Super Violation Part 1
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Super Violation

Author: GW.

Moderately edited and enhanced by Rick Henry, 04-2022.


Some characters owned by D.C. Comics; this is fan fiction. A mean, comic-erotic story. Adult material of a sexually explicit nature: mature readers only.)

(Vicious teens repay the famed Man of Steel for their time in a Girls’ Reformatory. And Lois… becomes worse than appalled.)



Part One


Superman dropped from the sky like a meteor into a dark alley of the great city of Metropolis. The tall, massive crime-fighter strode alertly down the shambled alleyway, until a slim figure stepped out cautiously from the shadows. “Oh, Superman, you came! Thank God!” 

“Clark Kent received a message you needed to see me urgently,” the Man of Steel answered the young woman. “At this odd address,” looking around with some trepidation.

“Yes, yes!” She prattled breathlessly. “It’s tremendously important!”

“Don’t I know you, young lady?” Superman queried. Some vague dawning from his memory. “Yes, you’re Maria Salvato. I arrested you and your three cronies some years ago, in connection with a drive-by shooting at a rival gang gathering. I assume you’ve served your sentence, and I hope you were rehabilitated.”

“You’ve got a good memory, Super-creep!” The young woman said harshly. “I may not be

rehabilitated, but you’re sure as hell gonna be!”

A bit annoyed at her brashness, the hugely built man sighed, hands on his hips, “Really, now!  Wasting my time with idle threats—” but his words were suddenly choked off in his throat. Caught off-guard, eyes shocked wide, taking a step back. “Na-na-noohh…!!”

As she was speaking, the girl quickly took a small gray box from behind her back and flicked it open. The Man of Steel faltered, stunned.  He semi-reeled to the side and backwards, off balanced. The unmistakable, glowing green rock—an unexpected jolt to his mind and whole system, disarming him instantly.

“Great Scott! You, you have Kryptonite!” Superman cried in disbelief. “Ho-how, not possible…

It was all… supposed to have been destroyed by the government!”  In worse than debilitated alarm, sagging against the brick wall for support. Nauseated, senses swirling. “No, no—why?” Realizing something ungodly was about to happen.

“Not quite all of it!” Maria crowed. “Get him, girls!”

Two other slim, young women quickly emerged from the shadows and grabbed Superman’s arms. The titanically muscled, caped figure struggled valiantly, but the Kryptonite had already done its evil work, and the two girls easily held him simply by his oar-thick wrists.

“Let go! Let go of me!!” The mighty crime-fighter demanded—worse than frightened at the sudden loss of his incredible strength—urgently stricken.  But the girls simply giggled at his demand. Maria came closer and took another odd object from the box. It was small pieces Kryptonite mounted on a flexible leather-meshed collar. Maria quickly wrapped the leather around Superman’s neck as he flexed and struggled, desperate to stop her, his eyes wild-wide… and locked it into place with a bicycle lock. Superman pawed at his throat, but by now, grunting in both panic and fear, fingers fumbling, he was too weak from the Kryptonite to break the steel or tear open the lock. The mighty alien was caught—depowered. And he knew it.

All of his might—curtailed by three wimpy, alley cat girls! His macho reality shaken to his core.

In true, natural desperation, “Must, must escape!” the dazed Superman muttered weakly to himself, and lunged strongly forwards. His massive weight carrying him forth, he momentarily broke free of the giggling girls, took a few steps away. He crouch-bent his knees, raised his arms to fly, began—but Maria quickly, to his surprise, grabbed onto his rising red boots, around his calves and ankles and held on, halting him.

No, No, NO!!! – She’s got me!!” he groaned in pure disbelief. The horrified, struggling alien strained with the last of his ability to flee, escape… but the tiny girl held him back, as if an anchor of iron were holding him fast. It was no use! A pure nightmare! His well-built mass sank heavily earthward, crumpling. The Kryptonite, so close to his brain, had effectively stripped away his great powers, making him even less strong than the big and muscular man he was. The overcome crime-fighter went “Ooo-oofffff!!” tumbled wanly down… was easily bagged, dragged to the ground in  defeat. Big arms and legs uselessly striving—in unalterable panic, terror at his de-fusement. He had been HAD!! The encircling collar around his throat continuing to seal his doom… draining him. His mind all woozy and strange. He could not think clearly at all, formulate a strategy. Was disoriented.

“All right, grab him, and don’t let him even “try” to get away this time, you dumb bitches!” Maria ordered. “Get him up, on his feet!” The girls each grabbed one of Superman’s flailing bulky arms in two come-along holds. As he stood wobbly and shaking, they then proceeded to twist and bend his tremendous, now slackening, unresistant arms harshly behind him. Surprised, Superman cried out in some pain. Further shocked at his manly weakness and their greater girly strengths.

