Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Chapter 2
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Superman Rides “The Lightning!”

Author: Lcross

Chapter 2


Moments after the loud school bell grows silent the large oaken door to the classroom of horrors slowly creaks open. The door sweeps open and Harry sticks his head wearily inside and whispers loudly toward the lectern, “Joker did the green rock work on Superman?” Behind the lectern the head master with seaweed color hair and white ghastly face excitedly motions the boys to come forward and cautions, “I told you to not to call me Joker! Anyway, class is ready to begin. Come boys! See for yourselves…fear not….I have rendered Superman completely powerless. He’ll be breaking no more chains or bending any iron during this class! Come! Go ahead get a closer look at the once mighty – once omnipotent Superman. Look….BUT DO NOT touch boys!”

Harry eyes grow wide when he spies Superman stripped naked and strapped down sitting in “The Lightning.” “Blimey, the Joker has stripped the bloke naked mates. Brilliant!” Harry breaks into a trot followed by Bertie and John; the shirtless boys in worn overalls and ratty sneakers dash towards the subdued super man. The lads arrive simultaneously bumping together into an excited jumble before the Man of Steel.” They sort out forming a half circle before the “The Lightning.” The youngsters grow silent as they watch the semi unconscious man steadily inhale and exhale. Harry boldly kneels in wonder between Superman’s spread legs and begins to massage the tops of his powerful upper thighs simultaneously feeling the hardness of the powerful muscles. Harry’s cock twitches within his bib overalls as he studies the naked Adonis the head master has soundly mastered. Harry reaches inward over Superman’s naked thighs until his small hands are cupped around Superman’s ample buttocks that press against the big chair’s seat. The boy is now eyelevel with Superman’s powerful chest held upright by a thick worn leather strap running under his large pectoral muscles. Harry pulls away withdrawing his hands to Superman’s’ knee caps; his eyes dart between Superman’s ankles and wrists that are strapped tightly to the chairs heavy wooden legs and wooden arms with similar thick leather straps. Harry whispers “Blimey” as he reaches in and tugs on one of the thick wire leads that are clamped to Superman’s quarter sized nipples.  The boy laughs aloud when he looks down and spies the thick wire lead clamped to his big ball sack between his big balls; Harry traces the another thick wire with his eyes until it disappears between Superman’s ass cheeks. Harry grins wickedly as he raises his head and looks smugly at Superman’s head, eyes closed, encased tightly within a wide metal headband compressed around his forehead. Harry can wait no longer. He impetuously grabs Superman’s cock in his small hand and begins to stroke. Bertie and John point and shout excitedly gesturing at Superman’s cock that seems to stiffen slightly in Harry’s grip. Bertie suddenly spies the green glowing rock under the chair and falls to his knees. He sweeps his hand under the chair and greedily grabs the green fragment. Bertie holds it in his hands as he raises to his feet never breaking a stare; standing next to Superman Bertie stares in awe at the small piece of green glowing meteor rock that made a powerful god a slave!

Harry leans in and is about to take Superman’s semi stiff cock into his mouth young mouth when the head master intervenes; he angrily pulls Harry away off and away from Superman. “I said look, don’t touch. Now prepare for class! John – Bertie and John – the blackboard…that clumsy oaf Superman knocked it over! Harry….get the camera; position it directly before “The Lightning” to take the “AFTER” photo! Look sharp.”

Harry protests, “Joker, enough of this charade….Blimey, we all played along to lure Superman into your trap….now we – err, you have the bloke right where we want him…..let me give his carrot a go! We aren’t students and you sure aren’t any head….

“HARRY! Do as I say or its back to that reform school they call an orphanage! WE WILL FINISH CLASS,” shouts the head master as he straightens his purple robes!

Bertie immediately tosses the green rock on the chair’s wooden seat between Superman’s spread legs; the rock comes to rest near Superman’s cock and beefy ball sack near the thick black wire leads; John follows in tow as Bertie dashes to upright the blackboard. Begrudgingly Harry plays along and positions the camera before Superman seated in the “The Lightning.”

