The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 1-3
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.


Mark Shepherd and his partners were three highly paid, highly effective mercenaries who, hired by the notorious Ivory Poachers’ Syndicate, successfully trapped Tarzan, the King of the Jungle, his wife, Jane and their young son.  Contracted to brutally kill the mighty ape man, they fulfilled that contract and additionally delivered Jane and Tarzan’s son into a lifetime of sexual enslavement. After extensive conditioning, Tarzan’s son became Mark Shepherd’s willing “boy” concubine.

The trio, without mercy, then methodically eliminated both Batman and Robin, much to the delight of the Gotham City Crime Syndicate.  Lex Luthor, who attended and participated in the execution, contacted the mercenary trio and subsequently contracted their services to assist in the termination of the most powerful human being on the face of the planet, Superman. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, and motivated by their incredible success, the members of Dark Trinity patiently awaited contact with the powerful Lex Luthor.

 Tarzan’s son, physically altered to allow child bearing by Luthor as a gift of appreciation for accepting his contract, entered his final month of pregnancy. Impregnated by Mark Shepherd, himself, the young eunuch would soon deliver a boy child to the leader of Dark Trinity.  Shepherd was elated that his male concubine (discounting his pregnancy, the young eunuch looked more and more like his dad every day) would soon produce a son for him. 

A courier arrived from the US and delivered a document from Luthor.  All was in readiness for accomplishing what no one had ever successfully fulfilled—the death of Superman of Metropolis.  The trio of killers sat down to review both the original contract and the latest information from notorious crime lord. 

Chapter 1

Mark Shepherd re-read the contract from Lex Luthor as his two co-conspirators, Austin and Frank gathered to hear the latest news in regards to the adventure before them.  The contract was clear and contained no changes from the original.


For the payment of $5,000,000 to each of the members of Dark Trinity, I will expect Superman to be delivered to me, Lex Luthor in a state of helpless immobility.   Furthermore, I want the target completely humiliated and demoralized by the time he is presented through whatever means Dark Trinity finds necessary and appropriate.

If in the process of capturing Superman for delivery, any of the following individuals are eliminated, additional remuneration or compensation will be arranged to the satisfaction of the group members:

  • Perry White
  • Lois Lane
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • The Metropolis Police Commissioner
  • The Mayor of Metropolis


Additional rewards will be granted for the degree of creativity and brutality administered in the takedown of the super hero.  All of my scientific resources will be at your disposal. I will expect the members of Dark Trinity to assist in the final death of the hero but not in the delivery of the fatal blow.  That will be my pleasure alone.

Fulfillment of this contract must be within the next 3 months or the contents of this contract are null and void. Once this document is signed, I expect success.  I don’t tolerate failure and the consequences for failure are extreme and final.


Lex Luthor

Unlike the brevity of the contract, the courier’s message from Luthor had been lengthy.  Its primary focus was to immediately initiate the terms of the contract and motivate execution.   Secondarily, it reminded the trio that two months had passed and with one month remaining, time was of the essence.  The remaining part of the message added some very useful information regarding the Man of Steel that would prove essential to successfully completing the assignment.

Mark prepared his thoughts and began to summarize the contents of the communication and bring his buddies up to date:

“Buddies, it’s time to seriously begin our work on fulfilling our contractor’s wishes.  I think you’re probably as anxious to begin this as I am.  The thought of seeing the mighty Stud of Steel brought down, humiliated and brutally eliminated is a “cock hardening” thought-not to mention fucking his hot tight muscular ass in the process.