“What a puss!” one of them chortled. And getting his wrists behind him, ziplocked them in tightly.

Shocked, the MOS was unable to break the mere plastic which bound him. This could not be!!

“Bring him to the car!” Maria ordered. The giggling girls dragged Superman down the alley.

Superman tried digging in his feet, resist “being taken” in any way, but they pulled him along like a recalcitrant child. Neither girl reached as high as his broad, muscular chest. It was hellishly embarrassing for the great Man of Steel. At the end of the alley was a large sedan. The girls pushed the failing, cowed alien into the back seat. Maria and one of the girl’s got in with him, and the other girl got behind the wheel. As soon as they were all in, the car roared to life and sped out of the alley.

 “Wh-where are you taking me?” Superman mumbled, the encircling collar effectively woozing him.

“Wherever we want, big man!” Maria smirked. “Blindfold him, Valerie!” Maria ordered the other girl in the backseat.

“What about his X-ray vision?” Valerie asked.

“I told you, it probably it doesn’t work when he’s exposed to Kryptonite,” Maria answered. “But that’s why I gave you those lead-lined goggles. He can’t see through lead, anyway.” Valerie tied the goggles around the Man of Steel’s eyes. Being suddenly blinded was unnerving even for the captive superhero, increasing his dismay.

“Hey, Maria! Can I see if I can turn him on? He certainly is a hunk! Look at those he-man muscles! And other assets, about to pop out of his suit—proud asshole!”

“Geez Val, can’t you ever forget you’re a hooker?” Maria said in disgust. “Ahh, what the heck. Get your jollies!”  Valerie slid onto Superman’s lap. She stuck her tongue in his ear and vibrated it. She slid her tiny hand into the waistband of Superman’s red shorts. Superman jolted as though shocked.

“Sta—stop that!” Superman protested in alarm. “Your hands!”

“Wow! What a dong!” Valerie crowed. “It’s the size of a horse!”

“You ought to know about that!” Maria cracked.

 Superman ‘s face grew red as a beet, as the young whore played with his soon thickening, manipulated penis. “Please, ya-young lady! You, you mustn’t!” Superman demanded. “I’m Superman. You can’t—!”

“Not anymore…. Oh, I think you like it, honey!”  Valerie giggled as Superman’s red shorts bulged forward alarmingly. “Why else would you be getting so much bigger?”

“Miss, pa-leeassse!”Superman pleaded, rapidly losing his fabled composure, as Valerie brazenly groped down over his notable privates, savoring his huge manly nuts. Her hand then fisting, expertly riding, milking over his male-rod securely. Taking his control beyond and away from him. His own treasured cock boldly risen, now actually owning him…. “Oh, ohhh! Ooohhhhhh!!” he began to soft-whimper, moan. His clouded brain though resistant, more than easily overcome.

Valerie determinedly toyed with the big crime-fighter’s huge dick, skillfully edging, making him tense and moan, writhe and struggle… as the car sped through the city and across the river into the countryside.  She even skillfully was rubbing over his unusually bigger, now hardened nipples under his suit, which made him moan even louder, arch more.  Suddenly he gave a prolonged gasp, his hips thrusting forwards, bound hands behind him. And burst forth his powerful seed helplessly. Valerie hooted in laughter. “He came! Maria, the great Superman came from a hand-job! I made Superman come in his pants! I made the almighty great Superman come in his very own pants!” Valerie chanted. “Such big muscles, whopping big dick. No more a man… than just “ordinary.””

“Yeah, lots of those big macho guys get turned on when a girl pushes him around, takes control,” April said from the front seat. Superman’s dark, wavy head drooped down to his chest, mortified by his shameful weakness. His own alien, hyper-sexuality, as much his glory as his bane. Having been cleverly worked over to weaken him even further. For such a powerful man, he was embarrassed beyond embarrassed. This twerpy girl—! Had made him come!!

“That’s just the start of what our big brave superhero is gonna get.” Maria said with a vicious edge to her voice. April pulled the car into a driveway just then.  April and Valerie got out of the car. Superman sat slumped in the back seat, until Maria viciously kicked him out of the car. The  toppled, weakened Man of Steel sprawled in a staggered heap onto the ground. Disbelieving this was happening—not to him! His face practically smeared in the dirt.

“Get him inside!” Maria ordered. April and Valerie grabbed Superman under the arms and tried to lift him, but his giant body was too heavy for them.

