Allure of Kryptonite Chapter 4
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Allure of Krytonite

Author: Lcross

Chapter 4 Act Two

A scene similar to one played out weeks ago repeats! Superman, stripped of his gear with the exception of his crimson cape, hangs naked, inverted by his ankles a couple feet or so above the theater’s small stage floor! The tall lanky Joker clad in his garish purple three piece suit, his hair a disheveled mop of bright seaweed colored hair, scurries about spryly ratcheting up the apparatuses numerous adjustment chains. The twin cone-shaped kryptonite projectors, positioned on either side of Superman, are alive now and busily hum a low dull buzz bathing Superman in an eerie green light.  Rick Harvey has departed, claiming not to have the stomach to see Superman’s young life snuffed out.

As the Joker pulls an adjustment chain here and one there Superman’s naked body jerks clumsily, jarred down, then upwards above the stage floor. His powerful bare legs are cast upwards, spread wide apart by a steel spreader bar, and stretched taut! Another pull and the single chain tethered to a steel cock ring tightens-up losing its slack tugging the base of Superman’s junk painfully upwards! Superman’s big arms are bound in thick chain and heavy shackle behind his broad back and are anchored by twin chains to the stage floor. Superman’s cock is rock hard and points downwards towards the base his inverted jaw.

On the other side of the closed stage curtains the Joker can hear the loud din of the anxious audience awaiting Act Two! The theater goers have descended from the balcony and are in the theater proper milling about excitedly awaiting to see the Joker’s grand finale – the death of Superman!

The Joker makes his final adjustments and decides Superman is perfectly displayed on stage. As a final humiliation the Joker has left Superman’s cape attached to his naked frame for identification during the photo opt. The cape hangs inverted too. Attached by its twin shoulder harness’ the cape dandles from Superman’s broad shoulders and pools on the stage floor. The bright cape’s companion yellow “S” is unfurled beneath Superman’s dangling head. Superman himself is near conscious but dazed. The kryptonite noose has been removed from his neck – it work being accomplished now by dual kryptonite projectors!

Finally the Joker finishes. He dashes off in turn to each kryptonite projector and makes delicate adjustments to the flow of radiation bathing Superman’s naked body. The Joker wants to ensure this super man is quite docile and remains utterly helpless when the audience comes on stage to for a closer look at Metropolis’s fallen champion! The joker turns and rubs his green gloved hands together. He approaches Superman rudely kicking Superman’s big bright red boots out of his path. Standing before Superman, he looks with pride upon the naked young super man he has bested for the third time.

“Ah, you are conscious Superman. I’m afraid Harvey has abandoned you again,” cackles the Joker after Superman’s blue eyes flutter open. Superman’s glazed eyes dart to the inverted image of familiar malevolent clown with a ghastly white complexion and hideous perpetual smile! Instinctively Superman pulls at his shackled arms bound behind his broad back as he compresses his impressive six pack abs forcing his torso to bend upwards. He swears softly as he views his naked torso attached to bare legs spread wide apart high above his head…yet again! He sullenly relaxes and slumps back into his stationary position with his head dangling above the stage floor. His twists his powerful bare torso within the limits of the anchoring chains cursing the restrictive chain leash attached to a thick cock ring secured around the base of ball sack! He frantically turns his head side to side softly cursing the twin pulsing kryptonite projects aimed at him muting his powers! Inverted he sees the deep purple stage curtains are closed behind the crazed lanky clown standing before him. Scattered about the stage are the colorful components of his bright costume.

“You are quite the male specimen Superman,” remarks the Joker as he observes the naked young man hanging by his ankles. The Joker circles the flailing young man who curses him slowly examining every detail of Superman’s powerful body. The sculpted chest with it well proportioned twin pectoral muscles set above six pack abs; the powerful bare thighs and well developed calf muscles pulled wide apart, the perfectly shaped firm buttocks and the bulging twin biceps! He circles once and then stops to stare down at the handsome young face with almost angelic features thrashing to and fro. The Joker is silent as he casts a lustful glance at Supermans’ impressive erection bound in a steel ring – tethered to a thick linked chain.

“Let me go Joker,” snaps Superman twisting, tugging and turning his powerful naked body within his steel bonds! “You’ve won…this twisted prank has gone far….!”

“This is entirely your doing Superman. You came here tonight of your own free will. You were even given every opportunity to leave! But I knew you would not….could not! That was irony of this entire project. I knew the outcome before it began,” brags the Joker. “I knew months ago you would be swinging naked center stage this evening before a criminal audience….come to watch you die!

Superman fumes yanking each big leg in turn before proclaiming, “I came here for…Harvey….not for your sick and twisted amusement you deranged clown…” shouts Superman defiantly. “I need to speak with Harvey…”

The Joker cuts across, “manners please…or I’ll turn the projectors up a notch or two and silence that big yap of yours Superman. I’d rather have you awake to interact during the audience’s stage appearance but they can still prod, pinch and fondle your powerful body whether you are awake or not. Someone might even jerk you off once or twice…no I am sure they will! As for Harvey…I fear you’ll never see Ricky again…or anyone else for that matter!”

