lightly slapped his ass before scampering to attend the camera!

Satisfied with the exposure the professor proclaims, “Brilliant! Now class, take a short recess while I…..prepare Superman for the next class.  Off you go! Go get a quick snack. Cook has prepared sandwiches in the summer kitchen. Listen for the bell boys!” 

Harry looks up at Superman and deliberately adjusts his twitching cock within his overalls. He flippantly quips to Superman in a barely audible sneering tone, “Now is when the fun begins…for us mate!” With that the trio of rude students bolts nosily from the room leaving Superman standing completely dumbfound before the diabolical looking chair. The professor follows the students to the door and then closes the heavy oak door and then locks it. This has to be the oddest situation I have ever found myself in….well it’s for a good cause…..well I’m out here after quick farewells thinks Superman!

Superman’s cape furls brightly behind him as he turns and takes the opportunity to inspect the vintage electric chair. It is a large almost oversized mission style armchair with a high wooded back hewn from thick oak that has been electrified either for torture or execution!  Stenciled in large worn red letters on the chair’s high back is “THE LIGHTNING,” set below a large faded yellow horizontal lightning bolt!  The thick worn leather straps with dull silver buckles are placed strategically to secure a man’s ankles, wrists and chest to the chair. A thick metal pole rises vertically from behind the chair bearing a locking metal headpiece formed to encase a man’s forehead. Thick worn black wires run from an old fashioned control panel, complete with old black toggle switches and large rheostat dial, mounted to wall behind the chair. The panel is obviously used to control the delivery of electricity to the chair itself and the metal headpiece that dangles menacingly above the seat of the electric chair. 

The professor rejoins Superman who is staring silently at the punitive piece of equipment turns. “Ah, “The Lightning” explains the head master! “I got it from the old prison up in Danbury. Now, take your seat Superman,” demands the professor in suddenly harsh tone as he gestures towards the electric chair. Superman turns his head and glares at the oddball professor as he considers why the professor would expect him to sit in that contraption.

“My time here is up,” explains Superman dryly.

The professor in return seems suddenly all business. He studies Superman as he takes stock of the rare prime specimen standing before him. The professor seems suddenly excited as he stares at the large twin muscled arms hanging at either side of Superman’s powerful torso and his long muscular legs with tall red boots….all wrapped up like a brightly colored present in tight bright blue spandex and a red cape for a bow!

Superman breaks the uncomfortable stare from the bizarre professor, “Good bye…head-master….I must be going. I am afraid my arrangement with his lordship did not include any additional time….”

“I must insist you stay Superman! How else will I clearly demonstrate my theory to the class without you as my subject? NOW, sit in “The Lightning” Superman!” shouts the professor in a commanding tone. “We can do this the hard way or the easy way….willingly or unwillingly Superman,” warns the head master.

“Were done here head-master. Good day,” states Superman growing angry at being ordered about like a schoolboy! His cape furls flashing crimson as he turns his back to the professor. His big red boots make the Victorian era wooden plank floors creak as he moves away from the electric chair towards the window and the open blue sky.

“I stumbled upon a weakness of yours a few months ago Superman….it cost me my face…but that’s a story for another time,” chides the lanky head master as he produces a small lead cylinder from an inside robe pocket. “I can…and will make you stay lad,” threatens the bizarre head master.

Superman stops abruptly in his tracks. He turns and eyes the ominous looking dull grey lead cylinder the oddball professor wields like a deadly weapon. Superman sticks out his powerful chest emblazoned with bright red and yellow “S” as both clenched fists instinctively come to rest on upon both his hips to form a classic defiant Superman pose! He is somewhat grim as his crimson cape settles behind him brushing the top edges of his red boots. “You can make me STAY? I think not,” retorts Superman casting his gaze directly at the workbench strewn with twisted iron and broken Titanium! “As for finding my….weakness, I am impervious to everything on this planet. In the 28 years I have been on earth nothing been able to hurt me…,” boasts Superman.

The professor cuts across Superman, “Correct! Nothing from Earth can hurt you Superman! However, the theory I am about to prove to my students’ today states that a common object from your indigenous environment is quite harmful, perhaps lethal, to you here on Earth!” And I fear you are not indigenous to the Planet Earth are you Superman?” The professor shakes the small lead cylinder at Superman in a menacing manner producing a rattling sound.

Superman is silent as he eyes the lead cylinder and reconsiders the odd events of the morning.  Superman shakes his head. “I don’t know what you think you have in that cylinder but I assure you it cannot harm me! I grow tired of your crackpot theory. I promise someone will hear about what has gone on here head-master…if you are a head-master. For the last time, Good day,” fumes Superman.

