The Ultimate Take-Down Part 7
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The Ultimate Take-Down


with some help from Catbatbom900900


Part Seven

He was shaking in my arms, holding on to his last moments. His eyes were looking straight into mine but getting weaker, lips quivering as if he wanted to kiss me even though I had destroyed him.

I held him hard, cradling him. My mind went in all directions. Then it struck me! It was a long shot. I had one syringe of K-steroid left. Vaccinations contain the very disease they are trying to prevent. Maybe it would work. I grabbed the one remaining needle of steroid and slammed it into his chest. The needle pierced his Kryptonite-weakened skin.

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he yelled. I held him as the green liquid went into his body. This would either kill him or… I didn’t know. I just hoped.

Suddenly his body stiffened and arched. He let out another yell that lasted for more than two minutes. Every muscle in his frame tensed as if he were being electrocuted. I’m sure it was beyond unbearable! He shook his head from side to side, veins popping out all over his body. But the serum started to work. The bruises, cuts and swelling on his face started to heal. His glowing green skin started to change back to his normal bronze tan. His arms bulged larger than before; his chest swelled with pec muscle. Sinew and skin started to grow back on his stomach. The hole started to disappear. He grit his teeth together, breathing with heavy, hard breaths and grunts. Each jerk of his torso crunched the re-growing plates of his abs together into deeper and deeper ridges – building a cobblestone 10 pack like mine.  Literally – abs of death!

He huffed and huffed, muscles jerking in contraction and then his body-wracking subsided. It was over. Sweat dripped off him as he looked down at himself – whole again. Wounds, bruises, broken bones all gone. His body nearly rivaled mine. And so did his cock. He reached up and planted his tongue deep in my mouth. He stood up, tensing his arms at his sides. His biceps were cannonballs even unflexed. Triceps like slabs of beef on the sides of his arms.  Cords flashed across his pecs from top to bottom. He was even more stunning than before.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I feel… great.” he said, surprised. “There’s no pain. It’s gone.

“This is permanent. For both of us. No going back.”

He looked me in the eye, ran his fingers over his muscled stomach, and then put them up to my chest. He smiled and looked down. He flexed his abs and pecs, rolling his arms out at his sides feeling his new strength.  He liked what he felt and saw.

“No going back… sir.” he said.

“Better than before.  Your body will be able to take me now.  No more weakness to Kryptonite.”   I said.

He put his hand on my shoulder. “Will you teach me to fight like you?” he asked.  “You, me at my Fortress, my secret place. I want to take you on again, but this time you will teach me.”

“And then what?” I asked.

“Fight and make love.” he said.

 “Man’s deepest passions.” I replied

“Yes, sir.”  he agreed.  Rays shot from his eyes down to his pecs.  Within seconds he branded his classic “S” symbol on his wide bare chest. Clean, sharp and perfect, like a red tattoo.

“‘S’ for `slave’.” he uttered.

“Now you’re catching on, boy.” I said, lightly punching his right pec.  His dick jumped and started rising. He lifted up off the ground gesturing up for me up in the air. His power of flight had returned.  I raised my chest up and found my body floating, just like his.

“Man!” I thought. “If I could bottle this K-steroid, I’d make a fortune”.

But then again, why should everyone else be like me and him? We’re two of kind – warriors among men, cocks stiffening, ready. Naked, under cover of darkness, we raced through the air heading north, leaving the ruined Met airport and Superman’s old life behind.

The End… For now…

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4.5 (2)

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