Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 1-3
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

This is the first part of a trilogy of stories. The first one has Tarzan and his son (Boy) as the protagonists, the second one has the Dynamic Duo and then the last part is a Superman’s story. Hope you like it, I am not the author I only save it.

In the Doc file’s information the author is John D, I am not 100% sure if he is the author, If I am mistaken please let me know to change it.

I noted this file lacks sometimes the space between some word I will try to correct it, sorry if I miss some spacing error.

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 1: The Plan

From the moment that he was hired by the Ivory Syndicate, Mark Shepherd was destined to succeed. His experience as a seasoned mercenary was wide spread, despite being no more than 40 years old. He was ruthless and had no morale inhibitors when it came to getting a job done. Strong and ruggedly built, Mark stood 6’2 and weighed in at 195 lbs of solid muscle. He was an impressive and formidable man to see or confront. His reputation for going beyond what he was paid to do earned him the title of “top rate paid assassin”.

Mark was a self acclaimed sociopath-with an evil need to punish and humiliate before terminating. He loved to kill… but loved even more the emotional/physical debilitation and reduction of a target to lowest human terms before the final act. Mark was a perfect choice for the Syndicate to hire…, especially since the target was the mighty Tarzan.

It would not be enough to simply kill the mighty King of the Jungle-the Syndicate required that Tarzan suffer in payment for the years of damage he inflicted on their illegal ivory export business. They wanted Tarzan’s death to send a message to any individuals who stood in their way. Mark salivated at the details forming in his plan for Tarzan’s ultimate end. Yes, the Syndicate chose the right person.

Mark was thorough to the last detail. For the past few months he had meticulously assembled written accounts of Tarzan’s most recent encounters. He scrutinized and analyzed the facts leading to Tarzan’s repeated triumphs. Step by step he pinpointed the “turning point” in each attempt to quell the jungle lord’s control over his territory. With each failed encounter, Mark was able to identify the mighty man’s strengths and weaknesses. He was determined to make maximum use of Tarzan’s weaknesses and manipulate his strengths against him.

If Tarzan was a solitary figure, alone in his power, it would be more difficult to set him up for the contracted kill with all of its specific requirements- both those dictated by the Syndicate and those in Mark’s evil mind. Tarzan, however; had two major weaknesses and Mark intended to fully use them to break his power, and control.

Tarzan had a mate, Jane and a nearly grown son, Boy. They were destined to be his weakness. Mark clearly knew that and was already visualizing their fate. Without them in the mix, it would just one more paid “hit”. They would add the “spice” to the job. Tarzan would be the last to die. It was essential that he experience great loss and hopelessness before his end was achieved.

Mark’s cock twitched, stiffened and dripped a clear bead of precum as he began to formulate his incredibly sadistic plan. Step by step the details took shape in Mark’s dark mind— a smile slowly spread over his face.

Chapter 2: Accomplices in Terror

Mark Shepherd was not only highly experienced and intelligent, but also a expert planner. He organized missions to eliminate every opportunity for failure. With the knowledge beforehand that he would be dealing with three individuals, Tarzan, Jane and Boy, he knew he would need help-but not just any help. He would require specialized help, the kind who would be effective in the right techniques but more than that, enjoyed what they were assigned to do.

For his first accomplice, Mark choose Austin Jones, an ex Navy Seal, who worked after his armed forces stint in the infamous Blackwater organization. Austin was skilled in the art of slow torture. He knew how to inflict the kind of pain that incapacitated first, then intensified until the recipient experienced sensory terror beyond the imagination of most. Austin was strong, muscled and capable of moving with ease from simple bodily pain to sexual tortures influenced by his own perverted sense of eroticism. A life long body builder, Jones was an advanced Black Belt Master-with an undefeated record against any opponent he encountered.

For his second assistant, Mark chose Frank Stearns, an ex Army Ranger, who was famous among mercenaries for his fighting ability. Frank could immobilize men even stronger than himself with ease and once immobile, Frank continued additional punishment to maim and inflict irreparable damage. His goal was to overpower and disable permanently. He seldom failed. Mark also chose him because of his private knowledge of Frank’s sexual fetish with young men just entering manhood. Frank would know exactly what to do with Tarzan’s son-yes, exactly what to do.

Adding to the group Mark’s ability to track prey and his experience to silently move through any environment undetected and the threesome was a well rounded, “all bases covered” tactical team more than up for the job ahead. Seldom had a more effective killing squad been assembled. Equipped with everything from stun guns to AK47’s, the men sat together and worked out a plan with the thoroughness of three surgeons preparing to transplant a heart. Except this was no life saving effort, the exact opposite would be true. There task would be to remove a heart—the heart of the jungle.

The Ivory Syndicate had identified a “cancer” eating away at the body of their business. Mark and company had been hired to remove that cancer and make sure that it never returned. At the end of this operation, huge amounts of money would magically appear in Swiss bank accounts. The amount of money would vary. Bonuses would be added to the base line price for each additional element of satisfaction produced by the three.