“So it’s to be the hard way Superman, eh,” announces the professor! The professor quickly unscrews the cylinder’s lead cap before Superman can move away. He produces a green glowing meteor fragment from within. The head master tosses the lead cylinder to the wooden floor as a baffled Superman is suddenly slammed hard simultaneously with crippling nausea, intense dizziness and instant weakness!  Superman doubles over slightly clenching his well defined six pack abs with one hand as he puts the other hand to his forehead as if he is about to faint like a sissy! Seconds later Superman belches loudly as he doubles over completely at the waist clenching his well defined abs with both hands!

While Superman suffers the crippling effects of the meteor fragment the professor again takes up the cattle prod with his free hand. The head master is in hopes of the punitive device having a far different effect on Superman this time around! Seconds pass and Superman recovers slightly from the initial bombardment of radioactivity emanating form the professor’s meteor fragment.  Escape fills Superman’s mind! He spins clumsily trying to make his way to the window. In the process he slams against the freestanding blackboard sending pieces of chalk flying in all directions and the heavy black slate crashing to the floor! 

“You are a slow learner Superman…I told you that you are staying for the next class! I surmised correctly that this small but extremely potent meteor fragment is from your planet of origin Superman…proving my….what was the word you used….ah….crackpot….theory,” lectures the professor as he slowly purses Superman who tries to futilely flee the strange green glowing rock. “The lead shielded the radioactivity until I was ready for you to suffer its malevolent effects Superman.” Superman boots scuff and stumble atop the wooden plank floor as he continues to instinctively retreat stumbling clumsily towards the window. He extends one muscled arm using his big hand to grope for the paneled wall for support while he stumbles dizzily towards the window and escape! The crimson cape billows grandly in Superman’s wake serenaded by the clumsily scuffing soles of his big red boots on the vintage plank flooring.

The Man of Steel reaches the entry window. He gasps aloud and swallows hard when he finds the thick iron bars closed and padlocked shut! Superman grabs the iron bars and braces his feet; Superman’s big red boots twist on the floor and his mighty biceps expand impressively! He pulls the iron bars backwards with all his strength but the bars hold fast! Another crippling wave of weakness ends any future attempt! Superman’s powerful legs buckle slightly! He instinctively reaches again upwards and grabs hold of the thick iron window bars with both his hands for support in order to remain standing. Weaken his head slumps down onto his chest pressing his face between the strong iron bars whilst the strange meteor fragment relentlessly saps his strength away! Superman head is spinning wildly! He must hold onto the bars to remain standing or become a withering slab of inert muscle shivering helplessly on the floor. Sullenly Superman looks dizzily down the long bank of windows that line the drawing room. All the windows are bared with thick black iron bars and padlocked shut! He gloomily turns his spinning gaze out from behind the thick iron bars that prevent his escape bars towards the peaceful English countryside. The serene scene spins in Superman’s whirling mind’s eye as he waits for the humiliation and the torture he will most likely be forced to endure in the head master’s little classroom of horrors!

The oddball professor clutching the green glowing meteor fragment will soon gladly fulfill Superman’s darkest fears; he reaches the Man of Steel who stands unsteadily with his back towards him. Superman’s weakened arms extend from beneath a crimson cape that drops down his broad back and legs to the top edges of calf high polished red boots. His big clenched hands grip the black iron bars that block his escape. The professor stands behind Superman in silence savoring the sight of the defeated young god before him. Brandishing the cattle prod, ”Now…Superman, shall we try this again whilst you are exposed to this piece of rock from your indigenous environment that has found its way to Earth! I’ve tamed many an unruly student or two…I’ll break your spirit with this cattle prod in short order!”

The professor viscously jabs the energized cattle prod deep into Superman’s broad back between his powerful shoulder blades using the cape’s yellow “S” Symbol for a bull’s-eye! There is a loud cracking sound accompanied by arcing flashes of raw electricity! This time in the presence of the strange meteor rock Superman screams and squeals like a little schoolboy being paddled on his bare behind! His grip tightens on the iron bars he uses to support his weight! The stiff electrical jolt puckers Superman’s asshole as his ample ass cheeks clamp tightly together dimpling his buttocks! His handsome head reels backwards revealing a set of clenched bright white teeth. Superman screams, extending his arms that grip the bars, as he rises up on the very tiptoes of his big red boots; Superman’s strong back arches backwards. His crimson cape dangles from his broad shoulders billowing perpendicular with the floor as he arches backwards on the toes of his big boots. The professor jabs the bulls-eye “S” without respite again and again and again. He begins to laugh almost hysterically as Superman experiences the agony the enhanced cattle prod is capable of inflicting! The head master has Superman right where he wants him! He uses the electric prod to punish Superman’s for his defiance and ridicule!

