Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 3-4
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Testing Superman (updated illustrated version)

Author: Superman Fann

Enhanced, edited, and expanded by Rick Henry, 12-2021; strawbridge88@att.net

This is the revised version by Rick Henry of this classic story writtenm originallly by Superman Fannn, Thanks Rick for sharing this version.

Major characters within are owned by D.C. Comics; this is a work of fan fiction. Though implausible in many respects, this is sexually explicit, m/m erotic material for mature readers only. Illustrations selected were those which basically matched the happenings within the story & not truly “exact,” but as close as possible to fit the text. Most used were given permission by the artists credited; but some unavailable factors were involved.

Chapter 3

Darkness turned to light as the once undefeatable Man of Steel came to. He shook his head to clear the haze after being choked out by the massive soldier. Sagged to his knees, he hung by his wrists from the restraints he was unable to break. His arm joints felt near to being torn, having taken the heft of his weight.  Somehow, he got back onto his feet and looked around. In addition to the restraints on his wrists, he and Jimmy were also inside a portable jail cell. Jimmy was curled into a protective huddle, relatively motionless on the floor a few feet away. Shivering, but awake.

Superman scanned the room and saw a key ring hanging from a string and a note hanging under the keys about 10 feet away on the other side of the bars. He hoped he would be able to read the note using his telescopic vision. He cautiously began to engage it, and sure enough he was able to read the print:


One of these keys can undo the unbreakable restraints that hold you. Oh, wait! They aren’t “unbreakable” after all, are they? I, a mere mortal, was able to break them with very little effort. Such a pity, you can’t! You’ve lost your superior strength—and it seems plain “normal strength”—(and for such a muscled hunk as yourself, what a dismay: now just a “pretty-boy pussy-fuck,” which I am sure we can put to later good use… like the Romans did for conquered assholes like yourself)—and your heat vision. And it is my guess even if you were somehow able to break free of your restraints, you wouldn’t be able to fly to freedom, or anywhere else! One of the others can unlock your cage, and another also unlock the mechanism on the door which you attempted to open. Watching you knock yourself out “trying” was a true treat for myself and my other soldiers. (Gave you a helluva headache, too, didn’t it?!)

Our scientists at Luthor-Corp. have been studying you very closely, Superman. Some questions remain unanswered. You’ve found that within this red sun producing arena, your powers are being de-plenished, and once used to excess they will be gone! We believe that this is forever. One question we were unable to answer was whether your telescopic vision and x-ray vision are interconnected. We will soon find out! This note is just long enough to exhaust your telescopic vision, and quite possibly your x-ray vision, as well! (Oh, dear!)

Even if you figure a way to get out, we will surely re-snag you again. Poor baby, you really are done for. Once depleted, sooner or later… there will be no escape. You were made to suck real men’s cocks, and receive bigger than yours up the rear, like the tit-whore you are, and have secretly craved for so long.  Looking forward to our soon more detailed, intimate engagements….

Your “Superior” Soldier (indeed)!

 Superman was enraged as he finished reading the note, not only for the degrading insults (and astonishment of being probed to his innermost core… hitting on things he’d never dared consciously to consider, but secretly had...), realizing that what he’d read was possibly true. He himself didn’t understand how his telescopic and x-ray vision worked. He just willed it to happen, and it happened. He was curious to try his x-ray vision, but didn’t want to waste it in the event it might be his last. It may come in handy if he were able to escape these restraints and get out of the cell.  The other stuff, well, he had to righteously ignore. Or gain a worse headache pondering it than he already had.

Superman standing there, arms stretched to the side, a light, manly coating of hair across his massive chest, looked as if the chains could still be broken as easy as paper, if he simply huffed and puffed and flexed. However, as the muscular hero strained against his bonds, it was apparent that his powerful looking frame did not appear to exhibit the surmised strength of a similarly well-developed man… in Jimmy’s eyes, making him look weak as shit.  Which worried the young photographer, and grieved the MOS deeply. But Superman was determined to break free—from this, and from the desperate feelings of “imposed inferiority” which had swept through him… somewhat fearful of any future with the muscular soldier who had captured him. He winced in pain as he continued to struggle within the metallic cuffs digging into his once impenetrable wrists.

