The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 16-18
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 16

Luthor continued speaking: “My scientists have discovered a fascinating thing about our cock sucking hero here.   He hasn’t aged since his early twenties.  He has been kept young by the very substance that we now extract from him.   He is now, however beginning to age.  Ironic isn’t it…we ingest his cum serum and gain a degree of immortality and without it…he begins traveling down the road to death. 

At the present rate of extraction, for every year that passes, he will age 4 years.  Without the conversion of sunlight, he loses all super power and becomes totally vulnerable.  Without an abundant cum supply he ages at an exponential rate.   It opens the door for an array of methods to end his existence, doesn’t it?”

Luthor walked over and aimed his now hardened cock at his prisoner’s mouth and began to forcibly face fuck him.  Mark stroked his own cock and closed his eyes.  His imagination reeled as dark fantasies filled his mind’s eye with one vividly erotic, violent scene after another.  He pictured a future Luthor’s cock deep within a critically emaciated Superman’s ass, thrusting brutally toward climax.  He imagined a syringe with liquid kryptonite in his hand aimed at the heart of Superman.

He grinned as the needle penetrated the primary heart and its contents were injected.  He saw Superman’s eyes sink into his skull and roll back in his head as he prepared the second syringe and positioned it over the defeated hero’s secondary heart.  As the deadly syringe contents emptied through the thin kryptonite needle directly into his last functioning heart, Superman gasped deeply and said in a weak, raspy tone, “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!”

Luthor reached in front of the hero from his rear position, cupped his hands together under his chin and arched the dying man’s body for deeper penetration.  Luthor’s cock could feel the last heart’s futile struggles to beat.  It exhilarated him.  Superman had become an old man over the last 10 years—the time had now come to finish what had begun a decade earlier.

As Lex Luthor reached orgasm, Superman’s death rattles was clearly audible as he attempted to breathe just one more time.  Luthor was the master now….Superman’s time was growing to a close. The previously impervious hero’s body had reached its final limits and wave after wave of vibrating spasms rippled through his tissue.  Death convulsions overtook the struggling hero—cell by cell killing the body that once was revered worldwide by millions and feared by countless criminals.

Superman’s body shut down….and the ordeal was over as Luthor’s huge cock pumped one final load into the dying shell of a hero. Luthor enjoyed the residual warmth of the dead hero’s body as he lingered inside the amazing ass.  Luthor inhaled slowly, and then exhaled a long satisfied breath as his huge cock shot the last ejaculate into the cooling rectal opening.   The mighty leader of the world’s criminal element reigned supreme—his life-long goal was now achieved.  He was now a conquering hero of the highest magnitude. 

It was now over….and so was Mark’s fantasy.  Superman was still alive and for many years would undergo unimaginable pain and torture.  Luthor would milk the former hero of not only his cum….but also his dignity and humanity.  As Mark stroked to climax he was joined by both Frank and Austin. From three of the world’s most dominant men, enormous quantities of cum sprayed into the air…as if to signal the end of another Dark Trinity mission.


Chapter 17

As the trio from Dark Trinity lingered to watch the debauchery of the “late, great superhero”, they were impressed by the degree of sexual craving Luthor was able to instill in the captive muscle man. Superman was more than cooperative as he gobbled every cock placed in his mouth and blew load after load into a growing number of cum containers.

Mark casually read from a text message just received from Dark Trinity’s overseas headquarter:

“Delivery of your son successfully achieved and the baby is doing well.  Your eunuch is in critical condition and for the moment on life support…..we don’t think we can save him.  We await your instructions.”

Mark responded: “Keep the eunuch alive until I get there….I want to say, ‘goodbye’.  I expect nothing short of excellent care for my new son.  He is the heir to my fortune and my life. I’ll be back in 10 hours.”

As Mark rejoined Superman’s humiliation ordeal, he smiled to see the beautifully muscled hero taking 3 cocks at one time into his mouth. Luthor handed two kryptonite nipple rings to Mark, who took great pleasure in piercing first the left and then the right tit of Luthor’s new sex slave.  A large drop of blood dribbled down from each nipple adding to the eroticism of the situation.

“You and your partners have done an incredible job of setting all this in motion.  Superman was always vigilant when it came to my whereabouts and my intentions.  You, Austin and Frank came out of nowhere.  You completely caught him by surprise.  This has been a long time dream of mine come true.  I want to do something special for you.

“My sources tell me that your eunuch is near death and that you have a new son.  Let me transform Jimmy Olsen into a replacement for your young ape-boy.  We can even give him child bearing capabilities.”

