Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 5-8
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Testing Superman (updated illustrated version)

Author: Superman Fann

Enhanced, edited, and expanded by Rick Henry, 12-2021; strawbridge88@att.net

This is the revised version by Rick Henry of this classic story writtenm originallly by Superman Fannn, Thanks Rick for sharing this version.

Major characters within are owned by D.C. Comics; this is a work of fan fiction. Though implausible in many respects, this is sexually explicit, m/m erotic material for mature readers only. Illustrations selected were those which basically matched the happenings within the story & not truly “exact,” but as close as possible to fit the text. Most used were given permission by the artists credited; but some unavailable factors were involved.


Chapter 5

Jimmy hurried back to Superman with the keys. He helped Superman struggle back to his feet, and Jimmy was able to unlock the handcuffs. Superman winced as he rubbed his once invulnerable wrists. Even the simple task of pulling up his tights took effort for the one-time strongest man in the world. Jimmy turned to once again crawl through the hole in the bars that were broken by the quick frozen Kryptonian cum. Superman tried following, but soon discovered that the hole created was not big enough for him to get his huge muscular frame through. He instinctively grabbed hold of the bars and his biceps bulged as he attempted to bend them further apart. His massive pecs heaved but still nothing. The bars wouldn’t budge. He instinctively attempted heat vision. A mistake. “Agghhhhhhhhh,” he howled as he covered his eyes with his hands. Not only was there no heat vision left, but his attempt to use it shot jabbing pain through his head. When the pain subsided, he removed his hands to discover his vision was blurred.

Jimmy was attempting to unlock the door of the cage, but found the one he had used to free Superman wasn’t the right key, and struggled with the others. Superman realized that his failed attempt at escape would probably anger his captor, and was actually nervous about what he might do to Jimmy and himself if and when he returned. He heard heavy footsteps approaching, and called Jimmy to come back into the cage. Jimmy dropped the keys and hastily retreated to the safety of their cell.

The large soldier, now alone without his henchmen entered. He was no longer in an army uniform but instead had on a pair of short, hip-hugging black shorts and was wearing Superman’s shirt with the unraveled hole in it. Jimmy and Superman both watched the massive man approach.  Superman’s tunic looked to be two sizes too small on the larger man. The sleeves were short and the bottom of it didn’t quite go to the top of his briefs revealing a glimpse of his bulky-smooth, but nicely ridged abs.

“What a pathetic display that was, Superman,” stated the soldier. “It was entertaining to watch on my closed-circuit television. I’m sure you knew there was a hidden camera with your x-ray vision…. Oh, now wait, you don’t have x-ray vision anymore, do you? My bad… hahahah.”

Superman shamefully looked at Jimmy and down to the floor.

“And now there is a hole in my jail cell that you can’t get your “super” body out of. Perhaps you should have tried a little harder to bend them,” sneered the big man. He reached over to the bars and easily bent them wide and stepped inside the cage. He stepped immediately back out and bent the bars straight again. Jimmy and Superman watched in amazement. “Or perhaps some heat vision would have helped,” he said, as he focused his own able beam on the bars which almost immediately glowed red.

“How…??” Superman gasped.

“In due time, Muscle-puss,” the mammoth man replied. He picked up the keys Jimmy had dropped, dangled them, then tossed them to a far corner of the room. “Won’t be needing these, will you?” pausing. “My favorite was your pitiful super-cum attempt,” he continued, “with that wussy noodle of yours.”

Then unceremoniously, he partially pulled down his tights and exposed a cock at least 3 inches longer than Superman’s and two inches thicker. “Maybe I should show you how it’s done!?” He became immediately hard, and within what seemed seconds, masses of cum shot from his rod splattering the bars, and some splashed on the wilted Superman. (Even onto his partially opened lips, which he disdained to taste… but without thinking did. And felt an odd tingling within him; a minor electric jolt.)  “Had you used more of yourself—if you could have—you might be out of this cage right now,” he said, as he willed himself to expel more of his impressive amounts again. He hit the bars with a super blast of cold breath, bumped them with his shoulder, and a gaping in the bars appeared. A smug sneer lit his unpleasant face. “Just gotta know how to use your gifts, Wimp Ass.” Once more pulling up his tights.