Finally despairing, he felt compelled to reveal to Jimmy the contents of the note, who looked to him as his only savior. Jimmy had come around, standing near, watching with great concern at the urgency of the MOS’s plight. The hero managed to tell him, even the embarrassing sexual parts, after notably gritting his teeth… (realizing young Jimmy could not help being drawn to him sexually, and knew he was; which birthed a strange sort of fathering instinct within him, and tried to be accommodating with).  He wanted to shoulder his part of the responsibility, having failed to protect him as he should. And might soon be made a complete fool of by the returning soldier… if things went as threatened.

For Jimmy, after all, it was his problem, too. Getting out of there. But constrained here with the man he had idolized for years, and seeing him so helpless, was both strangely exhilarating and overly frightening. This could not be!! The famed, great Superman now weaker than a cunt… sweating, and revealing himself to be nearly as frightened as he was!  Trying to remain calm and encouraging, he said, “Superman, please don’t struggle. You’ll hurt yourself, or expend your strength, make things worse.”

Superman, so much more greatly built but de-powered, was embarrassed and hung his head in shame. “Jimmy,” he said lamely, “I’m so sorry. I’m the reason you are in this mess, and I don’t know what I can do to get us out of it. They tricked me.”

“With your super strength gone, and your heat vision exhausted, I’m afraid there’s not much you can do,” replied Jimmy.

“I used my telescopic vision to read the note hanging from those keys. The keys which open my restraints as well as the door, but we can’t get to them,” said Superman.

“Are you able to scan the rest of the room for other means of escape?” Jimmy asked.

Superman instinctively began to x-ray the room only to find that nothing happened. “Sorry, Jimmy, but my x-ray vision seems gone as well.”

“Superman—you haven’t used your cold breath, have you?” Jimmy asked.

“No, I haven’t. What are you getting at?”

“Perhaps you could freeze the bars to a subzero temperature, and then they could be broken?” Jimmy answered.

“I’m afraid that would be a difficult feat even with my powers at 100%.”

“But I’ve seen pieces of metal get broken inside water that you’ve frozen in the past, Superman,” responded Jimmy.

“That’s because the water acted as a conductor of the cold. To just freeze the steel bars would even be difficult at my full power,” the MOS added.

Jimmy surveyed the area and quickly realized that it was just he and Superman in the cell, nothing else. He resigned himself to the fact that there was no escape.

But since the subject of his compromised sexuality had already been raised, or might soon in the future be glaringly put on display: the MOS caved in. Had no choice, and felt he could truly trust his friend Jimmy.  Must!

Suddenly Superman said, with no small reluctance, “Jimmy, I-uh… have an idea. It’s very unorthodox, and quite honestly is more than embarrassing—but it may be our only hope. The bars would have to remain in liquid, which would be virtually impossible, unless the liquid were more of a gel. My Kryptonian semen is extremely plentiful and very thick. It’s actually a very major part of my innate alien power-sources, even if deprived of the sun. Something no one but YOU now, knows!  And even the hormones, the nectar from my own male breasts—just as a woman nurses her baby to increase… works the same with me. Gives me my strength. Why I have such unusually large nipples beyond earthly men: so I can draw from them, take of my own self. (Secrets which at all costs MUST be hidden and kept!!)  Thus, you are the only one who can help me.  If I were to aim my heated man-jizz at the bars, and immediately blast them with my super cold breath… it might make them brittle enough for you to break out and get the keys!”

Jimmy, his senses agog at these revelations… “For sure, my lips are sealed!  Bu-but what do you want me to do?” feeling a little tense, jittery, and strange.

“So I must ask you, please come over here and pull down my tights… expose my male equipment,” Superman continued. “I’ve extended my full trust to you, like no one ever before. Now is not the time to be shy. One’s sexuality and assets are valuable gifts, necessary as one’s breath—used correctly, judiciously. And I’m offering mine, myself… as a sacrifice.  For both of us. It may be our only chance.”

