The Ultimate Take-Down Part 5
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The Ultimate Take-Down


with some help from Catbatbom900900


Part Five

I kneeled down, turned him over and wiped the red from his mouth. I held him there for a moment, a massive dead weight in my arms. He breathing was low. I leaned down and breathed air into his prone body. My tongue probed his mouth, his lips, his tongue. His head started bobbing. His eyes opened looking into mine. His chest swelled and relaxed as he lay there defeated.

Suddenly, I grabbed the back of his neck and squeezed it hard. I flexed my bicep inches from his face. It shot into a fight-pumped double peak that must have been 28″ – big as his head. My tone was harsh and forceful. “Look at that muscle!” I barked. “These are the guns that took you down.” He looked up at me barely conscious.

“You want to feel it?” I said. He seemed to tremble in my grip and hesitated for moments. “Feel it!” I commanded. His eyes stared at the huge muscle, at the cuts, at the veins sprawling from my chest to my shoulders to the double-peaked monster and up my massive forearm to the fist that had beaten him senseless. Then he looked me in the eye, reached his hand up slowly and placed his fingers as far around my bicep as he could. His fingers hardly reached less than half way around it. Then he pressed hard. His eyes widened. I leveled my arm out, unflexing my bicep. He brought his other hand up, clenching all his fingers tightly around my gun. I flexed. His hands squeezed tight, trying to hold on, trying to keep the muscle from mounting. But my bicep swelled to Matterhorn size and broke his grip. He let out a small moan as his fingers let go. I could see his cock was starting to roll between his legs, starting to fill with blood.

I bent over and breathed into his mouth again. His mouth was warm. His tongue met mine, and he didn’t pull back.  I let go and stood up, filling my lungs with air. My chest and lats swelled so large they almost sent shock waves into the Man of Steel. Jet wings of muscle carrying two payloads the size of boulders.

“This is the chest that crushed yours.” I said flexing my pecs. The tendons rippled through them like steel cables. My nipples were full-erect. I leaned over close to him. He reached his palm out and placed it into the 6″ deep canyon between my pecs. His hand was warm. So was my skin. Superman’s cock was rising. It was beautiful to see – smooth and powerful like an animal. He put both hands on my pecs, pressed in and felt how they were harder than steel. Then he moved his hand down and placed his fingers on my stomach. I looked down at my abs and tensed them. All ten cylinders bunched into deep criss-crossed rows like the grill of a mack truck. He traced them with his finger, then jabbed his fist against the chrome plates. 

“Nice” he said in an awed whisper.

I shook my right leg and flexed it. Diamond-shaped slabs of muscle with surfaces like grated concrete blasted out of my skin.  My calf became a cannonball with a deep-etched cut.

“These are the legs that knocked the wind out of your gut and made you piss yourself.”

I reached down and tore off my briefs exposing low-hanging balls the size of lemons and a bull-sized cock, vascular and hard as the rest of my muscles.

“And this is the cock that’s going to fuck you, Superman.” I said firmly. He didn’t make a sound. He just laid there, eyes fixed on my fuck muscle.

“You can’t tell me it doesn’t turn you on to beat another powerful being.” I said. “And you can’t tell me it doesn’t turn you on to think what it would be like to surrender to someone else – someone more powerful than you.”

He stared at me; he was trembling. “You’re the strong silent type, aren’t you?” I raised my tone. “You want it! Say it! I can see it in your eyes!”

He looked straight into mine. His lips started to part, no sound came out. His mouth was dry – dry like when you feel that sex urge, when you feel that lump in your throat from anticipation. He swallowed and an almost inaudible “Yes” came out of his mouth. “I… want it.”

“So the Man of Steel is also made of flesh and blood?” I replied. I leaned over and kissed him again. This time his tongue went deep into my mouth and his hands grasped all over my torso, feeling, exploring my muscles. After a long moment I pulled away, and stood up in front of him. I looked down at him and said, “From now on your `S’ is going to stand for `slave’.” His eyes agreed.

I wagged my dick in front of him. He rose to his knees. I stepped close to him and poised my thick, wet cock in his face. He could feel its heat, smell its man-scent. He looked up at me. He opened his mouth and put his lips around it. I slowly pressed it all the way in.  All 12 inches went down his throat easily. After all, he was “Superman”.

A warm rush of suction rolled up and down my dick. He drew the skin of cock back and forth with pressure, air and saliva. He was doing it all in his mouth without moving his head. Never felt anything as intense. On top of this, his tongue curled around my dick, up and down, licking around the head like a snake. He reached up and grabbed my pecs, started squeezing.

“Yeah… Yeah… that feels great!” I said. I just stood there and enjoyed it. He sucked harder and harder, looking up at me like almost like a happy dog. I put his fingers on my nipples, and he started fingering them. My nips got bullet hard. He worked them shooting   electricity down to the dick that was throbbing in his mouth. I was            close to losing it. It made him work my dick even harder. He was good at this. Made me wonder…

I reached down and pressed my fingers around his nipples. I rolled my fingers around them, tweaking them. He moaned, my cock still in his mouth. His nips hardened like solid metal. “Yeah, he likes that”, I thought. I pinched them with a grip that would make diamonds out of coal, but with his invulnerable nips it just made him more sex-crazy. He reared his head back, and his eyes almost went under their lids. I reached down and stroked his hair, then reached under his chin.

“Do you want to go all the way?” I asked.

He stopped and slowly brought his lips to the head of my dick, saliva dripping out of his mouth. My dick was huger and thicker than before as if it had been pumped by a vacuum. It looked amazing. He stuck his tongue into my piss slit and looked up. “All the way,” he said.

He backed away and laid down in front of me.   He was quiet, almost shy, but steeled and focused. Beams shot from his eyes burning off what was left of his costume.  Totally naked, body bruised but magnificent, he spread his legs apart.  His dick was standing straight up, pre-cumming in anticipation.  I had read him right.  He wanted it.  I showed him who the superior male was and it turned him on. I had beaten him, given him major hurt. Now I aimed to give him one of his greatest pleasures. He knew his first time would be painful, but I was gonna make his fuckin’ toes curl.



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1 thought on “The Ultimate Take-Down Part 5
4.8 (4)

  1. MANO A MANO. Superman will succumb to my strong, superiority fully, completely. I will be overflowing with overt awesomeness…

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