Man Of Steel to Man Of Sex
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Man Of Steel to Man Of Sex


Superman had received a distressing tip from his co worker and confidant Jimmy Olsen that a charity auction in the city of metropolis was really an auction for young college men to be auctioned off to local crime bosses into lives of sexual slavery.  Of course the man of steel knew that if such a thing where happening in the streets of metropolis that only one man could truly help him get to the bottom of it.

His name was Beaumont Livingston, forty years old and the king of the strip clubs and brothels that lined the seedier neighborhoods of metropolis.  It was a part of the city police feared to tread knowing that Beaumont would murder them, and because police usually steered clear of the area it was a murder that would likely remain unsolved.  The only one with enough guts to pay the area a visit was of course the courageous champion of metropolis.

It was not a task the man of steel completed with any relish or enthusiasm however.  It made his muscular skin crawl.  He was walking through old town, looking amazing in his skin hugging blue body suit his glowing blue belt, maroon boots, and red cape.  His face looked amazing even in the dim street light walking triumphantly down the street, the eyes of the men who worked the streets glued to him. He was feeling extremely confident that he knew where his present foe would be located. 

He found the building Hercules right where it always was and he walked confidently up to the door.  He opened it and stepped inside the club, and found it at near capacity which was nothing new for a Saturday night.  The hero walked confidently over to the bar.

“What are you doing here boy scout?”

“I know you didn’t finish at the top of any class Butch but I am sure if you try really hard you can figure it out.”

That garnered a couple of chuckles from a couple of drunken queers sitting near the bar as Butch rolled his eyes and cast Superman a disdainful look.  The hero could feel his eyes shooting daggers at him, but the hero was unfazed.  He knew he could beat Butch with both of his hands tied behind his back.  Before he had the chance the red phone behind the bar rang and Butch answered it.  He grunted a couple of times into the phone and hung up glaring at the hero.

“Go on up Superdick, the boss wants a word.”

The hero smiled and headed towards the elevator that rose six stories to the clubs office which was also Beaumont’s penthouse apartment.  The last thing Superman saw was the dance floor where hundreds of men were grinding upon each other, and poles where naked men hung and gyrated there naked flesh for dirty dollar bills.

The elevator doors parted and Superman saw his foe sitting in his custom made gold throne golden boxers and his golden robe, the bejeweled gold crown sitting crooked on his head.  On a pair of mats two men, muscled tall striking and naked were engaged in a vigorous fight.

Beaumont clapped his hands and the men stopped fighting and turned their collective attention to the hero who had entered the room.

“Donnie, Mack I give you Superman.”

They grunted in the hero’s direction and Beaumont smiled before taking a sip from his chalice, and then drawing a stiff pull from his pipe, the air filling with the scent of his favorite illegal recreational herb.  Superman shook his head impatiently and started towards Beaumont.

“Mack be a pal and get our hero a bottle of water.  He never drinks, isn’t that right big boy?”

Superman didn’t offer an answer; he just took a seat on the edge of the bed leveling his eyes at Beaumont trying to gauge the villain’s mood.  He was trying to see if he was in the mood for a fight or if he would go quietly.

“Look I do not intend to stay long.  I simply need to know what you know about the upcoming charity auction.  We can do this easy or hard, your choice.”

“Come now Superman you know I like it hard.”

“I had a feeling you would want to play it that way Beaumont.”

“Oh come on Superman you know like having to beat answers out of me.  Use your big strong muscles on me.  Slap me around; show me you are the one calling the shots.”

The man of steel could not deny it was true.  He had long enjoyed beating criminals, bullies to a pulp.  He of course always was sure to keep from inflicting too much pain and misfortune upon them.  Just enough so that the lesson of the criminal insolence had been if not learned, then reminded to them.

“What can you tell me about young college guys being sold into sexual slavery?  It is part of some charity auction?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

The hero was fast losing patience with his adversary, but Beaumont cool as ice took another drag off the pipe, as Mack returned with the hero’s bottle of water in a chilled glass.  The hero took it and swallowed it in one sip as he so often did.  He passed the glass back to Mack, his hand grazing against the young man’s erection.  Superman stood immediately and looked humbly at Mack.