The harsh corporal punishment Superman is unaccustomed to continues unabated! The Man of Steel grips the bars grunting loudly between gnashing white teeth set within a handsome young face now contorted in utter agony. Superman becomes a jack in the box of sorts. One second his strapping spandex encased body is pressed hard against the iron bars; the next Superman’s powerful arms that grasp the bars are extended outwards as he performs a dance of agony on the tiptoes of his big red boots – the result of his body absorbing a another stiff jolt of raw electricity! To Superman’s credit he soldiers up and tries to endure the lavish bursts of raw electricity from the professor’s prod! But Superman finds that resistance is futile! The once mighty Superman looks like a big red and blue puppet dancing on strings held by the bizarre head master!  One second his face and body are pressed tight against the bars….then a subsequent a jolt of electricity has Superman’s asshole puckered tight and dancing a jig on the tiptoes of his big red boots – the next second his face and body collapse against the bars – then another asshole puckering jolt of electricity has Superman’s dancing in agony again on his tip tippy toes – only to collapse again to repeat the head master’s torturous cycle! It takes only a matter of minutes for the head master’s cattle prod to break Superman’s will. A rather tame Superman suddenly capitulates uttering the words the professor is waiting to hear! “Please….head master….I will stay…for….class,” pleads Superman!

Superman has signaled submission and in return the professor grants a respite in the brutal punishment to clarify Superman’s intentions. The professor withdraws the punishing prod from Superman’s broad back. Superman’s stiff body relaxes; he comes down off the tiptoes of red boots relieved that the harsh electric thrashing has come to a halt.  The professor watches in satisfaction as mighty Superman cringes in fear from him like a paddled schoolboy!

The head master commands “Demonstrate your submission – fall to your knees boy!”  Superman swallows hard and hangs his head in defeat! The big man deliberately lets his knees buckle! Superman’s hands slide down the iron bars as he drops down to his knees before the barred window. Superman reestablishes his grips on the window bars to remain on upright on his knees. Superman presses his face between the bars for support as the professor moves to stand over the super man who kneels at his feet. There head master stands in triumph behind Superman slapping the prod against his purple robes menacingly as he declares boldly, “I have tamed the strongest man in the world!”

Superman swallows hard and sighs sullenly as the professor demands, “NOW…lower your head in submission to me!” Still gripping the bars Superman weakly pushes his face from bars and bows his weary head; he stares sullenly down at the floor space between muscular upper thighs – their knees bent in submission.  “Call me MASTER,” demands the head master with the perpetual smile! Superman utters softly, “Master.” “Louder,” commands the head master. Superman head shakes hard once as he cries out in an emotionally broken voice, “MASTER!”

“Excellent….and will you willingly stay for class and take your seat in “The Lightning?” asks the cruel head master in an imperious tone. On his knees before the professor Superman raises his head maintaining his grip on the windows bars. Superman takes one last fuzzy look at the green countryside he might never see again outside the barred window. The impatient professor boldly places the cattle prod under Superman’s chiseled jaw. Like a master to a slave he uses the prod to lift Superman’s head upwards towards him to look his new master in the eyes!

“Will you stay and ride “The Lightning?” asks the bizarre head master again?  Superman swallows hard; he stares in horror from his knees at the grotesque ghoul who has claimed him as his slave! The tall lanky man in garish purple robes, a disheveled mop of seaweed green hair and disfigured smiling ghastly face sends a shiver down Superman’s spine. Aside from a torturous ride on “The Lightning” what else does the head master have in store for Superman? His blue eyes portray fear as looks at the green glowing rock and the electric prod the head-master wields in either hand. From his knees Superman’s eyes dart nervously between the small meteor rock that has somehow managed to erase his superpowers and the punitive cattle prod used to break him! He can bear no more of the professor’s cruel electric prod’s discipline! But he knows the torture will be far worse once the madman has him strapped tight into “The Lightning” and a charge to the three thugs masquerading as students!  But Superman really has no choice – either way in the end the cruel head master will see him strapped into that diabolical contraption!  

