The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 6A
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 The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 6: Preparations

Chapter 6A. Nightey Night Supes


Sergeant Walters entered Interrogation K once more. Superman lay bound in the sling hanging from the ceiling. The alien superhero was a totally beaten sight to the sadistic booking sergeant.

Superman’s worldwide recognized appearance was gone. Now the beaten, kryptonite weakened ex-hero hung defeated in his bondage bed. His massive muscular blue tights clad legs were strapped high up the bottom chains of the sling by leather straps attached to his stocking clad ankles. Inside the  blue tights, Superman’s large meaty feet bore the cane marks of his recent bastinado treatment. His formerly pristine royal blue tights were stained with dirt from his earlier outing at the landfill, blood from the Clark Kent imposter’s body and sweat and cum from his interrogation. Even though he had been allowed to shower earlier during his booking at the hands of the evil sergeant, the stains remained. His legs hung from their shackles, but, the hero could not feel them. The blood had long since drained from his hanging lower limbs leaving them empty shells of the former tree trunks that held the hero up.

Superman’s crotch remained in the bondage that had been strapped to it. His large egg shaped balls ached inside his filthy cum caked tights. The wide leather ball stretcher, with its green glowing adornments, still pulled his nuts up and away from his crotch, painfully. The technical officer’s boots still swayed, strung to them and jerking them upwards from his body. His massive cock now stretched the fabric of his cum coated tights, leaking super semen and pumping engorged drug tainted blood through it’s veins. Detective Cralisle had adjusted Superman’s cock so that it lay straight up in his blue tights aiming towards his chest. Superman’s nipples were red and swollen still standing out from his body trapped behing the alligator clamps that bit into them. 

Superman’s muscular arms, now useless, stretched high above him, where they were shackled to the front chains of his sling bed. They were as lifeless as his beaten legs, partly from being held up so that the blood rushed from them and due to the fact that they had been bagged tightly under the weight of his muscular body during his rape.

Just before the detective and the DA finished restraining the beaten raped hero in for the night, Detective Carlilse had replaced Superman’s gag. Before strapping in the penis gag though, the detective gave Superman another entire tall glass of water. Then, this time instead of just inserting the 4″ pecker though, the detective had wrapped Sergeant Walter’s dirty black socks around the shaft of the gag, and then forced the entire thick nylon covered penis into Superman’s cock ravaged mouth.

The man of steel, looked more like the whore of cum, now. His always well quoffed jet black hair was coated in a slimy, thick layer of sweat and man spunk. His signature curl stood straight up on his head where DA Cartwright had used some of the smelly cock juice coating the hero’s body as gel to spike it. He and Detective Carlilse had had a great laugh as they used jism to style superman’s new hairdo.

Superman was beaten. He had been raped at both ends. The small amount of kryptonite in the ball stretcher and the thick collar locked around his strong neck, had him as weak as any mere mortal. Furthermore, unbeknowst to the man of steel, the kryptonite tainted wall paint added to his weakness. The walls were also lead so even Superman’s weakened x-ray vision was of know use. The lead also kept out any hope that the orange sun, which could help Superman, could enter the dungeon chamber of Interrogation K.

 Superman felt demoralized, weak and embarrassed that he had allowed these men to take him down so easily. He still had no idea why his penis continued to betray him. The thing had never been so hard for even a fraction of the time that it now had been. He had never ejaculated so much super semen in all his life. He had no idea that every time he drank the water that his interrogator’s offered he was ingesting high doses of cock hardening, ball churing, erectile disfunction medicine. Superman was not a sexual being, by no definition of the term. His alien physiology was not designed that way. He thought that he was in love with Lois Lane as Clark Kent, but never really understood the human emotion. Now he had had his first taste of man juice. It had been disgusting in one way and intriguing in another. Demoralizing, because it had been forced on him, the forced face fucking that he had endured made him feel somehow inferior to the mortal man who had carried out the rape. No man had ever made him feel so emasculate. And to top it all off his arch enemy Lex Luthor had busted his cherry ass. Superman wept in sheer disgust at himself.