“I am sincerely sorry young man.”

“No harm done Superman, I think you made him happy.”

Mack reached down and gave his throbbing erection a long slow stroke, the man of steels dumbfounded eyes glued to it.  The man of steel felt himself stagger backwards landing buffoonish on his muscled ass.  He felt at half speed his eyes saw double.  He staggered to his knees, as Mack continued to stroke his erection all eight inches of it in the hero’s face.

“What has gotten into you Superman, if I didn’t know any better I would say you want to give it a little kiss.”

Without further prodding Mack stepped forward two paces and with his right hand at the base of his thick veiny delight began smacking the kneeling hero in the face.  Superman tried to protect his face, raising his hands in defence but instead his hands found Mack’s muscled thighs.  He hung on for dear life as the scent of the sweat from Mack’s cock filled his nostrils. 

“I can’t believe my eyes, the man of steel is kneeling before another man.”

“What is going on?  What is happening to me.”

The hero let out a pleasured sigh as Macks hands began dancing through his thick jet black locks.  Regaining his wits however momentarily, the man of steel released Macks thighs and fell flat on his face as Mack staggered backwards.  He did a quick push up and was back on his knees and then pushed up and stood on his wobbly feet hands poised at his chest in a boxers pose.  Mack stepped close and Superman shot out a fist but hit only air, Mack drove a fist right into the hero’s ribs.  Superman tried to return the blow but again missed badly, and his jaw was greeted by a strong fist from Mack who sent the hero reeling. 

He staggered back into the clutches of his foe Beaumont.  He put the hero in a half nelson, and Superman struggled comically his legs flailing as moans of fear and discomfort escaped the hero’s lips.  He could feel himself getting weaker as Beaumont’s grip on his massive arms increased.  Mack stepped forward and began unloading a flurry of shots to the hero’s ribs, and stomach.  Donnie smiled and walked to the hero’s feet.  He quickly removed the hero’s boots and began kissing his handsome muscled feet.  The hero could feel himself weakening everywhere except between his legs.  Suddenly at the sensual kisses of his feet the man of steels could feel his huge throbbing cock stretching the fabric of his blue loin cloth.  Mack smiled and began kissing the hero’s neck further exciting the man of steel whose mind was filled equal parts fear and arousal.  It was noticeable now his throbbing hardness pressing against his loin cloth longing to be exposed.  In his mind he knew he should not want such things, that he was a purely heterosexual being.  Of course as his cock grew in his tights he could not deny the great way it felt the men kissing his neck, his feet.  His mind soon wondered to thoughts he had long repressed.  A fantasy he had, of being a midnight dartboard for the high school football team, the fantasy ending with him doused in cum and hanging from a scarecrow in a cornfield in his Kansas hometown, a humiliated laughing stock.

Suddenly without warning the man of steel found his arms released, his hands pulled on Macks hair hard enough to secure his attention, and soon the two of them had locked lips.  The man of steel found his hands instinctively squeezing on Mack’s muscled ass.  Donnie removed the hero’s feet from his mouth and instead picked the hero up by his legs like a wheel barrel and dragged him to the silk sheets of Beaumont’s bed.  Mack and Superman kept kissing each other hungrily the hero’s cock begging for exposure, as Beaumont watched from the sidelines pleasuring himself at the sight of Superman giving into his homosexual lust.     

The two young studs wasted no time peeling the pants and shirt off the hero’s body, leaving only his cape and blue loin cloth on.  Mack broke the passionate kiss and dragged the hero to the edge of the bed.  Donnie turned the hero over on his stomach, as Mack spread his ass cheeks wide.

“Lick my asshole Superman.” 

