Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 1
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This story is part of a serie named “The Further Adventures of Superman” the author divided in 3 parts with multiple chapters:

Part 1: Superman Rides “The Lightning!”

Part 2: “Superman’s Night in the Museum”

Part 3: Allure of Kryptonite”

Flashback to the end of Chapter 4, Night in the Museum, which left a powerless Superman hanging inverted, naked from the waist down, high above the padded floor of the old police infirmary’s observation cell. In the darkness he swings wildly to and fro desperately trying to free his bound arms from the confining canvas straightjacket. Drool pours profusely from his open mouth that is pried and braced open with a steel medical clamp. The mouth clamp muffles his frantic cries for help whilst Superman futility twists and turns wildly suspended naked in the darkness. His powerful bare legs pull desperately to no avail at the thick leather ankle restraints that secure him inverted to the steel spreader bar. It’s been hours since Harvey brutally beat and sodomized him only to leave him to hang by his ankles alone in the darkness completely stripped of his awesome superpowers. In time young Superman ceases his useless struggling – resigning to the fact that he must hang alone like a piece of meat in a dark cooler until the Joker’s diabolic kryptonite cocktail wears off and his powers return.

Thus the long dreary hours suspended upside-down in the dark grind away slowly until Superman has no sense of time whatsoever. Many hours pass before the Joker’s powerful kryptonite cocktail begins to wear off! Superman’s superpowers slowly begin to return to him. In time he is able to pull his ankles free of the steel spreader bar. In the awkward process the entire suspension assembly pulls free of it ceiling mounts. Steel beams, thick chains, and a large electric motor, along with Superman, crash loudly to the padded floor of the observation cell. The fall stuns Superman in his still somewhat weakened condition. He lies dazed and naked, blindfolded and bound, on the floor amid the smoking and sparking pile of twisted metal and broken chains for several minutes. Superman eventually recovers and clumsily rolls away from the debris bound in the heavy canvas straightjacket. He inhales loudly as he extends his powerful arms snapping the straitjackets thick leather restraining straps and steel buckles like rubber bands. Seconds later Superman is standing on his bare feet shucking the white canvas jacket from his powerful arms and torso. He discards the jacket angrily and fumes as he pulls the thick leather blindfold from his blue eyes. He furiously unbuckles the twin leather straps that bite into his cheeks. Superman crushes the metal clamp using his teeth and then angrily spits it from his mouth. He suddenly feels the need to release his pent up rage and sexual frustration. Superman instinctively picks up the large suspension motor like a toy that was mounted to the cell’s ceiling minutes ago.

After hours of sexual torment a bitter Superman throws the motor effortlessly towards his naked reflection depicted in the cell’s large observation room. The motor crashes loudly through the glass followed by an attached array of broken chains and steel grid spraying glass throughout the infirmary! Superman angrily looks down over his bare chiseled six pack abs to his raging hard on bobbling between his powerful legs. It’s been hours and he’s still up!

In the darkness Superman moves and pushes hard. He roughly shoves the padded surface of the big cell door with the palms of his big hands. The door’s heavy steel hinges immediately snap loudly and the door crashes down into the old infirmary with a dull thud. Superman steps out of the cell and stands atop the padded door naked with his fists clenched, his chest pumped up, and cock at ridged attention.

Superman looks around the infirmary and finds it dark and empty. He spies the colorful components of his costume displayed on the infirmary’s examination table with the exception of his cape. The crimson cape with the companion yellow “S” is balled up in a heap on the floor, where Harvey discarded it after he used it as a cum-rag, covered in broken glass.

Rick Harvey is gone thinks Superman sullenly, lost to him for now….possibly forever! He closes his forlorn blue eyes and swallows hard. Superman sinks down upon his knees in despair atop the crippled observation room door and begins to instinctively stroke his big stiff cock. He moans and then hangs his head. Incredibly, he cries loud and pitifully from his knees, “Harvey! Harvey!”


Allure of Krytonite

Author: Lcross


Chapter 1 Aphrodisiac!