“Oh, I, uh-I agree,” Jimmy swallowed hard, even further agogged, and approached. At long last, a private dream come true: to see the fabled, powerfully muscled and oft wondered about alien, never knowing how hung Superman might be, completely naked… helpless, and in his hands!!  His own sexual fantasies of that having brought him to climax innumerable times when alone—being very lean, yet finely muscled, small waisted—and his own sizeable rod in his own mouth, while doing so!  (His own super-secret.)

Jimmy hastened to oblige, his hands a little shaky, his nose almost against Superman’s fantastic chest, as he attempted to pull down the red briefs, covering he knew a very, very noticeable bulge. He struggled carefully with the silky, tight material, similar to compression bandages, until he revealed a very thickly cut, flaccid, easily ten-inch-long penis, heavily veined, wreathed with richly dark curly hair—automatically parting his lips in awe—the curved tuck of it over a set of beautifully oblong, lemon-sized testicles which looked more than full to bursting. He swallowed several more times, not daring to touch him. Breath tight in his chest. Seeing the alien’s lower belly flex-tightening at his nearness, even so. Wondering. Seeing the beginning swell of his friend’s wondrous member.

But Superman could not help but notice his appreciation with a soft smile. “It’s okay, Jimmy, I understand.” And his closeness, the air, his sudden nudity unrestrained, and Jimmy’s warm hands working so close to him caused the MOS to get instantly hard. At full mast he rose to his 12+ inches, quickly bold and strong. Feeling neither shy, but ego-strong at his proud largeness, and Jimmy’s nearness… made Superman’s breath also come in strange rises, odd yearnings.  And he felt a little more super again. High and thick. And definitely loaded.

Jimmy amazed, ruing his merely only nine, was rock-stiffened at the sight of him.


Chapter 4

Superman, still chained and unable to escape, was standing proudly, his cock raised at an impressive 50-degree angle. Jimmy obviously in awe, but still worried, couldn’t help but ask, “How will you… uhh, be able to ejaculate with your hands bound?”

A definitely eager, willing thought of something otherwise stirring in his head.

“Well, Jimmy,” Superman explained, “my super mind control allows me to ejaculate at will. Unlike most men, I can manipulate my groin and inner muscles, and work those of my perineum, to jack myself off just using my pubic/cock-root muscles alone, no hands. A technique I’ve perfected over years and years…. Just stand back, it will take about five minutes. And once I shoot, then freeze the bars—you will need to run as fast as you can, and hit them with your shoulder to break them.  It’s our only hope.”  

A David artwork by the deceased ManOfSteel. [Superman, with much larger nipples, actualizing himself to Jimmy—telling him of his innate alien abilities.]
A David artwork by the deceased ManOfSteel. [Superman, with much larger nipples, actualizing himself to Jimmy—telling him of his innate alien abilities.]. Link to the David Galleries by clicking in the image.

(“Yes, Jimmy—what I could do when I was free, and alone… exercise perfect control.  Learned gradually more and more since I was a youth.  Flex my huge pecs, stimulate my breasts until my nectar begins to flow from my nipples, throbbing and tingling like crazy, and all down my torso.  Then, adeptly work my groin muscles, sheathing over my cock, and within my pubis, my perineum… using muscle control to freely jack deep within, and around my own cock root, and do inner massaging of my prostate.  Can come hands free, over and over… enough to breed an army.  At least, two hours at a time.  But then, it takes more than 12 hours to recover if I do that much. Which is rare. Hardly dare to do myself more than 30 minutes, normally.”)

Jimmy complied, standing back to watch his hero in action. Enthralled, and having without question to “adjust” himself so his own glans could crest above his belt line….

Superman then proudly, slightly turned himself and aimed his manful weapon towards the upper part of the bars, in order have his potent discharge flow slowly down… giving him time, once heated, to super freeze them, and allow Jimmy the opportunity to break out and retrieve the keys which would lead to their freedom. With a gasp, the hero tilted back his head, closed his eyes in concentration, tensed, and began to will himself

into the process. Jimmy could see the rippling waves of his friend’s groin control as his lower belly began to carefully roil, move, and contract, and his member weave and jump… the powerful Superman, earnestly will/working himself to cum, even his testicles lifting, churning, rising and contracting rhythmically. More than an engaging sight to behold.

