Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book IV Part 7-8
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Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord

Book IV “The Dynamic Duo’s Downfall”

Author: L. Cross – Approx. 2010.

Moderately enhanced/embellished/expanded/edited by Rick Henry, 10-2021.

Chapter 7 “Ryan’s Birthday Wish!”

It’s Ryan’s birthday. It is almost 9PM, and Ryan is in Room 10 at the Shooting Star Motel waiting for Dick. On the table is a package that arrived yesterday at Ryan’s PO Box.

Naturally the smug prick keeps me waiting again, thinks Ryan, as he scans the evening paper with Robin’s picture on the front page. Robin! Now there’s a guy I’d like to get in the sack with! I’ll wager he’s not near as big a dick as that swaggering prick, Dick Smith. Smith! And I was not even worth the effort to come up with a better alias! Well, Smith is my cash cow, now! 

Suddenly he hears the approach of Dick Grayson’s bike. He watches through the window as the strapping boy roars up on the speeding cycle to Room 10. The rear light illuminates brightly in the darkness as the bike brakes hard and stops. Dick remains straddling the yellow bike and walks it back into the parking space in front of the window as usual. He wears the ever present locked black canvas knapsack strapped over his leather jacket. Dick dismounts, and pulls the keys from the ignition and stuffs them into his black jeans. He releases a bungee cord that holds a large Burger King bag on the bike. Dick grabs the bag and walks towards Room 10. Dick opens the door and sets the bag on the table next to another box with an inscription: Mr. S Leather. Dick unbuckles the chin strap of his helmet and pulls the tight-fitting helmet off his head. “Happy Birthday, dude,” says Dick rather unenthusiastically to Ryan, who sits calmly at the table reading the evening paper.

“Hey, Dick, what’s up… running late again?” asks Ryan.

“Yeah, I got held up,” offers Dick who is sharply irritated by Ryan’s remark about his consistent tardiness. He closes the door and then sets his black helmet down on the closest bed. “I got takeout,” offers Dick in compensation for his tardiness.

“Wow… BK… whoppers and fries again,” sighs Ryan. “Big feast.”

Dick ignores the remark.

“Well, I got something different in mind for before… dinner,” announces Ryan. He pushes the cardboard box towards Dick, and rises to draw the window’s drapes together.

“Oh, yeah,” answers Dick and he turns his back. He rolls his eyes as he pulls his knapsack from his shoulders and sets it in the corner. Dick turns and eyes the newspaper with Robin’s picture, and casually flips it over. He unzips and sheds his black leather jacket. Underneath, Dick is wearing a bright red tank top which snugly conforms to his well-developed, hairless chest, and reveals his more than impressive bi’s and tri’s… not to mention the span of his gymnastically honed delts. He hangs his jacket on the hook behind the door and takes a seat opposite Ryan. “How was your day?” asks Dick, who could care less.

“Just fine – and yours, Dick?” asks Ryan.

“Fine… fine,” answers Dick, studying the large cardboard box on the table.

“Go ahead…have a look inside,” offers Ryan.

Dick opens the boxes flaps. “The birthday boy usually gets the gifts, dude,” reminds Dick cynically, as he pulls out a black thong with an elastic band. The cynical smile turns to a look of bewilderment as he stretches out the skimpy thong and reads the label: Nasty Pig

“Nasty Pig?” asks Dick as he looks at Ryan in bewilderment.

“It a product line of… accessories,” explains Ryan as Dick tosses the thong on the bed.

Dick reaches into box again and pulls out two sets of leather restraints – ankle and wrist – each with adjustable leather restraining straps!

“What is all this?” asks Dick, curious and piqued. He tosses the restraints on the bed with the thong. He reaches in the box again.

“It’s what I want to do on my birthday, Dick,” answers Ryan as Dick pulls out a black ball with leather straps and a buckle, and then a blindfold with similar leather straps.

“It’s what you want to do on your birthday?” repeats Dick confused. What’s this for?” asks Dick

“It goes in your mouth – it’s a gag,” explains Ryan.

“In my mouth!” blurts out Dick. “And all this stuff, is for… what?” Dick pulls all sorts of leather items out of the box – a leather harness, leather hood, doubled over leather strap, etc!

“I want to be in control, for once – you never let me assert myself. The leather insures I stay in control for a change,” explains Ryan, as Dick tosses the gag on the bed followed by the rest of the toys.