“Get up you big oaf, or you’ll be sorry!” Maria snarled. Superman obediently found some residual strength and tough-struggled to his feet with the help of the girls. He stumbled on rubbery legs as they steered him into the old building. His brain still hazed from the Kryptonite collar.

Throw him on the table!” Maria ordered. Val and April threw Superman face down across a huge, steel restaurant-style table. Superman’s legs from his waist dangled over the side, red boots touching the floor.

Maria pulled the leaded goggles off Superman’s eyes. “Let him see what’s coming!” She said, then added. “Is everything ready, Lupe?” Superman blinking at the sudden light, heard a fourth girl answer. “Yeah, everything’s ready. Shit, you really got him! You three dumb bimbos captured Superman! That’s like incredible! Right on! Look at him. He can’t even walk.”

“Yeah, Val jerked him off in the car,” April whooped. “He went off like a fire cracker! Sure filled those briefs. Look his dick is still so thick, he can’t even lie down flat on the table. Didn’t you see the front of him, all wet and smeared with super-cum?”

“Holy Cow!” Lupe answered. “I wish I’d seen that! Hey, let’s really pull his pants down?” Without waiting Maria’s permission, she grabbed the waistband of the red shorts and tugged at them. Valerie joined in the fun. Superman howled, “No, no—!” trying with his bound hands to hold onto the back of them, but the girls already had them half off his behind. And his truly slackened genitals now dropped in full view from beneath him. His glorious nuts hanging long and heavy as his cock.

“Is that, or is that not one fucking huge sausage?” one of them said. “And a whopping set of baby-makers. If we let him keep them….”

Superman’s heart leaped instantly into his throat. Already depowered, his invulnerability rapidly fading. Oh, good God!  This was too, too unreal. Too much. Not to him!! They wouldn’t—!!!!

“Okay, getta move on! Lupe start that video camera. I want everything we do to Super-creep here, on tape.  First, I want to send a copy to that dizzy dame reporter, Lois Lane. She’s supposed to be his girlfriend. But how she can handle that hunk of meat, I can’t imagine. Probably not even half!  Wait’ll that bimbo gets a load of us “doing” her boyfriend!”

And Superman’s mind, what was left of it, cringed at the thought of Lois seeing him in this mortifying predicament. (The only earth woman who’d ever but dared take part of what he had to offer as a man, certifying him as a virile, healthy male. And even when with her, he was still very much unfulfilled: his largeness constantly a problem.) What were they going to do—keep jacking him senseless??!!  Steal his mighty seed, the core of his strength, deplete him into—into nothing?!  Smash his balls?!  It was possible! His panic rose. To lose too much of his life-essences over time, and if kept from the replenishment of the sun, under which he might could repair any momentary damage… they might could actually kill him!! He was becoming more than afraid.

                              *                                                   *

Late next evening, Lois Lane slipped the mysterious video tape into her living room VCR. The tape had been delivered to her office at the Daily Planet that afternoon marked: “Personal. For your eyes only!” Lois was as nosy as the next reporter, but she shrewdly waited until she got home to play it. She’d worked late and stopped for a take-out sandwich, so it was now quite late. She curiously settled down to watch.

As the tape started, Lois saw a huge man lying face down on a big table. His broad back and small muscular butt was naked, blue and red pants pulled down around his knees.

“What kind of sick junk is this?” Lois muttered in disgust. “Really built. Nice ass, though!” She couldn’t help noticing. Then the scene finally registered.

“Omigod!” Lois gasped. “It’s Superman! He’s been captured by some criminals. What kind of sick perverts…? Why those are girls holding him. They’re just kids! How could they…. Then she saw the glowing collar on Superman’s bull-neck. The strained expression on his contorted, anguished, handsome face. “Kryptonite!” She gasped. “Where did they get it?”

The tape whirred on. Lois heard the girl’s leader, whom she later found out was named Maria, say to the girl behind the camera, “That’s it, Lupe! Get a good shot of his bare, super ass! His girlfriend should recognize that right off. Plus his oversized danglers!”

Lois watched and listened in shock, distressed by the plight of the man she’d been sharing herself with in intimate, sporadic congress. Not continuously, but frequently, when it was manageable.

“Look at the back side on Superstud!” Valerie chortled, as she patted Superman’s buttocks. “Ooh, he’s so cute. Talk about bubble butts. What an ass; and it’s all hard muscle!” Val smirked.

Lois thought indignantly, “Keep your hands to yourself! You dirty little slut!”

