Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 1-3
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.


Mark Shepherd and his partners were three highly paid mercenaries who, hired by the notorious Ivory Poachers’ Syndicate, successfully trapped Tarzan, the King of the Jungle, his wife, Jane and young son. Contracted to brutally kill the mighty ape man, they ruthlessly fulfilled that contract and additionally delivered Jane and Tarzan’s son into a lifetime of sexual enslavement. The trio, rich beyond their wildest dreams, and motivated by their incredible success were ready to take on additional crime contracts. After a brief respite, their newly formed team, Dark Trinity was once again ready to serve yet another crime syndicates wishes.

Chapter 1

Mark Shepherd and his two accomplices, Austin Jones and Frank Stearns had scarcely been in Gotham City for 4 days but already were very confident that they could fulfill their mission. After the successful termination of Tarzan and the subsequent sexual servitude of his wife and son, the powerful trio had taken a full year off to enjoy their wealth. The Ivory Poachers’ Syndicate had paid the three mercenaries generously for completely fulfilling their contract.

Austin had traveled, spending time in the Middle East soaking up the latest torture techniques from covert CIA agents, past friends of his, who now manned secret prisons in Yemen and Egypt. He was pleased with his newly acquired skills and couldn’t wait to try them out. He knew that the up- coming contract would give him that opportunity. When he visited Mark, he relaxed with Tarzan’s wife, Jane. The local tribal chief whored her out regularly and Austin was more than eager to fuck her again to relive his earlier encounter with her, the ape man and their son.

Frank had lived for the last 6 months in Thailand where he exercised strenuously, increasing both his upper body strength and physical stamina. To relax, he made good use of the local boy talent to satisfy his sexual needs. His one regret in the recent Tarzan contract had been his inability to convince Mark that Tarzan’s son should become his personal fuckboy. He had offered Mark a large portion of his remuneration to achieve sole “ownership” of the young boycunt, but no offer was sufficient to persuade Mark. One of Frank’s goals in Gotham was to ingratiate himself enough to Mark to perhaps achieve that end.

Mark had spent the last year being self-generous for a recent job well done. He had used the last months to enjoy the benefits of immense wealth—lavish parties, luxurious trips, and the satisfaction of creating a network of crime lords and syndicates worldwide. For enjoyment, he pimped Tarzan’s beautifully built son to one rugged crime mercenary after another. Since being neutered, the young boy provided a choice of three excellent orifices from which his lucky users could choose.

Mark relished watching the boy manipulate men in order to gain intense punishment– thereby expressing his own self hatred and also that for his father. Mark took great pains to meticulously groom the boy to make him look as much like his dad as possible. Mark had promised Tarzan immediately prior the ape man’s death that he would ultimately destroy any remaining love that his son had for him. Every time the young man looked in a mirror, he saw the man who allowed all this to happen to him. He hated the image in the mirror and he utterly despised his father.

Mark made sure the well built eunuch was used and abused on nearly a daily basis. So severely perverse was the abuse that the young man had become a mindless sexual deviant. Several times, because of the dark tastes of his customer, Tarzan’s son had raped and snuffed other captive boys his own age. Being without his cock and balls hadn’t affected the aggressive fury he demonstrated against his rivals. The young man had the uncanny ability to inflict punishment as well as he could take it. He killed on command and without remorse. Mark could see great uses for this boy in the near future.

For his own pleasure and perverse amusement, Mark researched the most recent literature on man to woman sexual alterations and even brought in experts on total sexual transformation. It was his intention at some point to turn the handsome young man into a woman. With hormonal treatments and plastic surgery, Tarzan’s son would at some future point become a female in every respect, and if there was any possibility, even a remote one, …Mark wanted him impregnated… by his own seed.

All of that was mere speculation, however; for now he and his two comrades were in Gotham. They had one objective-to kill Batman and Robin. Like Tarzan, the dynamic duo would be trapped, and eventually terminated. The details of the contract would to be delivered by the Gotham Crime Syndicate by the end of the day …and then Dark Trinity would begin its well tuned plan to deliver a city free of the two crime fighters once and for all.

Chapter 2

As Mark, Frank and Austin relaxed in the Penthouse apartment provided by the Gotham Crime Syndicate, a package was delivered and the threesome sat at a table slowly pouring over the contents. It was barely 3 pages long. As they read, the following details emerged:

• –  Each of them would receive a base salary of $1,000,000 when the two crime fighters were certifiably dead.
-•  If Batman and Robin were delivered incapacitated and the job finished in view of syndicate members an additional $500,000 would be added to each man’s base fee
• –  If a death scene was arranged for each member of the duo that produced a salable video, an additional $250,000 was be added to the base fee.
-•  If the two crime fighters’ reputations and honor were ruined as part of their downfall, an additional fee of $250,000 would be incurred.
•-  If Wayne Enterprises could be either dismantled or placed in crime ownership before the death of Batman, each fee would be increased by $250,000
•- Any additional collateral deaths accumulated would mean an additional sum in accordance with the importance of each individual killed.