Chapter 6

“I give you permission to exit through the giant hole I was able to make using MY super powers, Super—wait… I’ll just have to call you Kal-El from now on, because “Superman” just does not seem to fit you, anymore… haaa-haa-haa,” taunted the larger  “super” man.

He stood there bouncing his boulder-sized pecs which strained beneath Superman’s much too small purloined top. “This pajama top is becoming bothersome,” the massive man said as he grabbed an edge of the once indestructible tunic, and in one swift motion tore it off of his body.

Superman and Jimmy watched, awed by the physique of this man who now stood in only his black hugging shorts and boots. Not only were his pecs huge, but he revealed he also had much larger nipples, which were nearly four or more inches long, and very thick. Proud as a peacock, making them bounce and wriggle: a pair of young cocks. “I think I’ll go with this look when I fly around Metropolis. What do you think, Kal?” the man asked. “Probably could have melted those bars just with my tit milk, eh—compared to your paired peanuts?” Raising up a one-arm cannonball bicep flex, winking his pec, his udders ego-flapping, rolling his myriad layered abs for show.

“Yo…y-you can fly?” asked Superman. Though suddenly calculating, if this man had teats larger than a cow’s, he would be even more susceptible to being overcome—just like himself—at full power… were someone somehow able to manage to latch onto them—take him unexpectedly.

“Of course, I can. But from the looks of you, I don’t think you’ll be joining me anytime soon, Fairy-Bell.”

“But how?” asked Superman. “If you have my powers, you must be Kryptonian; so the red rays of the sun should be affecting you as well.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” answered the other. “I’m from a planet called Tryton. I not only have the same powers you have here on earth, but I have none of your susceptible weaknesses. I’m powered just as easily in the red rays of the sun as I am in yellow—and Kryptonite has no effect on me, either.  Since my home planet is still in

existence, there are no fragments of Trytonite floating around to weaken me. Face it, Kal. Mine is the superior race, the Kryptonians the lesser. I could have finished you off even with you at full power, but I didn’t want to waste the energy. Ha ha ha ha ha.”

“Why don’t you then let me out into the yellow rays, so you can put your money where your mouth is?” asked Superman.

“What kind of fool do you take me for, Kal,” answered the man. “Although it is my opinion that your powers are now completely gone forever, on the off-chance I’m wrong, you might just act like the coward you are—and fly away. It’s a big world out there, and although I could no doubt find you cowering in some hidden corner eventually, I don’t want to waste that much time. I’d rather like taking some time for a little fun now, however,” he said. He cocked his head to the side. “Boys… please come in,” he bellowed.

Superman saw and heard the door open, and two impressively muscular soldiers entered wearing only camouflage briefs. Although very nicely put together, they were still dwarfed by the stronger man, and were also a few shades smaller in stature and less muscular than Superman himself. “I’d like to do a little film to show the world what has become of the man they used to know as “Superman,”” he said. “Boys.” Then he flicked a switch on a control panel nearby, activating the video device.

One soldier directly walked up to Superman and stared him down, the other slipping off to the side. Superman stared right back—the implied challenge rankling him, thinking that even if he was more human-like now, he was bigger and more muscular, and could easily defend himself against these two mere mortals. The man cocked back his fist and Superman prepared to block it, but was unexpectedly surprised by the other soldier who had somehow gotten sideways behind him—had moved in, and locked his right arm swiftly down, then up and behind him, while the soldier’s other free arm had frozen him into a half nelson, rocking him on his feet.

“You dogs!” Jimmy yelled. But it was not up to him to do much about it. The alien-bigger soldier gave him a “shut-your-fucking-face” look, and dismissed him.

Though caught off-guard, Superman strain-smiled a little, and confidently tried to bring his arm down to break the hold. But in moments, true concern washed over him as he couldn’t budge or break free from the earthly one holding him. The bigger man laughed and said, “So you’re like one of those roided “puffer-men,” who have all that muscle for show, and nothing to back it up!  Even needs help… to jack himself off. What a wuss!!”

Superman kept struggling, straining to break the hold when the front soldier wound up and hit him with a fierce gut punch. Superman had the wind knocked out of him, gave a loud “Oooo-uuufff!” head dropping forwards, obviously outnumbered, and doomed.