“Brilliant,” shouts the professor as the chores are quickly completed! Regaining his composure he approaches the blackboard, “Take your seats boys!”

The boys bolt to their seats to finish the class where Harry sits examining Superman’s big red boot stuffed with his low rise red briefs. Harry pulls out the briefs displaying them to his mates pinching the elastic waistband between his fingers,” I could use this pair of fancy red underpants….haven’t had any in weeks.”  The other boys laugh loudly admitting, “Me either!” Bertie spins the neatly folded bright blue elastic jumpsuit so that the red and yellow “S” symbol faces him. He looks at the strange symbol the head master so easily stripped from the Man of Steel’s powerful chest remarking, “Joker, err, head master; how did you wiggle the bloke out of his long johns? Blimey, he must have had to grease up to get into this elastic getup!” John laughs at the remark as he unfurls Superman’s bright crimson cape spreading it out on the student’s table to display the cape’s companion yellow “S.”

“Look sharp,” shouts the head master ignoring the chattering boys. The boys drop the pieces of Superman’s colorful costume and direct their attention towards the blackboard. The head master clears his throat, and having retrieved his cattle prod, uses the punitive tool as a pointer again. He points to the board with it sprawled chalk words: SUPERMAN & DILITHIUM THEORY. “Two of three components necessary to complete the goal of this class are on the board. Can anyone guess the last component?” The boys answer with blank dull-witted expressions.

The head master feigns disappointment and then reveals, “The answer is,” as he prints furiously, causing the tassel of his academic to jingle: K-R-Y-P-T-O-N-I-T-E below Dilithium Theory. He whirls around and excitedly speaks, “kryptonite!” Then he turns and draws a line under Superman and kryptonite. And then sprawls a formula on the old blackboard in chalk: K+S=DT reciting aloud, “Kryptonite plus Superman equals Dilithium Theory!”

He turns and boasts, “Kryptonite is the key to subjugating Superman boys! Kryptonite is a remnant of Superman’s home world. The kryptonite you see between Superman’s legs probably arrived here on Earth as a meteor fragment when his planet Krypton perished. Thus the name kryptonite from Krypton! Kryptonite’s atomic make up yields a specific radioactive signature that is EXTREMELY detrimental to Superman, but harmless to us, when it is introduced to him on Earth….perhaps lethal….but I believe Superman can’t be killed….only contained in such a manner that I have presented front and center in this classroom today,” explains the head master pointing the prod at the naked young man confined to “The Lightning.”

The head master leaves the blackboard and moves to “The Lightning.” He continues reaching between Superman’s bare legs strapped apart and picks up the kryptonite, set before his cock and balls, and shows it to the class, “Before I exposed Superman to kryptonite he could break Titanium, bend iron, break chains, and so on and so forth. He was impervious to electricity too. Well…I can tell you first hand that things are different now that Superman is in the presence of kryptonite! Witness the result,” as he gestures casually to the Man of Steel he thoroughly trounced after the last class ended.

He looks down at the once mighty Superman strapped in his torture chairs and slaps the prod in his hand several times recalling how he broke Man of Steel’s proud spirit only moments ago. “Let’s just say I gave Superman what equates to a trip to the woodshed boys. You see I eventually convinced Superman to stay for this class.”  The boys buzz whispering excitedly amongst themselves as they grow impatient to see Superman experience “The Lightning.”

As if in answer the head master offers,” It’s time for me to demonstrate to the class that Superman in no longer impervious to electricity. Are you game?”

The boys loudly hoot a resounding affirmative as they squirm restlessly in anticipation in their seats as the head master approaches “The Lightning’s” control panel. Harry leans forward in his seat and adjusts his stiff cock as the head master approaches the antique control panel. He flips three toggle switches set below two large red and green indicator lights. The powerful transformers under the big chair whirl to life creating a low hum that continues to ramp up within the classroom. Seconds later the green indicator light is rapidly flashing indicating “The Lightning’s” capacitors have achieved full power!

