Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 7-9
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 7

Dick Grayson was drunk. The eunuch had been very careful not to consume enough alcohol to impair his own thinking or his motor control. Once inside the penthouse, the ape-boy slowly stripped the very aroused young hero to his under shorts and told him to go to the bathroom to “freshen up” … which was very necessary after a night of drinking. Dick Grayson needed to piss and welcomed the opportunity.

Grayson staggered some as he entered the bathroom leaving the door wide open. The eunuch surmised that the young hero had a good sized cock … having felt its dimensions through his pants. Indeed, Dick Grayson had a huge cock, as evidenced by the loud sound of piss hitting the water filled toilet bowl. The eunuch was secretly salivating at the thought of feeling it in both his throat and ass.

The three members of Dark Trinity sat in a separate room watching a video monitor, as the scene unfolded. A perfectly positioned camera would profile the trio with “ring-side” seats. It would also record the scene for later use. Dick Grayson exited the bathroom sporting a magnificent erection. The ape-boy had draped a portion of the sheet across his lap to conceal his frontal cunt as he sat on the bed before the Boy Wonder. He waited until Grayson was even with the bed before leaning down to kiss the young man’s cock.

If there was anything that the eunuch knew how to do better than anyone, it was how to suck a cock. Teased by the ape boy’s tongue and lips, Dick Grayson’s cock throbbed uncontrollably as it entered the warm, luscious throat of the young eunuch. The ape-boy’s tongue wrapped itself around the well endowed man’s member causing the Boy Wonder to swoon and moan with delight. The sucking was nothing short of incredible.

Pulling his mouth off Dick’s cock, the eunuch spoke two unmistakable words, “FUCK ME!” He then flipped quickly onto his belly and lifted his ass for entry. The Boy Wonder wasted no time in entering his new lover. The fully engorged cock penetrated the ass rim like it had been molded especially for this opening.

The eunuch made all the appropriate moaning and groaning sounds to convince the over confident hero of his unqualified satisfaction. As Grayson’s cock rammed the new “man” in his life, the eunuch treated the Boy Wonder to ecstatic sensations only delivered by the most talented of asses. In the Boy Wonder’s mind this was exactly what he needed —… a beautiful young lover to fuck and fill with his hot hero cum.

“If only Bruce could see me now… … he’s not the only one who can fuck around on the side”, though the Boy Wonder, a sneer on his lips as he reached the deepest parts of his new lover’s rectum.

“Oh, my God! It’s so amazing!” crooned Grayson as his cock fucked the beautiful ass of the rugged young man.
With so much pent-up frustration and sexual need, Dick Grayson quickly felt himself approaching climax. Suddenly enormous amounts of cum flooded the eunuch’s rectal cavity. A primal scream, low and guttural emitted from the young hero as he bred his new sexual partner.

“I’ve NEVER felt anything like this. It doesn’t get any better than this! This is the best fuck I have ever had—take my cum! TAKE ALL OF IT!”

With that statement the last of Dick Grayson’s semen surged into the eunuch’s ass, filling it so full that extra cum squirted out the sides of the ass rim with each additional thrust.

“Eat … e…eat me … suck my cock. Please suck my cock!” pleaded the well trained boy whore.

Dick flipped the young man over and went down on him, eager to suck his new sexual partner’s dick and return the sexual pleasure. The eunuch grabbed the Boy Wonder’s head and rammed it into his boycunt. As the young hero’s head was pushed harder into the bushy outgrowth surrounding his frontal hole, two contrasting sounds could be heard the …. laughter of the eunuch and the confused sputtering of the Boy Wonder.

As Dick Grayson pushed back and away from the female-like crotch, he yelled, “What the fuck…what the fuck…! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The ape-boy grinned up at him and with a balled up fist struck the Boy Wonder directly on the chin, sending him backwards toward an outstretched noose. Mark had quietly entered the room unseen. He lowered the noose over Dick Grayson’s head and quickly tightened it. The eunuch grabbed Grayson’s wrists and held them in a vice-like grip. Stunned by the eunuch’s blow to his chin, the Boy Wonder was slow to resist.

The ape-boy smiled insidiously at the young hero as Mark slowly strangled him into submission. As the boy  weakened, the eunuch released the tight grip on his wrists and grabbed the young hero’s ball sack. He then proceeded to simultaneously crush the young hero’s balls and violently twist the sack sending a jolt of excruciating pain into the brain of his victim.

These were the last words that the Boy Wonder heard before losing consciousness:   “You fucking idiot….  Did you REALLY think I could fall for a stupid faggot like you? What a pathetic excuse for a man you are! Sometime VERY soon, if my masters allow it…, I want to be the one who cuts off your beautiful cock and balls. Only REAL men should have cocks and balls. AND… YOU, Robin… … you aren’t one now… and you will NEVER be a REAL man”

Chapter 8

The eunuch was now nestled between the knees of Mark Shepherd as he sat in a comfortable chair preparing to offer a status report of Dark Trinity’s contractual progress. Mark was pleased with how well the young man had carried out his orders. Mark stroked his hair as the eunuch positioned his face and head for sexual favors. The beautiful ape-boy licked Mark’s balls and softly sucked his hardening cock as the man began to speak: “Gentlemen, both heroes are securely chained in separate rooms. For the last hour or more, each deposed hero has had a different wide scream video playing for this edification. Batman’s face and eyes are aimed directly toward a scene that will play repeatedly – in which his horny partner, Robin is seen humping our favorite boy … toy and telling him how incredible he is. I have edited out the discovery of our ape-boy’s missing cock and balls. I debated leaving that in…but decided that forcing Bruce Wayne to hear, `this is the best fuck I have ever had—take my cum! TAKE ALL OF IT!’ over and over was more effective.

