Superman’s Night in the Museum Chapter 4
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Superman’s Night in the Museum

Author: Lcross

Chapter 4


A block of rectangular light from the infirmary illuminates a prone Man of Steel as he slowly lifts off the padded floor. “I hope I didn’t club him too hard…I want him to remember this,” thinks Harvey. The orderly watches the ascension through the observation window peering into cell. Superman is hung inverted on a trapeze of sorts by his ankles. Superman’s ankles are buckled tightly in the thick restraints attached to either end of a metal spreader bar. Twin chains are attached to the sturdy bar above each ankle; the twin chains connect together above the center of the bar to allow rotation to display the victim from all sides. As the chain retracts the bar rises upwards hauling the big straight jacketed man up off the padded floor upward towards the high ceiling. The biter mask has been removed from Superman’s face. Now his blue eyes are covered with a thick leather blindfold. A stainless metal clamping apparatus is inserted deep into his mouth and secured with black leather straps buckled behind his neck hold his mouth open. Drool trickles from the mouth of Superman’s distorted face as his rises a few feet above the floor and stops suspend in midair by his ankles.

“Well…I best get to it…I won’t disappoint…enjoy the show,” remarks Harvey as he leaves the observation window and enters the padded cell. The cell darkens as he pulls the heavy door closed behind him. A powerful spotlight mounted high above Superman suddenly snaps on. The strong bright light pouring from a big spotlight above clearly illuminates Superman in a large circle of bright light before the observation window. 

Harvey peers into the cone of bright light examining his handiwork.  Mighty Superman hangs upside down suspended by his ankles, naked from the waist down, with his powerful bare legs spread wide apart. Superman’s limp, but ample uncut cock, topped with two beefy balls hangs across dense black pubes pointing downwards towards the bottom seam of the canvas jacket he wears. The outline of his powerful arms is visible within the canvas sleeves of the jacket. The powerful arms are rendered inert crossed and bound atop his six pack abs below his chest. His handsome head hangs dangling suspended a few feet above the padded floor with his mouth clamped open ready to receive whatever Harvey decides to stick into to it.

Harvey is completely naked. He has chucked off his white orderly uniform to reveal a tall fair skinned powerfully built young body with well defined six-pack abs and big twin pectorals muscles with quarter sized nipples. His cock is rock hard and is surrounded by a thick bush of dirty blonde pubic hair. His light blue eyes are full of lust as he grabs his own cock in one of his big hands. His big bicep flexes impressively as he begins to stroke his already stiff cock. As he strokes away the naked orderly shakes his free hand that grips the wooden handle of the razor strap to make the punitive leather strap dance. In response the long thick strap waves menacingly as the orderly circles the vulnerable super hero suspended upside down above the padded floor.

Harvey enters the large circle of light and drives the end of the razor strap’s wooden handle into the chest area of the straight jacket and pushes away hard. He moves to one side and watches in fascination. The big man hanging upside by his ankles swings back and forth, to and fro, resembling a clock’s pendulum. The arc of the swing casts an eerie shadow that quickly crosses back and forth over the top of the cell’s floor padding.  “If the school children and the adoring citizens of Metropolis could see their mighty champion now,” whispers Harvey as he continues to stroke his own cock; he begins to circle Superman staying within the boundary of light. When Superman stops swinging forwards and backwards Harvey grabs one of Superman’s bare legs and spins the inverted man around clockwise. The push causes Superman to begin to slowly rotate 360 degrees upside in place before the observation window alternately displaying the front and back sides of his powerful body.

Harvey stops the spinning and steps toward the suspended man eye level with Superman’s cock. He releases his own cock and begins to repeatedly draw the smooth wide razor strap between Superman’s inverted legs over his cock and balls; as Harvey drags the wide strap Superman’s big cock stirs. Subconscious groans of pleasure from the Man of Steel’s mouth positioned in front of the orderly’s waist below filter up to the Harvey’s ears. The moaning increases when Harvey uses his free hand to stroke the cock semi erect. In seconds the orderly has conjured up raging hard on. “Sweet,” whispers Harvey observing the 8 inch cock he holds in the tight grip of his big hand. He gazes upwards lustfully following Superman’s long powerful thighs to his calf muscles and finally to his ankles restrained apart and above him. He lowers his gaze as he leans his head inwards; Harvey inserts the big stiff super cock into his mouth and wraps his lips tightly around it. Harvey’s cheeks dimple and his head bobs-to-and-fro as he sucks the big cock as if it were an all day sucker. 