Over the loud hum the head master turns and stands beside Superman; he gestures towards him with the cruel cattle prod. “Notice I have clamped electrical cords to strategic spots on Superman’s powerful body: his nipples, anus, and his scrotum….Oh my,” shouts the head master above the din of the humming transformer!

Harry blurts out, “That means tits, asshole and ball sack mates.”

“Harry! Don’t be vulgar…. I seem to have forgotten the arms straps!” The head master pockets his prod and scurries around the chair, a purple blur, quickly buckling two thick leather straps around Superman’s upper bare arms just above his elbows. He draws each thick strap taut pulling each of Superman’s bare arms back tight against the chair’s high back. “There! I don’t want Superman falling out,” explains the head master!

It’s a bizarre scene indeed. The head master, AKA the Joker, is like a Dr. Frankenstein dressed in long garish colored purple robes as he steps to the control panel again to begin the ghoulish show that is the grand finale of the day. He turns and explains shouting over the hum,” Under normal circumstances Superman would not even flinch at this procedure boys….but observe what happens to the mighty Man of Steel when I add a pinch of kryptonite to the mix. I warn you….stay seated during the demonstration…stray electricity and all you know.”

The boys are on the edges of their seats squirming as they wait for the show to begin! The lanky head master with seaweed green colored hair and alabaster face has an insane look as he turns the rheostat dial clockwise to MEDIUM! Superman’s blue eyes bolt open wide eyed; his big hands close into two big restrained fists; his broad back arches causing the thick leather strap across his chest to bite deep into his skin. The transformers hum grows louder as the panel complies and delivers crippling doses of power into the alligator clamps attached on Superman’s ball sack, nipples and anal probe! A ring of powerful electricity, delivered by to metal headband, encircles Superman’s head like a bright yellow halo! The Man of Steel’s asshole puckers shut around the thick wire cord that is up his ass as he begins to buck wildly at the heavy restraints that hold him fast to “The Lightning!” Superman gnashes his bright white teeth biting down hard on the thick cloth gag as his face contorts in pure agony. Superman arms, legs, and powerful chest stiffen as his muscles contract in reaction to the powerful flow of electrical power. His powerful body becomes rigid; Superman begins to spasm and then convulses shaking stiffly within his restraints; the insane head master’s intends for Superman to suffer the full effects of “The Lightning!” He spins the big rheostat dial to the “FULL POWER” setting. Superman responds proportionately shaking and bucking even more wildly in the seat of the chair. He pulls fiercely at the thick leather restraints that hold his muscular appendages to the big wooden chair fruitlessly trying to escape the wicked contraption. But “The Lightning” holds onto Superman tight! Suddenly Superman’s dick stirs and then becomes erect; eventually his cock stands straight up at attention; seconds later pre-cum forms on the tip of the big hard-on Superman sports!

The head master leaves the panel and rounds “The Lightning” to observe Superman’s brutal torture. The boys are ecstatic slapping each other on the back and hooting wildly as they watch Superman suffer the brutally before them! Harry yells, “Look at that! Superman’s wanker is up mates!”

“Remain seated” cautions the head master as he explains over the loud hum of the transformer, “On some level Superman obviously enjoys this pain, thus the sexual arousal. Superman, possessing super powers, naturally always assumed the dominant role in life whether it is sexual or otherwise!  Suddenly Superman finds he is cast unwillingly as a submissive.  Superman would never be a submissive willingly. Today I made superman submit to me! Subconsciously he enjoys being helpless – bound and forced to obey – endure pain – unable to control events! Ah, still waters run deep Superman! Who would have imagined the macho Superman subconsciously longed to be a bottom!”

