November 2021

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 6
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Tarzan is transported to his new home. The hunter watches from the co-pilot’s seat of the multi engine turbo prop transport as the coast of Africa disappears and the gray waters of the Atlantic appear. “So…what’s so special about the air cargo that that you need to lease my entire plane—just to move one mysterious cubical covered tightly with a tarp?” ask the pilot.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 5
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The Hunter and Tarzan take a walk. It’s been an hour since the hunter left the river clearing, leading the captive jungle man towards the trail which will take them to the drop-point many miles away… where a companion will meet him with transportation. The hunter looks behind occasionally to watch the Tarzan’s restrained rippling muscles as he leads his “catch of the day,” by the chain attached to Tarzan’s collar and ball shackle.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 4
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A half hour later Tarzan is fully awake and thrashing around blindly in the sand, grunting and snarling through the ball gag pulling at the leather restraints that bind his arms tightly behind his back. The hunter watches in amusement as the jungle man thrashes his head wildly, trying to free himself of the tight leather gorilla hood over his head, as he begins to panic and freak out at the darkness and his captivity. Rather expected, snorts the hunter to himself, with little compassion.

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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 5]Hey, this is SuperheroFan here I want to share some comments: I am just starting with this new blog. I want to thank Nox for him to contact me to publish his stories and Rick Henry for also sending me his wonderful revisions of classics stories and also for his feedback. I will also want to thank all the readers, I hope this blog will someday be a reference for all stories and sites related to the world of gay superheroes. Please if you have any comment on how I can improve the blog share your ideas with me. I just make some updates to show the future posts in the sidebar, also the new post will have under the post some stories of the same author, superhero and other chapters of the  same story.  For the older stories I plan to make these updates but It will take sometime to change all the posts. Also I am trying to fix the Archive on the sidebar to look and work similar to the one in Blogspot. It make take time but I hope this change… Read More »Comments 11/20/2021

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 2
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The story continues with The Hunter preparing for the taming of the Jungle Lord. Several minutes later, the hunter approaches Tarzan as he lays face down with his face buried in the sandy soil. The hunter stares down at the young jungle man clad only in a loin cloth as he circles his downed prey several times. The hunter drops the sack and nudges the big jungle man in the ribs hard with his foot, trying to arouse him. “The jungle boy is out cold,” says the hunter out loud.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 1
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The Jungle Lord has made a dangerous enemy, that sent a Hunter after him.
The hunter continually scans the silent night of the deep jungle from its high trees to the river’s edge, hoping to sight the young jungle man he seeks. It is nearly 5AM and the sun will rise soon. He has been watching since sunset having arrived at his present vantage point just before sun-up the day before.

Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 4
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 8 Average: 4]  Allure of Krytonite Author: Lcross Chapter 4 Act Two  A scene similar to one played out weeks ago repeats! Superman, stripped of his gear with the exception of his crimson cape, hangs naked, inverted by his ankles a couple feet or so above the theater’s small stage floor! The tall lanky Joker clad in his garish purple three piece suit, his hair a disheveled mop of bright seaweed colored hair, scurries about spryly ratcheting up the apparatuses numerous adjustment chains. The twin cone-shaped kryptonite projectors, positioned on either side of Superman, are alive now and busily hum a low dull buzz bathing Superman in an eerie green light.  Rick Harvey has departed, claiming not to have the stomach to see Superman’s young life snuffed out. As the Joker pulls an adjustment chain here and one there Superman’s naked body jerks clumsily, jarred down, then upwards above the stage floor. His powerful bare legs are cast upwards, spread wide apart by a steel spreader bar, and stretched taut! Another pull and the single chain tethered to a steel cock ring tightens-up losing its slack tugging… Read More »Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 4

Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 3
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Allure of Krytonite Author: Lcross Chapter 3 Act One   The phone next to Clark’s bed is ringing. Superman, still prone on the bedroom floor shakes off the last effects of the now encapsulated kryptonite and looks wearily up at the digital clock…903 PM. He has fallen asleep for a several hours! Dazed, he awkwardly pulls up his red briefs before he stumbles clumsily up onto his red boots. He gropes through the darkness dragging his red cape towards the ringing phone and answers shortly, “Kent speaking.” “Hi Clark, sorry to call so late,” apologizes Inspector Henderson. Superman turns on the light near the phone. “I was up…it’s OKAY,” mumbles Superman sleepily as he looks down his costume at his soiled “S’ and unbuckled yellow belt and disheveled briefs. “The reason I called is because of the name you gave me to check out. I put feelers out and got a hit from a tipster just minutes ago. Indirectly I was told a Mr. Ricky Harvey can be reached at 337-5689. No other information…” Superman cuts across. “Got it; thanks inspector…I’ll check it out next… Read More »Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 3

Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Allure of Krytonite Author: Lcross Chapter 2 Allure of kryptonite   It is the evening before Thanksgiving. It has been several weeks since Superman’s ordeal with the dominant medical orderly at the police infirmary. Since then Superman’s young mind has dwelt on the ability of kryptonite to render him powerless and how it has irreversibly changed everything. Until recently Superman had never experienced the loss of his superpowers – the feelings of weakness and ordinary vulnerability. The concept of the existence of a small green crystal that can erase his super powers is unconceivable. But two recent encounters with kryptonite offer irrefutable evidence. His first exposure to kryptonite left him at the mercy of a crazed headmaster who strapped him naked to an electric chair and brutally tortured him. The second lead to his arrest and incarceration in a psychiatric infirmary for observation where he was sexually brutalized and sodomized by a handsome young orderly! Yet strangely it was the second encounter that seemed to have a profound effect on Superman. The time he spent in the custody of the handsome orderly seems to… Read More »Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 2