“You want to tie me down, gag me and paddle my ass?” asks Dick incredulously. “When did you turn kinky?”

“It’s not that! I just want to add “excitement” to the sex. Instead of you just fucking me with that big wand of yours, then riding off on your bike when you’re done… I want to be in control, just once! I saw a clip online: a guy called a top dominates another guy, called a bottom—it’s the control that makes the sex hot!” answers Ryan.

“Dude, we established our roles the first time we hooked up. I’m the pitcher, and you’re the catcher. In other words, I’m the top,” responds Dick cockily. “Dude – I might model that thong for you – but I am not letting anyone tie me down, stick a rubber ball in my mouth, paddle my ass, and then fuck me.” snorts Dick. Irritated, he rises from the chair and swaggers over to the fireplace to build a fire. 

“It’s my birthday, and you said we could do whatever I wanted tonight,” protests Ryan as he sits back in the chair and feigns a sulk.

Dick sighs and squats before the fireplace; he tosses a piece of kindling into the fireplace and then stares into the cold hearth as he reconsiders what submitting his dominant role in the relationship would mean… one time, or might entail. Hell, it’s just Ryan and me. We’re alone – it’s just a stupid game! I could relent for once and let Ryan have his way. Something different for both of us. Actually, he’s been cool and hasn’t asked a lot of questions, or ever complains that we don’t go out. He’s got a hell of a bod and the sex has been great. He hasn’t pestered me with calls or nagged me to come up here more than twice a week. And even if it’s about time to break this off and move onto another dude… I need to fuck somebody tonight. And I bet if we don’t play this stupid game, he’ll get all squirrely on me and pout off. Then I’ll have to jerk off on my own, and that’s not about to happen!  Dick sighs again and looks at Ryan, sulking at the table with his arms folded staring at the drawn drapes.

Dick rises and saunters to the bed and grabs the thong. “Well… since it’s obvious you’re going to sulk all evening if you don’t get your way – here’s the deal! I’m going to take a shower and then put this…thing on. Then, I’ll play your master-slave birthday game for 30 minutes. The 30 minutes includes my shower time. Then, it’s over… finished. I’m never playing the game again!” offers Dick. “After the next 30 minutes are up, I’m in charge of the sex again! And I’m warning you—don’t fuck me, or even try, when you tie me down! Nobody – I mean nobody fucks me! Never. And I mean no pictures or video, either!”

“Deal! I won’t fuck you, and no pictures or video!” agrees Ryan. “30 minutes is all I need… I mean, want,” replies Ryan excitedly to Dick, as they both check the time on the night table.

Dick shakes his head in disbelief at what he’s agreed to do and heads for the bathroom. After the door is shut Ryan scurries and turns down one of the beds. He took the bait! Now to reel him in!  Ryan quickly fastens the leather restraints to the four corners of the double bed’s metal frame. Hearing the shower start to run, Ryan pulls off his shirt and tosses it away. He hurries to his overnight bag. He empties the contents on the bed and then quickly sheds his clothes and puts on his attire for his performance.

As Ryan finishes dressing, the bathroom door opens and Dick Grayson, aka Smith, exits with damp hair and wearing only the Nasty Pig thong, which barely covers his privates, leaving his rounded ass exposed – split down the middle by a tight black elastic strap that runs up between the crack of his ass to the waistband. He walks into the room and stands, spreading his arms wide displaying the skimpy thong. Dick is surely a 10. He is tall, handsome and muscular, but not “muscle-bound.” It is not a stretch to say Dick’s well-developed, sculpted body far exceeds that of a Renaissance David.  

He is about to spin around for Ryan to show him a rearview of the thong, but suddenly stops. Dick drops his arms to his side, swallows hard and shivers slightly as he notices in wonder Ryan’s transformation. Ryan is wearing a short sleeve black leather police shirt, black leather pants tucked into high black leather boots! On his head is a black leather military style cap. His leather attire is accented by dark sunglasses and wrist high black leather motorcycle cop gloves! Clipped to the black belt around his waist is a pair of nickel-plated handcuffs! His disarming smile is gone, and he has a stern look.