“Uhm-um,” hums Harvey as he sucks and suckles the big stiff cock. The orderly alternately sucks and then licks the big cock with the tip of his tongue until Superman’s big legs shake and then stiffen in his restraints. His inverted torso below begins to twist wildly within the confines of the jacket. Sensing Superman is ready to shoot Harvey abruptly pulls his mouth away from the stiff cock. In response to abrupt end of oral stimulation Superman begins to babble incoherently through the mouth clamp.

“Ah, you’re awake…good…,” whispers Harvey before he steps away. Suddenly he begins to viciously swat Superman’s bare legs and ass with his punitive razor strap. Superman grunts and groans as he twists and shakes wildly upside down as he suffers the brutal strapping. Drool uncontrollably tickles from his mouth as the orderly soundly straps the suspended man. The orderly circles the suspended man swinging his big arm repeatedly in long arcs to deliver his strap to Superman’s exposed flesh. The razor strap seems to be everywhere at once. No part of his lower body goes unscathed. The brutal whipping goes on and on and Harvey does not relent until Superman’s buttocks, upper thighs and calf muscles are a bright cherry red; surprisingly Superman’s cock is stick rock hard.

Harvey notes the erection. “Admit it….you like it don’t you BOY,” whispers the orderly hotly as he tosses the razor strap away. Harvey wipes his brow with his bare forearm; he steps inwards as Superman utters incoherent confused moans of protest and pleasure. The Man of Steel still stings form the orderly’s leather strap as Harvey grabs both of the his ears.  Harvey pulls the big inverted man towards his athletic waist using his ears as handles. The strapping orderly thrusts his stiff cock into Superman’s open mouth between his braced teeth under his tongue muffling any further utterance. Harvey maintains an iron grip on the ears as he thrusts his hips forcefully inwards and then back outwards driving his stiff cock in and out of Superman’s mouth. Harvey ample ass cheeks dimple as he power-fucks Superman’s mouth. Superman subconsciously gags as he is repeatedly deep throated by Harvey. The metal clamp inserted between Superman’s upper and lower teeth cause him to perpetually salivate. Drool spews from his mouth as the orderly rapes his open mouth with his stiff cock. Seconds later the orderly blows his load into Superman’s mouth. The grunting orderly releases one ear and quickly pinches Superman’s nostrils together. “Swallow every drop BOY,” Harvey sternly. Superman’s Adam’s apple compresses several times as the orderly forces the Man of Steel to swallow his big load. Satisfied Harvey releases his grip on Superman’s nose as he pulls out of Superman’s mouth. He keeps up the pace and rounds Superman to stand behind the suspended man. He quickly unbuckles the strap that runs between Superman’s legs. He frees the leather strap wedged between Superman’s ass-crack and tosses it towards the front of the jacket. 

Harvey looks towards the mirrored window that reflects both his and Superman’s images. He extends one of his big bare arm outwards and makes a fist pointing his thumb downwards towards the floor. Seconds later a the hoist’s motor high above the cell’s floor engages and whines softly; the twin chains suspending the spreader bar rattles as Superman’s head begins to lower to the floor. At the proper time Harvey puts out his hand signaling stop; the slow descent stops leaving Superman lying on his shoulder blades with his ass cheeks spread open waist level with Harvey

Hard again, Harvey steps between Superman’s raised legs. Superman groans as Harvey wraps his big arms around Superman’s bright red upper thighs for support; then he guides his stiff cock into position poised to penetrate his ass crack. He grins as he braces his feet on the thick padding and then drives his cock deep between Superman’s buttocks penetrating the fallen hero. Incoherent moans of protest mixed with pleasure, muffled by his mouth clamp, spew from a confused Superman. He shakes his head from side to side as Harvey pounds away delivering his meat to his ass. Harvey grins as he gazes into his victim’s handsome face distorted by the degrading clamp that holds his mouth open wide. Harvey fucks away at the blindfolded man noting the big hard on Superman still sports between his big legs and the curious drop of pre-cum that now dangles at its very tip. Harvey pounds Superman’s ass and taunts whispering hotly, “Deep down you like this don’t you big guy….you really nothing but a sniveling bitch bottom…even with your superpowers I bet I could have you crawling on your knees and licking my boots BOY!” Harvey shakes his head side to side and wraps his big arms tighter around Superman’s blushing thighs. He holds the big thighs like the reins of a horse relishing the power he holds over the most powerful being on Earth. Seconds later Harvey grunts loudly several times in quick succession simultaneously thrusting inwards hard as he delivers his second load into Superman.