The boys ignore the head masters babbling; they are only interested in seeing Superman viciously tortured! The trio of hooligans watch in glee as Superman is made to ride “The Lightning!” By now Superman is soaked in his own body sweat which conducts the raw power over his entire body like liquid electricity. His blue eyes are riveted open and his teeth remain clenching the thick black gag! The thick black cords tipped with alligator clamps, and an invasive anal bullet, deliver punishing loads of electricity to the most sensitive parts of Superman’s powerful body. Superman madly squirms and twists his ample bare ass cheeks and powerful thighs wildly in the chair’s big wooden seat.  He tries to free his head from the metal band clamped tightly around his forehead but the thick metal bar attached to the strong back of the huge chair holds fast. Superman’s struggle to escape the chair becomes so violent that he breaks inertia causing the big wooden chair to wobble on its large wooden legs side to side!

“The Lightning’s” transformers are extremely loud now. Bright yellow sparks from the loud churning transformers under “The Lightning’ begins to spray sparks that pepper the floor near Superman’s bare feet. The metal alligator clamps on Superman’s big ball sack and twin nipples have become glowing red due to the prolonged discharge of power. Suddenly a red warning light starts blinking rapidly on the control panel behind the chair.

Alerted by the warning light the professor quickly wraps up shouting above the electrical hum, “I am afraid we are out of time. Well…you all can clearly see that Superman is now only as strong as an ordinary man and he can feel the effects of electricity. All this thanks to a small meteor fragment found in an obscure museum in Eastern Africa. This completes today’s assignment class. And right on time – ‘The Lightning’ is beginning to overload,” announces the head master as he dashes to the control panel and twists the dial counterclockwise to “OFF.”  He powers down “The Lightning” closing the switches in quick succession. The hum of the powerful transformers immediately ramp down and extinguish.

The electric chair ceases to rock on its legs as Superman immediately closes his eyes; his stiffened body relaxes in the restraints. The head master rounds the chair and looks down at the trounced sweat soaked Adonis he has made to “Ride the Lightning” with great satisfaction. He appears very much alive as the head master predicted as the big man sitting in the wooden chair large muscle’s spasm now and then. “Gather round boys. Bring a piece of Superman’s costume with you for the AFTER photo,” instructs the head master!

The boys jump from their chairs. Harry grabs the red boot stuffed with a pair of red briefs, Bertie the folded blue spandex jumpsuit, and John grabs the remaining big red boot with the belt stuffed within. John sits on the floor between Superman’s open legs anchored to the chair’s legs. Harry and Bertie crowd on the left side of Superman as the head master focuses the camera and sets the shutter’s timer. The head master grabs the crimson cape from the student’s table and dashes to the right side of “The Lightning.” He unfurls the cape displaying the yellow “S” for the camera. “Do the same boys…and smile,” says head master. This time all the boys have big smiles!  John holds up Superman’s big red boot; Bertie displays the red and yellow “S” symbol of the folded jumpsuit while Harry holds up Superman’s other big red boot for the camera just as the shutter clicks. Picture taken, the boys simultaneously toss the colorful costume components of Superman’s costume to the floor. The head master hangs the crimson cape on the back of “The Lightning” by its shoulder harness.

“Brilliant! Now…I must get these photos developed straight away announces the head master as he unbuttons his teaching robes. He removes the purple robes and hangs them over the easel style blackboard revealing a three piece purple suit underneath. The head master tosses his academic cap sending it sailing across the room towards the long bank of barred windows and then straightens his bright red tie.

Suddenly in a hurry, the Joker adjusts his suit and then moves to remove the camera from its tripod. “I shan’t be long boys,” explains the Joker as heads towards the drawing room door camera in hand. “Oh, please keep Superman entertained in my absence….don’t worry, you can’t kill Superman, but extra credit to the student that succeeds.” The trios of bad boys simultaneously look down at Superman strapped sweating in the heavy wooden chair. They hear the door close and suddenly they are alone with Superman and can now do anything to him their twisted wicked minds can conjure up!

Without any spoken words all three shirtless boys simultaneously un-shoulder the suspenders that hold up their worn bib overalls. In seconds they have kicked off their ratty sneakers and shucked off their overalls. True to form, none wear underpants; now naked, the trio of boys slowly moves to surround Superman sporting erections!