Dick looks suddenly unsure… nervously eyeing Ryan fully clad in leather, and then the thick leather wrist and ankle restraints now attached to the bed’s frame! Dick starts to make an unflattering comment about Ryan’s get-up, but finds himself suddenly feeling shy and vulnerable, clad only in a thong, and remains silent. The vulnerability and Ryan’s appearance suddenly excite Dick! Ryan actually has a height and build similar to Dick’s; and in the tight leather he reveals a notably masculine frame. The black leather outfit with cap, gloves, and sunglasses seem… so erotic! Ryan’s short blond curls spills out from underneath the black leather cap, his former friendly blue eyes obscured by the dark glasses. It needs not be spoken who has the dominant role, and who has the submissive role of the pair. Focuses upturned. Ryan is fully clothed—Dick is practically naked!  

Ryan notices Dick’s surprise as well as his expression of intrigue! “We’re taking this little game serious, I see,” says Dick coyly, trying to make light of the awkwardness and his sudden feeling of vulnerability. Dick does not now have the safety or anonymity of the mask of Robin he is so accustomed to, or the security of the recognizable red and green costume, which instantly commands respect. His shield of arrogance begins to crack in the presence of Ryan’s leather.

Chapter 8 “Leather! Robin’s Kryptonite!”

Ryan does not respond. Dick begins fidgeting nervously with the elastic band of the Nasty Pig thong waiting for Ryan’s move. The thong’s strap is vaguely uncomfortable riding high and tight between Dick’s buttocks. He shifts his weight from leg to leg as Ryan studies him in silence. After a moment, Ryan shoves a leather item into each front pant pockets and the picks up the body harness and leather hood. Expressionless, he struts in silence over to Dick and studies his sculpt-muscled body at close range, looking him up and down like a potential buyer at a slave market! Dick looks down in embarrassment as the black leather clad young man circles the birthday present that is his for the next 30 minutes.

Ryan stops in front of Dick, drops the hood, and then feeds his muscled arms into the black leather harness. “You have to be kidding,” protests Dick as Ryan stands confidently in front of him, drawing each of the harness’s four leather straps tight and then buckles them up. The four thick straps wrap around Dick’s powerful torso, over both shoulders returning below his armpits. The straps are held together by two silver rings—one between his pectorals and one behind his back. Finished, Dick shakes slightly as Ryan pulls on the silver ring to ensure the harness is tight.  

Ryan steps back and commands in matter-of-fact tone, “Kneel.”

“Kneel… no way dude…” protests Dick at the thought of kneeling.

 “The 30 minutes are far from over!” reminds Ryan, cutting Dick off and repeats again sternly, “Kneel!”

Dick frowns, swallows hard and then descends to his knees before Ryan. Ryan is silent again except for the creak of his leather attire as he walks behind the kneeling boy. Surprisingly, Dick is aroused when he complies with Ryan’s order! Dick has never been on his knees in submission before a man! Young men have always knelt before him!

Ryan takes up the leather hood on the carpet and stands behind the kneeling boy. He slides the soft leather hood over Dick’s head as Dick swears righteously. The soft leather hood has only stitched eyeholes and a mouth hole. The hood does not have ear or nose openings… only two hollow metal rings infused as nostrils. The pair is silent as Ryan pulls the leather cord tight in the cinch rings behind the hood, drawing it tight over Dick’s face, like a second skin! Ryan ties off the cord. Ryan then begins to rub Dick’s powerful shoulders for several minutes to put his boy at ease for what is coming next!

Dick sighs and moves his hooded head side to side as Ryan caresses Dick with the soft leather gloves. Dick can smell the erotic fragrance of Ryan’s leather attire, and he breathes it in deeply through the metal nose holes of the hood. Dick lifts his hands and rubs them on the soft exterior of the hood tightly encasing his face.

“I saved the best accessories for last,” says Ryan emotionless, as he pulls Dick’s hands away from the hood. Dick’s hands drop to his sides as Ryan pulls a plain, rather wide black leather dog collar out of his leather pants pocket. He begins to wrap the wide collar around Dick’s strong neck. Dick starts to protest “What… a dog collar—no,” protests Dick halfheartedly. Ryan stops and puts a gloved hand over the hood’s mouth-hole silencing him! Dick starts to raise his hands to remove Ryan’s gloved hand from his mouth. He feels his cock stir and then twitch in the firm curved confines of the thong’s pouch… surprisingly his big arms suddenly relax and fall back harmlessly down to his sides.

