Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin Chapters 10-12
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Dark Trinity vs. The Dynamic Duo: The Fall of Batman and Robin

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

Warning: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 10

When Mark and his eunuch entered a second room, they were greeted with a “heart-warming” sight … —Robin, the Boy Wonder, hanging from a ceiling rafter by his ankles with his head and mouth conveniently positioned at crotch level. The video of the Commissioner’s daughter being serviced by Bruce Wayne was still playing directly in front of the young stud. The sounds of sexual exclamation were loudly playing on video in the background.

Coincidental to Mark’s entrance was a particular snippet of the video he had forgotten about. A brief but note worthy scene was now playing in which the commissioner’s daughter sucked Wayne’s huge cock and the naked hero was vocally reacting to the obvious pleasure being received. How appropriate this short segment was, because Robin, alias Dick Grayson was outfitted with the best mouth stretcher money could buy. He was in obvious discomfort as his mouth was pulled laterally to the extremes. His mouth was now simply an open sexual orifice.

“So… Dick… or should I call you Robin…?  Here’s a interesting question for you. Why do you think you weren’t hot enough to satisfy your lover, Bruce? We all know that if a man is satisfied, he stays home. Could it be that the woman in Bruce’s life was a better fuck… … or …… could it be she actually sucked cock better than you? I know you really can’t answer that question… with your mouth in that awkward, yet tantalizing position, so I’m going to find out for myself. Let’s see just how hot that mouth of yours really is.”

The eunuch stood behind the Boy wonder and watched his owner, unzip and then place his cock at the opening to the young hero’s mouth. The mouth stretcher even had a horizontal bar spanning the lower part of the jaw which kept the tongue out of the way. There was nothing to stop Mark’s huge cock from entering and ramming the captive stud’s face.

With the eunuch bracing the back of the hero’s head, Mark had a solid target against which to enter and re-enter. It was not only hot for the leader of Dark Trinity to be face fucking the infamous Boy Wonder, but also very hot for the eunuch to watch. As Mark rammed the helpless hero’s mouth and throat without mercy he chided the young man:  “You are nothing to me but a hole  … …a hot cock sucking hole … where I can make my huge dick feel good and if I choose,… then, dump my thick cum load. THAT IS ALL YOU ARE!”

Mark then spoke to the ape-boy:   “Can you reach Robin’s ass with your mouth? Eat him out and make that hole good and slick—I want to fuck him too. That’s really where I want this load to go… … deep up his sweet boy butt!”

Before he reached orgasm, Mark withdrew his cock from Robin’s succulent mouth and lowered the chains holding the Boy Wonder. He lined up the young hero’s ass with his cock and placed the tip against the sweet pink opening before him.”

“Please, don’t do this! I have saved myself for only Bruce. I beg you! DON’T DO THIS! I’LL DO ANYTHING! JUST DON”T FUCK ME”, pleaded the helpless hero.

Mark looked at the ape-boy and asked, “What do you want him to do?”

“I want him to eat my ass….and then my cunt!” answered the eunuch.

Mark hoisted Robin upward again and positioned the hero’s mouth even with the eunuch’s ass. He then removed the mouth stretcher so that Robin could use his lips and tongue. Robin wore a look of utter disgust on his face as Mark pushed his face into the smooth, hairless ass of the eunuch.

“Taste your cum, bitch? He hasn’t cleaned his hole since you fucked him. Eat it out…every fucking drop. You put it in—now lick it out!”

As the eunuch backed up even more, Mark ground the Boy Wonder’s mouth deeper and deeper into the eunuch’s ass. The ape boy then turned around and Robin’s nose and mouth were pushed into his cunt. The hero resisted—abruptly turning his head away. Mark spoke only two words to the eunuch:   “PUNISH HIM!”

Chapter 11

With Robin still hanging upside down, it was simple for the eunuch to reach up and grab the Boy Wonder’s ball sack, pull it out from the hero’s body and sink his teeth into it. At the same time, Mark walked behind Grayson and rammed three fingers into his ass. He twisted the fingers, and added three fingers from his other hand—pulling the rim apart to test the elasticity of the opening. Mark’s cock was now massive and dripping…i …t would be a stretch but he intended to force it in to the max.



As the eunuch sank his teeth into another section of the ball sack, Mark penetrated fully into the warm, sweet, wet boy ass. Robin’s screams joined the screams of his crime fighting partner in the next room … screams of pain intermingled as the two caped crusaders were viciously raped again and again.

Soon Robin’s scrotum was indented with rows and rows of teeth marks; carefully inflicted to cause severe pain, but no breaks in the skin. The eunuch knew that there was a jar with Robin’s name on it and his cock and balls needed to be perfect when they were finally removed and offered for display. Occasionally he would bite the Boy Wonder’s cock itself—leaving his mark there as well. He wanted so badly the chew it off, but knew the consequences would be dire for him if he did.

As Mark climaxed in the helpless hero’s ass he stayed in place to allow absorption. He was a firm believer in claiming a victim through absorbed semen and …he wanted to become part of the hotly muscled young man … before he put an end to his life. Mark had always had a fetish about “impregnating” men before he killed them … especially strong muscled men. A forced deposit of living seed into a healthy body … to invade and infect the host with the new, more dominant genetic makeup of the donor … there was something amazing about that to the leader of Trinity … and the thought always got his juices going.

Slowly withdrawing, he placed a butt plug far larger than his own cock against the boy’s tight ass rim and using considerable strength shoved it completely in. He was a bit surprised at the boy’s reaction, when Robin made a sound somewhere between a howl and a shriek –the pain obviously far greater than experienced up until now.