Jimmy gritted his teeth.


Chapter 7

As Superman stood there heaving, still gasping for breath, the second punch was  worse than the first. Perspiration poured down his face.  But it was again, a rivulet of sweat mixed with some of the larger soldier’s former cum that had splashed onto him from the soldier’s enormous cum shot… that perked him up. As it ran down his face, it entered his mouth. Superman swallowed. and when he did, something amazing happened. That tingling sensation inside him, once more. He began to feel some miniscule surge of strength course back through his body.  His mind began to race. “Could it be that this other alien’s man-sperm was the solution to his problem?  As much as his own was to himself?”  Although he felt stronger, he knew this small drop was not enough to return him to the amazingly powerful man he’d been before being exposed to the red rays of the sun. Another left and right punch into his gut however seemed to deflate those hopes, as he was weakening further. Even seeing stars. He feared if either one of the two soldiers blasted him on the chin, he was sure he’d be “out.”

But he took a forceful deep breath, felt his chest lift a bit more, and his shoulders seemed to widen. Something—was there a ray of hope? A distraction from Jimmy kept them from noticing.

“You bastards, beating a depowered man!! A true superhero, and you—” with a backhand, the monster Trytonian popped Jimmy about six feet across the room. He lay there in a deflated pile, silent.  He didn’t have the guts to say more, but he was furious. That, too, angered Superman. Not fair. A finely built, though no macho kid like Jimmy, and this “goon” was going to manhandle him?!  His ire rose.

If he could even get just a little of his strength back, he was sure with his skills—a lifetime of dealing with petty criminals—he just might be able to take on the soldiers who were restraining him.  But knew he wasn’t powerful enough to beat the bigger soldier. In fact, he was beginning to question whether he could even have beaten him when he was at full strength. Yes, coming from a planet near Krypton, it was possible this man could defeat Superman… Yet with his mind working, knowing how much of his own strength was derived from his own body essences, and necessarily so… he made a quick assessment. Perhaps, if he could drain the source-strengths from this other more muscled alien—get him to expend himself more, weakening him (as he knew this also happened to him, if his gifts were wasted—or better yet, take them from him!)—he might have found a way to turn this whole thing around!!!!  So he calculated his main hope might be to get this narcissistic muscle hunk to cum down his throat, or somehow ingest his semen.  His mind raced for ideas on how to make this happen. (Wondering if he were even capable of taking his overly huge phallus, larger than a ball bat, as it were…?)

Superman knew that he could not let on that any of his strengths, no matter how small, may have returned, and ironically the red rays did not seem to be weakening them. He could feel it. He wanted to test himself, but obviously couldn’t dare any feats of strength or heat vision. He tried tuning-in his super hearing, but could barely hear what was going on outside the building.  He x-rayed the door, and although it was a strain, he could see hazily through it.  He was very hopeful, but equally unsure how to proceed.

“Well, Kal-El, it appears I have broken you, and you will now spend the rest of your days serving me,” said the hulking soldier. And eagerly began slipping out of his shorts—the sight of his full genital nudity more than alarming to both Jimmy and Superman. “Why I was sent here. To assess this puny planet, see if anything worthwhile was here. See who was in charge. And either align with, or eliminate, or bring them into subjugation. You were the pussy-weak link—Lex Luthor held more of the cards. Has better connections.”

 “Let him go,” he commanded the soldiers.  “He’s no threat to me—or even you two for that matter.”  He laughed an evil laugh.  “You guys go on and get some supper, while I have my turn with skimpy nuts.”

 Superman feigned weakness, knowing he couldn’t let on how much his little cum-cocktail might have given him some strength.  He held his abs pretending they were still hurting even though they no longer did. 

“You might as well take those girly tights off the rest of the way, Kal-El.  Can’t walk around your holding cell like that, anyway. Tights are reserved for superheroes and ballet dancers—and you’re nothing of the sort. No talent in either field!” sneered the Trytonian.