The hero could not contain himself and acquiesced almost instantly his tongue out and licking on Mack’s rosebud, his hands stroking Mark’s erection, while Donnie began spanking the hero’s muscled ass hard with his bare hands.  The hero yelped and moaned with both pleasure and pain, his tongue hungrily licking the dark rosebud.  Donnie laughed and ripped off the loin cloth.  He quickly spread the hero’s ass and began eating it as the hero writhed on the bed trying to fuck it as well as bring Mack to orgasm, with his tongue and hands.  Of course before Mack would grant the hero his reward he pulled the heroes hands away and took a pair of wobbly steps forward.  He turned to the hero, and grabbed his own cock and began stroking it as Superman opened his mouth once again readying it too accept his reward.  Donnie looked at his friend and saw he was on the verge of ejaculating, and as he saw Mack’s eyes roll back and the first creamy gob sprayed the superhero’s defeated face he thrust his cock into the hero’s ass, Superman let out a mighty groan of both pain and pleasure.  Mack took hold of the hero’s head with one hand, and grabbing the base of his cock with the other he began wiping his dirty cock all over the hero’s face and hair until it was a mess of pooling and drying semen.  Donnie’s hands found their way around the man of steels neck and he began bucking into the hero like a horny bronco.  Superman grunted and moaned, and screamed with passion as his body was used for the first time as a pure object of sexual lust.  He felt shame and embarrassment as he realized that his face was dripping with Mack’s cum, and he felt lust as each thrust of Donnie’s mighty seven inch divining rod was fucking him into submission.  Donnie hooked his fingers into the hero’s mouth and felt no resistance as he continued to pound his beautiful muscled ass.  Both men were sweating profusely, and Donnie was on cloud nine, his cock the first to fuck the vaunted hero, he took pleasure knowing he was the first but even more knowing he would not be the last.  His ass was tight as foreskin and he kept thinking how good it felt to be inside there, making the hero speak in tongues as he fucked away.  His ass bouncing his fingers being sucked on like cocks as he tried to sweat the hardening semen off his face.  Donnie could take it no longer, he exploded like a shotgun in the hero’s ass and found his shrinking cock leaking from the heroes ass on a wave of thick juicy cum.  He collapsed kissing the hero’s amazing ass as he did so, while the man of steel crawled off the bed in a pathetic and final attempt at escape.  He was satisfied like he hadn’t been before, but in fear of what lay ahead for him. 

Beaumont caught up to the hero a few feet off the bed.  He shot another gooey load all over the heroes face and then shoved his shrinking cock in his mouth and spanked him on the ass which still leaked cum.           


“Please I will leave you alone Beaumont, let me go I beg you.”


“No Superqueer, you are over.  You have nothing to offer in exchange for your release.  You are the prize pig Superqueer.  You belong to me now, you are going to make me a very rich man.” 


He returned his cock to the hero’s mouth and was surprised to find it hard.  Superman began suckling on it like a child nursing from its mother.  It was truly a pathetic sight, and one Beaumont would cherish until his dying day.

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1 thought on “Man Of Steel to Man Of Sex
4.5 (4)

  1. That Superman would take "a drink" of any kind in the presence of a known criminal would be a common sensical NEVER to do so, unless he had been given a huge reason to be very, very thirsty!!! Then, to simply down the MOS with really no problem or explanation (of how that had been accomplished, like what is in the drink, that would render him defenseless, powerless, and mind-scrambled) is to throw logic out the window, and make the whole scenario one of "I don't believe this!" Sad, because some elements in it were of complete interest: like taking down the most "invulnerable" of men, staunch and pure, and turning him into a desperately hungry cock-sucking fag in moments (and interested in LITTLE ones at that?) again fails to bring up a scene of much interest or belief. (Never mentioning either, that Superman's rod should have put them all to shame; and him on his knees or back craving these much smaller ones [even if only nines] would have far better set the scene ablaze. And then the idea, they were going to keep him that way — HOW? Pour water down his throat every hour on the hour?

    Really wild the way some ideas are just never brought to a more acceptable execution/conclusion, when they could have been with a bit more foresight, effort and think-through.

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