The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 5D
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 5 Confessions

Chapter 5D…….. final Confessions


Sgt. Walters slapped Superman across the face a few times. He ordered, “Look Superfag, it’s a little late to start worrying who busted that cherry ass of yours. Shut the fuck up and clean off my cock like I told you!” He jabbed his semi-erect penis back into the man of steel’s mouth. “You push my cock out of your mouth again without permission and I promise you that worrying about who’s busting your new pussy will be the last thing on your mind!”

The sergeant knew that the realization that Lex Luthor was indeed the master- mind  behind Superman’s latest predicament had hit home. He and Luthor had planned it this way. Luthor had called Sgt. Walters, earlier, as soon as he had returned to his penthouse, to check up on Lois Lane. Luthor found Ms. Lane tied, naked, drugged and spread eagle to his own bed, exactly where he had left her earlier. He caressed Lois’ naked breasts as he chatted on the phone with the sergeant. ” Yes I want Superman totally unaware that it will be I that takes his virginity!” Luthor explained to Sgt. Walters. 

Lois perked up a bit at the mention of Superman’s name. Lex wiped her sweaty brow and calmed her down, with a finger to her trembling drug addled lips. He went back to caressing and fondling her naked body. “Yes!. Yes! That sounds great sergeant. You do that! It makes no never mind to me how you get the bastard tied down, just get him prepared for me, to deflower his cherry ass. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I have some loose ends to tie up here before I return to the jail.” Luthor explained then hung up the phone. He  looked down at the wreck that was Metropolis’ star reporter just hours earlier. He said to Lois, not knowing if she even knew he was there, ” Shhhhh. Shhhhh. Ms Lane I know. You’ve had quite a shock. Losing someone you love has that effect on one. But, don’t you worry we’re gonna take real good care of you. I will spare no expense to make sure that no one bothers you ever again.”

Lois tried to talk. To tell Lex Luthor that she had to get up, and go back to the Planet. She had work to do. She had to find out who was behind all this. She had to help Superman. But at the same time she was soooooo tired. She was really a wreck.  She knew deep down that Clark couldn’t be dead, but who was the man in his apartment? What was happening to Superman. Why hadn’t he come to her rescue? Oh god she was soooo tired. 

ust then a female doctor in a white coat, white uniform, white tights, white shoes and a white cap came into the bedroom. “Mr. Luthor I really think that Ms. Lane should have another sedative right now. I promise  we’ll take great care of her. I know you have business elsewhere. Don’t you worry about a thing here. It’s all under control.” She stood along side the bed across from where Luthor sat and prepared Lois Lane’s vein for the syringe that she carried in with her. Luthor watched intently as the doctor shot the drug into Ms. Lane’s vein. Lois drifted out of consciousness as Luthor got up to return to his task at the jail.

Back in the present, Sgt. Walters removed his softening cock from Superman’s mouth and, replaced it with the filthy socks that he retrieved from the table near the hero’s head. He looked around the room at the result of the past orgy, in which Superman lost his virtue. Detective Carlilse was busy redressing himself. The detective found his discarded trousers and was pulling them up his legs. DA Cartwright was already redressed and was comforting Officer Glavine, who still lay on the floor in a fetal position with both his hands busily rubbing his sore aching asshole. Cum and some blood still dripped from the officer’s ravaged anus. He wept, with his face laying in the DA’s lap.

Sgt. Walters looked at the destroyed technical officer with a tinge of remorse. “Counselor, pick the officer up and bring him up here to the super freak.” The sergeant got a gleam in his eye at his new torment for Superman.

Cartwright helped Officer Glavine to his wobbly stocking feet and half dragged the weeping officer over to the sergeant by Superman’s head. Superman just lay there, out of it. Totally oblivious to what the sergeant had in mind. The hero didn’t even think to push the fowl tasting sox from his mouth. He just wept and ached. His ass ached, and throbbed around the dildo plug that was seated inside it. His arms, still bound inside that sadistic leathersack, under his full body weight, ached, or at least he knew they would if he could feel them. His nipples ached, and trembled on his sore chest, the alligator clips still biting into their distended flesh. His oversized feet ached, inside his blue tights, stretched high along the sling’s chains, from the whipping his soles and arches had been administered. His throat ached, from the repeated raping cocks that had blown their wads down it, and chafed it’s opening. His testicles ached, trapped inside his tights, pulled away from his body as they were by that wide leather stretcher, and the boots that still hung from them. And most importantly his penis ached, still erect and leaking super jizz, it’s bulbous head, sore and reddened, from beatings, from that quirt, and the tight hole of the officer that had been forced upon it. This last ache, more than any of the others, caused his heart and soul to ache. It was bad that Luthor had raped his super rectum, but it was even worse that he had been forced to rape that poor young technical officer’s anus. He was Superman, for Krypton’s sake. Not some rapist. They could say he raped Clark Kent all they wanted. He knew better. But he had, just raped Officer Glavine. He was witness to that offense. Superman wept and sank further into dispair.