Superman obeyed, knowing he could still be overpowered by the hulking soldier. Jimmy had backed up into a far corner, trying urgently not to be noticed further; ever alert. Although standing there in his full nakedness alone, Kal was still a sight to behold.  Superman had a nice coating of hair across his chest and belly. His balls and cock, flaccid… hung heavily thick. A nicely rich crisping of pubes surrounded his genitals, and his shapely etched legs were covered with a generous bit of hair as were his arms.  The super solder, in contrast, was virtually hairless. He appeared completely shaven, even his head, and looked ever the part of an overly-built bodybuilder.  His muscles were thickly, massively bulked, but not with the sculptured leanness of the MOS’s. And he was truly “hung,” from both his pubis and his pectorals… gaspingly so. His waist not as small as Kal’s, but the density of it fit with the entirety of his mass.

Superman finally came up with a plan.  He looked into the eyes of the super soldier and said, “You know you may be bigger than I am, but before my power loss, I’m fairly certain I was stronger than you.  And, if that shooting “display” was your full load, I know mine was much bigger.  In fact, I was surprised you needed a break between your two small loads. In my normal state, I would have been able to produce in one what you did in two.  Easily.  Even those freak udders of yours, probably mostly for show—.”

The super soldier’s mouth dropped open (as did Jimmy’s—who murmured, “Uh-oh!”), and looked purely enraged.  “Well, we’ll just see about that, Kryptonian Wuss!” he spat, as he came forwards—and willing himself erect, grasped Kal by his shoulders, and pushed him down to his knees. “You need a lesson in true worship, Slut.  Now you are gonna choke on my far superior dick!!” And proceeded to forcefully face fuck the hero.

Superman in moments had a genuine look of fear in his eyes… and it wasn’t fake. While his super body allowed for some extraordinary stress—had he fatally miscalculated?  This cock was so big it was near to breaking his jaws, being thrust in so viciously. And going too rapidly too deep was cutting off his air supply!  And he was afraid he would die on the spot from asphyxiation, if his powers weren’t fully returned.  The mammoth soldier pushed his weapon down Superman’s throat, filling him beyond anything he’d ever imagined.  Worse than panicked and in distress—he was choking, his face going red, then nearly blue. Unable to breathe!

Superman knew he needed the cum to survive, but the process of getting it… might kill him first! Somehow, he managed to pull back, the greatness of the man’s phallus slipping out, and then was able to surround it with his own impressive pectorals, which seemed to please the Trytonian, who continued lustfully frotting between his enclosing olive-huge nippled breasts, groaning still with pleasure at his conquest of the other… his seed beginning to erupt in hopeless, abundant spurts rather quickly.

Jimmy couldn’t help but also erupt, watching the two muscled monoliths go at it.

Artwork, MBHM from France, on twitter and Patreon. [Although the Trytonian was larger, had enormously much bigger nipples, and was practically hairless... himself, not wearing any sort of headgear, Superman quailed before him... cleverly relishing the rape of his manly pecs.]
Artwork, MBHM from France, on twitter and Patreon. [Although the Trytonian was larger, had enormously much bigger nipples, and was practically hairless... himself, not wearing any sort of headgear, Superman quailed before him... cleverly relishing the rape of his manly pecs.]. Link to his twitter by clicking in the image.

Then Superman using all his remaining strength, managed to get his mouth once more over the alien’s eruption, taking the monster glans deep into his mouth, and draining from him all he could possibly take.

 “Aaaahhhhhh—oooowwww!! Fuuuucckk!” the frantic, hapless Trytonian soldier screamed.  “What the—ayyahahhhhhh???? I-I-I’m cu-cu-cummmmingggg!!!!!”  

At that, his sooner than expected ejaculate began to pour from his massive rod directly into the esophagus of the hero.  Kal-El could feel it entering his stomach as it was more than very warm.  Ropes upon ribbons of the potent serum entered his system.  He could actually feel his stomach seeming to fill from the massive amounts of it.  The soldier pulled his dick out of Superman’s throat as it continued to spurt, half-staggering on his feet (weakened as Superman knew he would be), cum spraying everywhere. Even Jimmy got a blast/taste of it when a few globs hit his face. Made him more than dizzy at first…. But the MOS too, was also extraordinarily exhausted, and fell heaving on the floor, gasping for breath. Hoping his prediction of renewed powers was right. He surely felt oddly electrified. Though almost knocked out by the ordeal.


