Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 1
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Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord

Author: L. Cross – Approx. 2010.

Moderately enhanced/embellished/expanded/edited by Rick Henry, 10-2021.


Part 1 “The Contract”



The hunter continually scans the silent night of the deep jungle from its high trees to the river’s edge, hoping to sight the young jungle man he seeks. It is nearly 5AM and the sun will rise soon. He has been watching since sunset having arrived at his present vantage point just before sun-up the day before. He’d traveled light and on foot through the jungle the previous night, guided by GPS and night vision to reach this remote section of the jungle undetected by his prey: Tarzan, King of the Jungle. The hunter has cleverly concealed himself from Tarzan in the sanctuary of the cool high cliffs all day, waiting for darkness to begin the hunt for Tarzan. The hunter has waited all night and a good part of the morning… he continues to wait patiently for Tarzan to show himself in the opening near the river’s edge.

As the hunter waits patiently for Tarzan, he can clearly see the fate his perverted client has in store for Tarzan. Mr. Martin made his plans for Tarzan crystal clear the day the hunter was awarded the contract to capture Tarzan, the legendary Jungle Lord.

Martin: I want this jungle man captured and brought to me alive, Hunter. He’s some sort of legend in his jungle domain –he should not be hard to find – I have GPS coordinates and records from my safari last spring.

Hunter: I’m afraid it will cost you plenty, Mr. Martin

Martin: Call me Bill. Money is no object. I’ll pay you $1,000,000.00 to bring me this ape man – tamed and in chains.

Hunter: Well, I’m your man, Bill. Does this ape man have a name?

Martin: Tarzan… he’s known as Tarzan in those parts. He’s like a self-proclaimed sheriff of his jungle domain… protects the weak villagers from the more aggressive tribes… drives off the hunters and poachers.

Hunter: I take it you have had a bad experience with Tarzan.

Martin: Yes, I did… last spring on safari with my business partners. Tarzan had the audacity to accost my hunting safari when we inadvertently ventured into his part of the jungle.

Hunter: Please… tell me what happened.

Martin: The hired bearers had just finished making camp near the river for the day when Tarzan swooped down nearly naked out the dense jungle on a tree vine and landed in the center of our camp. The bearer’s’ scattered like frightened children at the sight of mighty Tarzan and ran off. He quickly destroyed our hunting weapons one by one smashing them against a tree or throwing them in the river. He then angrily confronted our guide and said, “Tarzan,” indicating with a gesture to his powerful chest that was his name.  Then he screamed, “UMGAWA!” and pointed to the direction the bearers had fled. Our guide pulled his side arm but Tarzan was too quick. He pulled a knife from his holster and threw it at the guide piecing his hand before he reached the weapon. Tarzan easily disarmed the injured guide and retrieved his knife and then tossed the pistol into the river.

Hunter: What happened next?

Martin: We had no choice; our guide needed medical attention. We left in a hurry. We had to leave our supplies and equipment as we had no bearer’s. Tarzan followed watching us closely from the tree tops until we were well out of his jungle.

Hunter: Quite a story, Bill. Do you have s description of him?

Martin: I can do better that that. My partner snapped several photos of Tarzan while he was distracted. Take these with you… although I doubt you’ll have any problem recognizing Tarzan.

Hunter takes the photos and examines them.

Hunter: This Tarzan is not much more than a kid – 24 – 25. Good-looking kid too. Blond hair – blue eyes; he looks like he’s a big boy, too –well over 6’ tall and all muscle.

Martin: Yes, he is a powerful young man – impressive body; that’s why I want to own this ape man. He’s proud and full of free spirit – he’s never been defeated – he’s never known the yoke of slavery.

Hunter: Revenge or… something else? Not that it matters to me. I am just curious.

Martin: Strictly revenge Hunter. I simply want to punish the ape man. I want to take everything he has away from him – freedom – his good looks – his muscle – I want to make an animal out of this legend.  I have a plantation on a small island I own in the Caribbean. After you capture Tarzan for me, I intend to see this so-called Jungle Lord harnessed and bridled like an animal and worked in the hot fields of that plantation in the Caribbean.

Hunter: I see.

Martin: There is more, Hunter. Once I have Tarzan captive on my island, I will take my time and humiliate him.  I’ll keep Tarzan naked except for a leather harness that I will personally fuse tightly to his cock and balls – and a leather hood – I’ll get to the hood in a minute, Hunter.

Hunter: Certainly Bill. I’m listening

Martin:  Tarzan will be my human horse block. Every morning I’ll step onto his powerful bare back as he kneels, his mighty arms tightly restrained behind his back, and mount my horse. Then I will ceremoniously lead Tarzan around my private island from the saddle of my horse. I’ll pull the savage along from atop my steed, with long leather reins that I will attach to Tarzan’s ball harness. As I ride my horse and pull the reins, the harness will tighten around Tarzan’s balls painfully, forcing him to move faster to keep up with me as ride leisurely at a brisk pace on my noble steed around the trails of my island.

Hunter: You mentioned a hood, Bill.