The dejected super hero was brought back around by the scene unfolding over his still bound head. Sgt. Walters ripped the socks gagging Superman’s mouth out, once again. Superman’s vision was being obstructed again. Detective Carlilse, now fully dressed, and the DA were lifting Officer Glavine up over Superman’s face by his thighs. The two men held the brutalized, leaking ass of the technical officer right over Superman’s gaping mouth. Sgt. Walters belted out orders. “Supes, remember how I told you that if you make a mess, you’ve got to learn to clean it up? Well you’re looking at a mess of  your own making, Superfag! Use your mouth and clean it up. You have no other way right now, now do you?” Superman gagged, coughed and sputtered as the gaping hole dripped cum, blood and ass juice down upon his face. Then the two conspirators plopped the officer, ass first, down onto Superman’s head. “Eat that asshole clean, Superfag. You do a good job and I won’t call Mr. Luthor back to fuck your faggot ass again!” Walters laughed and slapped Superman on the left shoulder. Then to his cohorts, the sergeant said, ” Let the fucker clean up that mess a while. Then get him out of that arm binder. Strap his arms up like his legs are at this end. I’ll be back by then for the next scene of our little play.” The sergeant started for the door. “Oh and when the faggot’s done licking Glavine’s ass clean, send the officer back to his computer. And give the asslicker some more of his water, then regag the faggot with my filthy socks. They could still use some laundering.”

Before Sgt Walters exited Interrogation K, he turned and said to Superman who was busy loudly, tongueing the ass that the hero had just raped, ” Supes you keep up that slurping so these guys know your busy. If they can’t hear you they won’t know you’re doing a good job. I tell you, krypton boy, this is what you were sent to earth for, not all that goody goody shit you’ve been wasting your talents on. You’re gonna make a great servant for man yet. I swear!” Walters left the room to the noise of the hero’s ass eating.

Lex Luthor was seated watching Superman clean up his mess, when Sgt. Walters entered the viewing room. He looked up at the sadistic booking sergeant and smiled evilly. Pulling at his semi erect cock in his trousers, Luthor said, “Well, sergeant, that was fun!” Luthor was full of himself. He had finally beaten Superman. There was absolutely no way that the goody two shoes hero would ever recover from the fuck that Luthor had just thrown into the fucked crime fighter.

“Yes it surely was!” Sgt. Walters said taking up a seat alongside the crime boss. “That boy will never be the same again. I promise you that. See. I told you that this was the way to get the ultimate revenge against your enemy. Don’t know why you haven’t thought to bust his cherry long before now. You bust a hot young stud’s cherry and you own him. Trust me, Luthor, I’ve busted a lot of stud ass in my day.” Walters looked at the beaten hero in the other room still busily cleaning the ass that they had forced him to ravage.

“Yeah! And I am so glad that I thought to bust Glavine’s ass earlier so that Supes wouldn’t kill the kid. Now we’ve got another ass with Superman’s DNA in it. Don’t let the fucker suck it all out, sergeant.” Luthor said.

“No, Mr. Luthor, I’ve got it all under control. The doctor will be examining Glavine later this morning. Supes shot so much junk up that chute that there will still be plenty of DNA. Superman will be charged with another rape, just like we planned. 

And with the cum I milked from the hero earlier, already planted in Kent’s ass, Supes will be outed for all the world. I already called the Nancy Grace producers with the leak like you asked me to do. They’ll air it soon, I’m sure. Then when they get word of this jail rape, Supes is as good as de-closeted. Now, not only will the faggot be branded a murderer, but he’ll be known as the world’s mightiest homo, too. He’s through prancing around in his pretty blue pantyhose fighting crime!” Walters giggled.

“Is everything else set up?” Luthor asked. ” I mean is everything in motion to get Supes on board for his own downfall?”