Just then Superman desperately managed to roll off the table onto his feet, and was face up at last, hands still secured. “Oh, run Superman! Run!” Lois prayed. “Get away from them!”

Unfortunately, as he stumbled toward the door, Superman’s tights and shorts tangled around his knees, hampering his escape. “Grab him!” Lois heard Maria shout. 

Valerie quickly caught Superman’s arm. Then she brazenly grabbed the Man of Steel’s huge penis, and jerked it hard. He wailed, stricken and contained, unable to jerk free. Was simply whirled around again, the hair-covered front of him fully exposed. Big-nippled pecs, and cobble-stoned abs. She dragged him stumble-whimpering back to the table in pure defeat. No less a sight: the massive, hairy muscle man being led around by his own titan cock, and by such a small female!

“NO! Please—nooohh! Aaayahh-OOO-AHH! Nooohhhh!” Superman howled.

“Hey, big boy! You want I should jerk you off again, maybe? I usually charge fifty bucks. You’re lucky, gettin’ it free.”

Tears came to Lois’s eyes, as Val gave the helpless superhero a hard shove. Superman careened across the room. He would have fallen if April hadn’t grabbed him. Only her clawed hot hand grasped into and fondled his scrotum, pulling on him, much to his discomfort and distress. “What a pair of balls! And look! That incredible dong he’s got. Must be near fourteen inches. This stud is really hung.” April laughed. “Shit! No one but Valerie would dare take that much meat. Unlikely she could, even so.”

“That’s why we have “equalizers,”” cooed Maria from the side.

April shoved Superman back toward Valerie. Valerie grabbed Superman around the neck, and pushed the weakened superhero down on the table, on his back this time. She leaned over him, and French kissed him, rubbing her breasts against his mighty chest and sizeable nipples, and her leg against his naked thigh. She pushed the remainder of Superman’s blue uniform tunic up over his ribs until it was wadded around his neck. When she’d exposed his mighty chest, she laughed. “Wow! Look at those Mr. Olympia pecs!” She began kissing and sucking onto one of his overly large grape-sized nipples, as he groaned and moaned in deep panic. But also some joy…. “Gee, he’s got way bigger tits than me!”

April yelled, “Look at that dick stand to attention! And so fast!” Superman humiliatingly aroused by Valerie’s aggressive abuse, tried to stupidly wriggle his costume up to hide his massive arousal, but it was far too tangled below his knees. And his cape, removed—he couldn’t remember when.

“Awright, stop screwing around! We’re not here to play games!” Maria yelled. “I want to teach this sanctimonious scumbag what happens to people who mess with us. Turn him over, ass up, Valerie! Did you get that on tape?”

“Yeah, I got it, all,” Lupe answered, as Valerie reluctantly climbed off Superman’s prone body.  It was terrifying for Lois to see the mighty superhero she had loved for so many years suddenly degraded like that, and helpless to do anything about it. She couldn’t help also, a quickly risen, yet repressed thought: “But he sure seemed to like her handling his huge manhood, though… how he groaned when she sucked his nipples, doing it.”  (Wondering if the few times when she’d been with him, maybe she should have been more “aggressive?” Instead of him, always the one in control?  Always on his terms!  Had never allowed her to get onto those proud alien babies—had hardly ever let her near them, except to brush his swollen knobs hard against hers.)

Now, April and Maria each picked up a long, greenish paddle, the kind used in sorority or fraternity initiations. Even had a few holes in them. Maria walked over and jerked Superman’s head up by the hair. “See this, Mr. Superhero?” she demanded, waving her paddle in Superman’s face. “We coated these paddles in Kryptonite powder. Maybe bullets bounce off your chest, but I bet this won’t bounce off your ass? I’m betting it will really hurt! What do you think?”

Superman startled, gulped.

“Okay, cut off those zip ties now, too.  Got to have clear access. Can’t have him trying to cover

his buns with those big mitts of his.” April quickly complied, awaiting further orders.

“April! Hold him down!” Maria ordered. April went to stand near the head of the table and grasped Superman’s wrists. He was so weak from the Kryptonite, the tiny girl could easily pull the once mighty MOS’s arms up from his torso forwards, beyond his head, and hold onto him. Impossible as one might think that could be… all his massive muscle restrained by the mere slip of a girl.

“Oh, boy! I get to spank Superman! I get to spank Superman!”  Valerie chanted in excitement waving her paddle in the air.

Lois watched in horror, beginning to weep softly. “Even with Kryptonite on them, those things can’t hurt Superman… he’s invulnerable, isn’t he? Anyway, he’s too brave to let an initiation paddle scare him that much. But that girl sure is able to hold him down. He seems powerless as hell.”