Martin: Ah yes – the hood – Tarzan is extremely handsome as you can see for yourself:  fair skin – blond hair – blue eyes – young – mid-twenties. When you capture this jungle boy, I want you to immediately place a thick leather hood over his head that will I provide you – lace it up and lock it in place. It has only a nose hole and mouth hole. The hood is never to be removed from Tarzan’s head. Tarzan is to never see the sun again, and no one will ever see this young man’s handsome face with its blond hair and blue eyes, again –the thick heavy grotesque leather hood will take away his eyesight and attractive face and features forever. When you see the hood, you’ll understand my meaning. Tarzan is an animal, and I intend to dress him as one. Oh – and you are to strip him naked and keep him naked.

Hunter: Keep the kid hooded and naked – got it.

Martin: You’ll have to visit Tarzan on the plantation, Hunter. After his morning walk, each day Tarzan will be sent into my fields where he’ll be worked by my task master as a beast of burden; he’ll be harnessed and bound to a plow. Tarzan then will be whipped while he is forced to pull a plow behind him to till my fields… all day in the scorching sun. At night, I’ll cage him in the barn with the other “horses.”

Hunter: That will be something to see, Bill.

“Well… a contract is a contract… some of my clients have peculiar appetites. Mr. Martin sure has it in for Tarzan… he made a big mistake when he accosted his safari,” thinks the hunter.

The hunter suddenly snaps back to present. Through the night vision equipped binoculars the hunter sees movement in the jungle near the river’s edge. The hunter smiles as a green outline of a large and very tall muscular young man wearing only a loin cloth steps from the jungle and into a clearing near the edge of river. The carefree, strapping young man stretches his muscular arms over his head and yawns as he twists, flexing his powerful form, driving the sleep from his body. The jungle man is unaware of the hidden danger from the cliffs above, and stands in the open clearing for several moments looking up into the rising-dawn sky. The photos don’t do this kid justice – Tarzan is more impressive in person. Look at those muscles – living in the wild has made this boy strong. I better take him down the first time – I won’t get a second chance, and he’d be tough to take, one-on-one, without having to kill him first, decides the hunter. The contract calls for Tarzan to be alive

The hunter continues to watch the jungle man with fascination as he dives into the river and swims a few laps. “I thought I’d have to spend another sleepless night waiting for you to turn up, jungle boy,” thinks the hunter. While Tarzan is distracted, the hunter quickly readies his rifle loaded with a tranquilizer dart meant for Tarzan. The hunter takes aim at the river bank where Tarzan dove in moments ago, and waits for him to finish his early morning swim. Minutes later, Tarzan finishes his morning laps in the cool river water, and swims quickly to the river bank and easily pulls himself out of the river. The powerful Jungle Lord shakes his head, spraying water from his long blond hair.

The hunter smiles in the semi-darkness as he takes careful aim through the gun’s scope at Tarzan’s right buttock, with the assistance of the night vision technology. The silence of the jungle dawn is shattered with a thundering crack and bright flash from the gun’s long barrel as the hunter fires his gun. Tarzan’s reaction to the loud gunshot and bright flash comes too late; the dart drives deep into Tarzan’s right buttock and empties its contents immediately, startling the young man. “AHHHH!” screams the bewildered jungle man as he pulls the dart out and quickly kneels low in the sandy soil, frantically scanning the cliffs above him. The hunter watches as Tarzan examines the dart in total bewilderment and rubs his stinging buttocks with his free hand. The hunter smiles as he watches through his binoculars. Tarzan suddenly drops the used dart, kneels down and raises both hands to both sides of his head, as if suddenly swept with a wave of intense dizziness and light-headedness. The drug works fast, thinks the hunter, as he sees Tarzan try to stand up but falls back weakly to his knees, and puts both hands back to the sides of his head again, closing his eyes and leaning slightly forward. The hunter stands up no longer fearful of being spotted by his young powerful prey, and continues to watch through the binoculars with satisfaction as the young jungle man quickly succumbs to the effects of the tranquilizing drug.  Tarzan does not see the hunter above; he is occupied trying to comprehend what has just happened as he desperately tries to fight off the knockout drug and remain conscious. However, the large dose of the drug is too powerful, and suddenly Tarzan’s hands drop to his side and his entire body goes limp; his eyes shutter, and the muscled Tarzan falls forward face first, hard onto the sandy ground of the river’s edge. He lays motionless, hands and arms askewed to his sides.

“He’s down!” yelps the hunt as he shoulders his rifle and tosses the binoculars into the open knap sack. The hunter closes the sack and then picks it up and starts to make his way down to where the drugged young jungle man is lying helpless near the edge of the river.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 1
5 (4)

  1. I just discovered this blog tonight, and have been skimming around glancing at things. I am very pleased to see a lot of the stories I used to enjoy on various yahoo groups posted here for more people to enjoy! Glad they weren’t lost forever.

    I’m especially glad to see “Tarzan Deposed,” since that was one of my absolute favorites. I loved lcross’s very perverted lewd descriptions and situations, though I was always disappointed there wasn’t more actual sex included. I think I will reread this one first and see what ‘improvements’ have been made! Glad to see the editor has been conscientious in correcting some of the grammar, spelling, and so on.

    1. Hey masterofkorak, I am glad you find this blog I will continue posting these stories, If you want me to post a story in specific please tell me

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