Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 2
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Allure of Krytonite

Author: Lcross

Chapter 2 Allure of kryptonite


It is the evening before Thanksgiving. It has been several weeks since Superman’s ordeal with the dominant medical orderly at the police infirmary. Since then Superman’s young mind has dwelt on the ability of kryptonite to render him powerless and how it has irreversibly changed everything. Until recently Superman had never experienced the loss of his superpowers – the feelings of weakness and ordinary vulnerability. The concept of the existence of a small green crystal that can erase his super powers is unconceivable. But two recent encounters with kryptonite offer irrefutable evidence. His first exposure to kryptonite left him at the mercy of a crazed headmaster who strapped him naked to an electric chair and brutally tortured him. The second lead to his arrest and incarceration in a psychiatric infirmary for observation where he was sexually brutalized and sodomized by a handsome young orderly! Yet strangely it was the second encounter that seemed to have a profound effect on Superman. The time he spent in the custody of the handsome orderly seems to have awakened a dormant streak of submissiveness. Superman, as a result, craves the sensation of giving up control and it was just like a drug craving! The concept of submissiveness and the perception of Superman are at different ends of the same spectrum! Nonetheless Superman has set out to explore his craving of powerlessness – the desire to be dominated by the mundane male species of this planet that only possess ordinary abilities. Thus the allure of kryptonite!

So Superman begins by taking baby steps. It is early evening and Superman has just returned to his apartment after finishing his evening patrol.  Superman’s clear bright blue eyes gaze at the dull gray lead capsule held between his strong fingers that encase the mysterious green fragment called kryptonite – a strange isotope that can render a super powered Kryptonian completely powerless. Superman retrieved the encapsulated fragment from the Metropolis museum’s air duct after he escaped the infirmary.

Now Superman stands before a full length mirror in his bedroom dressed in his colorful red and blue costume. He gazes with determination at his own reflected image and sees and then looks past the view of the magnificent and powerful young man clad in tight bright blue spandex that conforms like a thin second skin to his muscular arms, torso, and legs. The big polished red boots, their top edges just beneath his kneecaps, rise to well-developed upper thighs encased in spandex under red briefs. A bright yellow belt, set below a red and yellow S letter emblazoned across his strapping chest, encompasses his athletic waist. A crimson cape drapes his broad shoulders hanging behind his V shaped back brushing the top edges of his big bright boots.  

The handsome almost angelic face reflected back to Superman looks troubled. His blue eyes set below a distinctive split curl are forlorn. The Pandora’s Box that Harvey has opened has turned Superman’s world upside-down. Superman sighs in anticipation as he shifts his bodyweight nervously from big red boot to big red boot preparing to recreate the erotic feeling of being rendered powerless! The feeling of being totally helpless is a new erotic feeling for young Superman. Until the emergence of kryptonite Superman was omnipotent. His ride on ‘the Lightning’ and his B&D experience in the police infirmary has awakened a suppressed submissive streak within Superman. Kryptonite changes the sexual equation for Superman. No longer will Superman be automatically cast into the dominate role of a male or female relationship.

Superman craves to explore these feeling further thus he swallows hard and then carefully unscrews the lead cylinder’s cap ever so slowly!  He imagines Harvey, standing behind him holding the small lead cylinder like a collar ready to be placed around his neck claiming his ownership!

Superman’s blue eyes furrow together in concentration beneath his distinctive split curl that hangs across his forehead as the small cap begins to loosen and turn counterclockwise.  Superman unscrews the small lead cap until a circular radius of bright green light begins to emit from the cylinder’s loosened cap. He gasps and cringes from the initial visceral pain and startling affect of the small alien stone and closes his eyes, sways slightly and grasps the small lead cylinder tightly in his closed fist as an erotic wave of intense weakness and lightheadedness washes over him instantly draining him of his mighty superpowers. The pain, the sense of being powerless and helpless stir powerful memories and cause Superman’s big cock to twitch and stir within the tight confines of his bright blue spandex costume.

Superman sways slightly as he feels his knees weaken and buckle;  his heart beats furiously, as much in excitement as in distress and he dizzily watches through watery eyes as his magnificent and powerfully built physique succumbs to the terrible and debilitating affects of the deadly radiation.  The bright luster drains from Superman’s bright blue eyes as they darken and glaze over. His strong knees continue to buckle as he tries to muster the strength and balance to remain standing. The futile attempt to fight the debilitating effects of the kryptonite further arouses Superman sexually.  Suddenly he succumbs to the absolute power of the kryptonite and the huge and powerful young man’s red leather boots creak softly and his tight bright spandex rustle as he at first resists and until he drops heavily to his knees still grasping the lead cylinder and still intent upon watching the reflection of his condition in the full length mirror! The crimson cape drapes Superman’s broad shoulders and pools over the back of his big red boots. His big muscular arms drop weakly to his sides inert – now drained of their awesome super strength. Superman’s big cock twitches and then grows rock hard as he weakly watches the erotic image of himself, the Universe’s most powerful and remarkable man kneeling in submission and defeat to the overwhelming power of the strange green crystal.

