Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 6-7
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 6: Change of Plan

“Tarzan, there has been a change of plans. One load was not enough. You will need to produce another one. That shouldn’t be difficult for a fucking jungle stud like you. The bag stays on your son’s head until you produce more cum. The longer wait, the less you’re your boy has left. Understand?”

Tarzan’s eyes glowed with intense hatred. He was tempted to rage and roar his contempt …but refrained. His eyes focused on the immediate plight of his son. The pump continued to stroke his huge cock as he centered all his concentration on filling the demands of his captors. Tarzan’s cock, however; was non responsive to his attempts to climax a second time. The bag was rapidly deflating around his son’s head, sucking into his nose and mouth. The boy struggled and fought for air. Suddenly Tarzan felt his balls being licked, and not by one tongue but two.

Austin and Frank were kneeling at Tarzan’s feet servicing his balls. The Jungle lord’s mind reeled as he fought the mental conflict between the despicable nature of being serviced by two men and his need to save his son’s life. After what seemed like the passing of an eternity, a huge low pitched grunt signaled Tarzan’s second cum release. It was less than the first load, but still an impressive amount. His son’s face now wore a bluish tint and there was little evidence of breathing.

Frank rushed to the boy’s side and ripped off the bag. Pinching the boy’s nose shut, Frank administered mouth to mouth and almost instantly the boy resumed normal respiration. Skin color rapidly returned to normal and the boy’s overall appearance returned to normal. Frank continued covering the boy’s mouth with his own… and his life saving technique morphed into a long lingering kiss to the still somewhat comatose boy. His tongue darted into the boy’s mouth and a look of sick satisfaction appeared on his face.

Tarzan was enraged at the spectacle before him …but before any overt display of his anger could manifest itself, Mark activated the collar around the mighty man’s neck, causing it to instantly contract, cutting into the thick muscled neck of the captive jungle giant. Without warning, both air and blood flows were cut off. While Tarzan fought to maintain consciousness, Austin quickly detached the cock pump and stored the container of cum for later transport. Every muscle bulged in Tarzan’s body as he attempted to overpower his bonds, but to no avail.

Mark never tired of watching strong men resist. It was the fight that kept him aroused and adrenalin filled. He delayed deactivating the collar just to marvel at the mighty man’s impossible predicament. Sweat poured from the muscled hero’s body as he made one attempt after another to break the chains and ropes that held him. All efforts were in vain and the King of the Jungle once again lost to a greater force.

Mark deactivated the collar but kept it handy for later use. Tarzan struggled and fought the coming blackness but eventually lost consciousness. He once again descended into darkness where life’s nightmares were less real. The mighty jungle god was, however; destined to awaken to new nightmares …and very soon.

Frank continued tonguing the young boy’s mouth, slowly moving his right hand toward the boy’s ass hole. Mark smiled and nodded his approval as Frank maneuvered three fingers inside the boy’s luscious ass rim and began finger fucking the boy. The boy grunted his disapproval but nothing was going to stop the growing sexual obsession in Frank’s sadistic mind. His mouth moved down the boy’s body licking and sucking as it made its way to the virile young man’s cock and balls.

As the Frank’s fingers made contact with the boy’s prostate, a low guttural hum emerged from the boy’s throat and his protests morphed into the sounds of growing sexual pleasure. Young hips thrust forward and panting signaled a approaching climax. Frank’s lips were in position to take the boy’s cum load as he shot thick cream into the man’s eager mouth.

“Ah… yes, …YES…, the appetizer to my coming meal,” commented the sadistic perv with a grin so evil that even his bodies had to break into laughter.

Frank unexpectedly brought the boy’s pleasure to a screaming end by violently ramming past the boy’s prostate and directly into the rectum wall. The boy yelled in pain which brought a second smile to Frank’s face. He licked residual cum off his lips and gradually removed the fingers—watching tears scream down the young boy’s cheeks. Frank enjoyed this kind of domination—it fueled both his ego and his insatiable need for sexual release

Mark shook his head and issued a command:

“Stop! Tarzan is not conscious to watch. When he revives I will allow you to do anything your perverse mind can imagine. He needs to observe what is being down to both his son and wife. He must fully accept his failure to protect his family. Until then… desist. You won’t have much longer to wait! The boy will be yours—I promise!”

With a slight frown, then another grin, Frank spoke:
“It’s so very tight in his boy hole…. I’m going to completely enjoy doing this one. I know exactly what I want to do to him…..EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO TO HIM!!!”


Chapter 7: Pain and Pleasure

For the moment Tarzan drooled in his unconscious stupor. Frank slowly moved away from Tarzan’s son but with a look of lust that to the other two men meant only one thing. The boy would soon be taken. That soon to be experienced spectacle would be videotaped as part of the extended contractual agreement.