Chapter 8

Superman was laying on the ground, still heaving from the lack of oxygen from the soldier’s cock in his throat. The soldier had dumped so much of his semen down the hero’s throat that he felt almost pregnant for a few moments.  It must have been nearly a quart.  His stomach burned and ached; his abs still evident but swollen. With each breath, however he felt stronger and stronger. His plan was working. If the solution to his problem lay in the soldier’s possibly potent-rich seed—his mind raced—would not more of this weird alien’s cum (just like his own if ingested), reawaken his assets? Was there any limit to how strong he could become from this foreign Trytonite soldier’s self-generated resources?  He urgently wanted to test his powers, but still didn’t want to give away the fact they seemed to be returning. This superior soldier, coming from another planet near Krypton, with no apparent weaknesses, was still larger, loaded, and more muscular— built, hung, and virile!  Even if restored, Superman was not sure he could defeat him.

Feeling he needed more of the nectar that might well be the salvation for renewing his powers, he dared to taunt the hulking soldier… who he could tell seemed slightly “dulled” from his now third volley of expended inner essences, standing not quite so primely tall as before. “So I guess my throat was too much for you, big man. A Kryptonian, able to master your sexual control—with a lesser dick, at that. Unable to hold your cum?”

Holy shit, was Superman crazy?  Jimmy flattened himself further against the wall, sure an eruption of a worse than volcanic kind was about to occur. Having already seen his hero brought to his knees, the plaything of a monstrous villain. Though it had given him a huge boner, seeing his pal overpowered, forcefully sucking a more glorious cock than his wondrous own, and cowing like the true wimp he seemed to have now become. No longer much of a touted hero. How strangely fast things could change!

“No one makes me cum until I’m ready to cum!” sneered the offended soldier. “Now you will pay for it, Limp-fuck!” And he grab-jerked Superman up from the floor by his hair and one hand under his arms, like a piece of spaghetti, pushed his broad back forwards and dropped him over a waist-high metal table near the side of the room where Jimmy was. He quickly strong-slammed Superman over it, pecs down, and prepared to fuck him.

Superman trembled, knowing the horrible ordeal to come.

Angrily turning to Jimmy, and seeing his wowed stare, “Look kid, hold onto this “asshole’s” girly wrists tight, so he can’t get away! Even you can power him down, I’m sure,” he demanded of Jimmy—“or you’ll be next!” who gaped, and involuntarily complied. Grabbing hold of his idol’s thick wrists, he held tight. I mean, what else could he do?

Artwork, MBHM – [The overly built & endowed Trytonian soldier enraged by Superman ... now cleverly being enticed by him to his unsuspecting doom.]
Artwork, MBHM – [The overly built & endowed Trytonian soldier enraged by Superman ... now cleverly being enticed by him to his unsuspecting doom.]. Link to his twitter by clicking in the image.

The soldier spread the MOS’s cheeks and proceeded to plunder him. Superman, who had braced himself with some inherent control, and some new strength regained, tightened his sphincter—never having been raped or taken that way before.  He knew it would hurt—“super” or not; it was inevitable. He gritted his teeth, his eyes met Jimmy’s… who had a look of both awe and utter disdain mixed together. Superman shook his head, “Jimmy, please,” he moaned. Equally plaintive, begging, and hopeful. Then screamed.

Superman’s chute had involuntarily tightened to prevent the intrusion (as he knew for appearances he must)—and had no desire for this horse to invade him—but also knew he must accept the desecration, if he were to survive.  And when the sudden ram of the alien’s cock finally pierced him, he nearly fainted, could not help himself from crying out… utterly desperate, and violated beyond his never before experiences of any kind! Truly, he thought his heart would stop. He gurgled, gasped, mumbled incoherently a few moments, then at last… regaining control, welcomed the evil intrusion, knowing it could save him.

“Tight fucker—but not tight enough to keep me out! Your Kryptonian pussy is mine for keeps, Wimpy-Man!  Get used to it!  Probably the only one around here “able” to take me, anyway. You will learn!!