Sergeant Walters took in the sadistic sight of the hero hanging in bondage as he made his way over to Superman. He smiled in contrast to the the fallen super heros expression. He strode over to the bound prostrate half naked hero with assured glee. The sergeant picked up a fresh pair of rubber examination gloves from the table still next to Superman’s trussed up head. As he donned the flesh colored rubber medical gloves, Sergeant Walters said, “Well Superfag, I guess I’ll have to wear these nice rubber gloves to deal with you now! Your all messy, covered in man sauce like the good fag you know you are!” He laughed as he taunted the bound hero.

Sergeant Walters petted the side of Superman’s cumcovered, tear streaked reddened face, like the super alien was some sort of pet. He went on, “Supes, I’m glad to see that the good detective and the young DA have managed to get you more comfy in your perverted little bed there. Not that I think you are going to get a lot of sleep, my boy! Because, you’ve got some more chores ahead of you.”

The evil sergeant used his rubberclad fingers to further spike Superman’s signature dark black curl straight up from the saddened hero’s sweaty, semen shiny head. He glared directly into Superman’s watery eyes and smirked. “Phew, bitch, you stink to high heavens. Or should I say you stink to high krypton. Ha Ha Ha!” He laughed at his own bad joke. Superman just lay there sore, aching, weakened and defeated.

Sergeant Walters rubbed a rubberized index finger around over the leather covering the hero’s rubber and nylon gagged mouth. “Getting used to that gag, aren’t you big boy?” The sadistic sergeant smiled at his brain addled victim. He seemed to be in his own daydream, as he felt all over Superman’s shamed, sweaty, cum crusted facade. He spoke to Superman in low whispers, getting right up next to the hero’s ear. “Listen, Superfag, we’re gonna give you a little rest now. Gonna let you watch and listen to some videos and learn some stuff for awhile. You pay close attention to them, ok?” The sergeant nibbled on Superman’s earlobe as he ran his rubberized fingers around the hero’s face. ” Take good mental notes and pay attention to the voices and sounds, Supes. There will be a test later!” The sadistic sergeant smiled at Superman. “I promise you that everything you see and hear for the next few hours will be part of your life from now on. Learn well from this instruction, Superfag. This is your true calling here on earth. Trust me! I know homo studs like you like the back of my hand. You were born for it! Think of it as part of your sentence for murdering Mr. Kent, if you’d like. Just a part though. The judge and jury may have more to say on that matter later. As I am sure you have learned by now, we humans don’t take real well to murderers. But you pay close attention to my instructuonal videos and things will be much better for you in future. I really am taking a liking to you Superfag. I’m just trying to help you out, here!”

DA Cartwright and Detective Carlilse watched in awe as the mean bastard seemed to be caressing the hero that he had so recently treated like such shit. Was the sergeant now whispering sweet nothings into the murderer’s ears? They had both gotten control of themselves, redressed and washed up in the small bathroom off to the side of Interrogation K. Now they just stood by and waited for Sergeant Walters’ next move. Then, all of a sudden, the sergeant hauled off and slapped Superman across the already reddened cheeks, back and forth, with great force. He slapped until the hero’s face cheeks became bright red. Then he bounded over to the wall locker, retrieved a few items and returned to his prey. 

“Superfag, now we are gonna get you all settled in for a nice rest. How would you like that, you murderous sissyboy?” Sergeant Walters mocked Superman as he laid the items that he had brought from the locker onto the hero’s naked torso.

Superman tried to see what the evil sergeant had retrieved to torture him with now, but could not due to the straps holding his head.

“It’ll keep you out of our hair for a bit while we make sure that we get your confession all typed up and the video just right for the judge. Of course me and you know that the only thing that you’ve really confessed to is being a big ole faggot cocksucker, who needs his ass pounded, now isn’t it, Superfag?” The sergeant reached down the length of Superman’s sling bound body and stroked the alien’s still engorged penis a few times to prove his point. Superman moaned behind the gag, new tears leaking from his downtrodden eyes.