As with all of his other feats, being a Kryptonian under the earth’s sun, gave the hero more than a copious amount of juice per ejaculate; and being Superman, he was able to also cum innumerable times as he wished.  Flexibly into his mouth, or just all over his torso. His weight-heavy testicles able to produce multiple loads. Or often, so many “solo” times—and there really were no other—he merely had to focus and concentrate: just lazily lay back, allow his mind/body to do the work… relax, no hands. With the ability to do this at least four to six times an hour; able simply, as well, to “work” his prostate from within…. (And most especially, much more quickly, if he also teased/pulled at, suck-chewed and milked from his overly large and loaded nipples—which could really set him off, outrageously. Could even cause them to climax, cum-spurt from themselves… a rich, intoxicating nectar, from which he drank as much and often as he could, and did, and got him high as a kite. Not only recharging his mighty strength, yet at the same time, also weakened him significantly. And then exhausted, he would simply fall asleep after. Depending on how much he first needed to take of and from himself, or just merely enjoyed the freeing process, awash with it all.  No problem. Renewed by his own essences while he slept.)

But, as Superman directed all his attention to his strong-arrowed cock, his brow furrowed.  A look of marked confusion came over his face; his “feelings” were not the same!!  Had he now lost this ability as well?!  He thought back to his teenage years and how he’d tested himself over and over again. He remembered the time as a teenager when he willfully shot off 10 staggering loads down by the lake at Smallville on the occasion of his 16th birthday. (Then, far faster and more rapid-fire, than he could now.  He could have continued to go further, but Ma was calling him in for dinner.  But that was a very youthful then, and this was a very adult now!!)  A surge of something like panic was rising within him. No, no, no, no!!  The worry effectively short-circuiting his efforts. He tried and tried, still nothing.  He clenched and flexed his muscles, interiorly, exteriorly…. He was worse than desperate. Jimmy instantly noted the change.  Beads of perspiration began to form on his forehead, and the realization that he and Jimmy both could be left there to die was nagging him like murder. His alien big cock began to fail, becoming flaccid. Frightening him worse than before—his powerful masculinity, impotent?!

“Jimmy, I-I’m sorry—but the lack of yellow rays must have negated my ability to cum, disarmed my sexuality” confessed the distressed Superman, almost trembling.

“May-maybe, I can help…?” offered Jimmy, tentatively. Daring to draw near.

Superman looked into his eyes, almost all hope shorn. “But, I’m not—you’re—not gay. Couldn’t expect, ask…”

“Neither am I. Except like you. With only myself—.”

The sharp truth of the statement piercing them both.  Forging a sudden incredible camaraderie.

Knowing then, a comforting thought, they were both self-suckers…. Superman nodded. Jimmy felt a thrill-rush go through him. Then moving close, his hands truly in a caress over the helpless superhero’s packed shoulders, slipping down the treasury of his arms… kissed his neck, cupping under the mammoth thrust of his pecs, fingered the filling projections below in awe. Both of them swallowed hard, eyes into eyes.  

When Jimmy’s mouth then moved down and took in one of his big nipples, the MOS arched, stiffened, moaned uncontrollably— “Oh yes, help memy, my greatest weakness!!  Source… of my greatest strength! Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy…!” going near delirious as of a moment, his manhood re-rising swiftly, and began rivering like crazy. Jimmy’s mouth kept on, slightly shocked at the sudden flow of the alien’s nectar into his mouth, from which he suckled insatiably… arms around him. Superman truly tremoring in his arms. Urgent, pliable, utterly conquered—all his!

Jimmy, then one arm around his waist, mouth moving from nipple to nipple in a both-stunned intoxication, began to stroke the MOS’s much larger cock, one hand not even able to get fully around him… rhythmically and steadily.  Superman was relatively taken aback.  His being “invulnerable” was often advantageous in that he very seldom felt pain, but it had also often cost him the luxury of feeling more simple pleasures.  When previously experimenting, and not using his refined muscular control, he knew the normal way to obtain pleasure from manually stroking himself was to do it at a very high rate of speed. Now that he could easily feel Jimmy’s slower hand, he was distressed to think maybe his invulnerability might be completely gone… yet enjoyed the newer euphoric feeling of the slower, more rhythmic cadence.  His cock was more than primed quickly, the sensations subverting any self-thoughts of “mind control”: Jimmy’s adoring mouth working his double, olive-sized man-teats almost as well as he himself did when alone, consuming their turgid shafts, rich-flowing, and throbbing with release… like a seasoned pro.