And truly real, not pretended, Superman could only go, “Uunnh, unnnhh!! Unnhhh-OOhhhhhh!!!!!” Which strikingly was the most horrible, painful, and gradually… the most wonderful/awful experience he’d ever known. But he had to keep a grasp on his senses. Trying desperately to also not climax himself.

“Jimmy,” he whispered, in jerky spurts. “You must. Get around behind him.  While he’s enthralled working me—reach up under him, fist-down, and grasp hold of those cow-huge tits of his, and milk him like crazy!” Jimmy’s eyes wide as saucers. “Then, when he starts to cum, let go… reach up around his neck, pull his head back sharply, and squeeze really hard and tight under his jaws—on his carotids!!  Be quick—DON”T LET UP!  Shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.  He’ll be out.  May be our only chance out of here.  Then, I can take care of him.”

And while in the throes of his rage and his ecstasy, fucking the MOS… when Jimmy’s hands from behind unexpectedly fisted down, around, and over his enormous teats, the soldier suddenly cried out, “Oh, kid—how did you know?!  Oh, yes, oh, yeah, keep taking those babies!!  Work them goo-ood!!  Aaahhhh-oooohhhhhh!!” Suddenly taken into another stratospheric realm of joy. His guard completely gone.

The soldier then began to more roughly fuck into the Man of Steel. Superman was glad to sense he had regained his powers, because this unbridled assault might have probably killed him, otherwise—and now he drew them into focus. He began to control his inner muscles and sphincter at an undreamed-of superior speed.

“Whaaa—? Noooooo-ooohhh…” the soldier began. Startled, he tried to pull out, but Superman clamped down on his cock with a force so powerful, he couldn’t escape. “I’m cummmmm-iiinnggggg…” the soldier wailed, overcome, as he once more dumped clot after clot after clot of his precious seed into the bowels of the hero; and struggled futilely to withdraw. The both of them on a mountain-peak high.  So much so that the Man of Steel wasn’t sure he could take it all. (He’d already swallowed explosive devices enough to protect innocent bystanders at other times, causing him less discomfort than this massive amount of cum—making him overheated and woozy.  But he knew he needed it if he was going to defeat this super soldier.) 

Then he felt the huge body above him jerk, the surprised soldier struggling—knowing Jimmy had done his job. The mighty soldier, taken off guard, and so much distracted by his orgasm, easy prey for the swift-acting Jimmy—whose quick, determined pressure on his carotids took him into “never-neverland” in but a few lethal, unplanned for seconds!!  His great body went slack, his cock still spewing, as he slid weakly out of and off of Superman’s torso, and slipped inert to the floor, eyes wide in startled defeat, arms and legs in limp askew.

Jimmy, no less in a similar state of surprise, what he’d managed to do: saved Superman, and himself!!  He shivered a moment, feeling still more strange; his shirt somehow tighter, maybe? Retasting the savor of the soldier’s previous shot cum on his lips. Without really thinking, he reached down onto the collapsed alien, and brought a still warm slug of it to his mouth. Closed his eyes. Swallowed….  

Superman stood and drew near, half-staggering, and smiled, looking down. Patted Jimmy on the shoulder. Then turned more of his focus to the main impenetrable door, how to get it open.

Once more stymied, he and Jimmy surveyed the door, seeking a solution, the muscled hunk of no immediate concern.  But suddenly from behind, Jimmy was grabbed by the neck, picked up and shaken like a bag of flour. “What the hell did you try to do to me, you Wimpy Twerp? I’m going to break your fucking neck!!” Jimmy gurgling and kicking

his legs, the Trytonian soldier having come to faster than either one of them expected—now enraged like an unleased volcano.

Without thinking Superman intervened, snatched Jimmy out of his grasp and boldly pulled the man’s arms away and down. Surprised, of course, at the display of his strength, the soldier loosened his grip, but did not hesitate to send a fist crashing into the MOS’s chin, which knocked him back a few feet, stunned.