Then Sergeant Walters picked up the earphones from Superman’s chest and began fitting them into the hero’s ears. Immediately, Superman heard the familiar voices of the elders of Krypton. The defeated superhero tried as hard as he could to understand what the elders were saying. Was it all in his mind? Were they really speajking to him? Oh krypton, they were telling him to Cooperate! It was all to much! 

As Superman wrapped his weakened mind around the voices instructing him, Sergeant Walters pulled the rubber hood down over the hero’s face. Superman could see out of the two small slits in the rubber hood. He could breath from the two small holes being adjusted over his nostrils, but other than that, the hood was constricting, demoralizing and confining. It kept the ear pieces in and the gags secure in Superman’s mouth. The hero immediately began sweating more, adding moisture to the semen that coated his facial features. Sergeant Walters adjusted Superman’s head around on the headrest to which it was strapped. He fastened another thick rubber posture collar over the collar already around Superman’s neck. Now Superman could not move his head at all. His gaze was directed straight towards the center of the wide mirrored window.

Then the window came to life. Moving pictures began to form along the glass. A young man about Superman’s age, well built, muscular and handsome  knelt in front of another man who resembled Sergeant Walters, but was hooded by a short leather executioners type hood. The younger man was kneeling naked, save a leather harness that crisscrossed his torso and entrapped his hard leaking cock. Then the younger man took the older man’s cock into his mouth and began sucking it. Superman was appalled at the pornography. He closed his eyes. 

Sergeant Walters slapped the hero’s rubber covered face and Superman read the sergeant’s lips. “No.No. Supes. Keep those eyes open and watch the movie. Don’t close your eyes again or I’ll have to whip your pretty ass some more, bitch!” Superman understood the order all to well. The sadistic sergeant expected him to watch and learn from the moving pictures on the window. He heard his own ancestor’s telling him that what he was watching was his destiny. His origainal purpose on earth. He had gotten it all wrong. He was supposed to serve man on earth just like he was watching the studly young mucle man do. Superman defiantly closed his eyes again. He would not except this.

As if the voices could somehow sense his defiance, the voices screamed at him to open his eyes. Sergeant Walters whipped at Superman’s stretched and sore bull balls, with that damned quirt. Superman opened his eyes and watched in horror as the older man on the screen,used the younger man’s face. Memories of how the sadistic sergeant had used him, flooded thorough Superman’s mind. Lex’ rape of his supermuscled ass reinvaded his thoughts.

 Sergeant Walters was attaching some new device of torment onto Superman’s body. Wires of some sort were being taped to the hero’s tights covered balls.Then the same sort of wires were attached to his clamped nipples, to his leaking hard on and to the base of the plug in his asshole. Then the sergeant demonstrated the wires usage. A powerful electrcal jolt shot through the wired areas of Superman’s body. He tried to shake the wires off to no avail. All of the straps holding the hero down had been tightened and allowed absolutely no movement. All Superman could do to fight the shock was to tense his battered muscles. After a few seconds the electrical jolt stopped. Superman lay in his bondage and did just what was wanted of him. He listened to the elders, he watched the perversions playing out on the screen in front of him. His reprogramming continued. 

The elders kept up there diatribe. Superman’s mind became flooded with nothing but perverted sexual service.

Sergeant Walters, Detective Carlilse and DA Cartwight quietly exited Interrogation K, turning the lights off as they left. Superman lay in his bondage being mind blasted audibly, visually and mentally by his new life. He was forced to submit to this new torment mind body and soul. Every time he tried to close his eyes, the elders would scream at him to open them, electrical shocks would course though his balls, ass, tits and cock. He got no sleep just as his tormentor had said he wouldn’t. Try as he may he could do nothing but watch and listen and sweat his way to becomming a good manservant.

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