But, first I need to fill you in on some new information that was delivered to me from LEXCORP.  To make it simple, I’ll just list the highlights for you.  Scientists at LUTHORCORP, using a newly developed, undetectable Kryptonite based scanner have discovered several previously unbeknownst facts about our alien hero:

  • Superman has two hearts, one in the “normal” right central location, but a second even stronger one located deep in the rib cage on the left side, hidden behind the stomach and above the diaphragm.
  • Another organ, peculiar to his alien species that has the sole purpose of storing energy generated by simple sunlight is located directly behind his secondary heart.
  • The actually mechanism which is relegated to converting solar radiation to usable super energy is located in a fine layer of skin which covers every inch of the hero’s body.
  • After feeding every available photo and accumulated information about Superman into a new breed of super computer developed by LUTHORCORP, Superman’s secret identity was narrowed to only three persons living in Metropolis.
        1. John Baines Stevenson
        2. David Lee Harding
        3. Clark Kent

To narrow it down even more, Luthor decided to begin at the top of the list and eliminate possibilities.  John Baines Stevenson “accidentally” drowned in his backyard pool a week ago.  David Lee Harding was “mugged” by robbers and savagely beaten to death a day later.  By process of elimination, Clark Kent was left as the remaining name on the list and after extensive surveillance and a final test undeniably determined to be the secret identity of the Man of Steel.

The final test for Clark Kent was designed by Luthor himself and was very simple.  A sniper’s rifle was positioned across the street from the Daily Planet and aimed at the window through which each day Clark Kent’s figure was clearly visible working at his desk.  The rifle was remote controlled and the image through its cross hairs transmitted to a secondary location. 

At a specific moment the rifle was fired, its bullet perfectly aimed at the upper back of the muscular reporter as he typed.  As the bullet bounced off him onto the floor, Kent jumped up, disappeared and instantly appeared in the room with the rifle.  He seized the weapon and immediately destroyed it and Luthor got it all on tape.

Clark Kent is, without a doubt, the secret identity of Superman.  Knowing this makes planning his demise much more interesting and, oh so much more enjoyable.

Buddies…..pack up…we are due in Metropolis in 12 hours.   Don’t forget to continue eating the food supplement sent by Luthor.  That kryptonite additive will make our semen destructive—and in multiple doses…even lethal.  I know you are anxious to leave it where it will do the most damage.  We leave in 2 hours and arrive in the US early tomorrow morning.

I want to be home in time to see my son delivered and placed in my arms. 

Chapter 2

A second courier arrived just prior to the mercenaries’ departure with excellent news for Dark Trinity: LUTHORCORP scientists have developed a skin coating that would successfully prevent the conversion of sunlight to super energy.  It is undetectable to the person who has been coated in the substance…but accurately traceable with a kind of GPS/radar which locates the subject within 25 feet of where they are.  This would prove to be invaluable to the trio as they zeroed in on their prey.

Mark made last minute preparations to leave his eunuch who had just undergone a sonogram.  He wanted to see his fuck boy one more time before leaving and check the health of his unborn son.  All was going as predicted by the scientist at LEXCORP.  The young ape-boy was carrying the boy-child to term…with less than a month to go.   With any luck, Mark would be back in time to watch his new son emerge from his concubine’s womb. 

There was something very arousing about this-so arousing that Mark’s cock throbbed to full erection.  Seeing the muscular young boy, his belly protruding with the growing fetus and knowing that his own seed was responsible, stiffened the mercenary leader’s cock to full size. He ordered the pregnant boy to suck him before departing—leaving a huge load of green kryptonite laced cum in the eunuch’s open mouth to swallow.

The mercenary leader’s cock has barely emptied before it began to stiffen again.  The brutish stud’s mind was filled with images of him and his buddies fucking Superman with kryptonite enriched cum-filled cocks.  The same cock that created life in this eunuch would soon emaciate and possibly destroy the mightiest man on the face of the earth.  To Mark, this was a cock hardening thought and his cock surged to attention.

Mark had always seen his cock as a source of power, but now it was a source of unbelievable power.  The perversity of the situation was its own aphrodisiac.  His immense cock immediately re-hardened and, as he prepared to shoot a second full load into the eunuch’s mouth, words from the most recent LEXCORP message flowed through his mind:

“Recent tests and research into your eunuch’s ability to safely deliver your son have produced mixed results.  The health of the child being born may require you to make a choice on the life of the one or the other- eunuch and child.  We regret this development but feel you should know what action might be required.”

