Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 4-6
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 4

Austin and Frank enjoyed assisting in the clean-up of the handsome eunuch. They joined him in the shower, cleaning him on both the inside and outside. Frank soaped his own stiff cock and fucked the boy from behind as Austin did the same to his frontal cunt. After very satisfying orgasms and depositing two full loads of soapy cum in his ass and cunt, they douched him with a special shower attachment. Their manner with the boy was not unlike two men cleaning a dog for display at a kennel show. He was their prized bitch and as they dried him and dressed him, they smiled at the results.

While his buddies groomed their prize stud, Mark laid some important groundwork for this part of his plan. Explicit pictures of Bruce Wayne in various intimate encounters with Gotham’s police commissioner’s daughter were carefully placed in a mailing packet and arrangements made for its delivery to Dick Grayson. Delivery was timed to coincide with the evening’s society affair at the Wayne Mansion.

It wasn’t enough to merely expect the Boy Wonder to show up at a bar that night. Mark wanted more than that. He knew that the pictures would transform the trust-worthy member of the dynamic duo into an angry young stud looking for a way to pay back the man he loved with matching infidelity. There was a very good chance that this result could be achieved through their resident “ape-boy”. Mark was a master planner and very good judge of human nature.

Mark and his two companions through their connections with the Crime Syndicate were assigned to the catering service which would service the small social gathering at the Wayne mansion. Tuxedos were delivered and the trio would soon be ready to arrive with the rest of the catering crew. The plan was unfolding perfectly. Mark seldom left anything to chance.

Mark was assigned to the bartending team and specifically given responsibility for wine. In specially designed compartments in his uniform potent additives were concealed, which when added to Bruce Wayne’s drink, would insure his cooperation. Once he and his two partners had Batman in custody, they would go to the bar and assist “ape-boy” with Dick Grayson.

Tarzan’s son had his orders. They were clear and if followed to the letter, it was possible that he might not need help. The Boy Wonder would already be wounded and disillusioned by the pictures delivered late in the afternoon and thereby susceptible to the advances of a hot and handsome muscle boy. There was no doubt in Mark’s mind that the young eunuch would do what was necessary to bring the young hero home, where the plan could proceed to the next level.

Batman would be the trio’s sole responsibility. It had already been agreed that Austin and Frank would tag team the hero until he was incapacitated and Mark would get the “right of final kill”. The plan called for the kill to be executed in front of the syndicate’s leadership. It would be slow and cruel and would occur only after the hero was humiliated and reduced to his lowest terms.

Mark wanted to see the young eunuch finish Robin. In Mark’s mind, watching the offspring of one golden hero destroy another would be an outstanding and extraordinarily erotic. He had witnessed the boy kill before…but his victim was never his equal. His opponents were always of average build without any significant defensive training. Killing Dick Grayson would be a challenge. This would be a matchup that could be legendary in scope. Mark found himself getting and erection just thinking about it.

It was now time to usher the young eunuch in the direction of Dick’s favorite bar hangout and arrive on time at the Wayne Mansion to begin the initial stages of Batman’s take down. Tarzan’s son looked like a model – perfectly hunky and sculpted body – coupled with rugged good looks and seductive smile.  Each of the Trinity Trio was dashing in his own right but in a much more subdued way and would blend in perfectly with the others in the catering crew.

If Mark’s plan went as conceived, both Batman and Robin would be securely in Dark Trinity’s power within 8 hours… and each would be enduring the most hellish pain in his crime fighting career. He intended to make both heroes suffer. Mark could feel the involuntary throb of his cock within his pants and smiled as a moist pre-cum stain appeared on his grey tuxedo pants.

It inspired this announcement:   “And now… the hunt begins! Remember the rules… … stay smart, stay focused and stay strong. They don’t know we are coming. We out-muscled them, we out-think them and we have a secret weapon they don’t possess. We have no sense of morality …. we do whatever it takes to guarantee our outcome.

We are Dark Trinity … and the world has only begun to feel our power. Batman and Robin are ours for the taking … two birds ripe for plucking and ready for fucking. They will get BOTH! Don’t forget…!  It’s not enough to kill these two heroes … we need to make them pay for every man like us who has ever been thwarted or stopped in a quest to cause mayhem.


Chapter 5

One of the most powerful traits of Dark Trinity was the unanimity within its ranks. There were no differences between Mark, Austin, and Frank in regard to issues of morality. When it came to how violent or malevolent their actions must be, there was no disagreement. Their sociopathic nature dictated their actions. There were no limits … positively no limits.

In questions of who should die, how many must die and how they should die, it all boiled down to one thing: Collect the maximum fee and enjoy the job in as perverse a manner as possible. The other aspect that Austin and Frank accepted without question was Mark’s leadership. Whatever Mark ordered was the command that the two accomplices carried out. If ever a team was united through evil intent, it was Dark Trinity.

In attendance that evening at the Wayne Mansion were Gotham’s mayor, police commissioner and chief of police. Mark had known this when he had planned the attack. He also remembered that “ … Any additional collateral deaths accumulated would mean an additional sum in accordance with the importance of each individual killed.”

While Mark worked the wine bar, serving up multiple trays of wine, his eye caught Austin’s eye, which summoned him to pick up a special tray of wine for the head table. The glass placed on a napkin was ear marked for Bruce Wayne. It was laced with a tasteless, odorless sedative often used on horses. It would take a while to have its full affect, but it definitely would take the man down. Austin smiled, picked up the tray and headed for Wayne’s table where he handed him the glass personally with a nod and polite smile.