It’s over; seconds later Superman closes his blue eyes and sullenly nods his acquiescence to the head master. “Brilliant,” exclaims the professor as he tosses the nasty cattle prod the floor. Still wielding the meteor fragment the professor roughly grabs hold of one of Superman’s muscled arms with his free hand. In turn he easily removes both big hands from the iron bars leaving Superman tittering weakly on both knees with his crimson cape pooled over his calf muscles. “Come lad, its time to take your seat for class!” demands the head master as he helps Superman clumsily up off his knees. The disfigured professor with the perpetual smile clenches the green rock tight in hand, as he proudly leads the big caped man clad in bright red and blue in silence towards “The Lightning!” In his weakened condition Superman’s mind is spinning and his stomach is still turning! Obediently albeit awkwardly, Superman, led by the arm like a schoolboy follows the oddball head master tripping and stumbling over his own big bright red boots towards the strange chair. The unlikely pair, a tall lanky figure dressed in garish purple robes mastering a handsome muscular man clad in bright spandex, cape and big red boots, reaches the head master’s torture chair, appropriately nicknamed “The Lightning!” The professor tosses the glowing green mineral to the floor near the punitive chair. The lanky professor easily spins the hapless Man of Steel around. Superman’s cape whirls around him as he stumbles over his own big boots while being carefully positioned to stand with his caped back facing “The Lightning’s” seat.”

“Take your classroom seat Superman,” orders the professor before he shoves Superman backwards. Creating a dull thud, Superman falls backwards between the wooden arms of the electric chair to sit atop his crimson cape.  Superman collapses into a state of semi unconsciousness as he settles into “The Lightning” sprawled atop his crimson cape.  His bright blue eyes slowly close as the very the last of his strength is sucked away! His handsome head begins to restlessly roll from side to side. Superman moans softly from the unrelenting effects of the strange green fragment. As a precaution the professor kicks the fragment underneath “The Lightning” to be in proximity to Superman!

The professor sighs happily as he takes off his square academic cap and tosses onto the workbench near the iron items Superman so easily shaped using only his bare hands moments ago! The head master rubs his hands together in anticipation of what is to follow! He lets the rare meteor rock do its worst to the helpless Man of Steel! The strange green rock obliges greedily sucking and sapping away at Superman’s life force! In time beads of sweat form on Superman’s handsome face pasting his split curl to his forehead. Superman’s bright blue spandex suit darkens in color as the garment becomes completely soaked in body sweat! A few minutes more thinks the professor as he slowly circles “The Lightning” judging the state of the spandex clad Adonis he has snared! Superman appears utterly helpless. He lays slumped back, eyes shut, between the sturdy arms of the wooden electric chair with his powerful arms at either side. Superman sits on his cape with his powerful spandex encased legs are spread open wide; the soles of the bottoms of his big polished red boots barely touch the plank floor. Superman’s head, positioned just below the stencil “The Lightning,” is slumped forward leaving his chiseled jaw resting on the top red border of his jumpsuit’s worldwide famous red and yellow “S” symbol!

Satisfied Superman is completely helpless and powerless the head master begins to prep Superman for afternoon class demonstration! The class has seen an omnipotent Superman full of strength and vigor. Now the professor will present a powerless weakling….humiliated…. stripped naked for physical examination and torture! He retrieves the white charity check envelop snatching it from Superman’s belt and tosses it to the floor. “Good thing you did not check the amount when I gave it to you – the envelope is empty…bait to pull a god down from the heavens! You’ll get nothing but pain and humiliation this afternoon for your good works!” He boldly unbuckles Superman’s belt buckle making two equal halves. The professor fishes the bright yellow belt from the brief’s belt loops freeing it from Superman’s athletic waist. He unceremoniously grabs and lifts one of Superman’s big red boots grasping the ankle of the boot with both hands. He extends Superman’s athletic leg encased in spandex whiling driving one of his own boots into Superman’s abs for leverage. The lanky professor in purple robes grunts as he twists and pulls at the big red boot. Eventually he frees it from the man of Steels’ foot. He tosses the big boot away and then removes the other boot in a similar fashion sending it flying across the classroom as well. Next the red briefs. The professor grabs the red spandex briefs by the belt loops and eases the red briefs down superman’s legs past his knees to his ankles and then onto the plank floor. Seconds later the professor has twisted Superman torso within the chair and has managed to slip his boney hand under Superman’s scarlet cape. The head master quickly unzips the damp spandex jumpsuit and fishes Superman’s powerful arms from the fabric exposing his Adonis chest. He strips the red and yellow “S” from Superman’s chest pulling the bright blue spandex down past Superman’s athletic midsection exposing his ample cock and beefy twin balls. Seconds later the thin elastic jumpsuit lies pooled around Superman’s ankles. Two good yanks later strips the bright blue spandex suit off its owner!