  • •Flat fee for Tarzan’s simple termination
  • Bonus for video of Jane’s rape and Tarzan’s reaction
  • Bonus for video of Boy’s torture and rape and Tarzan’s reaction
  • Bonus for sample of the Tarzan’s last cum load and video proof of its authenticity
  • Tarzan’s balls, cock and heart, removed, packaged and ready for display and accompanying video proof

The three men studied the terms of the contract. Then, Mark grinned a broad grin and spoke:

“I propose we give the syndicate something they didn’t ask for and charge them nothing for it. Let’s include the rape of the “King of the Jungle” by three worthy men-all on video… and we throw it in for free. Are there any objections?”

“None! Consider it done!’ was the unanimous reply.

The three men stood simultaneously and offered a mock salute to Tarzan… before raising a toast of fine brandy to the assured success of their venture together.

Chapter 3: Setup and Take Down

Much of the preliminary preparation for the mission had already been done by Mark. His thoroughness would reduce the timetable necessary to fulfill all the established goals. He had carefully mapped Tarzan’s daily routine- even down to the spontaneous changes in his plans brought about by weather changes and unexpected family illnesses. Mark had decided that Tarzan was most vulnerable in the morning when he arose earlier than Jane and Boy and went to a nearby stream to replenish the family’s water supply for the new day.

Mark positioned Frank and Austin on opposite sides of the stream area, each armed with a high powered tranquilizer gun. Mark had enhanced contents of the veterinary darts enough to bring down a large jungle mammal. Using two guns would guarantee the takedown. Mark himself would stand in readiness if either partner failed to hit his target. All was ready. The three men had camped undetected for the night and were quietly waiting as Tarzan unknowingly approached the quiet of the jungle stream, carrying two large jugs, one in each arm. Once the jugs had been filled—the weight of the water caused the muscles in Tarzan’s upper arms to bulge as he hoisted them onto his shoulders.

Placing the jugs on each shoulder was the agreed to signal that Frank and Austin required cuing them into action. Tarzan’s strong, sweat glistened body filled the scopes of their guns as they squeezed triggers simultaneously. Though both rifles were equipped with silencers, there was an audible “pop” when they discharged. The muffled sound of was heard too late for Tarzan to react in any defensive way. Water jugs fell and shattered as two darts embedded themselves in the mighty man’s upper torso, striking him on opposite sides and instantly releasing their paralyzing venom into his bloodstream.

Affecting small muscles first, Tarzan’s ability to yell was immediately lost. There was only a short yelp heard from his open mouth as he swiped away the darts and slowly sank to his knees. Tarzan shook his head, trying to clear the rapidly advancing paralytic effects of the darts. Showing no hesitation or fear, the three men approached and observed Tarzan’s descent into a state of uncontrolled muscular shutdown as the drug began to overpower him.

Neither accomplice was surprised when Mark pulled a stun gun from his bag and shot Tarzan point blank in the chest. Pain coursed through Tarzan’s mighty body as high voltage streaked through his body. Mark had rewired the stun gun- enhancing and increasing its voltage to deliver even more of a charge than the original design. He wanted no chance for recovery and resistance from the jungle hero. His intent was to take Tarzan down and make sure he stayed down.

The rock hard muscles in Tarzan’s body spasmed uncontrollably as the stun gun released its full charge. The smell of singed hair reached the three attackers’ nostrils, causing a surge of sadistic satisfaction. Tarzan’s back arched severely and his arms and legs made grotesque thrusts in random directions. Intense pain mixed with uncontrolled rage on the face of the Jungle Lord. Attempts to reach out and connect with the nearby men were futile. The mighty hero went down with a crash- like the felling of a giant tree.

Mark stood defiantly, hands on his hips above the thrashing hero and smiled. He took great satisfaction in watching the highly muscled legend slowly succumb to the combination of strong tranquilizers and electrical charge. Finally Tarzan’s eyes rolled back in his head and he lost all muscular control, flopping on the forest floor like a dying fish out of water.

Thick gobs of foamy drool dripped from the side of Tarzan’s open mouth as his body gradually assumed a state of no responsiveness. Occasional fluttering of the eyelids, jerking of his neck and random hips thrusts were the only remaining signs of resistance. A rapidly widening urine stain appeared on Tarzan’s loin cloth as the once strong king of the jungle pissed himself. Mark pressed two fingers to Tarzan’s neck to make sure that he was not experiencing cardiac arrest.

The three men sported matching erections- the well defined outline of hard cocks clearly visible through their pants. The short but intense takedown of the jungle strong man had stimulated the men’s perverse sense of sexual gratification. All three nonchalantly rubbed their crotches pleasuring themselves as Tarzan became their helpless victim. They smiled with satisfaction at their well executed accomplishment.

“He’s out cold and will stay that way for a while. I’ll take care of tying him down. Just as we’ve planned, I want the two of you to head for the tree house and bring back the woman and boy. Remember…, keep it simple! Secure them…, strip them, …tie them and bring them here. There will be plenty of time to do more after the trio is reunited here in the clearing. Then, the fun can begin.”

To be continued…

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