Ricky Harvey walks over the soft creaking oak planks of a small stage within an old play theater on the edge of Metropolis. The theater is empty but lit brightly in anticipation of this evening’s bizarre and unthinkable stage performance. Harvey, cell phone to his ear, circles a huge cumbersome white concrete block placed center stage before looking with wonder at a strange but familiar steel apparatus. It is comprised of heavy oversized chains running through pulleys and gears attached to dangling steel hooks and couplings. Two chains are attached to the ends of a horizontal steel spreader bar with ankle shackles welded at either end while others run to heavy retaining hooks bolted solidly to the stage’s floor. Another chain is attached to a simple thick steel cock ring that dangles several feet above the stage floor. Yet another chain tethers a set of steel wrist shackles designed to bind a man’s wrist together. Harvey looks upwards following the thick support chains that hang from the theaters rough hewn rafters hung in parallel high above the stage floor. These twin chains support the steel spreader bar designed to hang a man inverted above the stage floor, legs spread apart. Several oversized steel padlocks rest on the ends of open and empty ankle and wrist shackles. The apparatus is positioned such that the inverted man will hang above center stage with his bound body displayed to the theater seating and balcony beyond.  Other smaller linked chains dangle around the spreader bar to make adjustments to the tension on the chains tethered to the spreader bar, cock ring and arms shackles. Oddly, on either side of the stage are tall heavy metal tripods, with padlocked lead switch boxes, topped with large ominous looking metallic cones directed at the empty spreader bar.


“So this is it for Superman! You are actually going to use the kryptonite to kill him this time! He’s to be lured here to this stage? To perform before he dies? On stage as part of an erotic show before an audience of sick and twisted freaks,” asks Harvey forlorn into the cell phone? He looks towards one of the malevolent looking steel cones tipped with a series of stacked circular louvers aimed towards center stage as he listens.


The Joker laughs crazily on the other end of a cell phone as Harvey gazes towards the twin cone projector across the left side of the stage, “Well thank-you for the compliment Mr. Harvey. Correction – Very rich sick and twisted freaks comprised of the nation’s criminal underworld. We are coming together from all over the country for this exclusive show…to watch Superman, on Thanksgiving Eve, tamed and then humiliated on a stage before he dies naked withering in agony between twin kryptonite projectors. Yes…that is the young superheroes’ fate….he refuses to leave Earth. Superman must be learning impaired! He just does not get it after two fucking warnings! All he has to do is give up being a hotshot superhero. Retire…stay out of the headlines and meddling in criminal affairs that do not concern him!  Superman can live a mundane life hiding amongst the population of planet Earth…how will I know if he actually leaves earth? But I’m wagering Superman will not. My guests and I will be arriving shortly – the caterer should have come and gone. Superman will take the bait and arrive on cue. It’s going to be a really big show Ricky!”


“How can you be sure Superman will come here tonight…and if he does I’m toast after what I did to…,”complains Harvey.


“You vastly underestimate the power you now wield over mighty Superman! Go to the projection room and preview the short film to be shown during Superman’s impromptu performance. Superman will come because of you and the allure of kryptonite. You see since the first time Superman was exposed to kryptonite, that glorious day I made Superman ride ‘the Lightning,’ he has been…irreversibly altered. The second milestone occurred months later at the museum when I dosed Superman with liquid kryptonite. Subsequently you gave him a heaping helping of B&D in the wee hours of the morning in the police infirmary. And he liked it! So much so that Superman is now addicted! The mighty Superman craves kryptonite and B&D 24-7. The sexual arousal the combination of the two ignites within him is irresistible. When an omnipotent being like Superman experiences the effect of utter powerlessness…it naturally triggers curiosity, at the very least, if not the need, of being sexual dominated! Mix it all together and add a dash of latent homosexual tendencies and Walla! To my point Superman even retrieved the discarded piece of kryptonite from the museum’s air shaft…to…experiment with it I imagine.” Loud shrill cackling ensues from Harvey’s cell.


Harvey holds the cell phone slightly away and grimaces as he listens, “Oh your handsome Boy Scout will come to you when you whistle…even though Superman knows it is a trap….Superman wants, nay craves more of you and what he tasted in the police infirmary!”


“But to kill Superman…this is way beyond the beating and rape I signed up for…,”says Harvey.


“I fear it’s a little too late to grow a conscience Mr. Harvey. Unlawful imprisonment, rape and sexual molestation are serious crimes too! Do you want to have to register as a sex offender after a stint in prison Ricky? Besides I’ll throw the switch to the projectors and put the big man out of sexual misery. You just make him grovel up on stage under the spotlights for me and my associates. I’ll do the dirty work kid,” orders the Joker.


Harvey signs as he looks again at the cruel steel apparatus that will soon bind the Man of Steel inverted above the small stage floor…to be killed for the pleasure of the audience!  He gazes off into the empty seating and then upwards towards the darken balcony where shadowy figures are beginning to arrive and take seats. A shadowy waiter can be seen serving drinks.


“Listen Harvey….only you can do this…you own Superman. Just follow the script when he calls you later and I’ll do the rest. You don’t have to stick around for gruesome end. By morning Superman will be dead and you’ll be a very rich young man.  Can I count on you?” asks the Joker suddenly dead serious.

“Okay Joker…I’ll make Superman perform for you on stage…I will humiliate and abuse him…but I will not kill him,” agrees Harvey sullenly before closing his phone.



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