The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 4-6
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 4

The next morning was filled with a variety of criminal mischief perpetrated by Dark Trinity in and around the city of Metropolis.  After allowing enough time for Clark Kent to get that “all important” third shower, the sinister trio went about  creating havoc -sabotaging railroad switches,  setting off false fire alarms in some of Metropolis’ highest buildings and  staging two terrorist alerts. 

Dark Trinity manipulated Superman into flying from one end of the city to the other, putting out nonexistent skyscraper fires, tracking down suspected Al Qaida infiltrators, and even preventing potential train collisions.  Each new event depleted the hero’s power reserves that much more.  The superhero was winding down and he had no idea that it was even happening. The historically invulnerable superhero was becoming a victim of his own overconfidence….and it would prove to be his downfall.

Dark Trinity enjoyed pulling the strings and watching the Man of Steel “power down” with each new task.  By late afternoon, the superhero was noticeably slower in his reaction time and the speed of his arrivals at each event.  One final rescue was planned that would deplete what remained of his power.    A city tour helicopter carrying visitors from abroad including, none other than Lois Lane, on board to cover the event, was flying across the northern skyline when “unexpected” engine trouble sent the tourist helicopter in a tail spin toward the Metropolis River.

Superman arrived as expected to “save the day”.   As he gripped the landing gear supports, his strength gave out and the helicopter twisted away and downward, crashing into the river.  The copter exploded into a ball of flame and sink below the water.  It was apparent that there were few survivors if any.

The Man of Steel, himself began to fall from the sky.  He did not drop “like a rock” but fairly slowly, as if still retaining some amount of flying power, but not enough to stay aloft. All this was being watched carefully through binoculars by the Dark Trinity team barely a mile away.  The three men smiled at each other and chuckled at the sight of the falling hero. Superman used his last remaining power to slow his descent, thus avoiding being pulverized upon impact.

Mark Shepherd was a vicious and brutal mercenary; he was also cunning and ruthless, but above all, Mark Shepherd knew how to plan for any possibility. Strong men are not always associated with divergent thinking and thorough planning, but Mark knew how to think things through and plan for a range of possibilities. While still abroad in his villa, within minutes of receiving word that the LUTHORCORP had developed a blocking compound to prevent sunlight conversion, Mark notified Lex Luthor that he would need an emergency vehicle and paramedic uniforms.

Today, the three heavily muscled members of Dark Trinity, looking very much like a rescue squad from a local Metropolis precinct, arrived in an ambulance at a vacant lot near the Metropolis River just in time to see a very stunned Superman crawl from a small crater made by the impact of his fall moments earlier.   The men helped the superhero to his feet and wheeled a gurney up next to him.

The fall had disoriented Superman to the point that he welcomed the gurney as a resting place…intending to rest only momentarily until his strength returned, then resume his search for the fallen helicopter.  The superhero shook his head, trying to clear away the cobwebs of dizziness brought on by the fall.   Mark spoke to the Man of Steel:

“Lay down on this stretcher, Superman …we need to check you out before you do anything.   You may be super powered but that fall could have dislocated some parts of your anatomy. I promise it won’t take long.”

As Superman sat down on the gurney, Austin and Frank quietly slid open lead lined compartments on either side of the undercarriage of the gurney, and retrieved two large chunks of kryptonite. With unexpected precision, they pressed them against the torso of the mighty crime fighter, each chuck positioned over a different heart.  Superman cried out in pain as the three men pushed him down on the gurney and secured him with thick metal bands.

As Superman opened him mouth to protest, a special ball gag was jammed roughly in place and strapped on.  Its color was a “tell-tale” pale green.   Groans of great distress emitted from the captive hero-the first clear sign that pain was beginning to take a toll on his well being.  Mark, Austin and Frank unceremoniously stripped the crime fighter, enjoying the sight of perhaps the most well defined body they had ever seen. 

 The positioning of the two kryptonite fragments was already causing the superhero to gasp for breath—-the strain on both hearts eventually would prove deadly if exposure was continued for very long.  They must be removed in a few moments to guarantee survival.  The Trio knew it was far too early to deliver a fatal blow. Luthor would not be pleased if that happened.

 The three mercenaries quickly wheeled their naked captive into the waiting emergency vehicle.  As the door closed, Austin took on the role of driver while Mark and Frank began to prepare Superman for a world of experiences never before experienced by the mighty hero!  The ball gag was removed and a mouth stretcher attached.   Superman was flipped over on his belly, his head hanging off the end of the gurney.  The two men removed the kryptonite from sight and carefully repositioned it within its leaden confines again.

As the mighty hero began to recover from kryptonite exposure, Mark positioned his cock between Superman’s lips and face fucked him to climax.  As the Kryptonite laced cum shot down his throat, a shutter traveled through the great man’s body.   Mark’s cock was replaced by Frank’s dripping member. He grabbed Superman’s long hair for support and aimed his engorged cock into the open mouth.  It didn’t take long to send another pale green load down Superman’s gullet.

What they planned to do next to the Man of Steel must take place out of sight and out of sound- either within the now speeding vehicle or at a predetermined destination.  The process of breaking the superhero had begun.