Maria raised her paddle overhead, and brought it down across Superman’s ass cheeks with all her might. As Maria raised her paddle for the next stroke, Valerie struck with hers. The Kryptonite treated paddles did indeed seem to sting and hurt Superman like the blazes.  In fact. his huge, muscular body bounced up partially off the table, as though he’d been shocked by a high voltage wire. He almost tore his wrists loose, but April tightened her grip and held him down. “Settle down, big boy! You’re not going anywhere.”

“No, no! Stop!” Lois heard Superman’s familiar voice pleading with them. “PLEASE!”

“He sounds scared!” Lois hearing what she had in amazement. “I guess even Superman has a right to be scared in a situation like that!” she thought defensively; but she couldn’t help a twinge of disappointment. This big, great hunk of a massively built man?!  Pleading like a bullied little boy?!

The paddles, working in unison, struck again. The second set of blows hurt worse than the first, and Superman began to yelp distinctly. Maria and Valerie worked like remorseless clockwork mannikins, raising the paddles and smashing them down across Superman’s tight, muscular behind. Each blow made a loud squishing sound that jarred Lois senses. After each blow, Superman’s body jerked wildly, and he cried out, a little louder each time. By now, Lois saw his glute cheeks were

mottled with red blotches that made each stroke worse than the one before.

Watching the man she revered now being shamed—at the mercy of three teenage girls—tore Lois apart and made her physically sick to her stomach. Then, to her chagrin, Lois realized Superman was actually sobbing and crying like a small boy being spanked by cruel step-sisters! How could he be so wailed-out, really??  Wasn’t that hard ass of his stronger than that? She put her hands over her ears to drown out the horrifying cries. By the time the girls grew tired of beating him, Superman’s backside looked like enflamed raw meat. His handsome face, a mass of twist-wracked pain, and full of his very own wet tears… and not at all heroic, slobbering drool. How completely disgusting!

Thisthis was Earth’s famous macho “Universal Hero?!”

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” Lois’s mind screamed. But she couldn’t; the horrifying spectacle mesmerized her. In some strange, appalling way, it was exciting. Lois’s lungs seemed overfilled with heady oxygen. Her head was light. Her hands trembled. She kept watching, hands over her mouth, breathing hard, almost panting.

“Take off the rest of that silly costume!” Maria snorted. Strip him buck naked! Leave those red boots on him, though. They’re kind of kinky.” Referring to the remnants of his clothes which had helped keep his hairy big thighs together while being swatted.

Turning him over once more, his battered glutes super sore against the hard steel of the table, Val had to pull Superman’s boots off first, before she could get his tights and shorts off. Then she put his boots back on. Superman struggled weakly but futilely, all the while, still moaning, as Valerie undressed him as casually as though he were a  first-grader. Valerie ignored the feeble annoyance. She stroked the cobbly muscles of his ridged belly, cupped his hirsute pectoral muscles seductively, and rubbed her tits against the hair of his belly, as she slid his uniform top up over his head and shoulders, and off his arms. Pinched his big nipples just for spite again to hear him cry out, making him arch his big chest high and wide. A hugely built and endowed Mr. Olympia, quailing and mewling, with less strength than a ten-year-old!

“Oh, that bitch! How dare she!”  Lois thought furiously jealous, as Val toyed with her man. “God, how I always wanted to really play with that fantastic body, and now I have to watch that bitch doing it. I could scratch her eyes out!”

“Ooh, Maria! I’m getting kinda horny, Can I have some fun with Superstud here, before you do your thing?”

“Oh, I suppose so.” Maria said. Val pushed the helpless Man of Steel down flat on his back. She tickled his balls, and stroked his big dick, until it was erect again, in all its 14-inch glory.

Superman was gasping helplessly. Val suddenly let go and slid up on the huge crime-fighter’s chest, until her hot, wettening vagina rested against Superman’s mouth. “Go on, big boy! Eat me!” she ordered.

Superman closed his mouth and clenched his teeth. Lois nodded her head in definite satisfaction. It was, at least, some consolation to see her lover refuse to eat another woman’s pussy. “Superman would never do that,” Lois told herself

Valerie swore, and then began to slide around on Superman’s face, rubbing her commanding

vagina all over his mouth and face, until she came. The hero all the while grunting in pure distaste.