Ryan smiles as he sees Dick lower his arms. He rubs the glove over the leather hood lightly slapping the exterior face of the soft leather hood. Dick is enticed by the smell of the hood and Ryan’s glove and breaths harder. Ryan sticks his gloved thumb into the mouth hole of the hood and says softly, “Suck.” Dick’s eyes close as he wraps his mouth around Ryan’s leather thumb and sucks gently. Sensing Dick is ready to accept the collar, he removes his thumb and again begins to wrap the collar – the universal symbol of submission – around Dick’s neck. The feel of the thick, soft leather collar being wrapped tight around his strong neck arouses Dick and his cock hardens. Ryan finishes buckling the collar tight around his neck, as Dick’s stiff rod rises to full attention, the glans turgidly sticking out and above the top of the thong’s waist band. I have you now, you arrogant fuck, thinks Ryan, observing Dick’s more than manly appendage.

Larger than his own, definitely; but nothing new. Dick’s an inch and a half more, and quite thick. They had still enjoyed each other’s, nonetheless.

Dick begins to sweat and breathe even faster. Ryan orders Dick to stand up. Dick rises from his knees and stands upright next to Ryan, nervously aware of his raging hard-on. Ryan turns Dick to face the large mirror over one of the room’s dressers.

“What do you see,” asks Ryan as he pulls a leather leash from his pocket and attaches it to the lead ring of the Dick’s collar.

“I… don’t know,” answers Dick in confusion through the hood’s mouth-hole. His heart is racing and his broad chest is heaving up and down in the tight harness, breathing excitedly.

“What do you see?” presses Ryan as he tugs the leash sharply.

Dick stares in confusion at the man in the mirror standing beside Ryan as his mind analyzes the image. Each leather item Ryan selected seems to have an intended purpose. The hood robs him of one of the physical features he is so prideful of within: his handsome face. The harness mutes the other physical aspects of his body which he also takes pride in—his well-developed muscles. The harness he wears is actually the symbolic bridling of his young body’s strength. The collar clearly defines his enslavement. And the leash proclaims Ryan is his… master!

Dick gasps. “I -I… see… a, a… slave,” admits Dick. The seductive allure of the leather Ryan has so skillfully introduced takes its firm hold!  

“Correct,” replies Ryan coldly. “Now take your place at my feet. Get down on your knees and perform for me.”

Dick’s cock remains rock hard as he descends back down to his knees. Dick’s gulps loudly and his Adam’s apple compresses under the tight wide leather collar. He gasps loudly through the mouth hole of the hood and in a whispered breath says, “I’ve never felt this way before… so, so helpless… powerless!”

“This is just the beginning, Dick,” says Ryan coolly.  Ryan tugs silently on the leash and snaps his fingers towards the carpet. Surprisingly Dick is not irritated at Ryan for snapping his fingers like a boy who whistles for his dog to come. His cock is hard and he cannot resist the sudden strong urge to obey his new master. Dick finds himself instinctively submitting to the tug of the leash, and he falls forward onto the palms of his hands. “Grovel,” commands Ryan sternly! Dick swallows hard within the tight collar and then begins to shuffle on his hands and knees groveling on the carpet. Dick’s cock hardens even more as he continues to grovel on his knees, clad only in a “Nasty Pig” thong… which does hardly more than closely contain his erection in an upright way. Ryan savors the moment and circles Dick holding the leash. “Lower,” commands Ryan sternly, testing his new power over Dick. Dick closes his eyes and his cock twitches above the thong’s waist band. Dick slides his powerful legs apart and lowers his strapping torso towards the carpet! A fine sheen of sweat begins to cover Dick’s muscular body. Dick stops and remains motionless as his face hovers only inches above the carpet with his elbows extended on either side of his head.

Ryan presses hard, “Lick my boot!” Ryan slides his boot under Dick’s face offering it to the groveling boy. Dick is suddenly flush. His dick twitches wildly with excitement above the thong’s waistband. His face sweats within the hood as he sticks his tongue out of the stitched mouth hole of the hood. Dick lowers his hooded head and starts licking the shiny boot. His tongue licks lively, swirling on the cold leather toe of Ryan’s black boot.