Chapter 5

The three men took their time covering every inch of Superman’s naked body with the special cream produced by LUTHORSORP scientists.   They worked the substance into every crack and crevasse.  It was the perfect sealant and once covered, the hero’s skin would cease regenerating super power for the foreseeable future. 

Hands and fingers worked their way into scrotum areas, anal opening, and even piss slit.  Superman was unconscious—which was a shame….the men would have enjoyed humiliating him with their digital probing.  Fortunately for the Mighty Man of Steel, he had lost consciousness earlier during a surge of pain in the moving emergency vehicle.

Shortly after the Dark Trinity trio and their captive left the crash scene, Mark decided it was time to  add more kryptonite cum to Superman’s body …but through another orifice—and more importantly introduce to Superman, the ultimate symbol of male virility the humiliation of being raped and bred like a common woman.   The first rape attempt using Mark’s own cock; however, was unsuccessful- Superman’s ass had a sphincter of steel.  Penetration seemed impossible. 

As was Mark’s talent for covering all possibilities, he had anticipated the situation and in advance solicited Luthor’s help.  A full sized kryptonite dildo had been created by the scientists at LUTHORCORP for just this kind of need. Mark suspected that it was modeled after Luthor’s very own cock—which was legendary in size. Removing the dildo from its lead lined case; Mark lubed it with specially created kryptonite lube and placed it against the hero’s hole. 

The proximity of the deadly metal to Superman was enough to cause severe pain, but as it touched the ass rim itself, the smell of burning tissue was detected by the three men.  The sphincter reacted instantly by fibrillating wildly and uncontrollably…then it relaxed and eventually gave way completely to the invading object.  Superman’s body bucked and a great scream filled the confines of the emergency vehicle, as the dildo fully penetrated his ass. 

The lubed invader robbed the hero of his masculine dignity, filling his rectum with searing pain.    Much like the early Greeks and Romans, Mark had used rape to subjugate and humiliate, making the legendary strongman his sex slave.   As the pain levels reached beyond critical, Superman gasped and lost consciousness.

“Consider yourself FUCKED, Superman!   For now, your ass belongs to me and my compatriots….open for whatever we choose to put in it.  Tomorrow you will become Luthor’s BITCH!  What he plans to do to you is anybody’s guess…but it’s gonna HURT! It’s GONNA HURT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!”

To make his point, Mark pulled the huge dildo out of the rectal opening until only the tip touched the hole….then rammed it full force into Superman’s ass again.  He smiled as he saw a large drop of blood drip from the dildo as it reentered and splash onto the floor.

“He bleeds now!  He bleeds like the woman we’ve made him.” said Mark with a sneer in the sound of his voice. Austin and Frank grinned…in a way that Mark had not seen since the execution of Batman and Robin.

Chapter 6

Mark attached a strong strap to the kryptonite dildo making it a semi permanent butt plug.  Superman’s ass now belonged to him and to his two partnered whenever they wanted it.  Dark Trinity owned and controlled the Man of Steel.

And now Superman was in a permanent “powered down” state- his strength lowered to human levels, his invulnerability neutralized by internal deposits of kryptonite cum and the inserted kryptonite butt plug.   The Man of Steel was now open to:

  • Pain and physical injury
  • Epidemic penetration
  • Oral and anal penetration
  • Respiratory deprivation
  • Psychological Torture

Arriving at a specially outfitted warehouse in an “out of the way” section of Metropolis, the members of Dark Trinity quickly carried the weakened body of Superman into a large open space equipped with massive hanging chains and electrical equipment of all kinds. A very unusual looking device dominated the room. 

It was a massive steel chair with thick steel arm restraints—a head rest and band to hold a man’s head erect.  Within the seat of the chair was a large green anal probe which was connected electrically to both a motorized set of gears and an electrical discharge generator.   Large containers and tubing appeared to be ready to be attached when needed.

Superman struggled as he was dragged by the trio into a large central room.  Austin smiled as he watched the valiant efforts of the now powerless hero.  He wanted the Man of steel to resist….had been waiting for an opportunity to physically encounter the once undefeatable crime fighter. This was like a dream come true for the merciless mercenary.  His fists ached for contact with this perfect specimen of a man.

Austin spoke: “Hold the super punk up…I want to give him something to take some of that fight out of him.”

Mark and Frank pulled the superhero fully to his feet –then, each man wrapped an arm around Superman’s head, and used the other to pin an arm behind his back.  The Man of Steel, now reduced to normal strength, was a perfect target for Austin’s brutal talents.  Suddenly a powerful fist rose up from below to slam full force into the hero’s ball sack, sending a high pitched wail through the resonant room.  It was followed by two more even more powerful blows.  Each blow was more vicious than the one before, escalating to the next and doubling in sadistic strength.

Each time Superman attempted to double over, he was strongly pulled upright by the other two men.  Two powerful kicks to the mid section knocked all the wind out of Superman and made him vulnerable to a vicious heart punch that, if delivered to a normal man, could prove fatal.  Anticipating a second heart punch, Mark positioned himself to simultaneously punch the secondary heart.  The punches were delivered at the same instant, rendering the Man of Steel instantly unconscious. 

To be continued…

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