April snorted in disgust. “Jesus, Val. You just don’t know how to handle men! Watch this!” April picked up one of the Kryptonite paddles, pushed Valerie aside and squatted down over Superman’s head, facing his feet. She wrapped her plump thighs around the mighty biceps of both arms, trapping them in fleshy bondage. She settled down, mashing her anus down on his mouth. She didn’t say a word. Instead she raised the paddle, and smashed it down across the sensitive tip of Superman’s huge rod. He roared in pain, his mighty voice muffled by April’s ass over his mouth.

April nonchalantly turned the paddle sideways and sliced it down past Superman’s penis, moving its weight aside, and directly slugged it into his scrotum. Superman’s muffled howls became instantly more shrill and hysterical; his hips struggling, urgent to escape.

Lois cringed in horror. “Oh, God! Right in the balls!” 

“Use your tongue on my ass, Asshole!” April snickered. “Or else—balls over!”

“No! He wouldn’t do that to that little tart, even if she is hurting him!” Lois murmured, even as the cowed Man of Steel reluctantly, but obediently thrust out his long tongue… and defeated, slid it into April’s tiny brown anus. “Oh God, that’s sickening!” Lois gagged.

Superman worked his tongue in and out, until April exploded in a perverse orgasm. Finally,

April slid off the shamed superhero. His face choking red, wanting to throw up.  While Lois felt a perverse tingle in her own anus.

“Geez, April, what did you do that for?” Lupe yelled. “You’re disgusting! You let him stick his tongue up your ass, just before he’s going to stick it in my pussy!” Lupe picked up the paddle and took her turn on Superman’s chest. She waved it front of the cringing superhero’s eyes.

“No bullshit, Super-creep. Just stick out that tongue and stick it in here and start sucking, or I’ll smash your balls up into your throat!” Superman trembled, thoroughly terrified by the five-foot two-inch girl, and did as Lupe ordered.

Lois was almost in tears. “But, oh Lord, though. Look at those big muscles working and flexing. All that brawn, so male powerless and helpless, while that little bitty girl sits on his handsome face, and treats him like a dog, some kind of toy.” Seeing Superman dominated so viciously… oddly awakening strange feelings in Lois’s breasts and elsewhere.

“Wow, I wonder, if I could do that to a man—do it to Superman?!” Lois grew faint at the thought, dominating this very overly dominant man, whom she had been dominated by.  Like that?

“Maybe that’s what I’ve always wanted—to be his master, to subjugate that overly big, gorgeous muscled male, cock and body—make him MY slave, make him suck MY pussy? People at work always say I’m a ballbuster behind my back. Maybe it’s true!”

It was then, that Lois felt the hot, wet stickiness between her legs. “Oh, dear God! Seeing Superman abused like this is turning me on! I’m as sick and perverted as those vicious little bitches. I’m worse! At least, they have the excuse of getting even, but I… I… love him! Don’t I?

“All right you sluts, you’ve had enough fun!” Maria snapped. “Get Super Pussy-licker turned back around here on the table—face down, ass up, feet on the floor. Ankles fastened to the table legs,  wrists to the front ones… while I change.”

It took all three girls to manhandle the huge crime-fighter back to his feet, and throw him roughly face down onto the table again. Then fasten him as ordered. The look in his eyes and theirs showed a strange puzzlement. And in his, an unwelcome apprehension. Lois saw his behind was still welted  red from the merciless beating the two girls had given him before. “Oooh, Lord, his man-beautiful butt looks like dog meat! Poor Superman!” Lois felt a pang of sympathy, tinged with guilt.

Maria came back into view. She had strapped on a huge dildo, so big it actually dwarfed Superman’s own enormous rod. And it was tipped by a noticeable green, glowing knob!

“Oh, God! That bitch girl, that Maria, is wearing a whatcha’ma-callit, a dildo. Is she going to use it on the other girls, some kind of lesbian orgy? I’ve heard some girls are like that after prison. Omigod, it’s bigger than Superman’s cock, lot’s bigger. Why that knob is as big as a baseball! Or a coffee mug!” Lois cringed at the thought of having anything so monstrous rammed up her own slit! Why Superman’s penis, she couldn’t even take but a tad over half of that! And it always hurt, nonetheless. “That thing would split me in two! They must be truly sick to let her do that to them.”

“Pull his ass cheeks apart!” Maria ordered, “And hold him tight, while I jump into the saddle.”   

“Dear God! It’s not for the other girls—she’s going to use that thing on Superman! That’s why the knob is green. It’s Kryptonite!” Lois’s own sphincter clenched tightly in equal sympathetic terror.

Superman turned his head in alarm, and saw the mighty tool protruding from Maria’s crotch. Quicker on the uptake than Lois, he hollered, in absolute terror. “No, no! Don’t! Good God, mercy!! Please! Please!” He was sobbing the words, “You, you’ll—ruin me, you’ll kill me. Noo-ooohhh!!”

