Tarzan’s Humiliation and Defeat by the Dark Trinity Chapters 14-15
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Tarzan Humiliation and Defeat (by Dark Trinity)

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 14 All Creatures Great and Small

Mark held up a small double occupancy animal cage which erupted into a cacophony of snarling and loud scratching as soon as he lifted it into view. He carefully carried it to the ongoing brutal fuck scene taking place nearby. Austin had just finished pumping his load into the weakened hulk and withdrawn his still dripping cock. The once powerful Tarzan was now weakened to the point where his legs were unable to support his weight. Only ropes now supported the helpless captive-a sagging nearly lifeless body resembled a dilapidated scarecrow.

“It’s time, Tarzan …time to finish what we started the moment we signed the contract with the syndicate. You ruled this jungle from the largest of its creatures to the smallest-from the strongest to the weakest. Your infamous yell could summon elephant herds and lion prides. You ruled this domain—both man and beast. It is said that the animals of the forest bowed before you. You were a legend….but all legends come to an end eventually… and thus it shall be with you!”

Mark’s comrades chuckled at the pomposity if Marks proclamation. They enjoyed the faux pomposity of the moment.

“Your end will be accomplished not by the large and powerful—but by the smallest and weakest of all jungle creatures. We intend to present the leaders of the syndicate with a clear video of your last living minutes. They can post it as an online warning to anyone else who tries to stand in their way. It will be a chilling reminder of the syndicate’s deadly power and how they can use it when necessary.”

Frank retrieved the large butt plug which had originally been used to open Tarzan’s ass. Austin carefully put on leather gloves and a shirt with reinforced sleeves. Mark picked up a small squeeze bottle filled with a sticky liquid and pushed the nozzle directly into Tarzan’s now stretched fuck hole. He squirted a substantial amount of the thick liquid deep into the dying hero’s rectum. Frank put the same ball gag he had used on Jane in Tarzan’s mouth and strapped it snugly into place. Tarzan’s screams would be muffled.

“Don’t worry Tarzan—it’s only honey,” remarked Mark with a chuckle.

Austin pulled the first of two male ground shrews from his carrying box and held it by its long tail. He dangled it in front of Tarzan’s face so that he couldn’t avoid seeing it. It made high pitched squealing sounds as it snarled and showed it tiny, sharp teeth.

“This is a Tanzanian ground shrew. It is one of God’s most vicious little creatures. Though small, it is ferocious and capable of doing serious damage. Due to its size, it isn’t usually feared by human beings. Tarzan, I have a pair of these little monsters, both equipped with sharp claws and small tusk like fangs capable of gnawing through even the toughest hardwood bark.”

In a moment I will place these two cute little fellows in your ass hole. Then I plan to bar the door – barricade the entrance to your rectum. After they fight and establish dominance within your rectal cavity, they will search for a way out—and trust me, when they can’t find an existing opening, they will make one.”

Mark carefully placed one of the small mammals next to Tarzan’s ass. Attracted to the sweet smell of honey, it immediately scampered into the darkness of that well used fuck hole. Immediately the second shrew was given the same opportunity and it quickly entered behind the first. The butt plug was quickly inserted and duct taped securely, trapping the two animals inside. Tarzan’s reaction was immediate-his hips began to gyrate, attempting in vain to extricate the invading vermin from his body.

The three men settled back to watch a very satisfying scene-the death of one of nature’s strongest creatures by two of nature’s weakest. It was a total turn on for the three sadistic men to watch as the pain and agony increase exponentially. Tarzan’s body was literally torn apart from the inside out. The men clearly heard the high pitched shrieking of the two furious animals as they made their way ripping and tearing from one part of Tarzan’s abdomen to another.

Tarzan’s body twisted and arched as he experienced pain that seared every nerve ending in his brain. With the ball gag in place, low inhuman moaning turned into guttural howls that belonged more in a carnival freak show than a quiet jungle scene. Tarzan’s thrashing increased in intensity until the entire tree from which he hung shook violently. As leaves showered down from above, the dying hero’s eyes darted from side to side and convulsions commenced. Blood poured freely from his cauterized piss slit and then from the corners of his mouth and nose.

The tiny shrews were tearing their way through Tarzan’s body, ripping and destroying everything in their path.

“Maybe the meek will inherit the earth,” mused Mark as Tarzans muffled screams grew in intensity and then very gradually weakened to low groans and grunts.

Chapter 15 A Final Request

Before Tarzan could lose consciousness, Mark grasped the defeated man’s ball sack, pulled it away from his body and placed his thumb between the two testicles. He inserted the sharp point of his switchblade into the divide formed by the thumb’s placement and with a very deliberate motion; slowly slit the sack up the middle, releasing the massive balls into his waiting hand. He smiled at this beautiful acquisition. This would increase the bounty fee for all three men.

Snipping the connecting cords, the testicles dropped free to be placed carefully in a nearby container. Another deft slice of the blade released the ball sack as well. This left the still impressive cock alone to remove. It was thick and substantial in size, considerably larger than any of the three men. It was so impressive that it actually seemed capable of having a life of its own. Mark stared at it in awe, for it clearly was one of the largest cocks he had ever seen. Many considered it Tarzan’s true source of power.

Mark hesitated as the knife was held in perfect position for cock removal. This was an important moment for Mark and his team. One well placed stroke of this blade would signal the end of an era—the end of Tarzan’s reign as Jungle Lord. No longer would he be feared. A legendary jungle icon would be dethroned…conquered…humiliated.

As Mark stared into the ape man’s eyes, he watched the light begin to fade. The defeated hero’s lips formed two words:


Mark smiled for it was what he was waiting to hear for a long time. He began to move the blade slowly back and forth in a very fluid sawing motion until the last shred of tissue released its hold on the stunning cock. It dropped into his waiting hands to be immediately placed in an insulated cooler. As if on cue, out of the resulting hole jumped two small mammals, their fur covered in a curious mixture of honey, shit, cum and blood. As the three men laughed out loud, the tiny creatures scurried into the safety of the jungle.

Mark treated the severed penis like a holy relic—with respect and reverent care. He had neither of these emotions for the cock’s owner-only hatred and distain. Mark would always revere a magnificent cock. Along with his own… only Tarzan’s cock was worthy of such reverence and perhaps even worship. Mark believed that strong cocks and strong men belonged together.

Tarzan was no longer strong…or powerful…or worthy. He was now undeserving of such a magnificent appendage. Separating them was a necessary and a right—mark’s duty as an assassin. It would grieve him to have to relinquish Tarzan’s cock as part of the negotiated contract…but business was business. Perhaps a deal could be bargained to allow this trophy to remain in Mark’s possession. He imagined it in a specially made jar displayed in a place of honor in his den someday.

Mark stared into Tarzan’s eyes determined to inflict as much pain as possible before Tarzan cashed it in for good. The contract was now completely satisfied – the three men were incredibly rich. Tarzan would take another 5 excruciating minutes to die. Mark cut the dying man down so that he might more closely watch the life go out of him. He fell in a haphazard heap on the ground. His body jerked spasmodically and twisted as nerve endings continued to register pain.

To be continued…

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