Harry takes the initiate and boldly mounts “The Lightning!” He straddles Superman’s upper thighs standing on the chair’s large wooden seat. He grabs the back of the chair above the faded lightning bolt with one hand as Harry brings his erect cock level with superman mouth. As if Harry sent a telepathic command John smiles and unties the gag from around Superman’s neck; he then tugs the soaked rag from between Superman’s clenched teeth. Then John turns and man’s the control panel as Superman opens his eyes to be confronted with Harry’s stiff cock in his face.

“Good, you’re awake. Now suck my cock muscle boy or John will let the juice flow up your asshole again,” orders Harry!  

Superman twists in his restraints as Harry thrusts his bare waist towards Superman’s sweaty face. “Suck my cock or I’ll turn on this contraption and leave it on muscle boy!” Superman hesitates. Harry looks at John. John in return throws the three toggle switches; the transformers under Superman hum again as they ramp up! Superman sullenly sighs as he swallows hard and tests his chair’s restraints again only to find they still hold him fast in the wooden seat. “You’re not going anywhere muscle boy! You better get used to taste of cock Superman,” warns Harry as he uses his hand to slap Superman across the face several times with his stiff cock. “Now open your mouth and start sucking!” Superman tries to pull his face away but the chair’s headband holds his head firmly in place. “John, give it some….,”orders Harry. “NO,” begs Superman softly. “Please, no more!” He quickly opens his mouth to receive the boy’s stiff cock. Harry grins and uses his free hand to guide his hard cock into Superman’s mouth. “NOW, suck it good boy.” Not wanting to ever “Ride the Lightning” again Superman’s obeys his new small master. His blue eyes close and his mouth closes around Harry’s rock hard cock. Superman’s cheeks dimple as he begins to unwillingly suckle the hooligan’s erection. Harry deliberately thrusts his cock deeper into Superman’s mouth to gag the big man! Superman gags but recovers and obediently keeps sucking Harry’s dick like a professional cock sucker! Harry throws his head back and laughs. “I wager it’s not the first cock you sucked mate! But you are in big trouble; I’m a minor….hey watch the teeth.” As Superman sucks away Harry grabs hold of one of the thick chords attached to one of Superman’s big nipples. Superman winces in pain as Harry tugs the lead pulling the big alligator clip clamped on Superman’s nipple away from his chest.

Bertie joins the party. He falls to his knees between Superman’s legs. He sticks his head under and between Harry’s bare legs that straddle Superman. Bertie grabs Superman’s bare calf muscles with both hands for support; he slides in between Superman’s open legs; he lowers his face and puts his lips around Superman’s big semi erect cock and begins sucking.

John complains stroking his rock hard cock, “Hurry up you too; I want a go at Superman….I say pull we pull him out of that chair; I want to fuck the bloke doggy style! Yah…let me throw the pork to Superman’s tight pretty ass….as long as we have the kryptonite he’s help….say Harry….where is the kryptonite?”

Harry and Bertie ignore John as they are both otherwise engaged with Superman. John drops to his knees and looks frantically under the “The Lightning” and the surrounding area. He searches Superman’s costume components strewn on the floor around the big chair. He empties each big red boot but finds nothing!  THE KRYPTONITE IS GONE! “The fucking head master – the Joker took the kryptonite with him,” screams John as his complexion drains to a shade of white. His hard-on goes instantly limp. John scrambles naked to his feet and dashes to his overalls. He dresses quickly and bolts for the door and is in the wind in matter of seconds.