Bruce Wayne thanked the server and sipped the wine as he talked to his dinner guests. Plates of appetizers were distributed by Frank to the guests with several earmarked for the more important guests in the room. A powdered form of the toxin, Serin was added to plates designated for mayor, police commissioner and police chief. Frank displayed a faint, evil smile as he distributed the altered food. He liked selecting individuals for death … and as he watched the men greedily consume their food, he knew that these deaths would not take long. It made his cock stir and drip in his pants.

Mark watched Bruce Wayne sitting at the head table. His wine glass was nearly empty. Seeing Bruce begin to show the effects of the sedative would be Mark’s cue to “tidy things up in the kitchen”. Austin and Frank were carefully observing the commissioner, police chief and mayor. When initial signs of distress occurred, they would act as well. It didn’t take long for things to begin to happen.

When Mark saw Bruce Wayne attempt to stand and clear his vision, he stepped back into the kitchen, pulled a 44 magnum with silencer out of a hidden pouch and executed every member of the catering staff in a series of shots that took less than 15 seconds. He wanted no complications.

At the head table, people began staring in horror at the mayor, commissioner, and police chief as they doublef over and coughed up blood. Bruce Wayne stood and began to stagger toward them and then toward the kitchen. In his disorientation, he noticed three men running to assist him. He reached out for their help in desperation. The larger of the men sank a doubled fist once, twice and then a third time into the strong man’s belly.

The suddenness of events … happening simultaneously in different parts of the room … created frozen inaction. No one in the room moved except to stare in horror. The trio then dragged Bruce, falling deeper and deeper into a drug induced stupor, through the kitchen and into the catering van where they bound and gagged the nearly comatose hero.

Back inside the mansion, pandemonium broke out— and screaming men and women ran for the exits as three of Gotham’s most prominent figures writhed on the floor in agony …until they stopped moving altogether and the room grew quiet. They were dead before the paramedics ever arrived. Step 1 of Mark’s plan was a complete success.

In a bar nearby a ruggedly handsome young man bought another young stud the first of many drinks. After the second drink, the young “ape-boy” leaned forward and kissed the young super hero … a deep kiss that lingered and consumed the forlorn, young man, lasting long enough for a potent sexual stimulant to be secretly added to his drink. With each sip the Boy Wonder lost more control and inhibition until his hands couldn’t stop roving over the seductive “ape-boy’s” chest and ass.

Dick Grayson’s lips met the handsome eunuch’s once again and tongues intertwined. The young super hero was hooked. All that remained was for the devious eunuch to “reel in” the hap-less fish on his line. The kisses grew more and more passionate until the ape-boy began to grope the Boy Wonder’s crotch, massaging the ever stiffening cock of the superhero through the thin fabric of his jeans. The eunuch seductively whispered in Dick Grayson’s ear, “I need you inside me. Fuck me!”

The two young men walked quickly out of the bar.

Chapter 6

Access to the penthouse was via a service elevator located in an alley behind the high rise … completely out of sight. Carrying Bruce Wayne to the elevator and then up to the penthouse suite was somewhat hampered by the captive man’s struggles, but otherwise unseen by the public. The drug ingested at the mansion was beginning to wear off …but the three men had no desire to sedate Wayne again. They wanted him fully awake in the room specially set up for his incarceration … and it didn’t take them long to get him there.

Austin wasted no time pummeling the half conscious Bruce Wayne … solid blows to the midsection, head, kidneys and balls. The skilled mercenary knew how to punish and subdue without leaving outward evidence of body damage. It was important that Batman look good for the final act in this saga. It would be filmed and no one would want to view the exection of an unrecognizable body. Bruce Wayne/Batman needed to be easily identifiable.

One particularly devastating blow to the forehead sent the muscled hero backwards into the arms of a perfectly positioned Frank, whose strong arms closed around the massive crime fighter’s neck. The strangle hold was complete and as Austin continued to punish, Wayne gradually weakened. Struggling against all odds, the hero succumbed and lost consciousness.

When Bruce Wayne awoke, he was suspended from a rafter in the ceiling by thick chains, which were attached to locked manacles around his wrists. His arms were outstretched to the maximum. His legs were spread apart and ankles chained to strong bolts in the floor. He was stripped naked … his muscles covered in a thin layer of glistening sweat, a by-product of the animal sedative administered earlier in the evening. A large ball gag was inserted tightly in his mouth and securely attached to his head.

As soon as Wayne was fully conscious he began to resist and struggle against his bonds. Mark walked slowly to the bound hero and extended a fully charged cattle prod until it touched the captive man’s exposed ball sack. Bruce Wayne’s scream went unheard in the outside world. The penthouse had been completely sound-proofed for just such occasions. Like a fallen tree in the forest with no one to witness it, scream after scream went unheard.

Bruce Wayne lost consciousness after 20 full minutes of electrical torture to his genitals. At long last he slumped into painless darkness. The three members of Dark Trinity were pleased. This would give them an opportunity to observe Dick Grayson’s arrival with their eunuch ape-boy.

A separate entrance would allow the two young men to enter without any evidence of the presence of others in the penthouse suite. The eunuch’s instructions were to get the Boy Wonder into his bed and into his ass. It was a goal that soon would be realized. The eunuch was completely loyal to Mark Sterns-a loyalty that bordered on love.

The eunuch would do anything to please his owner … absolutely anything.

To be continued…

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