Ryan is delighted, holding the leash tight in his gloved hand, watching Dick lick his boot! Dick has always been so ego-taken up with himself… his height – muscles – his good looks – finely large cock; has flaunted his physical features and used them to dominate this relationship, and all past others. (Except for with his stronger mentor, Bruce Wayne; with whom he’d never had any sexual involvement—though he surely had wanted to!) Ryan has thus been the first to turn the tables on proud Dick—has robbed the mighty boy symbolically of everything that instilled pride, confidence, and arrogance in him. (Maybe had Bruce taken him in-hand physically, more forcefully… he might have accomplished more than he dreamed with the young man… who secretly did adore him. Truly.)

“Enough! Get naked! Strip off that thong! Let’s set that big bad boy between your legs set free!” commands Ryan sternly. Dick stops licking Ryan’s boot and then rises up to his knees. He grabs the waistband and slides the tight Nasty Pig thong downwards. Dick’s powerful legs shift, his cock bobs up and down, as he clumsily pulls the thong off his legs. Dick’s then offers up the black thong to Ryan in one hand from his knees! “Put it in your mouth boy, “commands Ryan! Dick is not annoyed in the least at being referred to as boy! He eagerly stuffs the Nasty Pig thong into the hood’s mouth hole between his teeth and bites down tasting the nylon fabric, and his own pre-cum, which is indelibly exciting to him. Dick bites down hard on the thong as Ryan uses his black boot to flick Dick’s stiffened cock repeatedly, to make it bounce wildly. “That’s quite a hard-on you’re sporting boy!” observes Ryan.  Dick lowers his head… tightly ensnared within an irresistible urge to be dominated! Ryan whistles as he pulls the leash. Dick’s face turns red within the hood and he falls forward onto his hands for the second time. Dick keeps his head and gaze lowered in submission, and crawls behind Ryan subserviently. Ryan looks back in wonder as he leads the powerfully built boy (a rather greater matching-like twin than himself), with a black thong stuffed into the mouth hole of his hood around the large motel room. Dick’s cock bobs wildly stiff up and down, hitting against his cobbled abs as his arms and legs move. Dick’s mind races as he crawls along: Robin, the Boy Wonder – the very name strikes fear in the minds of criminals – men roll over for me – I have never rolled over for anyone! Why am I so aroused? Why am I compelled to obey Ryan! Jesus, if this were Bruce, instead of Ryan, I’d beg him to fuck me silly…!

After several laps around the room, Ryan pulls up on the leash and Dick rises off his big hands and sits on his ankles. His dick stands erect at attention as he stares vacantly at the room’s wall expressionless, the black Nasty Pig thong still stuffed between his clenched teeth. Ryan releases the leather leash and it falls… hangs from Dick’s collar, draping over his powerful chest, running down to his raging hard-on. 

Ryan leaves Dick and walks over to the box… returning with another item he purchased with Shawn’s advance money. This time it is Ryan, who swaggers as he struts. He shows Dick 18 inches of a black leather strap folded in half and woven together into a handle. “A bargain at 65 dollars, Dick,” says Ryan, as he tilts down his sunglasses with one gloved hand, and looks over the top edges. He shows the boy on his knees the strap, and then caresses one of Dick’s ass cheeks with the cold leather, asking: “Do you want me to spank your ass with this, boy?”

Ryan grabs out the black thong from Dick’s mouth. Dick flexes his mouth, to get his jaws back in shape. Ryan takes the thong and shoves it into his jean pocket.

Dick looks up from his knees at the strap. Dick’s cock is twitching for release, and he eyes the nasty strap, wondering. He can only imagine the delight of its sting as it slaps his bare ass repeatedly. Dick tries desperately to shake off the sexual excitement and erotic lure of his never expected submission, bondage and punishment. It should be easy! Simply rise off his knees, get dressed, and ride far away from here on his bike… parked only feet away! He tries to flee! His calves harden and he starts to rise up off his knees. He only manages to rise inches before his knees buckle, and he falls back down to his knees. Dick, the mighty Robin… is too far down in the depths of his erotic sexual urges to fight free.

Dick answers softly, “Yes.”

“Yes, what,” asks Ryan as he cracks the strap against his leather pants loudly.

The sound startles Dick and he flinches in surprise. He lowers his eyes, and to his utter amazement he hears himself say, in a louder voice to Ryan, “Yes, sir.”

“Then, up off your knees. Go to the bed and lie down. Then roll over onto your stomach for me! Then spread your arms and legs wide, spread-eagled,” commands Ryan sternly.