On his knees, now unable to stand, Superman continues to wither and weaken from the self inflicted detrimental effects of the kryptonite. The outline of Superman’s long tool encased in spandex is clearly visible now as Superman breathes and gasps loudly through a slack jawed mouth. As he sinks back resting his ample twin buttocks onto the backs of his big red boots, he savors and is overwhelmed by the sensuous sensations radiating from his groin and he shivers with growing and ir-resistable arousal. Superman’s glazed blue eyes flutter as he instinctively uses his little remaining strength to pucker his ass and tighten muscles against his sensitive and responsive prostate gland.  Still maintaining the exquisite pressure, his once powerful legs move apart and his ass drops to the floor as another erotic but debilitating wave of weakness sweeps over him. He looks down his powerful chest past his bright red and yellow “S” to the outlined tip of his cock. Superman’s stiff tool has risen above the waistband of his briefs and lies wedged under his bright yellow belt! He continues to grasp the small cylinder containing his Achilles Heel in one big hand as he exhales, leans back and rolls his head around his shoulders savoring the mind bending pain and gut wretching feeling of absolute weakness and helplessness.

Superman weakly straightens and gazes dizzily, mesmerized, at the sight of the blurry reflection of the mighty Man of Steel drained of all his great super powers … weak, vulnerable and defeated. Thus he remains kneeling in total submission to an imaginary lover that stands over him wielding the powerful crystal … a submission that triggers his body into the release of powerful, mind altering and stimulating pheromones and juices and further enhances the power and pleasure of the experience. 

A drop of pre-cum forms as Superman’s gaze fixes on the red and yellow “S” symbol set upon his big sculpted chest above deeply defined six-pack abdominal muscles.  He is not far from unconcsiousness, a result that would likely be fatal, but he didn’t care.  That only made the situation more stimulating, erotic and ir-resistable. The sexual arousal induced by an erotic sensation of weakness begins to reach its climax. With his free left hand, Superman fumbles weakly with the buckle of his bright yellow belt. Frantically, one handedly, he unbuckles his yellow belt and anxiously pushes his red trunks down enough for free access and then quickly slides his big hand between the vertical slit sewn into his spandex bodysuit to accommodate his cock. Maintaining a death grip on the small lead cylinder it takes Superman little effort to free his huge, fully erect cock from beneath the bright spandex and his stiff, straight member stands against his six pack abs, but the weakness continues to worsen and his strength to dissipate, and Superman weakly groans and then falls weakly forward onto his big chest. After a moment, he rolls over onto his back and lies atop his crimson cape before stroking his rock hard tool. Superman gasps as he draws his big boots inward raising his spread knees into the air. Superman pants and moans loudly as he continues to stroke his raging hard-on for several seconds, savoring the erotic sexual arousal spawned by being rendered utterly powerless.

Seconds later Superman’s weakened body stiffens; he grunts loudly as he shoots his monster load into the air. Goops of cum land on his chest soiling the red and yellow “S” as Superman continues to greedily milk the last drops of cum form his stiff tool with zeal. Finished, at first Superman is unable to move and lies back, eyes closed, his chest expanding and contracting from huge breaths.  After some moments, he exhales loudly, extends both of his powerful legs outwards amd wrestles his fully limp cock back beneath the bright blue spandex. His strength is nearly at an end and with a sense of growing panic he rolls onto his side and meaning to fix the cap back onto the lead cylinder, but he has dropped the cap.  He looks around frantically, his vision blurred and uncertain but he can’t locate it.  He is desperate.  He knows he has little time left.  A stroke of luck … he moves his left hand for better support and finds the cap.  He fumbles several times to pick it up and drops it several times.  His head is swimming, his eye lids are hard to support but he finally succeeds in attaching the cap and dropping the cylinder just as he passes out. The kryptonite safely contained, his crimson cape follows Superman as he sighs weakly and collapses awkwardly, face first onto the hard floor, much of his body covered ;by the crimson fabric of his cape. Superman’s massive, muscular arms extend from beneath his cape and lie motionless at either side of his craned head.  Superman’s cum stained red and yellow “S” symbol presses against the smooth hardwood floor and the big toes of his big boots extend outwards as he lays prone, his suit soaked with sweat, his heart racing, his lungs gasping for air, until consciousness returns and he awaits the return of enough strength to move and then the several hours before his super powers began to return.


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