“I’m going to break your ass good!” he thundered, and rushed Kal, grabbing him up in a crushing bear hug, as if to squeeze him in half and break his spine. The assault so swift and deadly, Superman floundered desperately in his arms, almost to the point of unconsciousness—and then suddenly seemed to come alive. Not only had his strength seemed to return from nowhere, but it seemed to him and Jimmy, vastly increased. He broke the hold to the astonishment of the larger soldier, who now seemed not so large as before.  As both Jimmy and the soldier gasped, Superman seemed to have suddenly metamorphosized right before their very eyes, gaining two inches more in height, and two inches more around in every arm and leg and way… throughout his chest and shoulders even more so.  It was mesmerizing: now almost a twin, equal to the alien Trytonian! And, too, with as if a miraculous two days’ growth of beard suddenly sprouted across his face, and an increased thickening of his hair everywhere. Crazily invigorating.

The soldier’s mouth dropped open, backing up. Superman pursued, in a violent, hithertofore never known or expressed rage—“YOU SONOFABITCH!!  YOU ARE DONE, HERE!!!!  DEAD, YOU HEAR ME—YOU WILL NOT INVADE MY PLANET!!” And with that he grabbed the nude, astonished other alien by his huge udders, slammed him back against the wall, his knee crushing up and into the Tryton soldier’s vulnerable, huge balls, holding, pushing, and grinding them hard—and ripped his monster nipples right off his chest!! The soldier was screaming bloody murder, shrieking in beyond surprise, pain, horror, and disbelief. Arms and legs flapping. Superman let him go, thrust the bloody useless teats aside from him—while the gaping, beyond shocked soldier’s body slid stunned, wide-eyed and near senseless down along the wall, “Ohhh-uuuhhh-ohhhhh! Uuuhh-na-na-aaa-noooohhhhh!!” was all he could mumble, gurgle, gasp, before his tight buttocks hit the floor, completely depowered. Stupefied and defenseless. His pecs a bloody mess. Eyes nearly vacant. Arms like overcooked spaghetti, heavy and loose.  Mouth a-drool.  Intensely in pain.

Superman then bent over, grabbed him up, and with barely a modicum of resistance, broke his neck. The pop reverberated throughout the room. The soldier’s mass was now just merely that, a heap of lifeless bunched muscle at his feet. Then the MOS stood back, hands on hips, turned to Jimmy, and smiled. “Think it’s time we got out of here, babe. Let me see about that door.”

Jimmy continued to gape. The still nude, gargantuan Superman before him, even his genitals and nipples increased in size, not to mention his musculature overall, and the richness of his patterned body hair.  A living, breathing paragon of supreme male wonderment on a truly beyond earthly scale. No doubt even more handsome… but had somehow a touch of something “sinister” invaded him, too?!  This was—unbelievable! Superman never killed!  Anybody!  It was a shock. Justified, but still a shock.

Jimmy watched him stride to the door, even feeling his own shirt oddly much tighter than normal—watched him take it apart, rip it off its hinges and push it aside.

But unexpectedly, though the facility was thought to be empty, the screams of the former huge muscleman had brought his two compatriots rushing back in.  When they saw their companion still and quiet on the floor, bloodied no less all over the front of him, and the now much more increased Superman towering in front of them, the shattered door open and ajar, they blanched—wondering what to do. Obviously, they had miscalculated, big-time! Luthor would be furious at the Trytonian’s defeat, and Superman’s renewal and escape.  They tried to flee, but Superman was faster.  In a flash, he had them both gripped by their necks, turned to face Jimmy… “Nobody fucks with Superman!” he said.  And with a nasty grin, their arms and legs flailing uselessly, bashed their heads together like a pair of ripe melons—crushed before they could make much of a protest.  Neatly tossing all their bodies now into a singular heap.

If Jimmy had been amazed before, this took the proverbial cake. Jimmy’s mouth dangled wide open… surmising no doubt they had deserved it. His head aswirl with a newly confounded wonderment, and incomprehension. Superman restored, and overly confident.  Yet, indeed, more than strange!

“Come on, kid, time to get back to Metropolis.” He held out his arms with a wink, enfolded Jimmy in them, carried him forwards through the broken door… and took off into the night sky.

His head against the heat of Superman’s larger, bared and more hairy muscled pecs, he couldn’t help but want to nurse from those now greater enticing tits, but didn’t dare.  And if once he had, or could again… how would he ever be the same?  This time, their being beyond truly “super.”  Jimmy got dizzy thinking about it.  What they might hold now… nectar from a living god!!  For sure.

To be continued…

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