“That would be outstanding!” responded Mark.

“Is it also possible to create the possibility of child bearing without losing a cock?   I like a young man to have balls and a cock.     When he is servicing me I like watching what happens to his balls and dick.   Can your scientists make that happen—a cock….two balls in the sack….as well as a cunt to impregnate? I want more offspring and I want a real man to fuck rather than a ‘dick-less’ substitute.”

Luthor replied, “Don’t worry,my scientists can figure it out—it may be a painful experience, but they won’t let a patient’s pain inhibit their work.”

Both men laughed as they imagined the young Olsen grimacing in agonizing pain during the experimental procedure.


Chapter 18

It was time for Dark Trinity to bid goodbye to Luthor, the Luthor Corp scientific community and of course, Superman, the now irrelevant superhero of Metropolis.  Luthor had arranged for close-up videos of Superman on his hands and knees sucking 3 well built muscle men to be broadcast on a major Metropolis TV network.  This broadcast was timed to coincide with the time of Dark Trinity’s departure. 

As parents all over Metropolis panicked and quickly ushered their small children away from the TV, the entourage in the special holding warehouse applauded and cheered the fall of this legendary hero from his once thought untouchable pedestal.   One TV commentator after another decried the depravity of the legendary crime fighter.  A lifetime reputation came crashing down in a little over 10 minutes.  The public would never again look up to the sky in anticipation of catching a view of the Man of Steel.

Luthor had one more surprise for the Dark Trinity trio.  He motioned for them to come closer to watch what was going to happen next.  Then he spoke:

“Gentlemen…I am a realist.  My decision to allow Superman to live is a firm one….but I know from past experience that this now pathetic deposed hero has the potential to “rise” again.  He has done it many times and given the chance, will do it again.  Keeping him alive insures an ongoing supply of his cum but risks his resurgence.   In consultation with my scientists and technicians a plan has been devised.

As you watch, you will notice an additional robotic parasite being inserted in the piss slit.  This will give each of Superman’s testicles its own robotic stimulator.  This will guarantee constant cum production and arousal.  Also note the larger robotic device now positioned for entry in his ass—it will attach itself permanently to his prostate and radiate it with a new supercharged aphrodisiac radiation which will further increase his sex cravings to new levels of intensity.

Notice the two technicians with laser scalpels—-they have a crucial part in reducing ….if not, actually eliminating our prisoner’s future escape potential.   Each has positioned himself above the optic nerve for one of Superman’s eyes.  At my signal, they will sever each nerve, blinding our captive.   Just like cows and horses are often fitted with blinders to keep them from being distracted….our “cash cow” will spend his future in a state of permanent darkness, sucking and being fucked until I decide that he has served every perverse purpose I can envision.

“Now go and stand before him….give him your cocks one last time.  I want your cocks and your faces to be the last thing he sees before the ‘light goes out’.”

Dark Trinity stood before Superman, who was now stimulated like never before into a frenzied state of sexual servant hood.   Their cocks went into Superman’s open mouth…all three simultaneously.   The trio was euphoric.  It was like a dream—-the highest possible sensory experience ever for the three men.  None of the three had ever seen someone fellate three huge cocks at the same time.  Their dicks swelled quickly to climax…manifesting in a triple load of cum cascaded into Superman’s open throat.  

It was like feeding a starving man.  Superman slurped every possible drop of jism from the beautiful   trio of cocks and mumbled, “More….please…more…can I have more?”  He was now reduced to a child at feeding time….begging for more food from the table.  If it had not been so satisfying, it would have been pathetic.

Wiping their dicks clean in the defeated man’s luscious hair—they re-zipped and prepared to depart.  Luthor accompanied the men to the door, handing them his payment in full for the job they had done.  His smile and hearty handshake signaled a bond that would prove advantageous later on in Dark Trinity’s future.   At the door, Luthor stopped the trio for a moment….and turned back toward the staging area in the warehouse.

As they paused, blood-cuddling scream filled the warehouse.  Superman was now blind—-laser scalpels severed optic nerve connections in a painful, mind searing instant.  Superman’s world went dark in one brain altering instant.  Luthor smiled and spoke, “It’s done!  There is no escape now—none…EVER!”

Mark placed one arm each around the shoulders of his comrades as they walked out the door.  Mark smiled and simply stated, “BEAUTIFUL….ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!”  All three laughed together as behind them the defeated mortal now remained ….helpless and drained of all power and cum for the rest of his natural life.

To be continued…

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