Austin and Frank laughed aloud at the joke. The sight of Robin’s face when he realized that his sexual partner was “not equipped” to function as a male was something they would long remember. In the two men’s minds it was akin to dining on what you thought was steak and discovering that it was actually “dog meat”. A virile young male hero like Robin had to still be reeling from the experience.

Mark continued: “In another room, Robin is similarly aimed at a screen on which is playing footage of Batman’s latest pussy adventure with the commissioner’s daughter. I acquired the video from the same detectives I hired to help discover our heroes’ secret identities. It also contains scenes in which the commissioner’s daughter is screaming, `DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!’ Do you think that Robin will `enjoy’ the expression of total satisfaction on his partner’s face as he drives his loaded cock up her cunt?    Hmmmmm….I wonder if the Commissioner’s daughter sucks cock as well as Robin does? We will ask Batman that question before he dies. I’m sure Robin would be interested in the comparison. Do you also think he will enjoy watching his buddy dive into the bitch’s pussy with his talented tongue? I wonder if that is the same tongue technique Bruce Wayne uses when he `eats out’ Robin’s ass before fucking him?”

The three men laughed heartily and slapped each other on the backs. So far it had been a good day. With any luck it would get better.

Mark spoke again: “All that remains for contractual fulfillment is to deliver Batman and Robin to the Crime Syndicate’s headquarters down near the docks. Once that is done and the two are executed, our job is done. My only reservation about doing that now…is…. we haven’t enjoyed our captives enough. I think it’s time to have some fun and shoot some cum. Do you agree?”

“HELL YES!!!!!!!!!” replied the two fellow mercenaries.

The sound of the three men’s laughter joined the sound of a eunuch slurping a pre-cum covered cock and Mark’s low moaning. When the laughter stopped, Mark blew his load down the ape-boy’s throat and patted him on the head like the obedient sexual pet he had become. Mark wished that Tarzan could see what his son had become.

Chapter 9

Before Batman, alias Bruce Wayne stood the three members of Dark Trinity and the eunuch ape-boy. Looks of utter satisfaction were spread across each man’s face. The young eunuch wore a half smile, half sneer on his face. Mark Shepherd noticed it and smiled—the boy was jealous of the Batman, but also smug about having successfully seduced Robin and consummated a sexual liaison. 

The mighty hero hung exhausted from his chains, muscles relaxed but still taut and impressively solid. He was completely naked and his cock, though huge hung limply between his legs.

“Suck him!” commanded Mark to the ape-boy.

“Gladly….answered the eunuch, surprising Mark and his companions-since the young man rarely talked.

Then he unexpectedly spoke to Batman, “This is how I sucked Robin…before he fucked me and blew his juicy load deep into my ass.”

“Mark grinned from ear to ear and commented, “I’m REALLY beginning to like this boy!”

The eunuch started at the base of Batman’s beautifully shaped cock and lathed his tongue from the base to tip over and over again. Batman was both repulsed and exhilarated. The hatred in his eyes sparked toward the boy and the three mercenaries. It was perfect. Take the powerful … dominate them…then degrade them…then humiliate them. Take them to their lowest point before removing them from the population they swore to protect. Batman was the picture of ambivalence. He hung from the ceiling, chained and being fellated by the very man who seduced his loving partner….and still he couldn’t stop his cock from reacting. A huge bead of precum emerged from his piss slit and dripped to the floor.

While enjoy the magnificent “blow-job” being administered by the eunuch, Mark spoke to Austin, asking him a question he already knew the answer to: “If we want to insure that Batman remains totally under control, what can you do to him that will allow the removal of his chains yet insure his continued captivity?”

Austin offered a demonstration to answer the question. He stepped alongside the eunuch and gripped Bruce Wayne’s knee with one hand and the area just beneath it with the other. With a violent twist, he dislocated the kneecap. Batman screamed a woman-like scream at exactly the same moment his cum exploded into the eunuch’s mouth. A similar hold on the other knee, and a twist produced matching results (except, of course for a cum load).

“Good timing! Now unchain him!”

Batman flopped to the floor and floundered there, unable to even get to his knees. It was beautiful- one of the world’s most power men was now hobbled and incapable of doing more than crawling like an infant. The three men watched the pain wracked man flopping on the floor like a large fish out of water. It was both pathetic and gratifying to watch.

What he was able to do, however, was to move himself along by lifting his ass and pulling with his arms. As he reached out his hands in hopes of finding a new handhold, Mark placed first one, than the other booted foot on the superhero’s hands. Again Batman yelled loudly. Trying as hard as he could, Batman could not pull his hands from beneath the mercenary leader’s boots.

“Boys, look at that ass—it’s too inviting to ignore. Why don’t you take turns fucking it while my cute young friend and I visit the other member of this “washed-out” hero team. As Mark left the room, he saw Austin take his place with both feet on Batman’s hands and Frank’s cock poised to enter the hero’s upraised ass. The muffled scream he heard through the ball gag made Mark smile again as he walked from the room. “Looks like you’re really fucked now, Bat shit!” snarled Mark as he exited the room with the eunuch.

To be continued…


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