The whirring video camera caught every nuance of Superman’s agonizing, terror-stricken servility. The fear in his eyes, his squirming, desperate muscled nakedness seeking escape. His big arms and legs in an urgent struggle to be free of his bonds; his once titanic strength worse than curtailed. While one of the girls drew near and with little aplomb, took huge gobs of what must have been some kind of lubricant and slathered it into the hapless hero’s cleft.

“Please, please, DOO-HNNN’TTT!!” he was already squealing. “No! No! No!”

“Too cold, baby? She’ll warm you up soon, Muscle Bun-tits,” Valerie crooned.

“Oh no! She wouldn’t really do that! She couldn’t!” Lois, still incredulous, unable to believe her eyes, even while she watched Valerie and April roughly pull Superman’s wonderful, muscular but quaking buttocks apart, and Maria draw back for a rushing start.

 “Yesss, she’s going to do it; really ram that monster up Superman’s ass! I don’t see how it can even fit. Look at him struggling! Oh, poor Superman! I never saw anybody so desperately scared! And to think, it really is Superman! The famed, impregnable Man of Steel! He’s actually terrified!”

From her near-running start, Maria hit hard and sure, aiming her thick bulbous knob at Superman’s defenseless opening.  His anal edges only momentarily stopping it, as it paused there, prodding and demanding entrance—the great superhero using the last of his will to tighten his sphincter for but a few seconds, until the horrible Kryptonite tip rammed through and into him.  His scream was worse than deafening: a heart-struck cry of defeat, horror, and intense pain all at once… as his final

bridge of defense was pierced, the evil weapon slipping into him wide and deep, suddenly easy as if through a tub of densely warm butter. The mighty hero’s body jerked and convulsed. Maria gave a triumphant shout. The frightful penetration turned Superman’s massive muscles into churning water. His insides intrusively conquered in a violent surge of impossibility, unalterable disbelief, and complete vanquishment, in all of but mere moments—the MOS, nearly passing out in a soon gasping, near soundless wail—a mass of pure putty, his initial conquered scream beyond anything they’d ever heard! The girls cheering in exultation like banshees. His grunts sharp and real. But starting to rise again as his consciousness once more peaked.

“Dear heaven, she got it in! She shoved that thing inside Superman’s body!!” The white-faced Lois

gaped… cringe-thrilled in horror. How could anyone endure the length of it, much less it’s girth?!  (Unless somehow secretly wanting it, had craved such… for years??!!  Could it be, enamored of his own huge malehood—as she’d heard some are—wanted to be ripped apart by another one similar?  Only he had screamed, and continued; it didn’t seem a desirable option… in any way!)

Maria buried the frightful dildo to the hilt. When the 18-inch rod rammed deep into his body, Lois had to cover her ears, again, to blot out Superman’s shrieking howls and wails of abnormal, animal agony. Normally, nothing could elicit pain from the mighty superhero!  But this was something entirely different, and unexpected—actually unearthly!! His powers already reduced to less than a normal man’s. His “invulnerability” turned to anguish… his powers no more. Maria pulled back about a foot, and then rammed forward again. Superman re-screamed in shock… even louder this time, as the pain increased in geometric progression. His big body, once mighty but thoroughly wimped-out now, jerked and bucked on the table. His eyes with a crazed look, gobs of slobber from his mouth. Unintelligible words and groans and blubbers from his gaping lips.

“OH, Mercy!! Oh, God! Please, please stop!! You-you’re killing me, killing—destroying me!! Ruining me as a man!! NO, NO, NOOHHHHH!! Ahhhh-YAGGGHHHHHH!!!! PUHLEEE-ASEEE…!!!!” Amid a flurry of tears and howls, snorts and drools, gurgles and cries.

But as Maria continued ramming in and out, in and out of her captive’s violated body, the great Superman’s shrieks grew variously louder and shriller… but also eventually softer and quieter, as if resigned to his fate, his encroaching sure murder.  His massive physique, a hulk of trembling, conquered flesh. Convulsing, writhing, shuddering. Lois’s hands could hardly block out those hideous, pain-filled cries. For him being Superman, and to wail like this—incomprehensible to believe! Only his Kryptonian heritage could save him—but not forever, at this rate! Yet soon, he seemed to be quietening down; was either acclimating himself to it, or his spirit had merely gone into a stupor, unreachable. His mind ruined…. Still grunting, moaning, jerking, spasming.