 “Yes, Sir.” Walters said. “When the faggot gets done lickin’ ass , We’ll get him settled in for the night. I’ve got the sensory hood all ready to go. And Glavine will get the screen going so Supes will be bombarded with the sights and sounds of his new existence.” The sergeant explained. He had a rubber hood in the locker in Interrogation K for Superman to wear. It would form fit over Superman’s face and head, over his gag. The hood only had two small slits for Superman’s eyes and two small holes for his nostrils. On both sides of the rubber hood were two ear pieces. These were connected wirelessly to Glavine’s computer. A program of recordings would be sent to Superman’s brain through his ears. It would, over and over again, stress his new duties on earth. The program would stress Superman’s need to serve man in new, exciting ways. Words like suck and cock and asspussy would be run over and over into Superman’s psyche. And to drive the point further into Superman’s brain, the voices of the elders of Krypton would be the one’s used to drive Superman’s new responsibilities home. Luthor had stolen a tape of the elder’s voices from the Museum dedicated to Superman’s homeland. Glavine had dubbed these voices over the program in the computer. Luthor remembered the first time he heard the recording. ” Kal El, we are the elders of Krypton!. “, it started. “We have placed You on earth, to serve man! Man at his best! Man in all his glory! Every Man! In all ways! Man likes his cock sucked! Man likes his feet massaged! Man likes his armpits licked clean! Man likes his asshole sucked! Man likes to fuck pussy ass. You serve Man, Kal El! Therefore, You suck Man’s cock! You massage Man’s feet! You clean Man’s armpits! You suck Man’s ass! You give up your pussy ass for Man to fuck! This is your lot in life Kal El. This is the way of the world!” Luthor had congratulated Glavine on the program. The technical officer was very good at his job.

In addition to the recording that would infiltrate Superman’s psyche, the one way glass would convert to a television screen. The screen would telecast moving pictures of men , studly men, like Superman, sucking cock and taking it up the ass. There would be scenes of armpit cleaning and foot massaging and asshole sucking. Superman’s rubberized head would be strapped down and aimed so that he had no choice but to watch the screen. The hero’s eyes would be drugged open so that he had to watch. Superman would want to sleep, but sleep would not come. His erection would not subside. His penis would not stop leaking.  The sergeant would attach a small sleevelike cup over the head of the tool of steel. This rubber sleeve would be attached to a milking machine by a long thin tube. The sleeve would collect Superman’s jizz, but would not allow for the total emptying of the hero’s balls.  To further restrict his shooting a wad, the stretcher around Superman’s tights trapped, blue balls would be tightened. His tits would remain erect, and every now and again, one of his tormentors would work the clips attached to them. The hero’s arms and legs would remain chained to the sling in which he lay. Drugs would be administered with the water fed to Superman, at intervals throughout his reprogramming. In addition to the erectile disfunction drugs, that he was already being given, the man of steel would be given mind altering drugs that would keep him wide awake and sensitive to what was happening to his masculine body. The cock gag that he had become so familiar with would be strapped in his mouth under the rubber hood, along with Walters’ sox, so he could practice doing what his eyes and ears told him was his duty. The plug dildo in his ass would be replaced by a fucking machine with a twelve inch long, and thick realistic cock. The machine would take the place of Man. Every once in awhile one of Superman’s interrogators would flash him a hairy, sweaty, armpit, a hairy funky asshole or a nasty foot, bare, socked or booted for the hero to lust after. The kryptonite collars around Superman’s neck and balls would help keep him docile and weak.The conspirators had planned this for some time. Superman’s new life would begin soon. After a couple of days of reprogramming, Superman would sit for the confession that they desired. Then he would be prepared for trial. A trial that would result in Superman’s incarceration, for the crimes that these men, had forced upon the hero.

Lex Luthor and Sgt. Walters sat and discussed the next couple of days in the life of Superman. They watched as Carlilse and Cartwright adjusted the hero’s body in his sling bed. The two men on the other side of the glass had no resistance from the kryptonite controlled super hero. They lifted Officer Glavine from Superman’s face with a loud plop, as the hero’s tongue slipped from the still leaking ass. Officer Glavine limped out of Interrogation K. Then the other two men gave Superman some more of the doctored water and stuffed Walter’s rank socks back into Superman’s mouth. They next, removed the arm binder sack from Superman’s useless muscular arms. They retied his arms, high up the chains, that held up the sling in which he lay. Superman’s hands were stuffed into leather mitts that forced his hands into fists, then they were shackled to the chains with leather restraints like the ones holding up his stockinged ankles. Then Carlilse said to the speaker on the wall, “He’s ready, now!”

Sgt. Walters got up to return to his task in Interrogation K. Luthor stood also. He needed to get back to his penthouse and continue with his plans for Lois Lane. Glavine stumbled in and took his seat at the computer. As Walters opened the door to leave, Luthor said, “I’ll check back in later. There’s still a lot to do, for all of us. Get Supes all comfy cozy for the night, and; I’ll call you on your cell phone in the morning.” Luthor smiled again. “I’ve done it!” he stated. “I’ve finally got that bastard right where I want him!”

In the hallway Luthor and Walters said their goodbyes again, and; then Luthor went towards the elevator, and Walters entered Interrogation K.

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