Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 13-15
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.


Chapter 13

It was time for “hero transport”. After some brief discussion, the three members of Dark Trinity agreed to a slight alteration in plans. The two heroes would not be prepared separately for delivery to the Gotham Crime Syndicate:  since the dynamic duo was a “secret couple”, they would be packaged as one unit and prepared in such a way that would humiliate and demoralize.

Syringes were readied with fortified injections of Viagra for both Robin and Batman. Direct injection into the scrotum insured a quick and easily observable response. Austin, Frank and Mark stared in near disbelief at the two captive superheroes as their cocks began to hardened and visibly throb. It was exactly what they hoped would happen.

Mark made sure that both Batman and Robin’s wrists were secure behind their backs with solid steel handcuffs. Frank checked and tightened the mouth stretchers on both crime fighters. Their mouths were stretched to the maximum-open for whatever Mark and his comrades wanted to insert.

Butt plugs with leather connecting straps were inserted and tightly attached. Cock rings which were electronically connected through a state of the art remote control were snapped into place. The cock rings could be set to deliver a painful charge and as well as to tighten. They would come in handy in the scenario that Mark hoped to create.
The two caped crusaders were costumed in exact replicas of their former costumes with crotches conveniently removed. Wayne and Grayson were then positioned on the floor, face to face— except that it was crotch to face. Small nylon harnesses were attached to each stiff cock shaft and tied behind each captive’s head across from them.

Then the rock hard cock of each of them was stuffed into the stretched open mouth directly opposite. Leather belts were wrapped around the hips and necks of each man and cinched tight to maintain the sexually perverse positions. Each cock was securely inserted into the other’s mouth … and would stay in place.

When the duo was ultimately presented to the Crime Syndicate, they would be sexually entwined, cocks in mouths …  ripe for humiliation and taunting. Mark couldn’t wait to hear the jeers and laughter from the assembly of crime lords. Periodic injections of Viagra would insure penile rigidity. The electrified cock rings would cause forward thrusting. Whether the two superheroes felt any legitimate attraction (after watching matching “cheating videos”) for each other or not– appearance before the syndicate would be that of two uncontrolled cock suckers.

It was time for the final act in this saga. Once fees were collected and sufficient videos and still pictures were made of the two “cock sucking” crime crusaders, the rest of Mark’s plan would unfold and perhaps lead to Dark Trinity’s next contract.

Watching the two defeated super heros bound intimately together on the floor, Mark couldn’t resist adding insult to injury. He spoke first to Batman:  “If you find that Robin’s cock tastes a little strange, it’s because it still has my eunuch’s ass juices all over it. Enjoy it …and know that he certainly enjoyed being bred by your “Boy Wonder”.

While  Mark and his two buddies laughed…, he whispered into Dick Grayson’s ear:  “Can you taste pussy on Bruce’s dick, Bat-Boy? I bet your horny partner had it in his `girl-friend’ before the banquet tonight. Yummmmmmmm! Enjoy! Bon appétit! “

As Frank passed around some wine glasses, Austin poured champagne and each man lifted his glass.

Mark proposed a toast:  “Here’s to the late, great Dynamic Duo. May they provide the kind of `show’ the Gotham Crime bosses have been waiting for…and HERE’S TO US…DARK TRINITY … …the world’s GREATEST superhero destroyers EVER!!!!!!”


Chapter 14

Mark hadn’t experienced this degree of satisfaction since the last stages of the Tarzan contract. Once the trio was sure that Batman and Robin were inextricably bound together, the two crime fighters were “cocooned” using a sheer cloth that was opaque but allowed air to ventilate. Mark had no desire to deliver dead men to the Crime Syndicate. There was no enjoyment in presenting deceased heroes—he was positive that the members of the syndicate were craving revenge, humiliation, demoralization and the awesome pleasure of watching each hero die in agony.

When members of the Gotham Crime Syndicate and their guests filed into the warehouse, they were greeted by a small stage and drawn curtain. It had the appearance of something between a shortened fashion show runway and a low gallows podium. The occasion was closer to the latter than former. The master of ceremony for the evening was the Penguin … dressed as expected in a well tailored tuxedo. Cartoons of him didn’t do him justice. He actually was of average height and spoke in a normal, though cultured voice.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my VERY GREAT pleasure to introduce you to Dark Trinity, the evil trio of superhero destroyers who have succeeded where so many have failed. They have effectively and efficiently captured Batman and Robin and tonight will allow you to witness the Dynamic Duo’s final defeat. I present to you now the future of crime in this nation…and perhaps the world.

The three men of Dark Trinity stood before the august group …  an impressive assembly that included such notables as The Riddle, The Joker, Poison Ivy, and a host of other lesser criminals. The trio stood proudly in front of a large draped hanging bundle. All eyes were focused on a release cord being held in Mark Shepherd’s raised right hand. As exactly the right time, allowing for just the right amount of anticipation, he pulled the release and the drape fell to the floor.

The two superheroes, completely outfitted in their crotch-less costumes, hung from a single harness. They slowly twisted from the harness, faces positioned in each other’s crotches and cocks visibly crammed into each other’s mouths. As Mark pressed the activation button on a remote control device, cock rings sent pulses of electricity into the ball sack and the cocks of both men, causing forward thrusting that brought the crowd to its feet.
The sound of the involuntary sucking and gagging was easily audible to the audience. They loved it and cheered on the efforts of Dark Trinity. Mark increased voltage and the thrusting intensified.

Mark knew that the recent injections of Viagra, and continuous oral stimulation would soon produce orgasms. He was, of course, correct, and on cue both men exploded vast amounts of cum into each other’s mouths at approximately the same time.