“Oh, God, this is so awful.  How terrible for him. To be abused this way,” Lois thought as she shrank back into the chair in horror. “For them to have gotten the wondrous, incredible Superman screaming and begging like a little girl! And now almost mindless.  So helpless.  He was so, so powerful, so proud, strong, and masculine! More than a man among men!! He’ll never be able to hold his head up again! If anyone learns of this—raped by just a few teenage girls?!!!” Oh, oh, oh. The idea! And they might even be able to kill him: the Kryptonite inside him, if they leave it there!!

To further compound the proceedings, she watched in further fascination, as the girls then began to switch off and on.  Each demanding their own retribution. Relieving the tiring Maria, they then each took a few turns ruining the fagged out, deflowered Man of Steel… whose anal chute was notably getting messy with blood and other stuff, while he seemed half oblivious to who was doing what anymore. April even found another 12-inch, flexible dildo, and jammed it into the hero’s gaping mouth, to silence any further squeals, and demoralize him further. Choking him into silence.

Truly he thought he would die, but somehow managed to still breathe around the obstruction, and oddly in shock, it gave him a renewed hard-on… imagining it really was a massive cock they had shoved into him from the front; while he was still being relentlessly cored up his ass. A further surprise to his very deflated masculinity.  Discovering he was still able to be shooting his seed as if enjoying it, more often than he might have thought possible, getting used to his own inner, yet stimulated destruction….  Though his member had long ago gone mostly slack and unresponsive. But gained strange surges of renewal every now and then.

The whole process was dragging on near an hour before the girls were tired of their game. They had conquered the great MOS, fucked him senseless, depowered him thoroughly, maybe even ruined his insides for all time. He was no more Superman. Certainly not in this condition. Were they going to kill him off, or keep him around for more fun and games?  Ram the dildo up his ass and leave it, and him there—for his rotting carcass to be found at some future day?

They had a brief conference of quiet discussion, Lois could hardly hear what they were muttering.

Until she finally heard the words: “That’s it!  We’ll sell the son-of-bitch! Let him keep his balls. Box him up, cart him off. I bet Lex Luthor would give us Ten Mil apiece for an early Christmas present. And we’ve solved everything all at once. Get rid of Super-Shit, and get rich all in one swoop!” They high-fived on it, and popped a few beers. Toasting the camera, the video faded to nothing. After a final shot, the bulky unconscious mass of the once mighty alien… still slumped and stretched slack across the table, his ass, his manhood, his strengths and powers nearly ruined.

One part of Lois’s mind had truly agonized at seeing Superman abused and brutally used, yet she was squirming in her chair in frantic agitation. As she had watched the devilish girls rape the man she loved, Lois couldn’t help herself; she fondled herself with a strange, desperate need. As she kept hearing his masculine cries and screams rise and fall and crescendo, and finally get muffled off with the fake near-like his own cock in his mouth… and seeing his huge body at last make a final jerk-arching surge and go limp, the girls taking turns de-manning him—inexplicably also noticing he’d even triply shot some huge loads of his seed simultaneously all over the place. Then catching the girls’ final toast, how the horrible tape went blank—and Lois came to a shattering climax of such an intensity she’d never imagined possible! She sat there, white-lipped and trembling. Hardly breathing, afterwards.

“I’m so ashamed!” She thought. She wiped her sticky hand distastefully on the fabric of the chair, as though to wipe away her guilt. “It’s all I can think about, though!” She stood up, shakily, and stumbled to the VCR. In a near daze, she unconsciously hit the rewind button. She stood in front of the tv., mouth open, breathing hard. When the VCR stopped rewinding, she pushed “Play” and went back to the chair. She felt so terribly guilty, but her teeth were chattering in anticipatory excitement. Knowing she was going to cum, again. And again.

To be continued…

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  1. Hoped this was as hot for readers as it was in re-writing it for me. Alas, due to some flukes, the posting of it here is very much all scattered about and not in proper sentence structure, spacing and layout order? Not sure why this happened, was not submitted that way. But happy reading anyway.

    1. Hi Rick Sorry, this was modified by the formatting of the wordpress I think, I am sorry for the lack of postings and updates, I will continue soon probably after this weekend because I have been out of my city and I don’t have my PC with all the stories and everything else.

      Hope you are doing well

      1. No problem. Missed seeing more things posted. Have another in the works.
        Supes captured by some teen boys stealing cars, and to be delivered to Luthor.
        Another unknown author, with an unfinished story. While I didn’t exactly give it an ending, the title rather sets the tone:
        “Beginning of the End.” The reader can figure what may be in store for the hero after the boys are finished with him.

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