Superman’s stomach flutters in utter disgust at the prospects presented to him. “What do you want from me,” demands Superman?

“What do I want Superman. Simple…be a good boy and hang there naked…..preferably quiet, and be humiliated….and then die,” snaps the Joker coldly. A stunned Superman hangs in silence realizing the Joker is really going to kill him this time! But not until he has allowed the perverted audience on the other side of the stage curtain to make sport of him! The he’ll merely ramp up the twin projectors…and!

Superman panics and suddenly bucks wildly in his bonds. His powerful body swings back and forth above the stage as he raises and lowers his powerful torso pulling his legs restrained by his ankles. Superman grunts loudly, twists and squirms naked, desperately trying to pull his arms from behind his back, to free himself. His crimson cape flutters beneath his head as he futilely struggles to break free. But the steel he could snap like spaghetti an hour ago holds fast. The twin cones hums steadily away continuing to mute Superman’s superpowers!

The Joker cackles crazily savoring the site of Superman’s powerful muscles as they jiggle and dance lively struggling to overcome their steel bonds. In a twisted dark way the Joker admires the young man’s persistent, albeit futile, efforts as he parts the stage curtains. The Joker passes between the curtains and leaves Superman bucking and pulling at his steel bonds. The din of excited conversations extinguish in anticipation as the deep purple stage curtains fall shut behind the Joker. “Ladies and Gentleman….” thunders the Joker’s shrill voice!

Superman suddenly relaxes and slumps back into his bonds. “Ladies,”mumbles Superman frantically. Superman is suddenly aware again of the steel cock ring around his erection tethered to a taunt chain!

“This can’t be happening for a third time,” whispers Superman miserably! Big tears well up in Superman’s’ glazed eyes. This is really the end of the line thinks Superman! The Joker will kill him this time for sure! No reprieve this time! I was a fool to come here thinking Harvey and I had any kind of future!

Superman can hear the Joker clearly as he addresses the audience excitedly in preparation to cast the curtains aside for the finale. He is promising a spectacular finale – The Man of Steel …weak … vulnerable … stripped of his super powers … and, helpless, hung upside down naked … awaiting execution!

Fuck thinks Superman! The curtains will part any second! Then the sick and twisted audience will be free to circulate about the stage and take whatever perverted liberties they see fit!

Suddenly Superman’s racing mind stops! He realizes the dull low hum of the projectors has ceased. Superman’s eyes dart towards each kryptonite projector. The large metallic cones have indeed been powered down! He finds Ricky Harvey at one pulling a fist full of colorful wiring from its control box so it cannot be reenergized!

 “I called the authorities after you lost consciousness. The police have entered the theater – others surround it,” announces Harvey rather casually. “I was sent to free you Superman.”

Subsequently, on the other side of the curtain pandemonium breaks out. He can hear muffled sets of pounding boots thumping on the stage and the Joker’s shrill cursing and subsequent cry of disbelief. A loud commotion is occurring out in the theater; loud booming voices shout continuously, “POLICE! Get down on the floor! Reach for the sky scumbags!” 

Harvey moves towards one of the dangling adjustments chains hanging near Superman. His dark glasses, police cap and the rest of his leather master garb are gone. Harvey now wears blue jeans, sneaks and a blue and orange Syracuse University jacket. He smiles as he slowly begins lowering the spreader bar. Then he says reassuringly, “Let’s get you down and out of this contraption….partner. Inspector Henderson said take some time to pull your-self together and dress. He’ll keep his boys behind the curtain.”

Superman grins at Harvey who returns a smile. Superman exhales a great sigh of relief as his big shoulder blades touch the stage floor.


The next day Clark and Ricky have Thanksgiving dinner at the Kent Farm. The entire stock of kryptonite, with Harvey’s help, has been found and safely secured. The Joker and numerous other criminal kingpins are behind bars facing serious charges and potentially long prison sentences.

Dinner is nearly over as Martha remarks, “It’s a shame Lana had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner with you Clark.”

Jonathan raises an eyebrow as Clark fumbles, “A touch of the…flu.”

Martha continues, “I’m glad you were able to join us Ricky. Have you and Clark been friends long?”

Harvey looks up and smiles and then says, simply, “Me too. Thanks for having me. No…we met on Halloween actually.”

“I’ll make up the guest room after dessert Ricky. You should be comfortable…”offers Martha.

Clark cuts across, “We’ll both bunk in the barn’s loft tonight. It’s finished off as an apartment…we’ll be fine there mom.”

“The loft…it’s only got one bed…” protests Martha.

Jonathan comes to Clark’s rescue cutting across, “Martha…they are grown men…they’ll be just fine.

“Oh…of course…,” admits Martha suddenly knowingly.

Clark and Ricky exchange a quick smile before returning to dinner.


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