The Ultimate Take-Down Part 6
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The Ultimate Take-Down


with some help from Catbatbom900900


Part Six


I reached down and fingered his ass. It was like a vice.

“I’m going in whether you loosen up or not, so relax…”

I started massaging his ass. He breathed deep and my fingers started to enter. I placed the tip of my cock at his hole and pushed. It still wouldn’t go in. I ran my fingers around his hole and leaned down and kissed him. My fingers went in further, followed my first push – a few inches up. Superman grit his teeth. I pried his teeth apart with my tongue and pushed my cock further in.

“Uhhhhhh.” he grimaced as I broke through the first ring. My K-steroid dick would have gutted a normal man, but Superman wasn’t a normal man. I raised my torso back and started pushing in and out, grabbing him by the obliques. He started to move with my moves. I was part way up but still not all in.

“Come on, boy… let it go.” I leaned over and kissed him. Then I sent four hard, fierce rabbit punches into his stomach. He lurched and let out a grunt, but that made him release. My cock shoved all the way through his tough muscle ass walls. He yelled – mouth wide open.  Then he started breathing hard as I held my cock firmly inside him. I held him till he settled. And then I kissed him again. I felt his body relax, and I slowly started working myself in and out.

“Can that girlfriend of your’s, Lois, do this, man?” I chided, arching up inside him, letting my cock swell up with force. His eyes widened and a low pleasurable deep breath came from within his gut. I was fully in him and we could feel the heat of each other’s bodies glowing from that connection. I worked my shaft all the way up and back out just before withdrawal. My cock swelled larger with each thrust. His body started to tense and jerk. He was smiling and grimacing all at the same time as new feelings flowed through his frame. He was from another world but he had the same hot spots, and he was getting the hang of it. He started to breath and swell his chest in rhythm to my thrusts. He started controlling his ass muscles, clenching, massaging and jerking my dick in rhythm with my moves. It felt great. 

“You’re afraid to fuck someone, afraid of what it will do to a human.  And no one’s been able to fuck you.  But you’ve dreamed about it, haven’t you?  And now you know what it feels like.”

“Uhhh! Yeah! I need it… Aaagh, ungh… I need you in me… bigger than me.” It turned me on to hear him admit it. I forced my dick harder inside of him. I placed my hands on his hips and dug deeper. “Oh, God, yeah!” he yelled. He was shrill with pleasure, his body tensing with every thrust. Even in defeat he looked fuckin’ hot. But I was not finished yet.

“What makes you think you deserve this, Super…Boy!?!” I grabbed the hair on his chest and pulled, ripping it out. “Aaaaggghhh!” he screamed looking down at his chest.

“Who am I?” I shouted.

“I… I don’t…” he couldn’t answer. I grabbed more chest hair and ripped. He yelled, his head shook and he bucked under me I ripped fistful after fistful of hair from his chest. I stopped with my cock still rigid in him. All that was left on his magnificent torso were patches of stubble and bright red irritation.

“Who am I?” I barked.

“You’re my… master!” he said chest heaving.

“Yeahhhhh! That’s right! And now you’re gonna cum for me, boy. I’m gonna milk you.” I growled. His cock was so hard. I grabbed it and used it as a handle, pulling my dick deeper inside him and stroking him at the same time. Every muscle in his body flexed, the surface of  his ripped body even more magnificent covered in sweat and bruises. I felt his shaft getting thicker and thicker as I jacked him at super-speed and drove into that spot deep inside him to the point of no-return. “Oh, god!” he yelled, arching his head back and letting go. Blast after blast hit me in the face like lava shot from a volcano – 5 loads of cum jacked from the Man of Steel by my own fist.  Had I not been invulnerable they would have taken my head off. I licked my lips and tasted the most powerful semen in the universe.  It was hot, salty, strong. I was inside the Man of Steel and his seed was in me. It fired me even more. I looked down at him. His head was bobbing back and forth, eyes looking into mine.

“Say it, man!” I said. “Say you want it!”

“I want it!”

 “Want what?”

 “I… I.. want you to cum…” he stuttered and finally let it out. “Cum in me!”

I ground my body as far up the downed, magnificent Man of Muscle and Steel as I could. I grabbed him around the chest, digging my fingers into his muscles and lats, smearing him with his own cum. I rammed into him, slammed my balls against his rock-hard cheeks like a wrecking ball into a building. Cum started gathering at the base of my cock.

“Yeah!” he said. “Oh, yeah! Fuck….!” He was going to cum again.

I leaned down and kissed him. He fucked my mouth with his tongue – wanting to devour all of this new forbidden feeling. My dick was never so alive. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” I reared back and let out a yell.  “Godddddd!   Best… fuckin’… orgasm… I… ever… had!   I shot like a cannon inside him – emptied my whole fight-jacked cock”.

His face all of a sudden twisted. He yelled louder than I had ever heard him yell during our fight. I thought he had cum again. But his face was full of pain, not pleasure. We both looked down. His magnificent abs were oozing with blood and cum. My load had blown through his body, making a fist-sized hole in his stomach!

I had miscalculated. He had been able to adjust to the Kryptonite in my outer body, but my cum was different. K-steroid must have made it pure acid poison blasting through his guts. He was shaking, starting to turn green. He coughed and looked me straight in the eye. He placed his hand over his destroyed abs. He groaned in agony and lifted his hand to the back of my neck. He started to pull me close to him, life starting to drain from his body.

I didn’t know whether to kiss and hold him or what… ?

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5 (2)

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