Robin choked and cum cascaded from the corners of his open mouth. Each new thrust brought additional jism into his already packed mouth. Batman forced himself to swallow, catching Robin’s entire load.

Clearly both men felt demeaned and humiliated at their forced sexual display. That which undoubtedly had occurred in private, was VERY public, and both heroes suffered the perverse leers and deafening jeers of the gathered crime lords. The fact that much of Batman’s cum load was spit onto the floor made Batman feel that his partner was rejecting not only his cum but also his affection. Batman knew that he had irreparably damaged his relationship with his younger partner.  There now was no time left to rebuild. The duo’s bond had been broken and he had forever lost both the trust and love of his best friend.

The unruly crowd’s taunting was driving Robin crazy. Batman’s infidelity was to blame for all this. Every time he trusted a man and committed to him, he got screwed. His disdain for his former partner was so intense that he didn’t want to ever face him again. He felt betrayed. Unfortunately “facing him” was all part of Dark Trinity’s plan.


Chapter 15

“BRAVO! BRAVO!” shouted the appreciative crowd of crime lords.

With Frank and Austin’s help, Mark lowered the Dynamic Duo down to the floor and separated the two partners, though circumstances had already done that several hours before. Mark was very proud of that accomplishment. Even those not familiar with what had transpired in the penthouse, anyone could see and sense the resentment between the two heroes.

Like a well rehearsed scene, two nooses made of gold plated cable descended from the ceiling. Because of knee and ankle injuries, both Batman and Robin lay on the floor, both unable to get up. The nooses were placed around each man’s neck and tightened. At Mark’s signal the two men were pulled to their feet. Fighting unbelievable pain, both crime fighters struggled to maintain their footing.

“Finish them! Finish them,” screamed the crowd.

Mark spoke into a microphone so that there would be no misunderstanding:  “Which one do you want to see die first? I want one member of the duo forced to watch his partner die. Which shall it be?”

“BATMAN! BATMAN! “exclaimed the delighted assembly.

“Good! I was hoping that would be your choice!”

As the golden cable slowly inched upwards, Mark signaled a temporary halt.

“Robin, do you have anything you want to say to your lover?”

Frank removed the mouth stretcher from Robin so he could speak.

Robin was weeping as he sputtered out the hurtful words,” How could you have done this to me? You slept with that bitch while I was so damned lonely for you. What was I to you? Was I just some “fucking fun on the side”? I LOVED YOU….YOU FUCKING BASTARD! NOW LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENED!!!!!!”

Tears rolled down Batman cheeks but he couldn’t look Robin directly in the eye. The shame permeated his expression as he hung his head. As Batman began to speak, Mark signaled the operator of the cable to resume. Batman’s words were cut off as he tried to remain standing but his knees gave way. Robin turned away as the golden cable once again began to pull Batman upwards. Once his feet were off the ground the noose tightened and the crime fighter fought to breath.

Every muscle in Batman’s upper body strained to fill his lungs, but the noose cut deep into his neck and respiration ceased. The caped crusader’s body arched and twisted as a full 4 minutes passed… in silence with the audience enraptured by the spectacle. Hangings were generally considered merciful ways to die … the victim’s neck broke as a trap door swung open allowing a body to fall downwards breaking the neck instantly.  This was not the case for the mighty Batman… … he struggled to the very end. The end was excruciatingly painful, his back and chest arching with every wave of pain that cascaded through his body. Gradually his valiant fight for life sapped what remaining energy Batman had in reserves and his body surrendered. He slowly calmed down and only random twitching remained as synapses still fired in the brain as it desperately tried to make muscles move that inevitably were dying with the rest of the body. Batman’s eyes rolled back in his head and he uttered one last audible word, “ROBIN!”

Mark Shepherd’s method of termination always involved making sure that intense pain be the last sensation to register in his brain. He also programmed his death scenes to insure that, is possible, the last emotion felt was sadness or fear. With this execution, he achieved both goals.

Batman’s body contorted and his tongue distended from his mouth as he eyes glazed over and a focused stare endured. For a full 3 minutes the powerful man’s body twitched and radiated wave after way of spasms….each diminishing in strength. The assembled crowd of evil doers watched in an eerie silence as the energy that once was used against them and their forces dissipated from the fallen hero. Then he was still.  The superhero was dead. After enduring one humiliation after another and failing his beloved partner, the once great man was finally dead. Wild and thunderous applause erupted from the crowd observing the proceedings.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 13-15
5 (1)

  1. Think it would have been more satisfying overall, if the members of Dark Trinity had been given some genital sizes, along with those of our two captured heroes. To describe one’s cock as massive, could mean many things to different people; how it is used, and “in comparable to what”? We are already told the Dynamic Duo had a large pair; but exactly how fine; did Mark or any of the others supersede them, and by how much — which might have made our heroes scream for mercy, or at their abuse?

    Small details… but out of all of them, only Tarzan was mentioned to have a fine thick ten inches, flaccid. The rest have been ignored. But the Trios’ must have been gigantic in comparison. Then too, I did not buy Robin having turned out to hate Batman. What they had shared previously was a more than deep bonding, and love. And any side excursions with a female on Batman’s part should have been a reasonable acceptance by Robin — knowing he was his one and only male partner; and many macho men are bi, even if he wasn’t. Nothing new (even if he didn’t like it). Batman would still have been his love and hero, regardless. But, I wasn’t the author. Nevertheless, the great Duo was ensnared and taken down far too easily, I thought. And although incapacitated cleverly, still very coldly and cruelly….

    1. Hey Rick, thanks for the comment, I also feel like the author can do a better job describing some of the details of the bodies, and yes this story is very dark in some of the chapters and may not be for everyone. Also as you mentioned it’s a little bit strange that Robin hates Batman, maybe the author should do it a little bit slower.

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