The excited professor circles the electric chair observing the unconscious Man of Steel noting the size of his ample cock that he and his select misfit students with shock, torture, tease and suckle at will. Superman appears completely oblivious lying in seeming repose slumped between the wooden arms of the electric chair wearing only his crimson cape attached to his torso by its shoulder harness! The Professor pulls a timepiece from his vest pocket and frowns. Superman’s slumped head jostles side to side as the head master quickly fishes Superman’s muscled arms out of the cape’s shoulder harness freeing Superman of the cape. The professor manhandles the unconscious naked stud within the confines of the chair until he manages to pull the trophy cape from beneath the naked Man of Steel. 

The professor carefully folds the red cape so that yellow “S” symbol faces up and then places the cape on one of the student’s tables. He whistles as he scampers about spryly, a purple blur, gathering his trophies: first Superman’s low rise brief, big red boots, yellow belt, and then the bright spandex jumpsuit with red and yellow “S.” He carefully folds and arranges the colorful costumes components in an orderly fashion on the two student tables the students will soon occupy. 

The professor continues to whistle the same tune as he quickly returns to Superman and restraints his wrists to the arms of the electric chair. He gleefully draws the thick heavy leather chest straps across Superman’s powerful chest and buckles the ends tightly together beneath his twin large pectoral muscles. The classroom is silent save the lively whistling whilst the head master buckles Superman’s ankles fast within “The Lightning’s’ leather ankle restraints. Finally he takes a large black hanky from his a robe pocket. He tightly furls the large hanky and then wrenches it between Superman’s bright white teeth and subsequently ties the ends together behind his strong neck effectively gagging Superman!

The professor cheerily pulls down the overhead metallic head piece and secures the thick metal band around Superman’s head compressing his distinctive split curl to his forehead. “Nearly done Superman,” soothes the professor moving to the chair’s control panel. He gathers four lengthy thick black wire leads from the “The Lightning’s” control panel. Three of the wire leads have large alligator clips; the fourth has a metallic end shaped like a large bullet. Superman moans through the gag and squirms in his leather restraints as the nasty head master clamps two of the big alligator clips to each of Superman’s quarter sized nipples!  The professor pulls Superman’s big ball sack aside and shoves the stiff wire lead with the bullet end between the Man of Steel’s ass-crack. Amazingly the bullet end of the wire lead is self burrowing!  The bullet end quickly dives between Superman’s ass-crack burrowing deep into Superman’s asshole dragging the wire lead in its wake! Superman moans through his gag as the invasive anal bullet reaches it mark. Finally the professor clamps the final big alligator clip to Superman’s big ball sack right between his twin beefy balls!

“There…Superman…you are prepared for class!” beams the professor as he scampers away to unlock the classroom door! The head master is a purple blur as he unlocks the door and retrieves and dons his square academic hat before taking his place behind the lectern.  He straightens his robes and neck tie as he does a mental review to ensure all is ready to prove his theory. The professor looks to his right at Superman stripped of his superpowers set naked front and center before the classroom. Superman’s gag is tightly in place as the subject should be seen and not heard from this point on. Superman is restrained and wired up to The Lightning.”  A mere flick of a toggle switch and a turn of a dial will bring the electric chair to life to begin the many hours of torture he and his class will subject Superman too! The head master smiles as the green fragment under the electric chair continue to work its magic. It seems to perpetually pulse as it continues to render and keep mighty Superman, the Man of Steel, utterly powerless and at the complete mercy of the head master….and very soon…. the trio of malicious young thugs impersonating students! Finally, as a final humiliation, the professor ensures the fallen champion’s costume, a trophy to commemorate the day’s colossal accomplishment, is on display! Yes…the scene is perfect. The fallen god’s bright polished red boots are set side by side stuffed with his low rise red briefs and yellow belt. The big boots set atop Superman’s crimson cape laying on the surface of one the student’s tables. The adjacent table surface holds a bright blue thin spandex jumpsuit meticulously folded to display the fallen god’s crest face up: the bright red and yellow “S!” Satisfied he is prepared the professor retrieves an old school bell with a wooden handle from below and begins shaking it.

“Recess is over! It’s time for Superman to ride “The Lightning!”  

To be continued…

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