That was the point when the Boy Wonder passed out and went limp. Mark strapped the plug tightly in place so that the raped crime fighter could not force it out. He unceremoniously reattached the mouth stretcher in the event that his two mercenary buddies decided to do some face fucking on their own.

Austin had dislocated Batman’s knees to make sure he didn’t escape. Mark wanted something similarly done to the Boy Wonder. But he wanted the ape-boy to do it. Because Robin was, for the moment, unconscious, Mark removed his chains and allowed him to slump to the floor. Now it would be a simple matter to unleash the eunuch on a young man that he seemed to abhor. He must, however; be limited to non lethal but painful incapacitation.

Mark handed the eunuch a small, sharp knife and flipped the young hero over on his belly. Grayson was beginning to stir when at Mark’s command, a smiling ape-boy took the sharp knife, placed it against the Achilles’ tendon of first the left, then the right heel and cleanly sliced through them. There was a horrendous scream from the young hero, who took the full jolt of pain, yet remained conscious. There was little bleeding …but Robin the Boy Wonder was now a helpless invalid. Mark stood confidently above the maimed hero – his arms folded as a symbol of his power over the deposed superhero.

“You will go nowhere now, my handsome super cum -slut. Like your older counterpart in the next room, you are sequestered for our pleasure and amusement…until we decide otherwise. I have read enough about your many captive situations and your escapes to make damned sure that didn’t happen again. This is one situation from which you will not escape. Dark Trinity has seen to that.  Your reign as a caped crusader, along with your pathetic, unfaithful lover, has now come to an end.”

Chapter 12

Following Mark’s orders, the eunuch tied Robin’s wrists together and dragged the injured young hero out the door by his arms. Each time the young man’s feet or ankles encountered an obstacle in their path, the twisting and bouncing caused searing pain. BY the time the three reached the room where Batman was being raped, the Boy Wonder was sobbing uncontrollably.

As Robin lay on his back on the floor, Mark spoke to him, “Do you want me to give your something to ease the pain?”

The look from Robin’s eyes was like that of a begging child.

After seeing the video of Robin fucking the young man, the sight of Robin’s abuse created a dilemma for Batman- on one hand he was resentful that his partner had been with another man, yet he was also furious at what he knew his captors had been doing to the young man he loved.

Mark straddled the Robin’s chest and placed his cock against the hero’s lower lip. The mouth stretcher was set at maximum, allowing the mercenary leader’s cock to slide into the suffering hero’s mouth. It filled both the mouth and back of the Boy Wonder’s throat beyond anything the young man had ever experienced.

“I’ll give you something for the pain… as soon as I dump another hot load down your throat. I’ll make the pain go away. I promise, ” chided Dark Trinity’s leader.

Ignoring the tears and sobbing, Mark once again filled the hero’s mouth and throat with cock and drove his massive rod toward orgasm. As he approached climax he pinched the boy’s nostrils together, cutting off the defeated hero’s air supply. Robin stopped sobbing and stared in panic as his body began to suffer from oxygen deprivation.

Mark enjoyed the helplessness he was creating– as he continued “deep throating” Robin’s beautiful mouth, Grabbing a handful of the boy’s hair, he pulled Grayson’s head farther forward for deeper penetration and watched the boy’s eyes roll back in his head.

The body under him began to tremble and spasm as the boy headed for painless unconsciousness. Mark took the hero to the edge and only when eyelids began to flutter, did he then release his nose—the boy was now bluish in color but began to pink up quickly as air passages reopened.

With Robin comatose on the floor, it was Mark’s turn to deal with Batman. His two henchmen had reattached the chains and Batman was now hanging upside down by his ankles from the ceiling. His ongoing series of moans was evidence of the constant pain being inflicted on his disjointed knees by the weight of his body as he hung there. Blood dripping from his ass gave a hint to what he had been going through sexually. The other indications of what had transpired were two very limp cocks on the two other members of Dark Trinity.

“How many loads did you put in him, men?” questioned Mark

“Three each, partner”, answered Frank on behalf of both of them.

“Oh yeah …and we both fisted him …does that count?” Austin asked, laughing.

“EXCELLENT!” replied Mark as he walked in front of the deposed crime fighter.

Mark summarily attached a mouth stretcher to Batman’s face and as he talked to his friends, he muffled Batman’s painful moans by filling the superhero’s mouth with man-cock.

“I know you are accustomed to boy-cock or pussy … but I think it’s time you sucked a REAL man!” announced the leader of Dark Trinity with the sound of ultimate authority in his voice.  Mark proceeded to thrust full force into the caped crusader’s gaping mouth, choking him on the sheer magnitude of the invading member. Batman retched and gagged but was unrelenting in his assault on the mighty man’s mouth. Again and again he rammed Wayne’s mouth, violently bruising the throat.

As he reached orgasm, he grabbed the back of Batman’s head and held it in place for the full load deposit. Hot acrid jism flooded the hero’s throat and caused it to seize violently. The helpless hero’s diaphragm spasmed and his windpipe involuntarily closed against the onslaught of bitter cum. Respiration ceased….just long enough to catch the hapless victim off-guard and for one of the first times in his life, Batman feared death.  Mark held the head tightly in place and continued thrusting until every drop of cum was ingested. He them moved his strong hands to the throat of the superhero and placed his thumbs against the larynx. He moved his mouth to Bruce Wayne’s ear and whispered:  “If I wanted …I could crush your larynx right now and kill you… but there are just too many people waiting in the wings to fuck you… soit will have to wait! Understand this, Bat-shit! I WILL KILL YOU and….it won’t be long before I do.”

To be continued…

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