Harry notices John’s departure when the door slams hard. Suddenly Superman stops sucking Harry’s cock. “Hey mate….get back to it,” orders Harry in an annoyed tone. Suddenly Superman pulls and tears the thick leather restraints from the arm of the big wooden chair. Bertie, wide eyed, quickly pulls away from Superman’s stiff cock and falls onto his bare back.  Superman uses his freed arm to push Harry’s cock from his mouth and away from his face. Harry’s falls backwards off the seat of the chair atop a surprised Bertie. Superman snaps his other leather wrist and arm restraints as the two naked boys scamper about collecting their overalls and sneakers. Seconds later the naked boys are in the wind too. Superman reaches up and breaks the metal band encasing his forehead and then unbuckles the wide chest strap that keeps him upright in “The Lightning.” Superman kicks out each of his bare legs snapping the leather restraints that hold his ankles to the chair thick legs. He releases the heavy metal clamps on his nipples and ball sack angrily throwing off the heavy black wire cords.

Superman rises up off “The Lightning’s” wooden seat tearing away the remnants of the leather straps that surrounds each big wrist. He fumes raising one big bare leg in order to yank the thick cord tipped with a metal bullet from his ass. Superman throws the wire lead away and instinctively moves barefooted quickly towards the barred bank of tall windows where the bright afternoon sunlight streams into the upstairs room. He turns in place naked basking in the bright sunlight stretching his arms and twisting his torso absorbing the power of Earth’s sun to replenish his superpowers! Several minutes later he is completely reinvigorated – his great strength has returned! He moves with determination back towards the diabolic torture chair he was strapped into. Naked he walks behind the big wooden chair and grips both sides of the fiendish control panel with his big hands. Superman pulls his arms back tearing the control box from the walls. Sparks fly accompanied by flashes of bright arcing electricity as Superman angrily pulls the panel from the wall. Seconds later he sends it flying landing atop the workbench strewn with shattered Titanium and twisted iron. The panel smolders and sparks on the workbench as Superman grabs his cape from the back of “The Lightning. He feeds his big arms into the cape’s shoulder harness adjusting the harness strap that runs across his bare chest; he stews with anger at being duped, captured, tortured and molested by the sinister clown and his trio of foul miscreants! He sullenly gathers his bright colored costume components from the classroom’s plank floor. A minute later Superman is pulling on his last big red boot and buckling his bright yellow belt looping his red briefs around his athletic waist. Dressed again Superman is ready to depart the Victorian classroom of horrors!

Superman hesitates momentarily. He fears for Lord Melbourne and his sons but cannot risk remaining in this creepy English is manor any longer – that madman – what did the three misfits call him? Ah…. “The Joker,” could return any moment with the kryptonite and he, Superman, would be again helpless and at the clown’s mercy yet again! Kryptonite thinks Superman – it’s now a dangerous world for me as he looks around the bizarre makeshift classroom: the diabolic torture chair he endured, desks with chairs and the old blackboard with the large chalk words written upon its old slate surface that spell doom for Superman! He spies the Joker’s purple teaching robes hung over one end of the blackboard and wonders, why did the Joker let me go? With the kryptonite he had I was that madman’s slave…forever! Was this just a brutal prank at my expense or a prelude of what the twisted Joker has in store for me in the future?

Superman is suddenly aware of a foul taste in his mouth. He fumes in anger as he wipes his mouth with his spandex sleeve and then spits trying to remove the taste of Harry’s cock from his mouth. I must not remain here…it’s too dangerous!  He glares at “The Lightning” with its large faded yellow lightning bolt. It sends a shiver down his spine as he recalls his ride on “The Lightning!” Superman considers incinerating the chair with his heat vision but cannot bring himself to do it. The contraption has taught him a valuable lesson he should have learned a long time ago…everyone, EVEN SUPERMAN, has a weakness! And the Joker has discovered Superman’s! He hears some sort of loud commotion down on the first floor of the manor house. He spins on his boots; seconds later those big red boots pound the floor and his crimson cape billows behind Superman as he dashes to the window he entered through. The Man of Steel reaches the entry window. This time Superman snaps the large heavy-duty padlock that holds the thick iron bars together like a piece of spaghetti. He tosses the broken lock to the floor and flings open the black bar doors. There is a whooshing sound amidst a red and blue whirling blur and Superman is gone!

To be continued…

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