“Your welcome…look me up and we’ll explore your submissive side,” whispers Harvey as he stops and pulls out backing away a step or two; there he stands proudly before Metropolis’ vanquished champion feeling quite satisfied with his performance. Harvey sticks out his big pumped up bare chest as he wipes the sweat from his brow using one big forearm. The he quickly departs leaving the sexually aroused superhero to languish on his backside with his legs spread high in the air. Harvey pushes open the cell’s heavy door and then turns and shuts the door from the infirmary side; then he slides the bolt shut leaving Superman alone to struggle within the confines of his jacket desperately trying to free his arms to finish the job Harvey refuses to.

Inside the infirmary Harvey moves to the examine table and grabs Superman’s cape in one big hand. He uses the magnificent cape as cum rag to wipe his cock clean; finished he flippantly tosses the red cape to infirmary floor as he asks, “Should I give Superman another go?”

A tall lanky figure dressed in an old fashioned purple suit and matching hat stands with his back to Harvey looking through the observation window; he watches with interest as Superman futilely struggles to free himself from the straight jacket approving of the sexual degradation Harvey has lavishly meted out to mighty Superman. The Joker flips a nearby switch and watches Superman’s broad shoulders rise up off the padded mat. The chains retract pulling Superman struggling wildly sporting a raging hard on. His thrashing cause the spreader bar bearing his restrained ankles to spin in place while swinging back and forth. Thus an inverted Man of Steel moves slowly upwards again until he is no longer visible through the window. At that point the Joker turns away and stands with his back to the window to face young Harvey. Within the chains retract until Superman is suspended out of sight 20 or more feet above the cell’s padded floor.

“No…that is sufficient Mr. Harvey. I think Superman gets the idea of what will happen if we meet a third time.”

The orderly grins and begins to quickly dress. He pulls a pair of tidy whitey’s up over his bare legs stating, “I’m out of here sir. Best you not remain here either. We’ll go out the way you came in…through the back. “What about Superman sir? O’Brien told me to just lock the infirmary up and leave him here,” asks Harvey after he pulls his cotton undershirt over his head.

“This is the culmination of months of careful planning and cash payoffs!  Most certainly that’s what you should do. O’Brien has assured me no one will come snooping around this old precinct infirmary. Eventually Superman’s powers will return…and he’ll easily escape his trapeze and jacket….and this cell you’ve locked him up in…until then let Superman hang by ankles out of sight to contemplate his present sexual excitement he is unable to relieve,” explains the Joker as he flips a switch plunging Superman and padded cell into darkness.  “Leave everything just the way it is lad.”

The orderly nods acknowledgment as he buckles his belt and then pulls his shirt onto his big arms and over his broad shoulders. Without buttoning his shirt up he moves to the desk. He grabs his porn magazine and rolls it up. Harvey stuffs it into a black knapsack underneath the desk. He grabs the knapsack and shoulders it over one shoulder before taking a motorcycle helmet stuffed with a jacket from under his desk. Harvey grabs the helmet by its straps and then moves directly towards the infirmary door asking, “You coming sir?”

The orderly opens the door and holds it open expectantly. The Joker moves away from the window towards Harvey. As the prankster passes the exam table he tosses his calling card, a deck’s Joker, onto the components of Superman’s colorful costume. The Joker passes through the door held open by Harvey in silence and move towards the rear exit. Harvey quickly follows snapping off the lights as he leaves. The infirmary goes dark and a key turns in the old lock securing the infirmary.


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4 (1)

  1. Hi, it’s nice to read your hero abuse and adaptation article.
    Although I am not a native English speaker, I can still enjoy your articles.
    Would you like to ask if there are some recommended sites for heroes or superman suffering?


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment, I am also not a native English speaker so I know how you feel, relate to your question, there are different sites with stories I hope soon I move this blog to wordpress and I am planning to create detailed lists of stories on others site, others blogs, patreons, books on amazon and hero porn sites. But if you don't want to wait I can I recomend you to check Telemachus12 website in there you can read stories from great authors like Rick Henry, there is also some pics stories from Herodotus and many more authors, you can also check Gay Spiral Stories blog and search the tag of superheroes,Nifty gay also have some stories of superheroes under the section of celebrities,and many others site,that I don't think its possible to name ther in this comment, please continue reading my blog and soon I will make a more detailed list of these sites

    2. Wow! Thank you for your hard work! In addition, I will take a good look at the websites you recommend before you complete your plan~
      (If you successfully set up a wordpress website, don't forget to remind us!)

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