Mark smiled—knowing which he would choose if a decision must be made.  There was no doubt in his mind.

Within a short time, Mark, Frank, and Austin boarded the chartered jet and took off on time. He circulated the latest information received with his colleagues and the waited until they were finished reading through it. He then chatted with his friends:

“Once we arrive and get things in place in Metropolis, we need to make some improvements to Clark Kent’s apartment plumbing. “

Seeing Austin’s hand raise slightly, Mark knew he had someone with him who could handle the task at hand.

“We will make sure that Clark Kent’s morning shower includes enough of LEXCORP’S special additive that each time he expends super energy, his reserves will diminish ….until we have him where we want him….vulnerable and open to injury and destruction.   He will never know what’s happening until it’s too late.”

Chapter 3

Dark Trinity had not been in Metropolis for more than 12 hours before Austin, dressed as a plumber, entered  the apartment where Clark Kent lived, installed a new shower head in his bathroom , left a note from the management concerning the new water saving shower head, and quietly left.  This all was done while Kent was at the Daily Planet.   The new shower head had enough “coating substance” for 3-4 showers.  A record of Kent’s water use, both the amount and when—indicated showers at least twice a day.

By evening of the same day, it was time to sit down with Lex Luthor and outline the plan that would commence the next day. In the luxurious private board room of LEXCORP, Mark Shepherd and his two accomplices, Austin Jones and Frank Stearns were warmly greeted by Lex Luthor and two of his best scientist.  All was quiet until Luthor began to speak:

“Gentlemen…I’m going to begin this meeting with a confession: we have repeatedly failed in the last several years to take Superman down.  We have many “close kills” but never have been able to take it to fruition.  This has been a source of intense frustration to me. Superman is a “thorn in the side” of every legitimate criminal in Metropolis. I have made it my ongoing obsession to end the life of Superman once and for all.  This time I think we will end his legendary crime fighting days forever. This timeI have every confidence that we will succeed.

In delightful fascination, I watched the three of you expertly rid Gotham City of two legendary crime fighters, who for decades had plagued the crime lords there.  You not only delivered them to their own execution, but in a way that demeaned, humiliated and reduced them to their lowest, debased forms.  I still smile with satisfaction when I think of them hanging helpless on a stage before us in agony and degradation, dying the death that they so well deserved.

This is why I contracted you, supplied you with surveillance information, and provided you with the right tools to do the same job on our super nemesis here in Metropolis.  I like the way you think and the pride you take in your work.  Your job over the next few days will be to bring me the Man of Steel, ready for whatever fate I have in store for him.

Don’t bring him to me until he’s thoroughly and completely broken.  I want to observe that process, but I’m also prepared to take over at the appropriate time to bring him to the fate for which he was destined…since the first day he arrived on this planet.

“Now, I want to hear from you, Mr. Shepherd.”

Mark stepped forth and began to summarize what the next few days would have in store for Metropolis’ hero.

“By now, Clark has already had one shower and his skin has stopped processing light into energy.  Tomorrow, after his morning shower, we will keep the superhero busy responding to one emergency after another.  If our calculations are correct, his internal battery will be depleted by evening and he will ripe for the picking.  It will be interesting to see how the Man of Steel eventually operates with only human strength to rely upon.

My partners, Frank and Austin are both skilled in the best martial techniques known.  They know how to methodically destroy a man’s body.   And…by tomorrow night Superman will be just a man…nothing more than a strong man.   Without superpowers, he will be vulnerable and open to injury.  Mr. Luthor has also provided us with kryptonite in several very novel forms, which we plan to make good use of as we bring Superman down. We will systematically strip the Man of Steel of his defenses and then his dignity.

Suffice it to say that we have the equipment and the resources in hand to bring a “world of hurt and pain” to Superman.  He will suffer and he will pay for the trouble he has caused you here.  We look forward to spending tomorrow night preparing Superman for your inspection and amusement.  He will be in your hands by no later than noon the following day.

To be continued…

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