Hardly realizing it was happening, Superman, truly overcome, began to moan. “Soo-oooo, so goood… uh-uhmmmmnn.  Ahhhhh-ohhhhhh!!!! Jimmy, Jimmy…” in wonder that his lesser, earthly friend could possibly take him so high.

Jimmy continued his quest to get the Man of Steel off, not only to pleasure him, but to also save their lives. (But that oddly seemed not of concern in the heat of the moment—his own heart and head going wild and inebriate; his fine, younger member about to erupt—his long-dreamed-for god, hopelessly aroused and in his hands!)  

“Wha-mmfff… ooohh, soooo, so close… ahhunhh—” continued Superman.  Jimmy then took his left hand from around his waist, and slid it down to fondle Superman’s balls. His testicles were so warm and huge in Jimmy’s hand, and he couldn’t help notice how hard they were. They felt like two golf-ball sized steel bearings in a smoothly silken sack, yet they were moving and pulsing strangely at his touch.  Jimmy, without thinking, unable to help himself, automatically squeezed one ball in his hand as hard as he could. 

Superman’s eyes became inordinately wide, mouth falling open, and let out an enormous yell, “OHHH!! AAhhh-aagghhhh-aaaghhhhhh!!! I’m, I’m cummmmmmmng… FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!”  And his super jizz began geysering out of his massive dick surely eight feet away. Cum spurted onto the bars and began coating them… stream after stream of his essence that was so white it almost appeared blue—and steamed—splashing on the bars, over, through, and in-between them. “Ungh… uunhuh… hhhhh,” mumbled Superman. “More, Jimmy, more. I have more!!”  Though he seemed out of breath and obviously quite spent.  “Must. More—!!”

Jimmy was in awe… could Superman cum again so quickly?  His own self having erupted in his trousers.  But Jimmy did as he was instructed, and Superman’s rod never waned even partially soft.  Jimmy’s hand was soaked with the seed that had gushed from Superman’s dick… still, he jacked on him faster and faster, and Superman continued to moan, but couldn’t seem to shoot-cum—much as he strained, yearned, felt he could. Jimmy looked at his face, and could see the concentration, and the “concerned nothing,” truly afraid he was finished.  As a man, as a superhero… yet knowing he had more.

Astutely, Jimmy removed his hand a moment, to gather more of his juice onto his fingers. Then, while once more jerking the quivering muscled hero, he stuck his middle finger right into Superman’s ass without warning, in the hope of stimulating his prostate.  Superman’s surprised eyes widened even more.  His mighty fortress had been bridged—hopelessly struck!!

He shrieked an ecstatic “AAAAAA… aahhhhhh!! OHHHcumming again!!!!!”  And did.  His whole body convulsing. This time, however, his cum rushed out twice as heavy and forceful as before—beyond the likes of any mortal man. This orgasm among the most intense Superman had felt in a very, very long time. 

Jimmy milked out the last drops from the now sagging, depleted MOS, hanging spent in his chains, his eyes out of focus and glazed numb.  And acting swiftly, he went over to the bars and began rubbing the alien’s heated viscous seed onto them.

He looked back to Superman who was completely spent from his multiple orgasm “Ste, step aside… Jimmy. And I’ll freeze the…bars. While I-I think I can…”  His eyes looked tired and weak. Almost dizzy. Superman inhaled as much as he could and directed a moderately forceful blast of super-cooled breath at the bars.  He inhaled a second time, and blasted them with an even lesser gale of wind. “Try the bars… Jimmy… you, you must… give them your best shot.  Quickly!” Superman almost begged. 

The metal looked frosted, but the MOS had no more power in him.  Jimmy ran as fast as he could into the bars, and the bars broke as planned.  Jimmy looked back to find Superman hanging from the restraints, slumped down onto his knees, totally spent and nearly unconscious.

He ran to get the keys to release the fallen hero….

To be continued…

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