Mark spoke first:  “When we fulfilled our last contract I was in this only of the money and I think you were too. That’s not the case now. All three of us now have enough money to make us happy for the rest of our lives. This is about something else now and all three of us know what it is. It’s about power. It’s also about taking down the “supposed invulnerables” in our world”. Their day is over. Our day is about to dawn”

Mark reached down and lifted an ornate jar in his hands and held it up into the light. In it floated the cock and balls of the once mighty master of the jungle. They slowly moved in the preservative liquid that cradled them. The light in the room seemed to spotlight them as Mark continued:  “Look at these virile symbols of power and dominance. They once energized a man thought to be invincible. We now own that man’s power. They won’t power anything or anyone ever again. We not only killed that “holier than thou” son-of-a-bitch, but we made sure his seed won’t get sown anywhere again.”

With that said, Mark lifted two additional jars, both empty.

“Into these jars, we will place two additional sets of cock and balls. It’s going to happen. Nothing can prevent it. The men we hunt don’t even know we’re here or suspect we’re coming. They don’t stand a fucking chance. We’re not only going to fulfill this contract, we’re going to fucking enjoy doing it. The reign of Batman and Robin is over. Their stars are setting. My good friends, let us raise our glasses and make a toast together.”

The three men each picked up a champagne glass and tapped them together before taking a sip of excellent, imported wine.

“Here’s to the downfall of the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin. May the hunt belong to those who hunt. May our prey die well—in violently satisfying ways that pleasure us and overwhelms them with unbelievable pain!”

As they finished the wine, Mark rang a small bell and a handsome, young waiter entered the room to dutifully fill the glasses again. Both Austin and Frank looked startled, but then smiled widely. The young man was Tarzan’s son and he was even more perfectly built and groomed than both men remembered.

“I had him flown in to serve us and assist however necessary,” stated Mark emphatically.

The men sat sipping wine as the young son of a former hero knelt before them, and expertly fellated them one at a time to orgasm. As he greedily swallowed the men’s huge cum loads, the three men relaxed and drank together. Tonight all three men would use the boy, filling every hole with hot man cum.

Life was good. Life was very good, indeed!

Chapter 3

During Mark Shepherd’s year long respite he had spent time and money on the latest in computers and computer geeks. Knowing that a contract was on the table involving the Gotham crime league and their arch enemies, Mark became determined to find the dynamic duo’s “Achilles’ heel”.

He asked himself the question, “What is the duo’s primary strength and what is their primary weakness?”

The answer to both questions revolved around a simple aspect of the duo’s “modus operandi”-their manner of operating. The unknown element which protected both members of the duo was their secret identity –without which they would be open to daily observation and potential attack. Discovering who they were in regular life was the key to bringing them down.

Mark bought the latest “facial recognition hardware” and employed the best technicians to input data that money could buy. It took well over a month, but his efforts paid off. The secret identities of both crime fighters were revealed and the conclusions were irrefutable. Mark had the perfect weapon to use against the Gotham duo—the element of surprise.

While having breakfast, Mark revealed his recently discovered information about Batman and Robin with great satisfaction:   “Both of you know that recently I set out to uncover the secret identities of Batman and Robin. Not only did I discover, without a doubt who they really are, I also discovered facts about them that will be very helpful in bringing about their demise. Listen to me—I’ve been “chomping at the bit” to tell you, my friends, what the duo do in “real life”.  First, their real names are Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson and they are well known in both business and social circles here in Gotham. Bruce Wayne is the head of Wayne Enterprises, a prominent firm that distributes medical equipment and protective gear for both police and armed forces.

The fact that the Gotham Crime Syndicate asked us to bring that firm to its knees indicates to me that they too have sensed a connection between the firm, Batman, and Bruce Wayne. They simply had not connected all the dots and discovered what should have been all too obvious. This also tells us something about the syndicate itself—its leadership certainly isn’t comprised of the `brightest bulbs in the chandelier’.

I hired a detective agency to shadow both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson and discovered some very interesting additional information. Here it is:   • The two men are often sexually intimate, but Batman is bi-sexual. Dick Grayson, on the other hand is completely gay and loves his mentor. Bruce Wayne fancies both female acquaintances and Dick.

Bruce Wayne, like many bisexuals has a particular woman on the side- an intimate relationship with the police commissioner’s daughter. She is unaware of Bruce’s sexual relationship with Dick and Dick is unaware of her as well.

Dick frequents a gay bar near the mansion when Bruce Wayne is otherwise occupied, but is totally true to his mentor. Presently there are no other men in Dick’s life.   Both men are completely loyal to one another in matters of crime fighting—and are willing to sacrifice their lives for one another.

I suggest that we find someone to position himself at the gay bar that Dick Grayson often visits to lure our gay boy into a trap. While this occurs, we can be infiltrating a social gathering at the mansion where we can set in motion the capture of Bruce Wayne. Dick seldom attends those gatherings and usually uses them as an opportunity to visit his gay hangout.”

Mark scratched his chin and seemed to ponder an unasked question, then verbalized the obvious, “I think the three of us with a little `cleaning up’ can become part of the catering crew that circulates during mansion festivities. That will give us access to both food and drink which, I believe will come in very handy.

Now, who should we plant in that bar to attract a hot young virile superhero?”

Mark smiled as he mentally pictured the stunningly handsome son of the Africa’s ape man, still bound and gagged and cum covered in the room next door. Perhaps it was time to clean the bitch up and send him out to play. If anyone could seduce the Boy Wonder and lead him into a deadly trap, it was this stud. The young man did exactly what he was told-without question and with intense dedication.

To be continued…

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