Dick rises slowly off his knees, and obeys Ryan. Ryan harshly swats Dick’s bare butt cheek with the strap to move him along faster. Dick flinches and his manly member throbs; his buttock cheek burns from the kiss of the thick doubled-over strap… but Dick gets pleasure from the sting! He is speechless, completely confused by his sexual arousal in the role of a submissive. The leash dangles still from Dick’s collar hanging across his thick, youthful chest—he obeys and lies down on the bed as ordered. He rolls over onto his stomach and then slowly extends his wrists and ankles obediently to the four corners of the bed and waits.

Ryan struts over to Dick lying prostrate and waiting to be restrained. Ryan wastes no time; he tosses his strap to the floor, goes to one side, and begins to buckle Dick’s left wrist into the leather restraint, then his ankle. Dick repeats the procedure on the opposite side of the bed. Secured to the bed, Dick remains silent, mesmerized by the novel feeling of being totally immobilized, totally helpless – totally powerless. Dick is used to being in control. Suddenly his proud strength is neutralized, has been willingly surrendered to Ryan… as a birthday gift!

Dick lies on the bed with his head craned in the direction of the motel’s table, seemingly spellbound by the sexual pleasure “domination” has wrought into him. The leather clad young man mounts and then straddles Dick’s bare back and settles in. He leans forward and slides the ball gag over Dick’s hood and into position. Dick does not resist; in fact, he straightens his head and tilts it back, opening his mouth to willingly receive the black ball. Ryan inserts the ball into the hoods mouth hole between Dick’s bright white teeth, and deep into his mouth. A further flow from his Cowper’s is increasing from the glans of Dick’s cock, but is beneath him unseen, as Ryan tightens the gag’s straps and tightly buckles the gag’s silver buckle behind the hood. Dick’s head remains tilted back as he obediently waits for the blindfold. “Good boy,” whispers Ryan as he covers Dick’s eyes with the soft leather blindfold and buckles it tightly behind the leather hood.

Ryan pushes the hood to the mattress and then sits back on Dick’s rounded buttocks, studying his handy work. Ryan leans forward again and rubs each of Dick’s bulging triceps with each of his gloved hands, drinking in the more notable than his own muscles’ hardnesses and strength. Dick moans in pleasure through the ball gag. Ryan whispers into the hood near Dick’s ear, “I’ve made you a bottom. Now, I’m going to strap your ass bright red like a little school boy! Then I’m going to fuck you hard!”

Dick moans in pleasure again through the ball gag—tacit approval to be disciplined and fucked! More pre-cum rivers from Dick’s rod as he contemplates the prospect of being punished, and then fucked by Ryan. Thoroughly aroused, but inexplicably, Dick tests the strength of the leather restraints for the first time, and pulls on them with his impressive arms and legs. Ryan remains firm in the saddle like a cowboy on a horse that has been saddled for the first time! Dick’s arms strain and bulge, his calves dance up and down as he wrenches hard within the restraints. The new leather stretches slightly and crackles softly in response to Dick’s strength—but holds fast. Dick relaxes his muscles in the confining restraints, surrendering. Then shivers with the stark realization he has willingly allowed Ryan to curtail and control the strength of his powerful body. His male member remains rock hard, continually releasing more of his Cowper’s in anticipation of what is to come!

You’re not so fucking arrogant now, Dick Grayson-Smith! I’ve broken you! muses Ryan. He boldly dismounts, and moves from corner to corner synching the straps even tighter, so that Dick’s arms and legs are stretched as far as possible to the four corners of the bed. Dick does not struggle against his bonds. He lies motionless: gagged, hooded, blind, and naked—securely ensnared… breathing steadily, though anxiously, anticipating the sting of Ryan’s strap.

Ryan tosses his leather cap and sun glasses onto the unoccupied bed next to Dick. He pulls off the cop gloves one by one and tosses them next to the glasses and hat—props he no longer needs now that Dick is restrained. He sits on the unoccupied bed and pulls off his boots and white socks. He unbuttons and sheds the leather shirt and pants and discards them onto the carpet. Ryan peels off his dark green elastic underpants and picks up the leather strap. Naked, Ryan holds the strap’s woven handle firmly in his right hand and then looks at the clock… almost 9:45 PM. Plenty of time, thinks Ryan. Plotting ahead, his own fine member springs to life in anticipation of strapping Dick mercilessly, and then fucking him hard. 

To be continued…

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