Austin, as though on cue, begun to fondle Jane’s breasts and stroke the opening to her pussy. Her protests were instantly stifled by a leather ball gag, which Mark put securely in place the moment she made her first sound. His fingers then began to trace the hairy perimeter of Jane’s hole, gradually working his way inside. He would limit his use of the bitch- patiently waiting on Tarzan to revive, but he wanted a sample of what she had to offer.

As his fingers came into contact with Jane’s clit, her eyes widened and her head began to roll back and force. Austin wasn’t concerned about pleasuring the woman; arousing her was all part of control and dominance. He wanted to know what it would take to make her cry out. His manual stimulation of her cunt would give him a good idea of this. He watched as each new use of his fingers caused new and deliciously stimulating things to the ape man’s bitch. He enjoyed moving her from exquisite pleasure to pain of different degrees.

Jane belonged to Tarzan no longer.

“She’s my bitch now…” Austin thought.

“She will do anything I tell her to do…” he mumbled as he further turned the once adoring wife into a moaning jungle slut.

Tarzan was powerless to stop Jane’s sexual manipulation by the fiend who continued molesting her. It will drive him insane with inner rage. His mind will be coming apart—going mad with an uncontrollable swirling combination of guilt, rage, frustration and pain.
Now that Tarzan’s cum had been collected and stored, subject termination could occur whenever the trio of bounty hunters mutually made that decision. Their goal now was to gain as much satisfaction and pleasure as possible from the final scenario as it unfolded. Both of Mark’s accomplices were already well on their way to achieving their personal objectives.

Mark’s ultimate goal combined Tarzan’s brutal torture with the ultimate breaking of his spirit. He would not be satisfied until the King of the Jungle was destroyed-both his body and his spirit. In the past, several of Mark’s victims were not terminated until they personally begged for release. That kind of conclusion with Tarzan would greatly please Mark, fulfilling his fondest dream.

Mark readied the unconscious jungle hero for act 2. He lubed a large dildo and placing it against Tarzan’s hole, with the palm of his hand, drove it solidly in until its full length was embedded. A trace of blood appeared around the ass rim and began to dribble to the ground. The steady drip made Mark’s cock throb uncontrollably. He ached to be deep in the mighty man ramming his hot muscled ass relentlessly. Once the captive hero awakened, full use and torture would begin for the jungle hero and his famed jungle family.

When he awoke, Tarzan was even more strongly restrained by ropes and chains than before. His legs were spread a full 4-5 feet apart and secured with steel pegs driven deep into the ground. His wrists were tied with thick wet leather and then chained together. That chain was stretched high above him and firmly connected to the thickest tree branch available. Mark had taken care of any conceivable possibility that could enable escape. Tarzan’s bonds were inescapable.

Despite being rebound, Tarzan reacted with wild abandon when he saw his wife being molested by one man… and his son by another. The tree shook like a willow in the wind. Mark was unaffected. Reaching for the remote control device, he calmly pressed the button which electrified Tarzan’s cock ring. The action produced a spectacular effect. Tarzan screamed. It was an ear splitting scream that caused birds to take flight for miles. Mark held the button down until the smell of singed pubic hair filled the air. Tarzan’s maddening frenzy continued unabated until he calmed from sheer exhaustion.

Mark then motioned for Austin to suspend activities with Jane and join him next to their thrashing guest of honor.

“Do you mind if I take your place with Jane’s at this point? I want to see if she’s the jungle whore that she’s widely rumored to be. I think that it’s time she had what she’s been craving—a REAL man and not a bumbling ape-shit like her husband.”

“I want you to show me what you can do to maim a strong man’s body. How much pain can you inflict on the mighty King of the Jungle and still keep him conscious? How many bones can you fracture and break? Keep him alive, but turn him into a whimpering pussy! OK?”

“My pleasure, mate,” was Austin’s reply.

Austin immediately began to pound the exposed ball sack and mid section of the bound hero with every ounce of available strength. His first blow ended Tarzan’s protests, knocking the breath out of him and causing him to heave and gasp. After several additional blows, Austin used a well developed karate kick to first shatter Tarzan’s left kneecap, then his right. Excruciating pain took Tarzan to the edge of consciousness once again. A stinging slap to the face kept him awake for the next round of blows, all aimed at vital organs-designed to rupture and destroy.

Austin was a master in the use of force to systematically reduce a man to a state of non recoverable destruction. It was meticulously gradual and expertly designed by years of service in the torture industry. His mercenary training was the best that money could buy and with every punch and kick he proved his worth. Tarzan’s amazing physique withstood the onslaught well. His resiliency even surprised Austin, who was accustomed to torturing strong men.

A rock solid power punch from Austin’s fist upwards into the ball sack drove Tarzan’s testicles into the body cavity from which they originally dropped. To make sure that the damaged balls were driven in completely, a second, then a third blow was delivered. The pain was so extreme the captive hero screamed like a woman and nearly passed out.

To be continued…

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